Jumat, 06 November 2009

Gong Li wouldn’t reveal bra cup size

gong li

Beijing – Actress Gong Li has become the new face of a local lingerie brand but the one question she will not answer is: What is her bra cup size?

Despite Sunday’s early snowfall, brought on by cloud seeding, and freezing cold, she wore a low-cut gown the brand, Aimer, made for her at the opening of China Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 in Beijing.

Her ample breasts were a hot topic when she starred in 2006’s Curse Of The Golden Flower and it was Aimer which created the bras the female cast wore in the movie.

On Sunday, those famous breasts appeared to have shrunk, Ming Pao Daily reported, but they still provided buzz.

Asked by a male reporter for her secret to firm breasts, Gong, 43, said: ‘This… I can’t say.’

‘What is your bra cup size?’ a female reporter then asked, to which the actress replied: ‘This gown is custom-designed for me. The designer will know that.’

She will appear opposite John Cusack and Chow Yun Fat in Shanghai, a movie set in World War II that is slated for an Asian release this year.


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