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Cecilia Cheung met Edison Chen on a flight

Cecilia Cheung Edison Chan

In 2008, a sex photo scandal that rocked the Chinese showbiz turned Hong Kong actors Edison Chen and Cecilia Cheung into overnight enemies.

Recently, it was reported that the two met on a flight, and Cecilia had even asked to sit next to Edison. She also took photos with him.

Although Cecilia later denied that it ever happened, Edison admitted to taking pictures with her.

On May 23, Cecilia's manger responded, "Forgiving others is like forgiving yourself. We are all in showbiz and will always run into each other. When you meet someone you know on a flight, it is basic manners to acknowledge and talk to the person."

Cecilia has yet to respond to this thus far.

In other related reports, Edison was said to be writing a musical based on his life.

However, when asked if he would include the scandal into the musical, the singer merely claimed that "it's not done yet".

Edison also described his coincidental meet-up with Cecilia to be "very happy" and "not embarrassing".

Commenting on the question about working with Cecilia in the future, Edison complimented the actress saying, "Her acting (skills) is great."

He also expressed his wish to meet with Cecilia's husband Nicholas Tse, and hopes that "it would not be a big issue by then".

Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang bed scene in drama Love You

Rainie Yang Joseph Chang

Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang’s bed scene sure helped the drama boost its ratings. Episode six of “Love You” scored an average of 4.22% last Sunday, becoming the winner of its time slot. Both Joseph and Tom Price have agreed to dive into the water if ratings break 5%. Seeing that the drama is not far from the mark, the two actors have already started working out. However, netizens are not quite satisfied with just a dive, some have requested for Joseph to go skinny dipping like Ethan Ruan when ratings reaches 10%.

Five particular scenes scored above 5% on last Sunday, which included Joseph and Rainie’s bed scene, Joseph and Rainie making buns, Joseph and Rainie being surrounded by love songs, the tension between Joseph, Rainie and Tiffany Hsu’s love-triangle, and Joseph and Lin Mei-Shiu’s conversation.

Although many viewers expressed liking the main couple a lot, some worried, “If this goes on, wouldn’t it make the female lead the one stealing someone else’s love? Will this become the ‘Fierce Third Person’?” -- referencing the hit series "Fierce Wife". On the other hand, others commented, “The two lead characters already got married. It was his ex-girlfriend (Tiffany) who didn’t cherish him, so you can’t blame Xiao-Ru (Rainie)!”

Source: UDN

Calvin Chen is dating with singer Joanne Tseng

Calvin Chen Joanne Tseng

Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen once said that he wished to get married before he turns 31. However, wedding bells have yet to tow for Calvin, who turned 31 this year.

It was revealed that the reason behind his unfulfilled dream is partly due to his 22-year-old girlfriend singer Joanne Tseng, who is too young to consider marriage plans.

After attending a friend's wedding last month, Calvin, who craved for a family of his own, posted on his blog, "I'm really touched as I watched him said his vows on stage. Hope you guys will live happily!"

The post received a lot of comments from netizens asking him, "When is it going to be your turn?" Some even encouraged him to work harder at finding his own happiness, and hoped he will find a partner soon.

At the media conference of the launch of his book Journey Backwards: Calvin Chen's Vancouver Foreign Study Diary on May 23, Calvin was again questioned about his marriage plans.

"I used to hope to get married by 30 years old. However, I have no interest in finding a girlfriend currently; I want [to date] someone who I can end up marrying," the singer quipped.

When asked if Joanne is of "marriageable type", Calvin immediately said that they are "good friends" and used Amber Ann as his getaway shield.

"Amber is always ready. Whenever I needed help, she'll always be there. But we're just close friends who get along well," Calvin said.

So are both Joanne and Amber just his good friends?

Calvin finally cracked under pressure and revealed, "Well, there are two types of friends -- one might have a more ambiguous relationship than the other."

He indirectly admitted his relationship with Joanne. However, as Joanne is currently busy working in China, Calvin sighed, "We haven't seen each other for two months now."

Source : xinmsn.com

Cyndi Wang released new album Sticky

Cyndi Wang Sticky

"Sweetheart Priestess" Cyndi Wang will be releasing her new album "Sticky" on the 27th. Following an overdose of sweetness for her first plug, "黏黏黏黏" (Sticky x4), Cyndi's second single, "想你想你" (Thinking of you x2), will be an upbeat dance song. She had hired six dancers to perform an "elbow-twisting" dance with her; Cyndi makes fun that they look like a Korean girl group when they stand in a line together. She also added, "The staff even praised us for being the sweetest and sexiest girl group!"

Check out the MV to "Sticky" below (featuring OwoDog of Lollipop F):

Yisa Yu disqualified for best new artist in Golden Melody Awards

Yisa Yu

The GIO released a statement today to announce that Yisa Yu has been disqualified for best new artist for the Golden Melody Awards. After thorough investigation, it was found that Yu had released an album under her current name in September of 2009 (郁可唯-《郁音繞梁DSD》/ ISRC:CN-F18-09-362-00/A.J6 / published by Guangdong Oriental Media Limited). Thus, Yu does not qualify as a new artist of 2010. The GIO also used An You-Qi's case from the 18th annual GMA as precedence to not limit album releases to only Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu.

In related news, the head of GMA's judging panel Jerry Huang refuted previous statements of him criticizing Hebe Tien for using "too much voice correction technology." Huang explained, "They (reporters) asked me what I thought about Hebe, and I said, 'her work is very exceptional, otherwise it wouldn't be nominated for so many categories.' Then they asked me about others who did not get nominated, so I summarized the general opinion of our judging panel but the media decided to interpret it as one thing and thought that I was criticizing Hebe." Huang also made fun of himself, saying that he can't sing as well as his recorded albums.

45 year-old Jerry Huang was married back in March. He and his wife Sophia, who is 24 years his junior, will be holding their wedding reception next month.

Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Vonnie Lui promote 3D Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy

Vonnie Lui

Stephen Shiu Jr. spent 400,000 for a 3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY (3D YUK PO TUEN ji GIK LOK BO GAM) party. He said that after the party when he returned to the local office he already had over a dozen people who wanted to buy the film outside the door. The film will be released in June or July in Italy and France, hopefully the European and American market could make up for the Chinese market. Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan who had to wear flats due to a hip injury revealed that viewer reaction exceeded expectation. "Foreign viewers chased the subtitle to watch our Hong Kong style comedy and thought it was very funny. However I cried when they watched because I thought of the hardship of the production."

Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung promote Yes Sir Sorry Sir

Moses Chan

Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung were promoting for Yes Sir Sorry Sir yesterday and it was announced that the series ratings peaked at 33 points. Moses declared if the ratings get even better, he will personally make coffee and make arrangements for Linda and Tavia to greet everyone in bikinis. Asked if he'll appear in swim trunks? Moses made an excuse: "If I wear swim trunks, I will have something wrapped around before I come out. Wearing swim trunks, let Ron Ng do that!" Moses frankly said that he's busy with work lately, and has not made any progress on pursuing girls (Aimee Chan). Asked if he'll publicly express his love? Moses said: "I hope to keep it low-profile. (Marriage?) I will consider."

Linda was very happy that her role as Miss Koo is getting good response and is getting followed day and night by paparazzi. She said: "In the last 3 years, I usually play the obedient girl roles, this time it is a change. In the series, my 'Love Hugs' has become a symbol."

It was said that Taiwanese artist Guo Shuyao also has the 'Love Hugs', Linda said: "Can just play, men and women it doesn't matter." Tavia hopes the series finale will reach 39 points and peak at 4 points. She laughed: "If my goal is reached, then I will treat Moses to a coffee feast, I'll be responsible for coffee and all the food. However, I cannot sleep after drinking coffee, so I hope the coffee feast can be held in the afternoon."

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

G.E.M Get Everybody Moving 2011 show concert


G.E.M's first of three shows G.E.M Get Everybody Moving 2011 Hong Kong Coliseum Concert kicked off last night. It was a full house for her. Cilla Kung, Crystal Choi and a male friend, and Irene Wong and her boyfriend went to support GEM.

Last night, GEM started the show on time and appeared in a 'white & black' outfit. She reveals her thighs and wore 5-inch heels. Fans screeched nonstop at the sight.

When GEM performed Wait A Him, she embraced the mic stand and twisted her body around while she sang the song. There were also a group of male dancers around her as she touches herself and does other bold movements. After singing 3 songs, GEM had two half-naked male dancers helping her take off her jacket, she said: "So happy! I'm feeling so hot after singing, let me take my jacket off first. I imagined this moment for a very long time, I really want to thank each one of you, many people say that the first show in HK Coliseum is the full rehearsal, but you all are so supportive, I'm so touched!"

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Him Law and Irene Wong in Hand Bag Brand Autumn Collection

Him Law Irene Wong

Him Law and Irene Wong were modeling for a hang bag brand's Autumn Collection. Because of the hot weather, Him was dripping wet in sweat under his leather jacket. He reveals that he is currently shooting new movie Love is the Only Answer and will have kiss and bed scenes with Charmaine Sheh.

Yesterday Him was dressed in a leather outfit under the 32 degree C weather and didn't have the opportunity to show off his chest. Him joked that he already accepted swimwear shows and will show his muscles for the show then. He frankly said that doing these shows is difficult. Recently, Him is shooting for new movie Love is the Only Answer with Charmaine Sheh and Alex Fong. The three of them are in a love triangle, Him reveals that he will soon have kiss and bed scenes with Charmaine. Asked if he's afraid of rumors spreading between them? Him said: "I did think before... collaborate with Charmaine, she's a TV Queen, very challenging." Later he greatly praised Charmaine is very easy to get along with, they chat on the set. Asked if he has asked about Charmaine's rumors recently? He laughed: "No, should not ask too much about her personal matters, we should have mutual respect."

Source: Sina Entertainment
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Shu Qi kiss Liu Ye in film A Beautiful Life

Shuqi Liu Ye

Shu Qi in A BEAUTIFUL LIFE not only cried the most in her film career but also drank the most. In the first scene at the karaoke she had to keep drinking, accidentally entered the male bathroom and vomited on the back of Liu Ye who was relieving himself.

To Shu Qi, she was able to handle the drunk scene. However when she had to jump on Liu Ye's back she almost lost her life. Because Liu Ye was tall, jumping onto Liu Ye's back was already somewhat difficult. After the jump she had to fall onto the concrete ground, which made the scene even more difficult. In another scene Liu Ye took Shu Qi home and Shu Qi forced a kiss on Liu Ye. Shu Qi joked that she felt like a mad woman as she grabbed Liu Ye to kiss, but Liu Ye kept pushing her away hard. Because Liu Ye had to appear to be a gentleman, Liu Ye had to look unwilling. Liu Ye said, "This was contrary to what I was thinking. I would push away a pretty woman like Shu Qi? The director is treating me too well?"

Sources: takungpao, mingpao
Translated by: hktopten

Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Deng Chao and Sun Li in Painted Skin 2

Deng Chao Sun Li

Chinese actor Deng Chao opened up on his marriage with years-long girlfriend and fellow actress Sun Li in a recent on location interview of his new film "Four Famous Detectives" by Hong Kong filmmaker Gordon Chan, ycwb.com reports.

The actor admitted he had registered marriage with Sun on his last birthday, Feb 8, 2010.

The news of their union had already been leaked but this was the first time it was confirmed by the actor himself.

Upcoming nuptials will take place in Shanghai, the bride's hometown, said Deng.

Following Deng's announcement, director Chan released a series of on-site snapshots showing very relaxed and affectionate moments of Deng and Sun shooting "Painted Skin 2," also by director Gordon Chan, which marks the lovers' first collaboration on the big screen.

However, less is known about their relationship in the film.

Reportedly, the sequel is in postproduction. It will take time to edit the considerable amount of stunt scenes filling the ghost story movie.

Joe Chen and Ming Dao in drama Beauties of the Emperor

Chen Qiao En

Chen Qiaoen plays Empress Lv Zhi in a tragic story of the choice between love and power.

Production begun on two new Yu Zheng (Mei Ren Xin ji/Schemes of a Beauty, Gong/Palace) productions. Beauties of the Emperor 王的女人 brings back together Prince Turns Frog couple Chen Qiaoen and Mingdao, along with Kym Jin Sha (why is she never the lead?!) and tells the story of the fall of Qin and the rise of Han through the lives of the Empress Lv Zhi and Concubine Yu Ji. Meanwhile, Qing Cheng Xue 倾城雪 stars Dong Jie, Du Chun and Zhang Jiani and focuses on a Tang – dynasty tale of an embroiderer.
Although Qing cheng Xue is not scripted by Lu Zheng but Golden Bell winner Li Shunci, both dramas should gain the benefit of having Yu Zheng’s high-qualitied production values that includes gorgeous, often authentic costumes and sets. Qing Cheng Xue begun filming this week, and Beauties of the Emperor begins filming in mid-April.

source: cfensi

Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang in film Love You

Rainie Yang

After four months of filming, SETTV/TTV’s “Love You” wrapped up their filming a few days ago. Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang will be diving into their next projects right away; Joseph will be filming in the mainland while Rainie has accepted a new role for an upcoming CTS drama. Rainie expressed, “I’m back to myself now since the filming is over. I’m not Lin Xiao-Ru (character) anymore, it feels a little weird.”

Thinking back to during the filming of the drama, Joseph told the media, “There was a crying scene for Lin Xiao-Ru and it really shocked me because she was crying really hard. I finally asked her what was wrong a week later.” Rainie laughed, “It really wasn’t anything, I was just too into my role.”

The drama’s ratings continued to climb with last Sunday’s episode scoring an average of 3.1% (highest peak: 4.17%). Their competition Sunny Happiness had an average rating of 1.62%, down 0.14 from the previous week.

Cyndi Wang is not using plastic surgery

Cyndi Wang

At the media launch of her latest music single, Sticky, Cyndi Wang called the media "heartless" for speculations on her higher nose bridge, and urged all media to give artistes their personal space.

Recently hospitalised for cellilutis, the singer-actress was spotted with a higher nose bridge and a different jaw line after her discharge, which fueled speculations that Cyndi went under the knife.

Her first time responding to said allegations, Cyndi jokingly began with, "these heartless [reporters]!" as she lamented, "My mom was angry when she read all these untrue reports. She said 'Why are they so inconsiderate, unfriendly, and nonsensical.'"

The 28-year-old added, "When I was hospitalized, I received six jabs a day and my face swelled. Although we are all public figures with our personal lives in the limelight, untrue reports can bring a lot of hurt to our family and friends. I hope that everyone will stop making up such stories."

Responding to her "prettier looks" after discharge, Cyndi gleefully shared, "That's because I had sufficient rest, a fixed exercise regime and enough vitamins. My body is in a good condition and that improves my mood tremendously."

Source: XINMSN

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Donnie Yen as Guan Yu in The Lost Bladesman

Donnie Yen The Lost Bladesman

Donnie Yen Chi Tan in THE LOST BLADESMAN (GUAN WON CHEUNG) played Guan Yu, which recently has become one of the focus character of online attention. A slogan even spread online, "With Love With Honor Watch Lord Guan, Without Love Without Honor 'Thunder' Struck". Chi Tan thought it was good and said that the slogan had momentum. In the past many actors have played Lord Guan, each with his own uniqueness. He also wanted everyone to see how he interpreted a different Lord Guan under the cameras of directors Alan Mak Siu Fai and Felix Chong Man Keung.

Chi Tan pointed out, Guan Yunchang was one of the most difficult characters that he has ever played. With Sun Wukong he got his inspiration from his son, but with Guan Yunchang he had nowhere to start. With the difficulty, he had to work extra hard to study this character. However the biggest challenge was Chi Tan felt a lot of pressure with his limited Putonghua in front of the fluent in Putonghua Jiang Wen.

Chi Tan said that working with Jiang Wen was a pleasure, but he did not understand Cantonese and his own Putonghua was lacking. Thus when they rehearsed with Putonghua they had certain difficulties. He had to concentrate even more. During the shoot, Chi Tan spent his free time on the vehicle that the team provided for him and drove around the hills to reduce stress. The crew joked that they were enlighten to the fact that Lord Guan actually loved to drive fast too.

In addition, the famous North American distributor Weintstein earlier already bought the right to THE LOST BLADESMAN, which will be released in North America. Actually Weinstein's boss was a top Chi Tan fan. Chi Tan was excited about the North American purchase and hoped to perform in the North American market with this film.

Source: takungpao
Translated by: hktopten

Elanne Kong breast bigger after massage treatment

Elanne Kong

Since Elanne Kong's debut, she rarely appeared sexy, but this time she makes a breakthrough and gives a breast enhancement spokesperson job a try. Recently, Elanne is rising in popularity because her series is currently airing and caught the interest of an advertisement company strongly inviting her to be a breast enhancement spokesperson.

The conservative Elanne laughed and said she thought it over for a long time. After her manager's persuasion and she learned the company had a positive and healthy image, she accepted the endorsement without hesitation.

Elanne exposed that when she got massage treatment, she was extremely embarrassed. She said: "Although the massager was a girl, the feeling still felt strange, really makes people shy and itchy. The entire time, I was trying hard not to laugh out!" She also reveals that when the massager massaged her for the first time, it felt very painful, but the results were outstanding. She wanted to recommended it to her friends and perform all her duties as a spokesperson!

When she was shooting the TV ads, she did not hide her beautiful body figure and showed her career line. However, after the shoot she was very shy and quickly covered up with her jacket. The staff on the set prohibited people from taking photos with their cell phones or cameras to avoid embarrassment for Elanne. She said she's not used to her body figure being that good and joked: "The first time I saw, I really didn't recognize myself. A friend saw the photos and asked me how come I had good stuff and didn't share it with others. I was so embarrassed!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Kate Tsui and Ron Ng only good brothers

Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui Chi San wore $40 million (HKD) in diamonds at a jewelry promotional event. Kate expressed her excitement in the jewelry she was modeling, “I am very happy and excited. This is the most expensive set of jewelry I have ever worn! It is worth close to $40 million (HKD) and simply what I always dreamed of!”

Kate indicated that the criteria in choosing a partner were filial piety and a strong sense of responsibility. Asked whether rumored flame, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, possessed these qualities, Kate said, “My good brother? In fact, we have partnered in many series together. This is not the first time [the media reported] on romantic rumors. Of course this is not true! Let’s consider the romantic rumors as publicity for the series. Since Ron and I have the same manager, we know each other well. We are good friends and brothers!”

Defends Ron Ng’s Integrity

Recent tabloids portrayed Ron Ng as a player, claiming that he pursued TVB colleague, Sire Ma Choi, and used her money. When asked whether Ron was pursuing Sire, Kate said, “I don’t know. We are brothers and don’t discuss these issues. Maybe he considered me to be a ‘man’ and did not tell me.”

Did Kate swear that she and Ron were not dating? Kate replied, “I am numbed by the frequent rumors!”

Kate defended Ron’s integrity and noted it was unfair for tabloid to claim that he used women’s money, “He is not like that. We always split the bill [when we eat out].”

Source: The Sun
Translated by: JayneStars

Ron Ng do not like Sire Ma

Ron Ng Sire Ma

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei attended a bowling game to promote Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir> with fellow cast members, Moses Chan Ho, Tavia Yeung Yi, and Linda Chung Ka Yan. A recent tabloid claimed that Ron was living together with TVB colleague, Sire Ma Choi, while cheating on rumored girlfriend, Kate Tsui Chi San.

Pointing out that he did not know Sire that well, Ron emphasized that they were only colleagues, let alone living together! Ron also emphasized that Sire was not the type of woman he preferred! Why was Ron so blunt? “The tabloids claimed that I was using her money. I do not know whether Sire is rich or not. I am upset by the claims that I eat ‘soft rice!’ I have the ability to earn my own money and will not use women’s money.”

Noting that the tabloids were completely false, Sire denied that she was living together with Ron. Since Ron took care of her during filming in the past, Sire referred to Ron as her ‘sihing” (elder brother).

At a jewelry promotional event, Kate Tsui also denied that she was in a relationship with Ron, claiming they were only brothers. She felt that recent tabloid rumors were unfair in the way they portrayed Ron. When asked by reporters to swear that she and Ron were not dating, Kate only said, “I am numbed by this type of rumors!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: JayneStars

Aaron Kwok and Zhang Zi Yi intimate scenes in film

Aaron Kwok Zhang Zi Yi

Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing in the film 'TIL DEATH DO US PART (JUI OI) due to illness proved the dignity and greatness of love with their lives from meeting, commiserating to falling in love. They in the film had many intimate scenes. The sweet bed scene delivered the intimacy and dependence of people to directly bring out the film's theme "How difficult love is is how brilliant it is".

According to viewers who have seen the screening, Zhang Ziyi had a cold water bath scene that was described as very beautiful. Director Gu Changwei said, "Her performance was is not the basic level of nudity, but a performance that feels very high class to people. It went through a little handling."

Source: takungpao, singtao, on.cc
Translated by: hktopten
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