Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Jay Chou uses no substitute in fight scene

Jay Chou

Mando-pop sensation Jay Chou went all out for the upcoming action/adventure film “The Treasure Hunter”.

The singer-turned-actor has committed himself to every action scene in the film, insisting that no stand-in substitutes for him even in the most furious fight scenes.

Siu-Tung Ching, the film’s kung fu director, complimented that Jay is a gifted action actor and he managed to finish each series of moves, with appropriate strength, only by one take.

“The difference between me and others is that I finish it [the action scenes] all by myself,” Chou said.

“With all the protection measures nowadays, I will hardly get hurt during the filming,” he added.

“The Treasure Hunter” is the third Jay Chou-starred film following his screen debut “Secret” in 2007 and basketball-themed “Kung Fu Dunk” in 2008.

Co-starring Taiwan’s homegrown supermodel-actress Lin Chiling and mainland veteran actor Chen Daoming, the flick is slated for screen on December 31.

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