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Ruby Lin in romantic Dior and Burberry gown

Ruby Lin

Earlier, reports surfaced of Ruby Lin having dated Patty Hou's fiance Huang Bo Jun. At an interview with "China Times", she said that she isn't regretful. "I truly and fully wish them the most happiness." She wore Dior and Burberry's new line at the photoshoot, which featured many items of clothing that were nude coloured and silver, showing off her light heartedness and clarity.

Wearing a romantic Dior gown, Ruby couldn't resist pairing the dress with short socks and high heels. Laughing, she said "Oh my goodness, no one wore socks with heels like this in my school days, because they'll be laughed at as the village maiden. I can't believe it's so popular now!" She feels that the nude and silver colours this season are full of modern appeal.

The magazine points out that Ruby and Bo Jun's parents are all rotary club members, and met after an introduction by the parents. Bo Jun expressed lots of interest upon meeting her, and initiated contact with the intent to date her. However, because his foremost reason for dating was marriage, added with Ruby's recent breakup with long time rumoured boyfriend Stanley Tong, she wasn't in the mood to see anyone new, and they didn't pursue any relationships.

To be tied in with being matchmade and having dated Bo Jun, Ruby simply says, "I am not the old flame." She continues to say that the allegations are being really stretched, since they have only seen each other twice, and it was at a gathering with many elders, so they are not familiar with each other. As for rumours that Bo Jun's family background is alarming, (apparently his dad is Ti Hua Street's landlord), she laughs. "This one rumour I've never heard my own parents mention, I also only found out after reading it in news reports."

Source: China Times
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Blue Lan bathing with Sonia Sui in PS Nan

Blue Lan

The 3 weekend dramas focus on romance as gimmick, male and female leads bathing together, kissing passionately, embracing while dancing all come forth, Blue Lan and Sonia Sui for the sake of TTV, Sanlih drama: ‘Tou Xin Da Sheng PS Nan’ film a bathing scene together, and dare not see but just work. The first time acting in a bathing scene, Blue Lan described: ‘It was a hot spot, because the working crew are all males.’

Wrapped with a towel for filming, Sonia Sui has done preparatory work beforehand, she said: ‘Areas that require protection were protected and will not be exposed.’ Blue Lan smiling said: ‘Since I started acting, this is my first time acting in a bathing scene with a girl, although there is water on the body, however, it is not cold, and is very hot because there are many people, Tang Tang’s figure is good, and the filming crew is full of beans, we are shy to see, and working is our paramount focus.’

Chen Chu He and Lai Ya Yan who are acting in CTS: ‘Fairy Tale under Starlight’ finished within one shot. Chen Chu He revealed that initially he and Lai Ya Yan really cannot get along but after the shot, it has improved.

Chen Chu He and Makiyo are enthusiastically in contact, his first drama: ‘Fated to Love You’ let Ethan Ruan stole the publicity most of the time, and this drama, he met with opponents, Blue Lan and Jerry Yan and was ‘killed’ by both sides and the fighting for ratings was laborious.

And CTV and GTV ‘Down with Love’ focus on Hangzhou this week, Ella will also benefit from the embodiment of Little Princess Cinderella, and have a romantic dance with Jerry Yan. However, Ella who hardly reveal her sexy figure, now have a chance but wrapped her body tightly with curtains, and Jerry laughing said: ‘That’s like hermit crabs.’

Lin Chi Ling problem with health insurance

Lin Chi Ling

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taiwan's Bureau of National Health Insurance (BNHI) released a statement yesterday (Wednesday) clarifying that top model Lin Chih-ling has already made up her health insurance premium with no payment owed to the bureau.

The statement was issued following a media report saying that Lin, rated as a top model with an enviable high income, had failed to make her premium payment for three years.

The report has drawn criticisms about the financial loopholes in the NHI system and the negligence of the BNHI.

Officials at the BNHI under the Department of Health (DOH) said Lin revised her status as an employer to join the NHI program starting in March 2007, liable to a premium payment of S$265 per month.

But the existing regulations allow people who have to make frequent trips abroad due to work or other factors to apply for a suspension of payment when they stay overseas of more than six months. They may apply for resumption of the insurance coverage after returning to Taiwan, said the officials.

Concerning Lin's case, she has already made up the payment because none of her overstays exceeded six months in recent years, they added.

The officials said there are presently between 10,000 and 20,000 people who apply for suspension or resumption of the NHI coverage each month and it is impossible for the bureau to keep monitoring every single case.

But they conceded that under the current regulations, there is such a possible loophole for alleged evasion or delay of payment in case policyholders fail to make timely payment by neglect or elaborate effort.

However, the problem should be able to be solved after the Cabinet and lawmakers ratify the new set of rules governing the new generation of NHI program.

President Ma Ying-jeou and Premier Wu Den-yih have made a decision to introduce the second-generation health insurance plan, which would calculate premiums based on total household incomes with additional and enhanced rules to plug loopholes, within two years to improve the long-term financial viability of the NHI program, said the officials.

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S.H.E. high heels in Shero Album


Yesterday S.H.E was doing a photoshoot to publicize for their latest album. The trio has a breakthrough and wore heels between 7cm to 20cm, depending on their costume changes. Selina exudes the femininity of a matured young woman; Hebe attempts to use her eyes to electrify, while Ella strikes many alluring and challenging poses.

Before the camera, S.H.E appeared ever perfect. But off-screen, they had to bear with a fair amount of hardships and difficulties. Amongst the trio, only Selina wear heels frequently and is attracted to the pretty stiletto heels. Hebe belonged to the intermediate group of heels-wearers and only started to wear them more often in recent years. On the other hand, Ella is amongst the group of beginner heels-wearers and rarely wears heels to walk or dance. Thus, when Ella finished changing into her designated outfit and the super stiletto heels to walk out of the dressing room, she accidentally slipped on the slippery door mat and fell forward. She even hit her forehead against the wall with a loud “thup”. The loud sound gave all members of the crew a fright.

Selina said, “This album will showcase our transformation from girls to young women. And one of the most significant changes would be the wearing of heels. Just like when we were young and wanted to grow up quickly, we would secretly put on our mothers’ heels. In a girl’s heart, putting on a pair of heels would symbolize the transformation into young women.” Hebe added, “In the past, I do not enjoy wearing heels as much. But I’ve grown accustomed to it through work, and now I feel that my proportions looked better when I wear heels.”

On the other hand, Ella shared, “I would probably wear heels only if need be during work. Thus being in heels is a big challenge for me. Especially during the concert whereby I have to dance in heels, it is really very tough. I remembered during last year’s [Love as One] concert, I wore heels to rehearse for a dance. After that my feet was in so bad pain and the company has to custom-made another pair of footwear for me.” Having been in heels for a full day of work, the trio ended up with soreness in their upper and lower backs and chorused, “This is the price to pay for looking trendy.”

Jerry Yan sleeps in Airport in Down With Love

Jerry Yan

For love, Jerry Yan actually spent a night sleeping over at the airport! CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love]’s storyline will enter into a 4-angled love relationship in this week’s episode. Jerry’s character – Lawyer Xiang will finally learn that Ella’s role is not a lesbian and the joyous man will rush all the way to Hangzhou to express his love for Yang Guo (Ella’s character). However as the flight was fully booked, the handsome lawyer had no choice but to be placed on the flight’s wait list and to spend the night at the airport in meantime.

While filming the scene at the airport, the moment Jerry appeared, he attracted the attention of many tourists. Many of the female fans present immediately “earned” the chance to not only watch their idol up close but also to observe the filming! In order to film this scene, Jerry has to sleep on the chairs of the waiting area. While doing so, he accidentally hit his head, causing many female fans to feel heartaches.

With the telecast of [DWL], the clothes, accessories and bags used by Jerry and Ella in the serial have become conversational topics and interests of many netizens and fans. Last week (14 March), when Jerry gave Ella the “Sweets of Love” and with the scene of the couple enjoying the sweets merrily, the merchant received many calls the following day to enquire on these sweets. There was a fan who even ordered 200 boxes at one go. Within a week, the accumulated sales orders for these sweets actually came up to 50,000 boxes. Even some bridal shops also called up to order these sweets specifically on behalf of their clients and currently, these sweets are already out of stock due to the craze.

Janine Chan love rejected by Mark Chao

Janine Zhang

After Janine Chang was supposedly rejected by Mark Chao, the entire issue has turned around. Both artists have not interacted with each other directly. Rather, it was both of their management companies that released statements. Janine Chang could only continue on promoting her new movie [Fountain of Joys]. She even said: “This is just like my movie. There is only one truth. Everyone sees something differently and their interpretations of the truth are different.”

From Janine’s side, she was asked during a charity event whether or not she would accept a younger man – older woman relationship. She replied: “I don’t want to reply these ‘what-if’ questions.” But then Janine also commented: “If Mark Chao wants to pursue me, I will accept it.”

However, the misunderstandings are no matter since she will not feel awkward when the two will work together for [Ruffian Hero] in the future.

When reporters pointed out that Mark Chao coughed out loud after he heard of Janice’s confession, Janice asked: “He probably had a cold, didn’t he?”

The press, who attended Mark Chao’s conference that day, then agreed that he was coughing throughout the entire event. Janice then said: “You see, I was right!”

The reporters argued: “Maybe he felt conflicted so he used his cough to stall time.” Janine replied: “Then it’s just as confusing as my movie’s plot.”

The box office sales for Mark Chao’s [Monga] are almost nearing 300,000,000 TWD. On the other hand, Janine Chang does not worry about these comparisons to her movie’s sales. She stated: “The movie genres are different and each individual movie has its own fate.” In [Fountain of Joys], Janine acts as a photographer who likes to peep on things. To prepare for filming the movie, Janine specially took up photography – she traveled to France, England and China to take pics. She took photos of her family and friends. But up to this day, she still has not taken a picture of Mark Chao.

original source: Epoch Times
translated by minchong92 @

Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Tavia Yeung dating with Pierre Ngo at Mall

Tavia Yeung

The day before, Tavia Yeung ditched rumored boyfriend Chris Lai for another good friend Pierre Ngo appeared in Tsim Sha Tsui. At 7pm, Tavia parked her car and rushed into the shopping mall, with Pierre meeting up with her later on.

Tavia and Pierre were walking and chatting, then stopped by at a nearby food court. When crossing the street, Pierre walked in front and looked very carefully before crossing quickly with Tavia. The two walked side by side at the shopping mall.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Steven Ma likes to see Carrie Ng's Sexiness

Carrie Ng

Steven Ma invited Carrie Ng who had not made a public appearance for a long time to be the guest of TVB program "Apprentice Chef". He happily expressed that Carrie's sexiness has always captured his heart, greatly praising that her sexiness is very natural, time has not left any traces on her body.

Skilled at cooking, Carrie rarely appears in public lately, working for several years, she expressed that she loves the simple days the most. She also said that if there is a chance to collaborate with Steven, then that would be good. The best would be playing as police officers, she's the head, sitting in the office cracking cases. As for Steven, he would be responsible for the operations, less outdoor scenes would be the best for her. The more the two chatted, the more exciting it got as they hoped the scriptwriter would write a romantic love relationship. Speaking of older sister brother relationship? Steven laughed: "I do hope this type of love exists!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Sammi Cheng recruits for Amen MV creator

Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng and GO YEAH online game site are jointly establishing a global recruitment for the "You & Mi say... AMEN" MV creation. Sammi will personally choose the best work for the "AMEN" official MV.

Sammi said last year "Trust . Hope . Love" plan is a collective memory between her fans and herself with remarkable meaningful songs. She said: " The song "Amen" is from when I visited Mongolia, where a group of homeless children were singing this song. I was listening and listening, I began to have a great feeling inside. Thinking they had no family and having to live in shelters, but they sang this song allowing people to feel that their lives are still full of hope. This inspired me the idea of "Amen", hoping to spread the message around of "Trust . Hope . Love"."

For the MV, she is making a big recruitment this time, hoping for the most beautiful time of 2010. Anyone can share their feelings to the song "AMEN" and the best work will get a chance to become the offiical MV. The chosen one (winner) will receive HKD$7000 prize money.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Leon Lai promoting new film Fire Dragon

Leon Lai

March 9th is Leon Lai and Gaile Lok's second wedding anniversary, but pop king Leon has not celebrated with his wife yet. Instead, he attended two promotions for his new film "Fire Dragon". Yesterday, he attended the 34th International Film Festival and was asked about his wedding anniversary. Initially not having a watch on, Leon pretended to look at his watch, then bounced back: "Oh yeah!" Reporters then asked if Leon forgot the special day? Leon heard this and quickly clarified: "No, No! Tonight at 8pm I have another promotion for ! (Then go celebrate?) Yes... (Wife making arrangements?) Private matters should remain private."

Regarding Amusic filing a lawsuit against Neway, Leon expressed that Amusic CEO told him to focus on his work and not worry about other things. Later, Leon said that there are two options, but only one method of doing it, which was hard to understand. Leon said: "Right now there are two options, one is to continue and let songs be used in an unauthorized manner or to seek legal action. Only legal action can exercise a fair decision!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Eason Chan long hair in album Time Flies

Eason Chan

Eason Chan's new Cantonese album will be released on March 12. He appeared unshaven in his last album"H3M". This time, however Eason has another new look. He appears in long hair, with "Smokey eye" and a clock on his head. The album is called "Time Flies", signifies time flies very quickly. The make up artist specially extended his hair so long that when the wind blows, the hair fly all over his face. It took the artist 8 hours to finish doing his hair. Eason particularly likes his long hair effect. The workers were stunned to see his new look, which strikes the resemblance of Leslie Cheung's "Big Heat". During filming, Eason changed from his usual lively self attitudes to a more quiet talk and full of grace. Eason said he is not like Leslie who is unique and second to none idol and no one can match him. Eason also revealed that now he had realized that sometimes it is hard to be a girl with long hair because he feels hot with the long hair. In fact, he doesn't understand why so many girls like to have long hair. He feels this presentation is part his musical life, and he hopes his fans like it.

Source: Takungpao/MingPao(image)
Translator: R.E.D @

Chrissie Chau modelling in Tokyo GIrls Collection

Chrissie Chau

Hong Kong models Angelababy, Chrissie Chau and Marie Zhuge have tread a beaten path towards Japan to model in the Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) fashion show. Baby had no pressure, having already gained fame in Japan, and dressed up impishly with an intent to proceed up in the model ranks. On the flip side, Chrissie Chau was "sharpening her knives", appearing to take advantage of Baby's absence in Hong Kong to become the 2nd generation "Hong Kong Goddess".

Starting today, Angelababy, Chrissie and Marie will be modelling for two days at the TGC fashion show, competing to be the most stylish. Labelled "Hong Kong's Goddess", Baby had arrived in Yokohama to prepare for the show days ago, and should be modelling four sets of clothes and one yukata.

Baby's successful switch into another "style" of modelling (in Japan) had led to her moving her home base to Japan, no wonder she was carefree and relaxed. Yesterday Baby stole the spotlight and headed off the show, wearing D&G trousers and carrying a Chanel bag. Baby said she would not be shopping at Shibuya 109, and would be targetting the couture shops instead. Stepping up from being a "leng mou" into being a professional model, Baby says, "I won't go to 109, because it's just like Mong Kok, after wearing it for one season it can't be worn anymore." Baby has also turned into a Japanese map fanatic, searching for loopholes and hidden deals around food tax in her mission to try all the succulent local foods.

Heads to Okinawa in April for her next move

Although Baby clearly wasn't nervous, after shopping at the couture shops and filling her belly, she immediately headed towards an aromatheropy beauty spa to massage her legs, and she had a personal attendant massage her feet. Also, Baby will be heading to Okinawa for a show in April to stabilize her status in the Japanese modeling world.

Translation: casablanca-- @ AsianFanatics

Fiona Sit and Jason Chan in Tung Wah Hospital activity

Fiona Sit

Fiona Sit
and Jason Chan attended a fun raising activity for Tung Wah Hospital yesterday. The two of them acted as a make up artists for the children, and baked cookies with the people with disabilities. Fiona revealed that her first job was a web designer before going to university. She earned about 6,000HKD a month. Half of her pay went to house keeping. She had to travel from Yuen Long to Causway Bay everyday, therefore she had to get up at 6 O'clock in the morning. As a result, she often dozed off during lunch time. Fiona realized it was hard to earn a living. She said "It was an experience working 9-5." Fiona went on to say although she worked very hard at that time, she had the freedom. Now she can earn a lot of money, but she has lost that freedom. She added "If I can't sing one day, I would want my freedom back. I know I can still act, but I want to be a normal person."

Source: Takungpa/MingPao(image)
Translator: R.E.D @

Sharon Chan injured in Can't Buy Me Love film

Sharon Chan

When Sharon Chan was filming "Can't buy me love", she accidentally sprained her neck. She reckoned it was due to her wearing the heavy head gear. She had an X-ray and the doctor found some of her cervical bones have been shifted. Sharon was in so much pain that she couldn't move her head. She needed to have physiotherapy for a month.

Sharon was doing a show for a jeweler the other night. She looked a bit stiff, she said she had become a "Stiff neck 4". Although she was still in pain, nevertheless, she finished the show. After the event, she told reporter "The doctor told me I had an old injured on my neck before, and the head gear I was wearing was very heavy. That may have been the cause of my problem. The neck bones were out of place and were pressing on the nerve, causing me so much pain. I couldn't even lift my arms up. I have to wear the collar to protect my neck. Fortunately, the filming is nearly finished. The company have told me not to risk it. I will take some time off work to rest."

Source: MingPao
Translator: R.E.D @

Charlene Choi in Mulberry Spring Fasshion Show

Charlene Choi

Charlene Choi attended the Mulberry Spring Fashion Show as a guest and mentioned that she would like to try walking the runway at a fashion show. But she knows that her height is too short in comparison to all the professional models, like model Lynn at the event. She looks at it as a self-learning experience, but she has never thought about becoming a full-time professional model and she is satisfied with her own body. However, Lynn praised Charlene as always having a good temperament/mood and said Charlene is definitely competent to do modelling. On the topic of height, when Charlene was asked if she minds if her boyfriend is shorter than her, Charlene replied that height is not a factor in love and there are other characteristics to an individual. However, when Ronald Cheng's name is brought up, Charlene clearly states "I am currently single." When reporters asked her when she became single, Charlene did not elaborate but simply said that she is single.

Source: | | Ming Pao
Credits: mutts @ AsianFanatics
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