Rabu, 27 April 2011

Ella Chen denied marry with Alvin Lai

Ella Chen

WUHAN, CHINA: Ella Chen of Taiwan pop trio S.H.E. has refuted reports that claimed she would marry rumoured boyfriend Alvin Lai in June, and had already met his parents in Malaysia, reported Chinese media.

"The rumours are all untrue. There is no such thing.

"I will be shooting a film from April to June and won't have time for anything else," said Chen, during a promotional event which saw her perform in a mini-musical with Hong Kong singer Eason Chan in China on Monday.

She added that when it comes to marriage, "nature should be allowed to run its course".

Although she expressed that she won't be marrying in June, Chen said she is still "working hard" in the romance department.

The singer, who will turn 30 in June, also shed light on stricken S.H.E. group mate Selina Jen's current condition, and said that Jen had not made any breakthroughs on her road to recovery from the burns she suffered in a filming accident last year.

"S.H.E. will reunite one day. We (Chen and group mate Hebe Tien) will wait for Selina, though we really don't know when we can reunite as she still isn't well," said Chen.

Chen is currently working on the Taiwan film "Bad Girl" - her first film ever.

Chen will play a high school student well-versed in martial arts who fights for justice in her film debut.

Taiwan heartthrob Mike He co-stars.


Source : Channel NewsAsia

Kelly Lin married with Chris Young at Maldives

Kelly Lin

Was it a shotgun wedding for Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin?

On Mar 22, Kelly married businessman Chris Young at the Maldives. The actress wore an empire-cut wedding dress and looked plumper than usual.

The public speculated that Kelly married in a rush because she was already pregnant. The actress has kept mum on the rumour.

According to Taiwanese media, Kelly is currently three months' pregnant.

The couple has returned to Taiwan and is enjoying their marital life.

Kelly and Chris reportedly spent NT$500 million (approximately S$2.15 million) on a new place, to welcome their latest addition to the family.

When reporters contacted Kelly's manager, she said, "The rumours are not work-related; we will not comment."

She added that the couple had gotten married and are letting nature take its course.

Source: XINMSN

Jiro Wang and Tong Liya in thriller film The Purple House

Jiro Wang Tong Liya

Thriller " The Purple House " press conference held yesterday in Suzhou, Jiro Wang member of popular boy-band Fahrenheit and Tong Liya who became famous from " Gong/Palace " featuring as male and female lead. >"The House" is a suspense thriller romance, already shot loads of drama, Jiro Wang is very sure to look good in this movie, he said: "I have selected this movie because of its script, when I read [the script] , [I was] moved to tears". He stated another reason for his filming, is "to learn" from an environment different from not the same environment as idol drama's, would be doing very hard for the role's reality . Mainly regarded as "Chocolate Boy's" image and now from a boy into a man, in the acting is also a major breakthrough, the transition effect of the film will become a major attraction.

Tall and with a handsome face, usually doing Idol Dramas , the very first film, Jiro naturally spent a lot of effort, specially grown a mustache for the new role, in order to further integration into the crew not so easy, talked to Wu Chun , " I was in lot of pressure, he told me to concentrate and be more outgoing, I had previously been very slow [getting into character before], and now much better. And, my partner ( Tong Liya) is also very welcoming." Jiro think there's a lot of pressure working with his homeopathic Loulou(?) Tong Liya," I saw the "Gong/Palace", she simply cries like a water faucet. Cry cry, too much! I can not compare. " Tong Liya little bit embarrassed," Crying scene in this movie are even more than in Gong!

The House" is a blend of horror, love, suspense and other elements of the horror theme. The story focuses on a rich girl staying abroad, Li Zhou Tong, who comes home with her fiance to own the Legacy of his father, which opened the story of a dusty memory . About half of the film is done, and the film is expected to be completed in September to meet with the audience.

source: aiyatheydidnt; Fahreneheit News

Patty Hou married with Ken Huang in Bali Island

Patty Hou

Taiwanese host Patty Hou will walk down the aisle with her fiancé Ken Huang on Apr 17.

Yesterday, the couple appeared at the airport, preparing to leave for Bali, Indonesia. The bride-to-be kept her smile on throughout the entire time when she was swarmed by reporters.

Decked in spring attire and minimal makeup, Patty wore a pair of huge sunglasses, which did not hide the bliss radiating from her.

She expressed that the wedding would be a simple affair. The couple had only invited about 30 family and friends. They did not select any church, nor would the wedding be on a beach. Patty also let on that the couple did not take any wedding photos either.

"We hope everyone would have a good time. It's not every day that we can hang out with our relatives," Patty said.

Looking casual in a plain, white tee and blue jeans, it was the first time fiancé Ken appeared in the media, which was probably why he seemed a little nervous. When the couple alighted from the vehicle, Patty held on to his hand tightly.

When asked if she was going to have children after her marriage, Patty expressed that it would not happen in a while.

"I have to start work once I return home. I think I'll wait for a year or two," she said.

Source: XinMSN

Jerry Yan is dating with Terri Kwan

Jerry Yan Terri Kwan

In 2009, Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan and actress Terri Kwan worked together on the drama Starlit and was later rumoured to be dating each other. However, the pair always maintained that they were nothing more than friends.

Recently, a Taiwanese tabloid revealed that the celebs were actually dating each other.

According to the source, Jerry and Terri had been dating in secret for the past two years and despite the frequent quarrels, the couple did not break up.

It is known that rumours of the two celebs began after Terri was spotted going to Jerry's place two years ago. In November that same year, the two was said to have toured Sumerian Island together.

Last year, Terri said that "it was an old rumour" and described her relationship with Jerry as a "human and ghost" one.

However, the tabloid refuted that Terri once revealed her views on love and said she hopes to date in secret and intends to get married suddenly without her parents' knowledge.

When interviewed, Jerry's management expressed that it is normal for celebs to be meeting each other. The company will not interfere and hopes that the public will stop speculating.

Terri's manager replied that the company will not interfere on their artistes' personal relationships and is unsure of Terri's relationship status now. The manager added that Terri and Jerry are friends and it is usual for the two to keep in contact.

Source: XinMSN

Sabtu, 02 April 2011

Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li in no sex relationship

Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li

Dating for two years, devout Christians, Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li pledged to abstain from sex before marriage. They often included their friends on their romantic dates. When sexual temptations crossed their minds, Cho Lam and Leanne will quickly pray to God for assistance. Wearing matching chastity rings, Cho Lam and Leanne will monitor each other to resist desire.

Promised Vows

Earlier this year, Cho Lam gave Leanne a simply patterned ring, engraved with the words, “Love + Purity.” The ring was a symbol of the Christian practice of remaining chaste before marriage. Cho Lam gave the chastity ring to Leanne as a token of love, while wearing a matching ring himself. Although the pair do not have marriage intentions at this stage, Cho Lam allegedly vowed a lifelong committment to Leanne when he gave her the chastity ring.

“The pair of chastity rings represent a couple’s vows, including abstinence from pre-marital sex, belief in monogamy, and lifetime devotion to each other. Cho Lam and Leanne said they regarded their chastity rings with equal importance as wedding rings,” a source close to the couple revealed.

To abstain from pre-marital sex, Cho Lam and Leanne had to take several precautionary measures. They refused to live together and often went on dates while accompanied by other friends. They avoided situations where they would be by themselves in a dwelling, in which temptation would abound. Two years of abstinence was not easy. Wearing chastity rings reminded Cho Lam and Leanne to refrain from eating forbidden fruit.

Revealing Chastity Rings on Facebook

Cho Lam and Leanne revealed photos of their chastity rings on Facebook. Leanne followed the common practice of wearing her chastity ring on her left hand, until one day it would be replaced by her wedding ring. The engraved words, “Love + Purity” would provide vigilance in their relationship.

Cho Lam Admits He Thought About Sex

Dating Leanne for two years, Cho Lam frankly admitted that occasionally he would be tempted, “I would be lying if I said I never thought about having sex. However, Leanne and I both place God first. During tense moments, we will immediately pray together. In the last two years, we were able to resist temptation. Perhaps some people will say this was silly, but we know we are doing the right thing. The chastity rings represent our shared values.”

Since Leanne’s Cantonese was not good, this often resulted in humorous situations. Cho Lam revealed, “A friend asked Leanne what kind of ring she was wearing. Leanne said ‘a clean ring!’ Haha, she said ‘clean’ instead of ‘chastity’ (貞潔變清潔). I laughed hilariously.”

To quell their temptation, Leanne and Cho Lam often prayed together. Leanne said, “Whenever Cho Lam has a bad thought, he will ask me to pray with him. He has done very well. Although we do not wear our chastity rings everyday, we have followed the Commandments over the last two years.” Receiving the chastity ring made Leanne happier than receiving a diamond ring. “I feel very much at ease having a boyfriend who will not be easily tempted.”

Although dating for two years, allegedly Cho Lam did not receive Leanne’s parents’ approval yet. Since the couple will be attending a Christian outreach event in Canada later this year, Cho Lam will likely visit Leanne’s parents and hopefully receive their approval.

Source: Next Magazine #1098
Translated by: JayneStars

Bosco Wong buy Audi RS5 Sports Car

Bosco Wong

As the Mainland market had been prosperous in the last year, many TVB artists are heading up north to dig the gold. They can easily earn several hundred thousands for one Mainland series at any time. Many male artists like to get a new car to reward themselves. Under the situation where 'you change, I change', each one of them are getting more and more glamorous, showing off their wealth. Bosco usually drives his over HK$400,000 Audi A4 around recently had made some real money in Mainland, besides being an owner of 3 houses, he took out HK$1.3 million to purchase the newest model Audi RS5 sports car.

Yesterday, the red Audi RS5 sports car that Bosco ordered arrived in Hong Kong. He couldn't wait to meet his 'new love interest', meeting up with his male friend to go pick up the car. At about 12pm, Bosco got to the dealership and when he saw his new 'love', it was already beautifully prepared for Bosco to drive it away anytime. Since the dealer was busy with other things, Bosco stared at the car with glowing eyes as he constantly turned in circles looking at the car. He was just like a child loving his new toy, hard to hide his happiness.

It was said that this Audi model was love at first sight for Bosco, so without consideration he went to pre-order the car because he knew it would take a year before it is shipped to Hong Kong.

Although Bosco threw away a million on a new car, he is only in second place for the most expensive TVB Siu Sang car owner. Driving the most glamorous and expensive car to work is Raymond Lam, with a HK$1.8 million Maserati. After Kevin Cheng was rumored to have broken up with Charmaine Sheh last year, he quickly bought a HK$900,000 BMW X6. Ron Ng is also known to love changing cars in the industry.

Yesterday reporters called 'girlfriend' Myolie to ask if Bosco asked for her advice before buying the car? Myolie said: "I don't even know when he's going to pick up the car." When speaking of being his first female passenger? She sweetly said: "Don't know. (He spent over a million on this 'toy'?) None of my business. (Is Bosco making a lot?) Congrats to him!"

Then Myolie turned around and supported her boyfriend. She reveals she hopes to buy a new car too: "It's my goal now." Bosco you heard that!

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Cecilia Cheung drove a car hit old man

Cecilia Cheung

At 2:30 PM on March 30th, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi allegedly drove her private car at the roundabout at South Bay Road and hit a 66-year-old man. The man sustained serious injuries in his lower extremities and was ambulanced to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment.

According to the Hong Kong Police Public Relations Bureau, the driver’s surname was Cheung and was born in 1980. The driver’s license plate was TR6XX7. The 66-year-old man had a fracture in his left foot and was in stable condition. A breathalyzer test was conducted and no one was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The Police was still investigating further details of the accident.

Reporters contacted Cecilia’s assistant, but did not receive any response yet. Nicholas Tse Ting Fung’s assistant claimed he was unaware of the situation.

Source: Sina.com
Translated by: JayneStars

Olympic Gold Medalist Liu Xuan in series Grace Under Fire

Bosco Wong Liu Xuan

After Olympic gold medalist Liu Xuan retired, she entered the entertainment industry and signed a TVB management contract. Her first TVB series Grace Under Fire is currently broadcasting. During the interview, Liu Xuan frankly said that shooting series is more difficult than physical training. She said: "Shooting series is totally more difficult than physical training. At least you have time to rest and sleep when your training, but shooting series there is no time to sleep. There is also a great pressure when during the shoot, which causes insomnia." Bosco Wong greatly praised Liu Xuan: "On the first day of shooting, she already had a fighting scene, I saw her eyes becoming crossed as she fought, felt she was very pitiful."

Liu Xuan appears to be able to withstand difficulty, but Bosco reveals that she is actually a 'medicine pot', as she is often taking Chinese medications during the series shooting. Liu Xuan said: "Before my health was not well, so now I'm taking Chinese medication to recapture my health." When asked if she will shoot a TVB series every year? She joked: "Shooting series is truly difficult, I will take a break first, wait until TVB has something arranged for me."

During filming, Bosco and Liu Xuan loved to exchange their experiences on the Mainland real estate. They agreed to let each other know when there is news on a good deal.

Source: Oriental Daily

Kevin Cheng and Raymond Wong in The King Boxer Costume Fitting

Raymond Wong

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Nancy Wu Ding Yan, and Selena Li Sze Wan appeared at the costume fitting for new TVB series, The King Boxer "拳王". Kevin and Raymond will portray boxers in the series. The two men appeared embarrassed by the show of skin. After requests from the press, Kevin and Raymond finally agreed to remove their outer robes for photos, which delivered a gay atmosphere!

During the photograph session, Kevin posed awkwardly to cover his nipples. Kevin said, “I am learning Muay Thai techniques. As the filming progresses, I will become more fit!” (There was a heavy gay feel before.) “Everyone knows that will not happen. There is little chance in changing [sexual] preferences.” (Are you embarrassed?) “I was not embarrassed until the press asked me to reveal my nipples. I never appeared this way before the press before!”

Recently becoming a new father, Raymond Wong said he felt strange holding his newborn son. “We have not decided on the Chinese name yet. I help change the diapers. My wife gives the baby a bath and breastfeeds him. Since we have sponsorship of milk powder, it should not be a problem!”

Baring her midriff at The King Boxer costume fitting, Nancy Wu will portray a deaf female boxer. Although Muay Thai was difficult to learn, Nancy felt fortunate that she did not possess any fat, thus making it easier to develop muscle. Selena Li will portray a career woman and share a romantic relationship with Kevin Cheng.

Source: Orientaldaily
Translated by: JayneStars
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