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David Tao becomes One Million Star judge

David Tao

The new (Chinese) One Million Star recorded their first episode on the 20th. For this season, the show has invited David Tao, Albert Leung (Lin Xi), James Li, and Kay Huang to be the judges. Eighty-four contestants performed and half have already been eliminated. Host Matilda Tao revealed, “The judges eliminated ten contestants in a roll! I saw the other contestants holding hands and crying together backstage just now!”

Matilda calls James the “ruthless judge”; James agreed, “I think I am too ruthless, but then I thought, if they can’t even handle something like this, how are they going to survive in showbiz?” The award-winning lyricist, Albert, who has written over 3000 song lyrics, is a judge for the first time. He expressed that he is a man with compassion, but has discovered his dark side after this show, “It’s the first time I’m deciding someone else’s fate, and can feel the power and desire. After recording the first episode, I realize that I was very despicable in pressing the light (strict on giving points). I prefer those with emotions over techniques.”

It’s also David’s first time being a judge at a singing competition show. He expressed that he would like to hear the contestants sing more of their own works instead of pretending to sing like other singers, “They need to have feelings instead of being like a robot. If they have potential, I won’t rule out the possibility of signing and training them.” However, David’s opinion seem to collide with John Yuan’s, who has been a judge for the show since season 1, “The ones we think are not okay, he actually thinks they’re fine. Maybe they are good contestants, but I think that possibility is very low!” Matilda immediately teased, “We only kept him (John) on the show out of compassion.”

For this new season, Matilda’s pay has also doubled to $250,000 TWD per episode. David, Albert, and James brought their managers, stylists, and assistants along, totalling eighteen people, costing $2 million TWD. As a result, each episode costs $4 million TWD to make. Matilda explained, “We’ve renamed the show to ‘Chinese’ One Million Star because we want to include all Chinese people in the world. We want to find the next Jay Chou, the next David Tao. Unlike other shows that likes to do things for fame, we are very strict on choosing contestants. But our judges will definitely not eliminate a contestant on purpose just to marry them home (referring to Jerry Huang).”

Source: Chinatimes

Kenji Wu and Rhydian Vaughan in idol drama Bai Nian Hao He

Kenji Wu

CTV announced their new self-produced idol drama project yesterday called, “百年好合” (Bai Nian Hao He / rough trans: Together Forever). For a refreshing cast combo, they especially invited singer Kenji Wu and Rhydian Vaughan to star in the drama as chefs. It has been eight years since Kenji’s last drama, but he confidently said, “I will act well.” Kenji has also taken part in the drama’s screenwriting meetings and encourages his costars, “We’re all in the same boat. We must not fail, and we must not drag anyone else down.”

Kenji even provided input on the cast's costumes. Kenji commented, “God! I don’t want to be minding so much either!” but admitted that he had a good feeling about the drama after the audition, “Otherwise if the tone is off, it’ll be very hard (to act in it).” Kenji revealed that he previously had turned down many drama offers due to his music career; after he accepted this drama offer, he has been doing his homework by watching dramas that are currently airing.

Rhydian Vaughan is also a fresh face to TV dramas. He rose to fame after filming the movies “Winds of September” and “Monga”. Rhydian recently graduated from EAST 15 Acting School in United Kingdom and is already loaded with work. Even Kenji feels the pressure from the rising star, “I heard that he has a six-pack, so I’d better work on my eight-pack.” The drama crew also revealed that Kenji and Rydian like to compete to see who arrives to their training sessions the earliest.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

Rainie Yang promoting latest drama While We Were Drunk

Rainie Yang

The Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang was in town over the weekend with co-star Joseph Chang, promoting their latest drama ‘While We Were Drunk’

How often do you get to kiss your high-school sweetheart after you've broken up with each other? For Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang, it was almost 10 years later.

Yesterday, Rainie and co-star Joseph Chang were in town to promote their latest idol drama While We Were Drunk. Upon arriving at the press conference held at the Conrad Centennial Singapore, the chatty actress started off by asking the media if they had lunch.

In While We Were Drunk, Rainie plays Lin Xiao Ru, a girl who accidentally marries Song Jie Xiu (played by Joseph Chang) while they were drunk. The couple quickly realises their error once they sobered up, resulting in them trying to undo every mistake they made in the last 24 hours.

Apart from her "husband" Jie Xiu, there were two other men in Xiao Ru's life -- her ex-boyfriend Ren Yi Xiang (played by Kingone Wang) and her boss-cum-childhood friend Daniel Geng (played by Alien Huang).

Rainie and Alien had dated during their high-school days.

On acting with Alien for the first time, Rainie first let out an uncomfortable giggle before admitting "it's awkward to kiss Alien".

"I think you all know my relationship with him [Alien Huang]. It's the first time we're acting together; even though it was just a peck on the lips, I felt really shy," the 26-year-old replied.

Rainie Yang felt "more sparks" with Joseph Chang

Rainie then said that she felt "more sparks" when acting with Joseph.

"That's probably because the scenes [with Joseph] are more romantic. The one which I shared a kiss with Alien is not very romantic," Rainie explained quickly.

While We Were Drunk is touted as the sequel to Fated to Love You, the most well-received Taiwanese idol drama to date, and boasts of many passionate bed scenes.

However, the pair clarified that their drama "is not a direct sequel to Fated to Love You" and had a vastly different plot from its predecessor.

"There would definitely be comparisons [between the various dramas]; but all we [the actors] can do is to do our best," Rainie answered.

Commenting on the intimate scenes, Joseph said, "I started my first day of filming with the most passionate scene in the drama. It helped to build our chemistry with each other and we don't really feel awkward with each other later."

Many firsts for Rainie Yang

This was the first time Rainie sported a short hair cut in a drama. In all of her other dramas, where she was the female lead, the actress had long hair.

Rainie admitted that she was afraid of how the audience would take her new image initially. However, she later felt that "if Xiao Ru [Rainie's character] had long hair, it wouldn't be her anymore", suggesting that the actress was satisfied with the final result.

The short hair cut definitely gave Rainie a more matured look, which fitted her role as somebody's wife -- another first for her.

When asked if she did anything to prepare for her role, Rainie said, "I'm actually similar to my character, in that we've not been married before. I didn't do any special homework on how to portray Xiao Ru because she was thrown into marriage suddenly; so I just went along with the situations in the drama."

The actress let on that she did, however, take a month to get used to wearing the wedding ring -- which was encrusted with real diamonds -- on her ring finger. She would take every chance she had, including during meals, to take it off her finger.

While We Were Drunk premieres on Jun 26, every Sunday, 8pm on E City (StarHub TV Channel 825).

Watch Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang's video interview here!

Credits: xin.msn

JJ Lin lose to Jay Chou in Best Male Mandarin Artiste Award

JJ Lin

JJ Lin shocked at losing “Best Male Mandarin Artiste” award

Nominated for the second time round, JJ Lin’s hopes of winning came crashing down when the award finally went to Jay Chou

Jay Chou beat JJ Lin at the 22nd Annual Golden Melody Awards to win the night's Best Male Mandarin Artiste award.

When award presenter David Tao first announced the name "Jay" - which sounded very much like JJ's initial - local singer JJ Lin thought the award was his to take home. However, the award eventually went to Jay Chou, who, also thought that the award was going to JJ.

The Taiwanese pop star became the night's biggest winner, bagging three major awards namely "Best Male Mandarin Artiste", "Best Mandarin Album" and "Best Composer" respectively.

At the after party, JJ, who looked visibly surprised when Jay's name was announced, admitted to having high hopes of winning as "David always calls me JJ in private". However, his hopes came crashing down when David finally read out the winner's full name and presented the award to Jay Chou instead.

Last year, JJ was also nominated for the same award, but failed to win.

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Selina Ren marry fiance Richard Chang on her 30th birthday

Selina Ren

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen was supposed to marry her fiance Richard Chang on April 1 this year. However, the wedding had to be postponed after she was severely scarred in an accident on the set of drama "I Have a Date with Spring".

Yesterday, the Taiwanese media reported that Selina would be getting married on her 30th birthday, which falls on Octocber 31. The wedding is supposedly held at the Sheraton Hotel.

Commenting on the report, Richard said, "It might be that day. We're still discussing on the date and have yet to make a decision."

The lawyer also admitted that "everything is good to go once the date is fixed and the guest list is confirmed."

"The wedding gown is ready too," Richard let on, before emphasizing that the wedding would still depend on Selina's health.

However, everything might go according to plan. The singer's health is making improvements and her physiotherapy sessions are also going smoothly.

In other related news, it was revealed that Selina's father wrote a thank-you note to Richard in the latter's upcoming book The Lord Chose You: "Selina's 90 Days in Hell".

"The Selina you're with now is different from the one you're engaged to. I'm glad that you accompanied her through it all. I'll always stand by your decisions," Father Jen wrote.

Source: XIN MSN entertainment

Wu Chun leaving Taiwan Group Fahrenheit

Wu Chun

Aaron Yan revealed that Fahrenheit's Wu Chun will be quitting the group.
Aaron Yan was in Hong Kong yesterday attending a promotional event for the upcoming movie "Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon". During the event Aaron indirectly mentioned that Wu Chun would be leaving Fahrenheit.

One of the reasons for Wu Chun's departure was so he could concentrate on his movie career. With roles in hit movies such as "My Kingdom", Wu's career has been taking off. His promotions with the group have taken up much of his time which he now wants to dedicate to acting.

Another reason for Wu Chun quiting the group is so he could spend more time with his family. Although Aaron is afraid the news will leave fans disappointed, he is also hopeful that they'll return to the stage as a group once again.

"A 4 member Fahrenheit may feel more complete, but a 3 member group will still have their own strength," Aaron stated.

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Nicholas Tse shoot film The Viral Factor in Kuala Lumpur

Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung continues work on the film THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) in Kuala Lumpur. Reportedly Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi has already landed in Kuala Lumpur and Ting Fung is under extreme protection. To avoid disturbance to his work, "Cheung Pak Chi" has become a banned term with Tse Ting Fung.

Yesterday on the set of THE VIRAL FACTOR, as from film workers Ting Fung had his personal assistant "Cousin" and five security guards next to him. The film shot a gun fight on the streets and blocked a four lane road. A fan said that earlier Ting Fung appeared to be relaxed and joked around with the crew. However as the media arrived on the set, he began to tense up as those around him made preparation.

In the scene Sammy Hung Tin Chiu chased Ting Fung and lead actress Lin Peng. Ting Fung was shot twice and fell and Lin Peng was taken away. Ting Fung was smoking while waiting for his scenes. He also took off his costume and studied kung fu with his security guard. Reporters were kept at least 10 feet away. As his security team began to "greet" reporters the situation grew chaotic.

Reporters could only loudly ask Ting Fung, "Has Pak Chi come over?" Ting Fung heard the question but did not response. Ting Fung's assistant "Cousin" warned reporters, "Would you believe I would have you dispersed!" Ting Fung will head to Beijing to promote TREASURE INN (CHOI SUN HAT JANG).

Sources: mingpao, singtao,
Translated by: hktopten

Nicholas Tse agreed to divorce Cecilia Cheung

Nicholas Tse

The actor has reportedly agreed on divorce, and a lawyer’s letter was sent to Cecilia Cheung

The five-year marriage between Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung is officially over.

The actor, who was said to have met his lawyers last week, has agreed to divorce Cecilia. She, in turn, received a rude shock when served the divorce papers.

Early last month, Cecilia, in a flurry of text message exchanges, was said to have threatened to divorce Nicholas. Nicholas, who is currently busy filming The Viral Factor in Kuala Lumpur, called her bluff, consulted his lawyers and has now agreed to the divorce.

Mani Fok, Nicholas's manager, has yet to respond to this, while the actor's assistant said, "I don't know."

Recently, netizens dug up yet another rumour that circulated in 2008 when Cecilia was embroiled in the photo scandal with Edison Chen. It was said that the Tse family then suspected that Lucas, the couple's elder son, may not be Nicholas's biological son and they had even sent him for a DNA test to verify who his father is.

Nicholas's father, Patrick Tse, when asked to comment on this rumour, shouted in rage, stating that the rumour is untrue and he will not comment on the matter anymore.

Source: xin.msn
Translated by: sx.k @ AsianFanatics

chrissie chau wears sexy bikini in film Beach Spike

Chrissie Chau

The Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Theresa Fu Wing and Jessica C. starred new film BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN) will be released in July. Because most of the location shots were taken on a beach, the team worked under the blazing sun daily. The actors had a particularly tough time due to the volleyball scenes. Chau Sau Na said in order to chase the sunlight for the shoot, everyday she worked from 6AM to 6PM. She spent nine memorable days on the beach. To prevent sunburn, everyday she covered herself with sun blocking make up. As soon as the director yelled cut, she and the actresses would rush under the tent, but none were spared as they were all toasted and left deep tan lines. The location also had many mosquitoes. The team lit a lot of mosquito repellent incense, which Chau Sau Na was sensitive to. She even lost her voice from it once.

Source: singtao
Translated by: hktopten

Kate Tsui wish a boyfriend at her 32nd birthday

Kate Tsui

This Sunday is Father's Day (6/19), and it is also Kate Tsui's 32nd birthday. The day before, she took some time out to celebrate with her fans. Fans knew that she loved chocolate, so they gave her a chocolate birthday cake and thoughtfully attached a 'candy lip' on the cake to represent their idol.

As everyone knows, Kate has a thick lip. Receiving this type of cartoon style birthday cake, Kate felt that it's cute: "This is my first birthday cake this year, I am not afraid of getting fat after eating it. At most, I could just go dance off the fat later." Her birthday wish is to have more jobs and to be happy. Asked if she wants a boyfriend too? Kate said: "I do want to find a boyfriend!" On her actual birthday, she has to work, but her mom will be flying back from Taiwan to accompany her. If there is time, she will celebrate with a dinner.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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Bosco Wong gets photographed fully nude in house

Bosco Wong

TVB Siu Sang Bosco Wong was secretly photographed fully nude in his house by the paparazzi. Last night when he was back in TVB for work, he appeared helpless and admitted that this incident has already gone over his limit.

Bosco was photographed fully nude walking around his house in Fo Tan and even revealed his butt. It was also said that he was at home waiting for his girlfriend, Myolie Wu, whom he cohabits with. (The magazine report also had photos implying Bosco and Myolie getting intimate.) Last night, Bosco was back in TVB City to work on Lives of Omission, he was accompanied by his manager. He was asked if he's having heavy feelings? Bosco said: "Of course I am unhappy. As an artist, I am prepared to have no privacy, but this is in my own bedroom, that has already gone over my limit. I also have a mother!"

Bosco frankly said he likes homes with sunshine, and loves to walk around the house naked after taking a shower. Asked if Myolie Wu was there at the time? He said: "No! The photos weren't taken at the same time. (Cohabiting?) She's living upstairs, but she always comes over for dinner." He reveals that he contacted Myolie after this incident, and she comforted him. Bosco was asked why he didn't comfort him, she was also photographed? He said: "Many friends called to comfort me. (Why was she still wearing her ancient style hair?) She was working!" As to if they 'celebrated' that there weren't any more private photos of Myolie? He expressed Myolie is probably more careful. When asked when they are going to announce their relationship? Bosco said: "Later we'll talk about it, I don't have the mood now. My work has not been affected. When I was shooting outdoor scenes in the afternoon, my manager sent me the photos from the magazine, I even showed them to Michael Tse and the director. (Many people praised you have a nice body and butt?) Thank you all. (Will you change your habits?) As an artist, I don't want to change. (Will you consider moving?) Not necessary, I don't want the report to impact my life, just be more careful in the future. When I take my clothes off, I'll pull down the curtains." As for Myolie she responded through SMS that she has no comment.

TVB issued a critical statement out denouncing the reports by Sudden Weekly and FACE Magazine. Following their behavior on Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen earlier, now they secretly photograph Bosco Wong at his house. TVB stressed that taking photos of artists in their own home is already invading their privacy, it is immoral behavior and completely violates one's privacy. TVB and their artists reserves the right to take legal action.

Yoyo Chen is furious

Earlier, Yoyo Chen was in a similar situation as Bosco, yesterday she blamed the photographer as a disgrace. This is just like taking naked photos after raping someone and then announcing it to the world. Yoyo said: "We are already getting crushed to the heart by people! It is already enough that we get followed by the paparazzi! Artists are normal people too, they go home and have their own private life. We have to maintain a good image in front of audience and now we get photographed by a group of shameful people! Even that small little privacy, we lose it too. I feel that Bosco should really go sue them!" As for TVB issuing out a critical statement to Sudden Weekly and FACE, Yoyo thanked TVB for giving the victims back their dignity, but to get justice, that will be based on how the government handles it.

Bosco's good friend Raymond Lam felt sorry for him: "This incident is stepping into the legal world, I am personally very careful and have my curtains down all the time, no sunshine at all." Another good friend, Ron Ng said: "I also keep my curtains down, I am not afraid, people that photograph my house will just get me and my mom, and our house worker."

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Selena Li spends night with a new boyfriend

Selena Li

Since breaking up with ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) two years ago, Selena Li (李詩韻)was romantically rumored with TVB colleagues, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠). Since Selena possessed beautiful looks, a good figure, a good educational background, and business skills, it was normal that many men were rumored to be interested in her. However, 30-year-old Selena already had a “Mr. Right” and her relationship with her boyfriend has advanced to spending the night together!

Selena was previously in a 5-year relationship with Patrick Tang, in which the pair had numerous breakups and reconciliations. The pair officially ended their relationship in 2009. Selena moved into her relative’s house in Mei Foo Sun Chun. Although there were rumors that Patrick hoped to reconcile their relationship at the end of 2009, Selena returned to Canada to complete her university degree and officially announced her single status. Last year, Patrick admitted that he was dating TVB actress, Katy Kung (龔嘉欣).

Taking a Detour to Meet with Boyfriend

Last Friday night, Selena wore full make-up to meet with her new boyfriend and a female friend for a night of fun in theCentral district. After dancing and chatting for two hours, Selena was extremely satisfied when she left. After saying goodbye to her female friend, Selena appeared to be quite alert and walked with her new boyfriend. The pair did not display any intimate behavior.

Suddenly, Selena’s boyfriend entered a convenience store. Selena boarded a taxi. Later, Selena’s boyfriend came out of the convenience store and took a taxi as well. After a few blocks, Selena’s boyfriend boarded Selena’s Audi car, which was parked behind Dragon-i waiting for him.

To prevent being followed, Selena drove very carefully, frequently accelerating and slowing down before reaching her home in Mei Foo Sun Chuen. The next day afternoon, Selena’s new boyfriend still did not leave her house yet.

Translated by: JayneStars

Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Vanness Wu photoshoot for new album C’est La V

Vanness Wu

Van Ness Wu especially went to South Korea to get a new style and to get his photo shoot done for his upcoming new album. Photographer Zo Sun Hi has previously done photo shoots for Rain, Big Bang, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi and more; it’s the first time Zo Sun Hi has worked with Van Ness and although they originally agreed to do only 10 sets of photos, Zo was generous enough to help take two more sets for Van Ness.

In the photo where Van Ness has a cape on, he had to jump almost 200 times in order to capture the movement of the cape flapping in mid-air. In the other photo, black tulle wrapped over Van Ness’s head. He humorously said, “That lace…the tulle over my face felt really interesting. It must be the same feeling as a girl wearing stockings?!”

Van Ness’s new album, “C’est La V”, will be released on July 8th.

Wuzun and Hangeng Action Film My Kingdom


Stars battle for top, Wu Chun, Hangeng transform to "Proud and Tenacious Twins"

The first Movie Trailer Release ceremony was held in Beijing this May for the Action-Romance film 《My Kingdom》, which was directed by Gao Xiaosong, script written by Zou Jing, action sequenced by Sammo Hung, and starring Hangeng, Wu Chun, Barbie Hsu, Ha Ling Chun, Louis Liu, Ringo Yu, and Annie Yi. The director Gao Xiaosong, along with Hangeng and Wu Chun pounded drums to mark the occasion when they attended the ceremony, where it was announced that 《My Kingdom》 will be released worldwide in August this summer.

During the Movie Trailer Release ceremony the two popular idols Hangeng and Wu Chun showed some of the action moves and talked a bit about their hardships in making the movie. The two stars also light-heartedly joked that they want to become students of Sammo Hung and establish a “Jing Wu” federation.

(Note: In mandarin “Jing Wu”, which means “Beijing Opera and Martial Arts, is pronounced the same as “Chin Woo”, which is a famous Chinese martial arts organization.)
While the movie trailer, which showed the struggle between various martial art masters to obtain the golden plaque “Champion of the Wu Sheng”, displayed the spectacular martial art style that came from Sammo Hung fusing together Wushu and Beijing Opera. The new style of action brings with it a breath of fresh air and exemplifies the saying “No-one can stop the model-man who knows Wushu”.

(Note: “Wu Sheng” is someone who specializes in fighting scenes in traditional Beijing Opera.)

《My Kingdom》exposes a major conspiracy within the Chinese martial arts community

“Whoever is the true Da Wu Sheng, then whoever this plaque will go to.” The opening line of the trailer exposes the film’s main theme–“Fight for the Plaque”. In the movie Wu Chun and Hangeng portray a pair of Wu Sheng brothers who grew up together. As they stepped onto the stage, they also bore with them the destiny of winning back the plaque and the face/honor of their school, however, just like what Barbie Hsu stated in the trailer, “The plaque will bring bad luck to whoever that holds it”. The domineering Ringo Yu, the grief and scorn of Ha Ling Chun, and the sly charm of Louis Liu all forebode a deadly clash, while in the film Wu Chun and Hangeng, brothers who grew up together, in the end will have to fight to the death. The beheaded old man’s vicious vow to “Execute your entire clan” blankets the entire story in a major cabal.

(Note: “Da Wu Sheng” means “The Great Wu Sheng”)
In director Gao Xiaosong’s eyes, Chinese Kung Fu movies and action stars are becoming excessively complacent, and 《My Kingdom》 has to have new creative ideas; “Our logo is “The most tenacious idols, the most spectacular martial arts”. In addition, the story by top screenwriter Zou Jing not only guarantees this action movie’s commercial marketability but also promises to have intense love and hate intrigues.

Hangeng, Wu Chun becomes “Proud and Tenacious Twins”

Wu Chun already exhibited a rugged and strength filled image in 《14 Blades》, and the movements of Hangeng, who practiced dancing since he was little, permeate with power. In the first trailer, the unique fighting sequences became the focal point; Hangeng and Wu Chun’s ferocious battle by the stairs not only displayed an admirable ruthless air, but also displayed an aesthetic of violence described by Hangeng as “Grand poses, very cool fighting, and the action natural and unrestrained”. This is a breath of fresh air for those audiences who are bored and tired with Kung Fu movies filmed in the same traditional ways.

According to Wu Chun, for the movie he hung on wires above a staircase for a week, and, because of that, he was often bruised from head to toe. While Hangeng, in his first movie, due to his enthusiasm and unrestrained practicing, strained a muscle just a few days after he joined in preparations with the rest of the cast, thus earning him the nickname “Fresh and Fierce Seafood”. When talking about who’s kung fu is better, both men, however, humbly expressed that the other person is the true “Da Wu Sheng”.

Sammo Hung creates another “Jing Wu” federation

Sammo Hung himself started out as a Wu Sheng in Chinese Beijing Opera, and in making 《My Kingdom》 he was in his element. Sammo Hung stated that “Out of the over 200 films I’ve made both in China and overseas, the scripts that can be rated as excellent does not number 10 in total, and 《My Kingdom》 is one of the 10”. Sammo Hung spent a whole year’s time to add his understanding of Wu Sheng into the action sequences, and created the most spectacular martial art footages and a new school in the action genre: “Jing Wu” federation. Because of Sammo Hung’s work, director Gao Xiaosong highly praised him as currently the best action director, saying “I saw elder brother Sammo Hung blend the traditional Beijing Opera moves that has been perfected over several hundred years into martial arts sequences, it presented a very unique and a very cool flavor”.

Two clips of Sammo Hung in the making of fight scenes were also shown during the Movie Trailer Release ceremony. The clips showed that Sammo Hung became a meat cushion and personally worked on the action moves with Wu Chun and Hangeng. Wu Chun revealed that Sammo Hung had always hoped to promote more upcoming Kung Fu action actors, and had called the cast together for training three months before the actual filming began. Sammo Hung not only meticulously taught every little movement, but also “filmed the entire sequences before hand as a model for us.”

Source: Movie Net

Get ready for Jane Zhang fifth album Reform

Jane Zhang

Pop star knows some fans might not approve of her new hard-edged album, but the former Supergirl star is determined to be true to herself, report Han Bingbin and Qin Zhongwei.

With her fame and reputation, Jane Zhang, the diva-to-be, finds herself struggling to decide between what she wants to sing and what the public wants to hear from her.

As soon as she became a professional singer after winning the Supergirl competition in 2005, one of the nation's most-watched singing contests and an attempt by Hunan Television to identify talent from the grassroots, Zhang's recording company gave her final say on what material she chose to sing. But as a 20-year-old back then, she was too kind to let anyone down by refusing a song.

So, many of her No 1s have been crowd-pleasing plaintive love songs. But Zhang said that was not her true self.

Although on many occasions she has behaved bashfully, Zhang said she was in fact an outgoing and passionate person. She always wanted her albums to be not only a flattering commercial success, but also an honest expression of her artistic disposition.

So here she is, announcing that she is ready to surprise and challenge audiences with a breakthrough fifth album, Reform (her second album with Universal International). Zhang said more than 60 per cent of the album, which was released on June 1, can be labeled as typical Jane Zhang style.

Seven of the 10 songs on the album were composed by US musicians and a US postproduction team was involved to guarantee top quality. The company has two notable names - Michael Jay, who worked with Eminem and Kylie Minogue, and Gene Grimaldi, who is said to be Lady Gaga's exclusive recording engineer.

The musical style has little to do with Chinese-style pop sentimentality. The songs cover a range of styles, from R&B to rock, hip pop and dance. Zhang said fans will immediately hear the changes as soon as they put on the earphones.

A loyal fan of Mariah Carey and Beyonce, Zhang is no stranger to these musical forms. But after years singing rueful, romantic melodies, it still took time for her to settle into more energetic beats and sexier tones.

Zhang had to get rid of the habit of restraining her voice and sing with a more open and forceful attitude.

That was not too hard, she said, compared to some physical changes, such as dancing and dressing in a more overtly sexy style.

While shooting the album cover in leg-less one-piece tights, Zhang felt too shy to stand before the camera although she was assured that she was dressed appropriately and attractively. She was still a little concerned when her sexily packaged album was handed out to the media and fans during the press conference that launched the record.

After so many years it seems Zhang's voice is ready to be a big star, but her mind is not. She still prefers to stand for interviews for hours if she has worn a short skirt.

She hates to be photographed candidly, although many other performers would see that as a way to increase their exposure. And unlike many other pop stars who skillfully hedge questions about their personal lives, Zhang's way has been to stare straight into a questioner's eyes and firmly say "no" to such questions.

"It is so restrictive, being an artist," she said. "I want to be just like I was before, to overcome my misgivings and struggles, say what I want to say and do what I want to do. To be the real me."

That attitude is reflected on the new album. Zhang wrote the lyrics for three songs, including one she composed herself. One of them, called Brave, is a faithful reflection of Zhang's personal attitude to being a pop star: "Why should I be restricted, I like to dance freely."

But after releasing four bestselling albums and two runaway singles that were mostly based on love melodies, Zhang knows there is a price to pay for being free and changing her style.

Many people, even loyal fans, have already complained online about the lack of love songs on the new album. On the music site of Baidu, the so-called Chinese Billboard, the most popular song on Reform had been listened to more than 320,000 times by Monday, while all the others had not quite reached 100,000 hits each. Some songs by Zhang's successors on Supergirl, mostly soothing love songs, have been listened to more than 10 million times.

Zhang has finally realized that to change her style does not require her to battle with herself but with the general musical taste of the Chinese public.

Actually, Zhang has a goal behind these changes. She thinks the reason why many young people like quiet melancholy songs is because the sadness they express corresponds to their loneliness.

They feel lonely because they spend too much time online alone, Zhang said. She hopes that people can escape from the isolated Internet world to embrace a happier party mood.

Despite having a positive aim with her new direction, the challenge is still there. When swamped by questions about whether she was afraid of losing fans because of her pioneering stance, the young singer honestly admitted that she was concerned.

"Sure, I'm worried, but I don't want to be worried," she said. "I don't want to shoulder too many public expectations. I have my own expectations, too, and I will be the kind of singer I want to be."

Jimmy Lin postpone his wedding with Kelly

Jimmy Lin and Wife

Jimmy Lin and wife picking out wedding rings; Reception at Aegean Sea

Jimmy Lin’s father passed away from a heart attack in April. Jimmy and his wife Kelly were planning a wedding reception in the summer but had to postpone for a year. But according to insiders the couple are still planning a romantic island reception. They were spotted at Cartier yesterday picking out a wedding ring. Kelly has regained her figure and showed off her slender legs. But Jimmy still looked depressed 6 weeks after his loss. When is the wedding reception? His manager said, “It depends on his schedule. It may still be held this year.”

The couple dated for 5 years. She was photographed peeling shrimps for him but he denied the relationship. Kelly gave birth to their son in California in September, 2009. Jimmy announced the birth a month later at his own birthday bash and admitted that he and Kelly were already married.

Reporters photographed them in a shopping mall on June 1, 2011. With his baby face, the 36 years old father looks like Kelly’s younger brother. The couple picked out wedding rings at Cartier for half an hour but left empty-handed.

Jimmy enjoys fatherhood and pampers his son. The license plate on his Porsche is his son Kimi’s birthday: 0915. On their way home Kelly was dropped off to buy dinner. The former model doesn’t look like she has given birth.

Cyndi Wang Bed Scenes with Mike He in drama Love Keeps Going

Mike He Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang and Mike He had exotic bed scenes in idol drama "Love Keeps Going". This made Xiaomei self-mock that this drama had "three many": many lines, many kissing scenes, and many revealings (of his body). However, their good acting skills made the people at the side tease that there must be true love, causing the two who were bothered by the scandal to push to the director, laughing that it was because the director had taught them well!

The director also made Xiaomei reveal his butt. Eli Si laughed that Xiaomei had a better figure, so why not just let him show it! Cyndi Wang previously filmed an MV with Show Luo. Xiaomei teased that they were collaborating on the album, so Cyndi Wang replied saying “Our bed scene is powerful enough!” Xiaomei immediately cleared that their collaboration was on the mental scale!

Xiaomei also sang a song in this drama; however, he laughed that he had not trained adequately and thus was unwilling to sing live. He said that if the ratings were to break 2 points he would sing, but then changed his mind to 26 points afterward! Cyndi Wang praised that Xiaomei was very serious and also encouraged Xiaomei that singing could be practiced! When asked whether the two of them had a chance of collaborating in Cyndi Wang’s next album, Xiaomei immediately jumped in to say that his work was very busy; he only sang this time because of the character. He laughed and said that hopefully he did not scare anyone with his singing. He also pulled his good friend Joe Zheng into the waters. He laughed “If Xiaozong can sing and dance, I can follow his steps”. This made it seem like he had confidence with his singing, however, he avoided it when he was asked to sing live.


Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu new series Ghettto Justice

Kevin Cheng Ghetto Justice

Yesterday the cast to TVB new series Ghetto Justice arrived at Sham Siu Po on an open top bus for the promotional event. The cast includes Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Jazz Lam, Sharon Chan, Joyce Tang, Sam Lee, and Sek Sau. On the bus, Jazz shouted down to the neighbors that they must remember to support the "brothel", and resulted in scolds by parents on the street that he's a bad influence on children. Myolie immediately explained that the 'brothel' is referring to Sharon Chan's role. Initially the cast was suppose to get off the bus and give out fliers on the street, but unfortunately there were too many people surrounding.

Myolie exposed that Kevin has a scene where he reveals his behind on the first episode. Kevin was asked if he especially worked out for the scene? He said: "How to work out? I really don't know how to. (Good TV ratings will reveal more?) Leave the revealing to Myolie! In fact, I don't really have much expectation for the ratings. If I can foresee it, then I would go buy lottery!"

It was said that because TVB wanted to protect their TV Big Brother status, they are urgently pushing the rumored couples to boost the momentum at the Sales Presentation 2012. The two expressed that they only know there is a "Show Hand Event" in July. Kevin was asked if he minds being arranged to work with ex-rumored girlfriends Charmaine Sheh and Niki Chow again? He said: "Will worry about it when there are actual arrangements because this may not be the plan. It's a matter of opinion whether or not there is gold to suck. (If can earn money, anything is possible?) In fact, there is nothing for me to mind about, it's not the first time." Myolie does not mind working with either Bosco Wong or Kate Tsui. She said: "Best would be for us 3 to be together, and add in Kevin too, that be the best!"

Both Joyce Tang and Stephen Wong were rumored to be in a new relationship respectively, but both denied. Joyce said: "The person in the photos is not a new love interest, just a friend. I currently still single. After all I am currently living a happy life, the only heart breaking event is that my dog that I raised for 19 years passed away." Stephen also denied dating Coffee Lu and stressed that they are just friends.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Linda Chung and Rose Chan have similar looks

Linda Chung Rose Chan

Raymond Lam's two rumored girlfriends Linda Chung and Rose Chan were said to have similar looks. Yesterday the two encounter one another at beauty salon opening ceremony. It was seen that Linda and Rose were very generous on stage and chatted happily. Linda laughed: "I haven't seen Rose before, but I know people say she looks like me. I don't really feel so though, most important is that I personally have my own feeling. (She's also rumored with Raymond Lam?) Just a coincidence, and I want to talk to her. I feel she's a very sweet and tall girl."

When speaking of not having to appear sexy for the beauty salon endorsement, Linda said: "Because the boss loves me very much, it's not my own request. Actually the boss feels that I have a healthy image. (Will the next season Ads be in a bikini?) The most important is healthy results, doesn't matter if its bikini. I lived in Canada before and is considered a Western girl, so the outcome results are pretty, I don't mind. (Will you it be money-based?) My manager decides that, I don't understand these things, I am just responsible for bringing myself out."

Roses also felt she doesn't look like Linda. She said: "People have always said that, but I personally don't think so. (Does Raymond think so?) You have to ask him, I don't keep in touch with him. However, I really admire Linda, before I watched her performance as Seung Joi Sum (Heart of Greed), her acting was so real, she cried beautifully. I have to watch more of her work. (Feel awkward being at the same event?) No, not awkward with anyone."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Cecilia Cheung and Kwon Sung Woo in film Repaeat I Love You

Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Korean hunk Kwon Sung-Woo starred new film REPEAT, I LOVE YOU yesterday held a press conference in Shenzhen. News figure Pak Chi was absent due to health reasons. Attendees included producer Stanley Kwan Kam Peng, director Calvin Poon Yuen Leung, actors Angela Chang Siu Hom, Jing Boran, Jing Tian, Sphinx Ting Chun Sing and Chen Taisheng.

At the press conference, producer Kwan Kam Peng waited until the end to express regret about Pak Chi's absence. Because Pak Chi was very involved on the set, the production made her very tired. He hoped that everyone would understand and give her some time. Later the host also said that Pak Chi could not attend due to health reasons and asked everyone to applaud to wish her an early recovery. As the press conference, the team broke into three groups of media interviews. Kwan Kam Peng who was with Kwon Sung-Woo and Chen Taisheng first stated, "Just ask me anything about Cheung Pak Chi, Kwon Sung-Woo doesn't want to say anything for Cheung Pak Chi." He honeslty said that Pak Chi's manager Emily yesterday also came to Shenzhen for a meeting and gave the team an understanding of Pak Chi's current health condition. He said, "Emily said that she would head back and 'convince' Pak Chi to return to work as soon as possible. (Does the term convince mean she is unwilling to return?) We have to give her even greater support. In the film she played two different characters who are very different, the pressure is also large. In addition recently something unpleasant happened to her, the pressure and the exhaustion were even greater." Would Pak Chi's time off affect the production progress? Kwan Kam Peng continued, "We have another plan, hopefully we make up the progress. Kwon Sung-Woo in June will head to Paris for Jackie Chan's film, but Pak Chi's role will not be eliminated." He revealed that Pak Chi originally would return to the team two days ago. Emily would inform them when she would return. However he was not worried that Pak Chi would quit the film halfway and was confident that Pak Chi will be back soon.

Pak Chi's absence left Kwon Sung-Woo to carry the load alone. He said that for his first overseas development and movie in China he inevitably was nervous. Luckily with everyone's care and assistance the collaboration has been very pleasant. He also cherished this chance very
much. Because this was his first movie for the overseas market, it was very important to him. As for working with Pak Chi for the first time, Kwon Sung-Woo praised Pak Chi as a very seasoned actress in Chinese film. She did not just rely on one or two film to have everything that she had today. In the film her acting was very outstanding. She also worked on a Korean film before, and FAILAN was very popular with the Korean viewers. He said, "On this collaboration, many on the set said that she was very focused and performed very well. Pak Chi in the film played two characters, a lady and a strong woman. She gave a very focused performance and helped me a lot." In addition Kwon Sung-Woo reportedly was not used to Chinese food and insisted on Korean food during the shoot. He clarified that the report was baseless and honestly said that he liked Chinese food. As for whether Pak Chi's time off would affect his new film schedule in Paris next month, he believed that they had ample time and he would not be affected.

Director Poon Yuen Leung, Jing Tian and Ting Chun Sing were interviewed. Poon Yuen Leung revealed that the film has already more than half shot. As for Pak Chi's time off, he said, "Everything about her has been said on stage, I don't have anything to add. (When will she return to work?) No comment." Jing Tian played Pak Chi's cousin and had many scenes together. She felt that Pak Chi was very nice and her idol. Speaking of Pak Chi's time off, Poon Yuen Leung immediately cut in. "I believe we all lover her. Everyone is supportive of her. We are done."

Sources: takungpao, mingpao
Translated by: hktopten

Jacqueline Chong and Yedda Chao promote film Microsex Office

Jacqueline Chong and Yedda Chao

Jacqueline Chong Si Man, Yedda Chao Tong, Jim Chim Sui Man and others yesterday promoted their new film MICROSEX OFFICE (CHIU SING BAN GUNG SUT), gave away beverages and played games with people.

As for not being as sexy as Chao Tong, Chong Si Man did not mind too much. In the film she dressed neutrally except for a bikini scene. Was she worried about the crowd? Chong Si Man thought that since two men were on hand, she believed that she did not need to worry too much. She also revealed that in the film she would talk about some sex topics. Because of the company made sex products, her eyes were opened. Did she feel embarrassed? Chong Si Man said, "No, some were like art. I never thought it was (sex products). (Did you try any?) Haha, I still haven't
had a chance to."

Chao Tong dressed up according to the event theme of sexy office lady. She even added a suit jacket. Was she worried about people focusing on her chest? Chao Tong said, "I am not as I am covered in taped. Now it's very hot so there's a lot of sweat, nude bra and tape seem to be a little loose. (Would your wardrobe malfunction?) No, I am doing my best to keep them in place." Jim Sir said that earlier he just finished the new film's editing. He thought it was better than expected. Full of comedy, he was very satisfied. Now he is looking forward to the film release.

Sources: takungpao, mingpao
Translated by: hktopten

Gillian Chung scolded Actress Shao Xiaoshan on weibo

Gillian Chung

Providing assistance to others is originally a good deed, what is the reason for it leading into a war of words? Recently, mainland actress Shao Xiaoshan and Gillian Chung each had words to say on Weibo (Chinese twitter) and a large number of Gillian's fans intervened, forcing Shao Xiaoshan's Weibo to shut down permanently.

The matter began since both parties are providing financial aid to a father and daughter (Ren Yabo and daughter Ming Ming) from Heilongjiang, China. Shao Xiaoshan stated that she donated 4 000 Yuan to the Ren family, but the father Mr. Ren stated that he only received about 1 000 Yuan. Gillian Chung posted a message on her Weibo account criticizing and mocking Shao Xiaoshan. Shao Xiaoshan fought back with a reply referencing Gillian's sex photo scandal, arousing fans' hostile attack from all sides, causing Shao Xiaoshan's Weibo to be shut down.

During an interview with Ent Ifeng, Shao Xiaoshan expressed, she does not believe her retaliation was inappropriate: "She (Gillian) first scolded me, calling me a 'self-publicist' and 'devil.' What is wrong with me saying her Sex Photos Gate?" But she repeatedly emphasized that she hopes those fans stop their ill-intentioned attacks, "Put this dark energy into proper energy, even if each of Gillian's fans donated 50, 100 to help others."

Source: Ent Ifeng
Translated by: starlightcolors @ AsianFanatics
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