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Eddie Peng's 5 Year Frozen Voice to Fight for Album

Eddie Peng

Ever since Eddie Peng’s debut he has mainly been filming, but he finally can embrace the “dreams of being a singer”, but simply because of his looks and singing talent couldn’t be sided. Signed with Sony but frozen for 5 years, never thought going out with Jolin, because of the little queen’s contact, lately he’s stimulated to try the music industry. After hearing this his previous manager Liu Hui Ci actually said: “Which company would dare to produce? He and I still have a contract period, there’s still a court date this 6th.”

Singing ability and appearance is said too far apart

Eddie has always wanted to be a singer, the year before while he filmed idol drama “Honey & Clover”, had actually formed the group Clover with the cast Joe Cheng and others to produce TV OST, at that time he recorded it word by word, a lot of people said after hearing it: “singing ability and appearance is too far apart.”

He also at the time confessed if you’re not from that industry you don’t understand that industry, singing really relies on natural talents, but he was still influenced by Jolin, again the thought of being a singer ignited. It is reported lately he has quietly recorded a new album, and has gone about to finalize the new song’s MV with the director, except some directors that know he is in conflict with contracts, doesn’t want to get pulled in the water to decline filming.

Ex-manager says once recorded good voice has called cuts

He has asked previously teachers Bao Xiao Chong, Komatsu, Chen Jun Ting to learn singing, rumours says his voice is helpless, his ex-manager Liu Hui Ci said: “He was with Sony BMG for 5 years, once all the promotional pictures were filmed, at the end it was not produced, that is because of his voice abilities, the record company does not have confidence, at the end gave up.”

She said: “Not only the 5-6 teachers teaching him singing, I can only say his voice is special, at least the technology today can do anything, using technology can help.” On Eddie’s side his line is not answered, there’s no response to answer.

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by Cmiley @ http://asianfanatics.net
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