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S.H.E pockets $11 million of advertising fee in 6 months


BABELICIOUS pop trio S.H.E were wide-eyed sweetie pies when they started out as singers eight years ago.

But now, with their sex appeal revved up a notch, this Taiwanese girl group have morphed into endorsement queens.

Their record label, HIM International Music, said the group earned NT$260 million ($11m) in the last six months alone. They have appeared – both solo and as a group – in 17 advertisement campaigns in Taiwan, China and other parts of Asia. Last Friday, the toothy threesome were in town for yet another product launch – Osim’s new slimming device uKimono. Although they were diva-ishly late for the media session at the Conrad Centennial Hotel – they overslept, apparently – local reporters quickly forgave them once they turned on their girlish charms.

The girls obligingly struck a variety of cute poses for the cameras, and their answers came fast and furious during an interview with The New Paper. One question, in particular, prompted much laughter and made them slap one another on the arms during their replies.

Would they consider appearing in lingerie ads?

Ella Chen was hesitant. ‘To do that, we must first have the right figure,’ said the 28-year-old, who sports a short haircut. Hebe Tien, 26, was more outspoken. In her saccharine voice, she said they wouldn’t mind posing in undergarments if the ad is ‘filmed artistically’. ‘But if the advertiser requires the models to jump up and down on the mattresses, and our breasts have to bounce, then we won’t do it,’ she added, laughing. Selina Ren, 28, agreed. She said: ‘The ad must not be insulting towards women.’


But she immediately added: ‘While jumping up and down, if there are diamonds falling out, then I may consider it!’ Explaining, Selina said she would like to be the face of a ‘bling brand’. The group said they would probably turn down offers that may not suit their ‘vibrant, youthful and cheerful’ image. We won’t endorse anything that’s ‘bad’,’ said Ella. ‘And no items prohibited by the law,’ Hebe chipped in. Selina added: ‘We won’t do advertisements for medical products too because there have been artistes who were drawn into controversies when the medicine they endorsed resulted in problems.’

In February, the Chinese government banned actors from taking on the role of medical experts in advertisements for drugs after a group of Internet vigilantes exposed several fake experts and fake brands, reported China Daily. S.H.E also shared what products it hope to endorse in the future. ‘A car,’ said Hebe. ‘Car ads normally have nice storylines.’ Ella was more specific. ‘Mercedes Benz would be good! I hope they will notice us after your report.’ The dough has been rolling in for S.H.E. The products they have endorsed range from burgers to a karaoke chain. They said solo endorsements are rotated among the three of them to ensure fairness. Their Osim uKimono event at Ion Orchard was attended by hundreds of fans. The trio confidently demonstrated how to use the slimming belt massager while flaunting their well-toned legs and waists.


Both the singers and Osim declined to reveal the endorsement fees, but Ella told local newspaper Lianhe Zaobao that it’s a lot of money. ‘ After knowing it, you would want to be an artiste too,’ she said. Not only is S.H.E attracting advertisers, the group is also a magnet for gossip. Selina has been romantically linked with Taiwanese lawyer Zhang Chengzhong, comedian Huang Zijiao and host Show Luo. Hebe was reportedly the love interest of Taiwanese pop icon Jay Chou and actor Li Wei. And Ella supposedly hooked up with Wu Chun, who is a member of red-hot boyband Fahrenheit and her co-star in Taiwanese drama The Tricks Of Boys And Girls, as well as singer-actor Anthony Kuo. With a huge fan base comprising both male and female teenagers, S.H.E said ‘it will never split’ as a pop group. However, the members are also concurrently pursuing solo careers.

Ella, the comedienne among the three, will continue to focus on acting. Selina will work on hosting variety shows. She had previously collaborated with top Taiwanese host Jacky Wu for the show Guess, Guess, Guess. Hebe will be the first of the group to release a solo album, which is currently still in the planning stage.


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