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Kate Tsui was bleeding filming her new MV "Cut Throat"

kate tsui

Kate Tsui did a Music Video for her third song "Cut Throat". The song is about ladies love shopping. When Kate was shooting the MV, blood came out from her ankle.

Kate was admitted to hospital for exhaustion and malnutrition earlier on. She was still very weak after her discharge from hospital. However, Kate had to film the MV which required her to sing and dance almost non stop. On the day of the filming, she was feeling a bit faint already. Kate was doing another MV for her new song "Hit Me" first. She was wearing a high heel long boots which she wore for the first time. As a result, her ankles were bleeding. Kate said "This is a new pair of boots, they have been rubbing my ankles. In fact, I knew my ankles were bleeding, but I didn't want to block the filming progress, therefore, I had to continue. After a few hours of dancing, I couldn't stand it any longer. I asked a colleague to put some plaster on for me. Its still hurting, but I have to bear with it."

The song of "Cut Throat" describes ladies love shopping most. Kate said "I do like shopping, but I am not a shopaholic." In fact most of Kate's clothes are brought by her mother. Kate stated "My mom is really cool, she knows almost all the brand names, she is my private stylist."

Source: Takungpao/MingPao(image)
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Francois Huynh considers Karen Lee a complete stranger

Francois Huynh

Francois Huynh who has retired from the entertainment circle accepted appeared on "ONTV Entertainment on Show" programme the other day. Talking about Karen Lee, his previous "brother-sister" love affairs, Francois said after they split up, they never contacted each other. "I consider her a perfect stranger, even if she comes in my cafe, I will only treat her as a customer."Francois described the days when they were dating, they were under so much pressure as they were they were being followed by the paparazzi all the time. Francois disclosed that it was a mistake for him to be involved between Karen and her shoe entrepreneur husband Tang Gim Kwun.

Francois is now working in a coffee shop, he got the job through Christie, his god mother who had left the cafe. Speaking about the rumor that he has been sending SMS to Kurana Rin, Francois said that he doesn't know her. In the programme, Franscois also talked about his relationship with his brother Stephen Huynh.

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Linda Chung: Raymond Lam is not stupid, he is smart

Linda Chung

The 21st Cash Song Writers Quest held a press conference yesterday. Singers included Ivana Wong, Sherman Chung, Linda Chung, Stephanie Cheng, Pakho Chow and Pong Nan all attended the event. Linda had composed two of her own songs in her first album and will write her own songs again in her new album. She revealed that she is addicted to writing her own song and she is now a member of "Cash" too.

Talking about Mandy Chung who failed to win the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, described Raymond Lam as stupid and swore at him in her facebook, Linda Chung frowned and said "You shouldn't use bad language in the internet anyway, in fact you shouldn't swear at all. Why did she use such rude words? Why can't she have good manners? Raymond didn't do anything to hurt her." There was reports that because Mandy didn't win, she blamed it on Raymond who is one of TVB's favorite artists. Linda went on to say "That is even worse, anyway she shouldn't swear." Reporter asked if Linda thinks Raymond is stupid? Linda smiled and said "No not stupid, very smart indeed. (You admire him?) Do I sound I admire him?"

Source: Takungpao
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Charmaine Sheh's ears hot and blushes as she talks about break up

Charmaine Sheh

Charmaine Sheh had just returned from Hawaii just after her series "You're Hired" with Dayo Wong ended last night. After returning, Charmaine immediately went to the dinner celebration and to watch the finale with the cast. The cast who attended includes Queenie Chu, Producer Nelson Cheung, Ha Ping, etc. Charmaine expressed that she only wants everyone to be happy, spending a small sum of money is not a problem. She hopes that the series could reach 40 points in ratings.

Recently there has been rumors that she and Kevin Cheng broke up. On Kevin's birthday, he exposed himself that he's falling out of love. The other night, it was Charmaine's first time responding to the rumors, but she appeared quite embarrassed about the rumors that she was blushing and her ears were turning red! Charmaine strongly stressed that they are just good friends and had always been. "Saying that we broke up is better than rumors, what a sign of relief." Kevin is currently in the United States for work, therefore the Media was unable to contact him yet.

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Selena Li risked of exposing herself during musical rehearsal

selena li

Selena Li, Leanne Li and Andrew Cheung's new musical (天使外婆) officially premiere the day before yesterday. Selena revealed that there was a few minute sing and dance portion, during rehearsal she almost exposed herself. She said: "During rehearsal, my costume fell lower and lower as I danced, luckily I quickly noticed and quickly went backstage to fix it." This is the first time Leanne performed in a musical, where she needs to sing and dance at the same time. She frankly said that people will know that when she gets off tune, so she felt great pressure when she was singing and dancing. After this musical, Leanne found her own voice, she hopes that in the future it could be used more often.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Myolie Wu emphasized she is still single Refused to be lady behind

myolie wu

(Kuala Lumpur) Myolie Wu envied Anita Yuen for having a successful career and a happy family; therefore she set her (Anita Yuen) success as her aim in life but she refused to be the woman hiding behind the back of a man.

Re-contract and increase in pay as ambassador

2 years ago, Myolie Wu replaces Anita Yuen as ambassador for Adonis. This year she manage to be re-contract at a higher paid. This time round she is in Malaysia not only to sign the re-contract, but also to fulfill her responsibility as ambassador. Going to Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru on a promotional tour for “A Beauty Date”, sharing her experience using the products at the same time she will attend the opening ceremony of Adonis 15th new branch at Pavilion.

Entering the third year of co-operation with Adonis, she expresses that she knows the sponsor will keep sourcing for new ambassador and she is able to take over from “Movie Queen” Anita Yuen as the second ambassador, to her this is an honor, she also wish that her “beauty and confident” will not only last for 20 years, even when she is sixty or seventy she is still as beautiful as ever.

As for the success in career and happy family enjoy by Anita Yuen, she said that this will be her goal in life, “Work is important but family is important too. There should be a balance. I don’t wish to be a workaholic. I’m scare that I will be very lonely after work, by myself. Anita has a successful career, husband and son are good looking, as a lady there are no regrets!”

Wishes for everlasting love

Currently she places work as her priority, even though the rumours between her and Bosco Wong has reached fever pitch, but she emphasized that she is still in the “always available” stage. But she doesn’t rule out the possibility of setting aside some time for dating if there is a guy wooing her that make her feel that “is worth it”. As for what is considered “worth it”, she said: “He must love me a lot!”

Myolie Wu wishes for everlasting love, both party must love and admire each other, “Getting along with each other is an art, I am still trying very hard to learn it!”

But Myolie Wu who strive hard for her career refused to be “the woman hiding behind the back of a man”, “my own decision is still the most important, of course will respect the guy, but I will still think about myself first!”

Deny going to Okinawa for pre-honeymoon

Recently because of Andy Lau hiding his wedding and this causes a storm in the entertainment industry, she feels that marriage is a happy occasion, she will definitely make it public. She even stand up for Andy Lau who is under a lot of stress recently, “Actually he has been working very hard in this industry for many years, he contributed a lot, should have his own life, a lot of people will attack him verbally say he is lying, but think of it on another level, everyone has their own life, their own choice, we cannot be so selfish and expect the other party to belong to everyone, give him more space!”

Regarding the Hong Kong media exposing her trip to Okinawa, seem like it is a pre-honeymoon trip? She smiled and said, “Can’t possibly be? This is too exaggerating!” She explained that she had been filming in Heng Dian for that period of time, a few of the actors on the drama took leave, so she has a few days off, coincidentally Bosco Wong and his hair stylist was going to Okinawa, offhandedly ask whether she wants to come too, everything was all planned by the following day, “We saw a lot of Hong Kong people over there, we did said hi to them too, actually there really wasn’t anything to be worried about, because we are really just friends!”

Myolie Wu shares her beauty secret

Myolie Wu arrives in Malaysia to fulfill her responsibility as ambassador, Friday (4 September) she appears at Sungei Wang Plaza for the first promo of “A Beauty Date”, she radiate brilliance and confident after finishing a round of skin care treatment. She highly recommended the new process - - 7 Chakra treatment and anti-stress aroma. She also promoted Adonis beauty products as if it was her family treasured. The CEO of Adonis, Miss Anne Lee was very satisfied with the ambassador performance and keeps nodding her head.

Advise to do the treatments instead of being a lazy lady

During the function, she discloses the secrets of her skin care, which was not to be a lazy lady, visit the beauty salon regularly for treatments, “There is no ugly woman on this earth, there is only lazy woman!” Besides, as she is releasing her solo album in November, she sang two songs live during the event, “Love Delusion” and the first public live performance of her brand new single “Bright Day”.

Credits: Ting @ http://myoliewuhangyee.com/forum

Fala Chen Sings the Theme Song for "The Stew of Life"

fala chen

The cast of "The Stew of Life" were at Olympian City yesterday and they held a salad making contest to promote the series.

This will be Fala Chen's first time singing a theme song for a series, and she gives herself 70%. She says, "I've recorded the song three times". (Did you practice at Neway Karaoke?) They don't have the song yet!" (The series is about cooking?) "I know how to cook Japanese style and Western dishes". (Has your boyfriend tried your cooking?) "Many of my friends have tried my cooking, and they all praise it for being tasty". (Are you worried about the ratings for the series?) "I'm not worried because the backstage crew have watched it, and they praise it for being good".

Louise Lee Si Kei just returned from vacation, and she has gained weight, but she is in the process of losing weight. She says, "I look better skinnier. I used to take weight-loss pill, but after two, three years, there were problems with my nervous system, so I stopped taking them".

Timmy Hung was also at the promotional event. When the reporters asked him when he will get married, he changed the subject, and said he will have an intense kiss scene with Yoyo Mung in "Transferred Connection of Temptation".

Credits: hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com

Charlene Choi started the show wearing a transparent dress

charlene choi

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), Chilam Cheung, Louis Cheung, William Chan, Pakho Chow and Jason Chan were performing at "EPS Forever Green 25 X Metro Concert" the other night. Ah Sa, wearing a black transparent dress started the show; but before she sang, she threw a ring down to her fans. The ring was given to her for doing the EPS commercial. Ah Sa sang two of her songs and than Chilam joined her to sing the golden classic "Modern Love Story". The audience went wild, a lot of them stood up to take pictures of them. Ah Sa revealed that everytime when she went to Karaoki with her daddy, her daddy always asked her to sing that song. Therefore, she is very familiar with that song.

Talking about Ah Sa's transparent outfit, Chilam couldn't help but praised her for looking so seductive that people may indulge in fantasy thoughts. Ah Sa smiled "Althought Chilam said he was praising me, I often thought he is teasing me. I just want to look beautiful, so don't be surprised. If I have to put on a bottom dress, I may as well not wear this dress at all. In fact, my sexiness is limited, just now some colleagues asked me why don't I put on more pads, haha." Talking about Gillian Chung expressed that she hoped to sing with her very soon, As Sa smiled and said "I do want to sing with her too. I intend to write a song for us to sing together. (Do you think Ah Gill is ready?) Absolutely, she did a stage play earlier, didn't she?"

Source: Takungpao
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Wayne Lai is planning a big wedding anniversary party

wayne lai

Wayne Lai was a guest of honor to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of a wedding shop. There were over 10 couples of newly weds; the brides even ignored their grooms, wanting to take pictures with Wayne. Wayne felt that the newly weds were looking so happy. He and his wife were married in the register office in America, and they only had their wedding pictures taken when they came back to Hog Kong. His wedding banquet was not as grand as it is now. Wayne smiled and said he is considering to have a big party on his wedding anniversary.

Source: Takungpao
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com
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