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Esther Kwan husband Nick Cheung in virility problem

Esther Kwan

In the recent year, Esther Kwan reduced her public appearances and focused entirely on taking care of her daughter. During this time period, she tried to maintain good health in hope for more children, while her husband Nick Cheung was busy buying Chinese herbal medicine to help his virility problem. It was also said that the couple is currently preparing for artificial insemination. Yesterday Esther, Roger Kwok, Derek Kwok, Ng Wai Kwok, Michelle Yim, Oscar Leung and Viven Yeo attended "The Season of Fate" promotional event. When Esther was asked about the artificial insemination rumors, she laughed: "I never did that! The rumors also said that Nick was buying Chinese herbs for better health because he had a virility problem. Even if we aren't going to have any more kids, still have to stay healthy. In this industry, we always have to stay up late, so its both physically and mentally exhausting. Sometimes even get anemia, Nick has to take care of my daughter and I, of course he needs to maintain his health! (So no problems with virility?) Of course not!"

Gaining strong support from his wife, Nick Cheung was named the "2009 Person of the Year" by the Hong Kong Youth Association, in recognition for his professional and positive impact on youths. Towards the buying medicine to stay "healthy" rumors, Nick laughed: "Already survived so many years, probably wrote about this before and didn't know. Well whether or not we have any more kids, still need to stay healthy. Sometimes I do use enforcement agents, everyone needs to maintain their health. (Your wife supports you saying that you had no virility problems?) No problem, I am normal, and healthy."

Currently with a serial broadcasting, Esther had become a target for the Media, Nick frankly said that he is worried about his wife and daughter, he told Esther not to take their daughter out too much: "Everything is just like normal, there's not much to write about anyway. If she's calling out a "duck" and got photographed, then that will be a problem."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Edison Chen appeared in Causeway Bay support FAMA

Edison Chan

Last night, Edison Chen appeared high profile in Causeway Bay's shopping center to support his artist FAMA's new album promotion. Edison did not have any bodyguards, he calmly said: "There are many people at the scene, it is very safe."

FAMA's new album "O'Fama" promotional event attracted nearly 500 fans and onlookers to support them. During the time, Edison suddenly made an appearance, FAMA was shocked to see his presence, C Kwan said: "I saw our Boss come out, I felt nervous because we need to have an explanation for our Boss." Edison expressed that when he has time he'll attend events to support FAMA.

Haven't kept in touch with Gillian Chung

Recently it was rumored that Gillian Chung took the initiative to pursue Dor Heung, but both managers denied. Edison expressed that he's not sure about the rumors, he hasn't seen the reports nor has he kept in touch with Gillian. Asked if he sends his blessing to her? Edison only said: "Must have happiness in life." Speaking of his and his girlfriend Vincy Yeung's relationship problems, Edison expressed that they have always been well, he thanked everyone's concern.

Supports Raymond Lam

When promoting for their new album, FAMA joked and said: "Raymond Lam winning the Asia-Pacific HK Male Singer Award, we also consider ourselves as winners because when fans yell Raymond Lam, it sounds like FAMA. Groups can win this award too, TWINS won that before!" But, Fama member 6-Wing said they aren't desperate for the award, its more important that Fans can give more support to the music scene. He said: "We are friends with Raymond too. As there were controversies when Raymond got the award, actually there are different views when different singers win, there is no right or wrong."

Note: FAMA's new song "Dream Girl" features Edison Chen. The demo version is out.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnagnel @ AsianEU

Jacy Cheung new Cantonese album Private Corner

Jacky Cheung

It’s been 5 years since Jacky Cheung released a Cantonese album; his new album "Private Corner" will be released worldwide next Friday (January 29th). This album has been in preparations for a long time – all because Jacky takes the production of his album very seriously. Originally, a portion of the songs were already recorded, however after Jacky listened to them again, he decided to give up on 6 songs and instead choose a few new songs to re-record, resulting in additional time and costs. In post-production, the album was first sent to the U.S. for sound-mixing, then sent to Germany for disc printing, so that his fans – who have waited a long time for this album – can enjoy the highest quality recording.

Jacky described his creative album from 5 years ago as his most personal album to date; however this time around, he took the musical genre that he enjoyed listening to the most [jazz] and converged it into a record – presenting his “private corner” so that all his fans can experience his “private world.”

Since Jacky does not have any contracts with TVB, his MVs are allowed to be broadcast on other TV stations, if necessary. Universal has chosen to hold a press conference for Jacky on Jan. 28th to present his album to the public for the first time. In terms of whether his MV will air on ATV, Universal expressed that there is a possibility, but it is still in discussion. Jacky deeply understands the difficulties that his record company currently faces and has expressed that he will support all promotional efforts on behalf of his album.

Source: Mingpao
Translation: llwy12 @ AsianFanatics

G.E.M rumoured boyfriend with William Chan


G.E.M has been rumoured with singers William Chan and Tat Dik. She appeared at the recording for "Jade Solid Gold" and was asked whether the rumours were true? She immediately laughed and said "Of course not! All of the rumours are fake!". She also revealed that she joked about attracting a lot of peach blossom (admirers) this year. But her makeup artist teased her attracting rotten peach blossoms. She rushed G.E.M to quickly find her love to stop any more rumours. However G.E.M disclosed that even if she met her ideal partner she would not announce it to the public. She would only announce it during the stages of marriage.

Source: On.cc
Translated by: matchbox @ http://illusive-serenity.forumotion.net

Florence Kwok in sexy low cut dress advertisement

Florence Kwok

TVB artist Florence Kwok is well known for her Tough woman image in "Off Pedder". She attracted an advertising company and shot an advertisement for sheep placenta beauty products. Although the temperature was only around 10°C on the day of the shooting, Florence still appeared in a sexy low cut dress. When she removed her top the crew members all praised her having a great figure. This made Florence very happy. Despite her often portraying tough woman roles, when she saw the soft toy sheep she revealed a childlike side to her.

Source: On.cc

Gillian Chung celebrated 29 birthday in China

Gillian Chung

Today is Gillian Chung's 29th birthday, but she is currently in Mainland filming a TV series. She met up with nearly a hundred fans to celebrate with her before she departed to Mainland. Fans knew that Ah Gil will be busy working on her new album during her birthday, so they especially gave her a "Blessing Ah Gil's Music-Film Goes Smoothly" cake for her. Because Ah Gil had the ability to make her own cake, so the Fans gave her the freedom to create her own.

Besides the cake, Ah Gil also received several Mickey Mouse gifts from Fans, so she can bring them along with her to Mainland. Ah Gil then performed her new song "Many Hearts - 心多" as a way to thank them, one Fan even went and danced with Ah Gil while she sang creating a high atmosphere.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Hong Kong Singer Hacken Lee quit Universal Music

Hacken Lee

TVB and Big 4 record companies copyright issue has been troubling for a few months now, the ones who are suffering the greatest impact are of course the singers. It was rumored that TVB appointed their "god-son" Hacken Lee to be this year's World Cup host, TVB producer (Lee Hon Yuen) reveals: "We have always collaborated well, have chemistry and it's not about the money. Hacken won't mind." Recently it was said that within Universal Group Music, a division of two groups started one named "Universal Group" and the other "TVB Group". Yesterday Universal's first brother Hacken Lee attended an iCable event and especially arranged two reporters to interview him, unfortunately that did not help, Hacken still answered in Mandarin.

Hacken maintained his "conservative" and "traditional" attitude to clarify that he accepted iCable's interview because he respects the contract: "At this time, I am responsible for the duties under the contract, we'll talk when the contract expires. (Will you renew the contract?) I don't know." Hacken's contract with both TVB and Universal are about to expire, however Hacken betrays Universal: "I signed with TVB already, so I can go on TVB programs. However, my record company said I can't go on TVB, I don't know which TV network I should go on! (Will you appear on other networks?) No, this is just my perspective. After new years, I will discuss with a manager, it's troublesome and I have a headache."

Hacken also stressed that he is one of the greatest victims: "I told Duncan Wong that I support him the most, I already sacrificed several TVB programs. Out of the many Universal singers, I am the one who got the most exposure from TVB, I am totally on his side, I'm the biggest victim." When asked if he needs to respect TVB's contract because TVB had given him many opportunities over the years? Hacken said: "Based on relationship, yes! A contract is not living, the relationship is more important. TVB has given me many opportunities in the past and even now they have not changed, we have a lot of relationship. (Are you giving up on Universal and not TVB?) Please do not say that."

Both EEG and Gold Label interested in Hacken

Also, as Hacken may not renew his contract with Universal, EEG's Artist and Music Director Mani Fok expressed: "We are interested in all artists who have potential. Like Hacken he is an artist who has ability, we do hope to have an opportunity to collaborate with him." As for Gold Label's CEO (Chan Fai Hung) said: "We do look for anyone who has potential to produce good music, Gold Label is welcoming Hacken with open arms."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Hong Kong Duo Twins will come back


After a long time not being on the same stage, Twins first joint apparition is for "Hot Summer Days" 's director Wing Shya. From the time in 2007 when it was disclosed that they would go solo, they never really appeared as a band working together, but to everyone's amazement, they filmed a blessing and promotional VCR 2010 spring romantic movie "Hot Summer Days" and they appeared very sweet and still with their great chemistry, using "Hello everyone, we're Twins" as an introduction.

In the video, Charlene and Gillian who had been on their seperate ways for a long timewere carefully dressed up, one in red and the other in white; and the set was a photo studio, making people wondering if they were about to work together on Twins reunion.

It is reported that Charlene got interviewed in HK just before New Year and talked about her next cooperation with Gillian, but apparently it was to film this blessing video for "Hot Summer Days" that will start screening on February in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapour Malaisia etc...

In the Video, the two seemed very excited, Gillian holding the microphone for Charlene, their relationship semeing as good as before. Charlene also streesed that she is gueststarring in "Hot Summer Days" so she hoped that many people would support the movie

It is reported that when "Hot Summer Days" first started shooting, Charlene personnally complained to the directors " why didn't you look for me ?! Is it that my acting isn't good enough ?! "without knowing that they already planned for a comedic "beach hot girls fighting for icecream" scene.

It depicts beautiful men and women who, in the hot summer, who line up to buy ice cream at the only stand there is, and because there were too many people, the cunning vendor thought about auctioning them and one of the bikini girls and a little girl started a heated battle. The director got a bright idea and asked Charlene to act as that "would die to buy that ice cream " bikini girl.

Source: Now news
Translated by: little bee @ AsianFanatics

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Joey Yung will release new EP Joey Ten

Joey Yung

Joey Yung's EP "Joey Ten" will be released at the end of this month. A few poses of her new look are exposed. This time, Joey put on a "Rainbow Aerobic" dancing costume designed by Petra Storrs. Lady Gaga has worn that "dance outfit" before. Joey and Petra are very excited for the "cross-border cooperation." Petra said Joey looks like a warrior, full of justice and a feeling of peace, in contrast to Lady Gaga's aggressive look. In the "Joey the Queen" modeling, she wore a huge wig with such exaggeration to reassemble "Queen Victoria" style . SK, the producer said "When we were gathering ideas for this EP, the first thing cropped up was a "Queen's" look. Therefore for a music queen, we sure need a crown." Joey is very happy for wearing an exaggerated wig rather than a heavy metal crown. She said "I don't need to set my hair up, I only need to put the wig on! Having said that I am worried the wig may fall off when I sing and dance. "

Source: MingPao
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com
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