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Netizens attack Kevin's solo appearance in 'Forensic Heroes III'

kevin cheng
Kevin Cheng as bomb disposal specialist Ivan Yeung in Forensic Heroes II.

Earlier this month, TVB organized a drama sales presentation, introducing the upcoming year's drama productions. While the popular and critically successful Forensic Heroes series was announced to be filming a third season, original main cast Bobby Au-yeung, Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, etc. are nowhere to be seen. Instead, Kevin Cheng gives a solo appearance, causing netizens to come together to criticize the upcoming production, also remarking, "If there's no Bobby they shouldn't film it!"

Every year, the TVB Anniversary Awards are seen as an important event for the television world. TVB's sales presentation is also equally treated to be important. Earlier on TVB introduced the upcoming year's drama program lineup, which included the soon-to-film Forensic Heroes III. Bobby Au-yeung and Frankie Lam, who were part of the original main cast of the series, are nowhere to be seen for the third installment. Kevin Cheng's recurring character Ivan Yeung in Forensic Heroes II, however, is instead shown as the main lead in the upcoming production.

In 2006, Bobby Au-yeung and Frankie Lam's Forensic Heroes achieved high ratings of 38 points. Two years later the original cast, with the addition of Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh, came together for a second season, which also garnered high ratings. Wanting to continue the success, TVB is already preparing for a third season. Unfortunately, the first and second generation cast is nowhere to be seen, including second generation cast member and Kevin Cheng's rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh. There is speculation that the reason why Charmaine Sheh is left out of the list is due to the fact that the audience might grow uninterested to the pair after their appearances together in both Forensic Heroes II and Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Aside Kevin Cheng's solo appearance in Forensic Heroes III, female cast members are also reduced to only Mandy Cho, Leanne Li, and Vivienne Yeo.

Many claim that Bobby Au-yeung is the trademark of Forensic Heroes. His absence in the third season disgruntled the audience. Recently many netizens came together in forums to discuss their disappointments in the third installment, claiming that the new production is like "hanging a goat's head but selling dog meat." Other netizens remarked that the absence of Bobby Au-yeung and Frankie Lam in the Forensic Heroes series is like without Ron Ng and Sammul Chan for the The Academy series. Netizen TENMA said, "What the hell? Can it not be called Forensic Heroes III? It stinks up the name!" Another netizen ken715 remarked, "If they're cutting out Bobby and Frankie, it shouldn't be called Forensic Heroes III. It ruins the name!" Other netizens remarked that as long as there is the Forensic Heroes series there should be Bobby Au-yeung, claiming Bobby to be the image of the series.

Reporters phoned Bobby Au-yeung's manager, asking if the reason of his absence in the series is due to schedule conflicts. She honestly replied "Actually, no one ever contacted us about it. (Forensic Heroes III only includes Kevin Cheng?) Maybe they think he's more suitable. I think it's better if you ask the producer." However, the drama's producer Mui Siu-ching is busy preparing the script, and could not be contacted.

Source: Sina
Translations by: miss scarlett @ AsianFanatics

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