Jumat, 06 November 2009

Fans cried over Show Luo’s forced kiss with Rainie

show luo

Rainie Yang forces kisses on Show Luo (Xiao Zhu). His fans were watching from aside and when they witnessed their idol being sexually harassed, they let out sounds of pain. There were even fans so out of control who immediately cried. It scared Rainie, and she had to explain to them, “We are only close like siblings, don’t misunderstand.”

In the CTS drama, , Rainie is the “violent girl” and Show is the “mushroom head;” the female is strong and the male is weak, this collaboration is very interesting. Rainie even changed from her normal pitiful character, turning from weak to strong. Earlier at Hangzhou, they filmed a scene where Show was forced a kiss. There were almost 40 Show fans by the side watching. The moment the lips touched, the fans let out sounds of sorrow. Show had to comfort them saying, “You all be good. Your honey (husband) is filming. You all can’t be because of this and be mean to Rainie.” That really worked, and the fans immediately were silent. However, this scared Rainie, so every time there is a kiss scene, she will first apologize to his fans. The interaction was really funny.

After Show’s comfort, his fans let their “Da Lang Honey (husband)” be given to Rainie without worries. They even showed their love to the person next to their idol; they too cared for Rainie. Everyday the fans help the two “add meals.” The 20 days the two were in Hangzhou, they were fed well; especially Rainie because she gained 4 pounds (2 kg). Her face on camera became rounder. The director even said to her, “This is what you guys get for eating buffet everyday!” The managers immediately warned them to control their diet.


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