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Gary Cao Shocking Smashing of TV in Hotel

Gary Cao

[Golden Melody King] drunken Gary Cao hits HK celeb Justin, the violence case has to be closed, yesterday he was home in Malaysia nursing his health, surprisingly is hit again by another attack, rumours says when Gary stayed at Traders Hotel, was out of control to smash a television, and is a refused customer to enter the hotel!

Psychiatrist not closing to accompany chatting

Gary at the end of September went to HK to do promotions, went out drinking with buddy Justin then became a fight, the two were immediately fighting in the street, Gary mad so he started to hit, after the fact he did a press con to apologize, but Justin’s management company still continues to seek legal responsibilities. The issue is now under investigations with the HK Police.

After the violent situation, Gary cancelled all promotions, and has returned to Malaysia to rest, he admits that he is having psychological problems, as soon as knots are untied, friends would talk to him, yesterday he happily replied: “I’m currently fine, feelings are a lot better.”

Manager yells not possible

Yesterday with the rumours of out of control, the person that leaked the news said while he was staying at Traders Hotel and out of control smashed the hotel room’s television, the hotel refused the customer’s stay, his manager yelled “Impossible!” As for Gary’s reaction, he said calmly: “That’s exaggerated!”

Gary said, he deliberately went home to Malaysia, is to avoid all the gossip, “never thought, there is still those that get me.” He was surprised to be attacked by the rumour, thinks it was deliberate, but his ways of handling the situations has improved, “I’ve changed a lot during this time, I’m not angry of rumours, but actually sad.”

Fear rumours would affect police judgement

Gary’s assault case in HK is still yet to be closed, he analyzed calmly: “I’m currently in a situation where I can hit and not fight back situation, fear rumours would affect the HK Police’s sentencing, this is really unfair to me.” He stressed again rumours are unfounded. Reports also called Traders Hotel to ask, the hotels PR manager was not able to respond, but low key to say: “Not sure if there is such a situation, it’ll have to be investigated to be sure” and hung up the call.

Source: YAM
Translated by Cmiley @ http://Asianfanatics.net
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