Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Vanness Wu’ hot body boasts ratings

vanness wu

After taking his shirt off for idol drama “Autumn’s Concerto”, Vanness Wu will be showcasing his bare chest for his upcoming boxing scene. Punching a thirty kilogram punching bag and wiping off torrents of sweat on the spot, Vanness takes on a vicious look that resembles the scary devil kid from “The Grudge.”

Even though he takes on a ruthless appearance, whenever Vanness takes off his shirt, it becomes a hot topic and boosts ratings. This time, Vanness strips down to his waist for his boxing scene, which pleases the female employees on location. Asked how he keeps in shape, Vanness replied that he doesn’t have a problem going to the workout room, and takes advantage of his schedule break to do intense push-ups and swim for an hour each day.

Vanness feels right at home in this boxing scene from a previous role in the movie “Star Runner”, so he often trains on a punching bag at his company. For this “next” scene, Vanness picks up the same punching bag to use, but it takes more than half the time to put the punching bag up. After spending two hours filming for the scene, Vanness is quite drained.

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