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Joey Yung exposes being touched on the chest by Eason Chan

joey yung

"JOEY YUNG x EASON CHAN 903 IDCLUB STRETCH OUT CONCERT" was held last night. This is the first time Hilary Tsui brought her daughter out to a public event to support her husband after the rumors with Eason and Kay started. Eason's father came back from Beijing to watch the show, but Hilary was not seated with him, she was in the VIP spots. She did bring her daughter during the concert to sit with her grandfather though. Although Joey's good friend Denise Ho was not able to attend due to being in a musical, but she "sent out" her parents and older brother to support Joey. Denise's brother was one of the musicians for the concert, Joey also introduced him on stage. Looks like Denise and Joey's friendship is quite strong.

Joey help Eason wipe off sweat and pinned his hair back up

Joey and Eason were dancing on stage, having much chemistry. Joey saw that Eason's face was full of sweat, so she helped him wipe it off. Then she saw that his hair was messed up, so she used a hair clip to help Eason pin it up. Eason could not help but say: "You are moving here and there, I forget what I'm suppose to say!" He laughed and said that the last part of the concert is very intense, if the audience did not stand up, then the bottom half of their bodies must have a problem! Eason laughed and said: "Actually, it is my bottom half that has a problem, it's too big, so I had to go buy these pants in Europe."

Both sang the wrong lyrics

It was seen that Eason was too excited about their collaboration, when Eason performed (搜神記), he forgot the lyrics, then he hit his own head and asked if he could start over. Joey laughed at him: "If you sing it wrong again, then you have to be a dead dog!" When it was Joey's turn to perform the songs "Under Fuji Mountain" (富士山下) and "Solemn On Stage" (隆重登場), she also sang the wrong lyrics. Eason was afraid he'll mess up again, so he constantly looked at the lyrics displayed on the screen below the stage. When introducing the Western trumpet player, Eason jokingly said in English: "Thanking for blowing for us." (Meaning: thanks for playing for us.)

Touching each other's body; Eason touched Joey's chest?

At the very last part of the concert, the two of them performed hot dancing and singing, Joey was dressed in a white transparent top, making her bra visible. Both Eason and Joey were touching each other all over. Joey clamped onto Eason's thighs, while Eason carried her entire body up. Eason described the performance as OK: "Because rehearsal tired us out, so we kind of didn't want to look at the lyrics but at the same time we wanted to, there was a bit of nervousness too, which caused us to forget the lyrics. " Asked about the intimate dance he did with Joey, did he end up touching her chest area? Eason said: "I just touched the bone under her chest!" Joey then 'complained': "You did touch it! Maybe I'm too flat, so you didn't feel it!" Eason insisted that he only touched 4 bones under her chest.

Regarding Denise's family coming to support her concert. Joey said: "I am good friends with her whole family." It was reported that Hilary Tsui's fashion business is not doing well and needs to close. Eason did not answer. Joey helped him and said: "I am already the biggest customer, I often buy pretty clothes from them." Eason expressed that their fashion business is doing pretty ok, he praised his wife: "She is very capable, taking care of our daughter and also working on her business. Her business partner is also doing well."

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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