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Rainie Yang and Wu Chun in drama Sunshine Angel

Rainie Yang
Wu Zun

When boy band Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun was cast as the lead actor for the upcoming Taiwanese drama “Sunshine Angel 陽光天使” alongside Taiwanese pop princess Rainie Yang, many thought that the shy, reserved, and cool-natured Wu Chun would make an incompatible coupling with the passionately zany and attention-loving Rainie. Yet once the two famous Taiwanese entertainers embarked to Shanghai for the filming of their new idol drama, their acting took on an authentic air of sweetheart romance during shooting, and their professional relationship off camera has been remarkably warm. The duo has often been seen chatting and laughing together on the set, and not only have they been eating together frequently, but they also have flirtatious arguments and give off an affectionate vibe

Wu Chun’s cold disposition thawed by Rainie

Wu Chun has been especially much of the talk alongside female stars with frank personalities, having been in scandals with girls such as previous idol drama co-stars Ella of girl group S.H.E and Angela Chang. Co-starring with Rainie this time around, Wu Chun’s long-known cold disposition has been “thawed” by Rainie once they went abroad for shooting. For instance, prior to filming the idol drama, Rainie Yang had praised Wu Chun for being handsome. Moreover, once they started filming on location in Shanghai, since the temperature for their outdoor scenes was chilly to the point of shivering despite already being June, the two would watch over each other and also venture out together during meal breaks.

Ill-fated couple on-screen, animated pair off-screen

In the idol drama, Rainie plays a pure, kind-hearted, and easy-going girl who encounters an unconventional Wu Chun. The two of them have many scenes with conflicts, one which involves them in a shabby area eating commoner food as they scowl at each other like an ill-fated couple. But once the cameras stop filming, Wu Chun would commence with his teasing at Rainie's expense. He would also quickly say “You’re dumb!” to Rainie, and when she asks what he just said, Wu Chun would lie by saying that he told her “You’re beautiful!” Furthermore, since Wu Chun’s real name is Wu Ji Zun, Rainie came up with the nickname "Xiao Ji" to Wu Chun, which progressed their relationship much further.

Wu Chun’s management commented that Rainie knows how to create an atmosphere, and that she would often tell jokes to everyone on the spot. Furthermore, his management commented that Wu Chun has been easy to get along with, as both him and Rainie have been interacting with each other like any regular encounter. Whether there’s any sort of romance involved, Wu Chun’s management is not aware of any. Rainie’s management added by explaining that the both of them are simply good friends that work close together and bond well with each other, and that people should not look at their professional relationship too deeply

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Barbie Hsu denied face and nose plastic surgery

Barbie Hsu

Netizens have been buzzing about the fact that Da S's wide eyes, high nose and pointy chin in "Summer's Desire" is a far cry from her single lidded, small-nosed, and round-chinned appearance 10 years ago in "Meteor Garden". Da S responded by posting an old photo on her Weibo, and added "If you say I've become prettier, I won't deny it, but if you say I had plastic surgery, that's complete nonsense! This is a photo of Mavis Fan, Xiao S and I from 12 years ago, my face shape and nose are the same... the only thing different is in the makeup and expression. If I really had plastic surgery, I wouldn't dare publish 'Mei Rong Da Wang'! Some netizens...."

Yesterday, Xiao S said that Da S's chin is a family trait. "Our whole family has long chins like that, just take a look at me, my grandma, my dad, and my nephew Xiao Mi Ke. ASOS has always been gearing up through getting prettier and prettier, even we are scared of how much prettier we can get." To rumours that Da S is planning to buy a house in the Xin Yi district, Xiao S answered that Da S has to work hard acting, "And now that the family has a new member (Xiao Mi Ke), she decided to buy a more comfortable house, so that it's worth the hard work."

A recipient of a chin surgery, former female F4 member Amy said, "Da S and plastic surgery? No way! This type of surgery causes horrendous swelling." Two years ago, financed by her fiance, Amy travelled to Korea to get a nose job before her wedding. "My nose was just way too wide, but after spending 20,000 on surgery, my nose is now too thin and pointy." She went to Lee Jin Liang to redo the job, correcting her nose to a fuller version, and also got liposuction and chin surgery while she was at it. Although the healing process was extremely painful, she felt that becoming more beautiful was definitely worth it.

Source: China Times
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Pink Yang kisses Kurt Chou in drama Rice Family

Pink Yang Kurt Chou

Pink Yang and Kurt Chou are collaborating on TTV's 8pm primetime drama "Rice Family"; the two's relationship on and off-screen are equally "buddies"! Pink Yang says smilingly: "My mother's friends keep hoping that we'll get together off-screen!" As for the history of the blossoming of their relationship, Pink Yang says: "It was kicked off by me!"

In comparison to Xiu Jie Kai and Megan Lai's "Wu-Ya" relationship which has already reached passionate heights, Pink Yang [Xue Li] and Kurt Chou [Qi Yun]'s "Qi-Xue" relationship is still boiling with a low fire, although netizens have already caused an uproar and sensation on the discussion boards. The two of them on the other hand, would memorize lines in the script and have meals together in private to "passionately" cultivate their chemistry, even encouraging each other to lose weight healthily. Recently, the plot finally called for a "kiss scene", bearing fruit for the "Qi-Xue" relationship.

The two of them brought along the script and showed off to Xiu Jie Kai: "It's finally our turn now!" Due to the script requirements, Pink Yang frequently has to give Kurt Chou the "combat boot kick"; she laughingly says: "Everytime I have to kick him, I'll do it for real!" Actually it was the director who had taken into consideration that since Kurt is a newcomer, using true pain would enable him to grasp the scene easier; and the two of them are just like the saying "Friendship does not grow without some exchange of blows", kicking off the best chemistry! But because their chemistry was too good from the start, Kurt Chou was unable to electrify her during the kiss scene as Pink Yang would unbearably laugh. Their performance in the show caused Pink Yang's neighbour to be deeply immersed into the show, continually encouraging the two of them to get together "for real" even off-screen!

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Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz in Hollywood The Green Hornet

Jay Chou

Upcoming Hollywood action flick ‘The Green Hornet’ starring Seth Rogan, Cameron Diaz & Jay Chou released its official trailer today. In the film, Jay plays Kato, a smart tech genius who develops bizarre high-tech weapons. The film is slated to release in the U.S in January next year, and will be released in Hong Kong in early February.

The trailer is two and a half minutes long and shows many exciting scenes. Jay appears many times, evidently displaying the importance of his character. From the trailer, we can see Jay’s usual ‘cool’ style in Kato. Something also worth mentioning is his English pronunciations; it seems like a lot of hard work went into practicing English for this film.

The film was originally slated to release this year, however it has now been delayed to January 14th, 2011 due to conversion to 3D

Source: BJ News
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Selina Ren and Harlem Yu replacing Jacky Wu in Guess Guess Guess

Jacky Wu

Jacky Wu unexpectedly resigns from CTV's "Guess x3." The show will be carried on by his replacement hosts, Harlem Yu and Selina, in order to pour new energy into a 14-year old show.

"Guess" began airing July 4th in 1996, hosted by Long Shao Hua and SOS. In March of 1998, Jacky Wu replaced Long Shao Hua as host. Following that, the female host position went through many female entertainers, yet from almost beginning to end Jacky Wu's position never changed. For the last two years, he has constantly spoken about lessening his hosting load in "Guess," but it was taken as all talk and little action.

At the start of the month, he began hosting a new show on CTS, "Zong Yi Da Guo Ming" and his work with "Guess" had lessened. In July, after recording 3 straight episodes of "Guess" in one breath, he resigned.

Obtaining Golden Bell: This week will broadcast "Best of" edition

Currently, "Guess" is the longest-lasting variety show and received the Golden Bell acknowledgement in 2008. Supposedly, the program will broadcast a "Best of" edition this weekend and next week it will broadcast the last episode recorded by Jacky Wu. The two weeks afterwards it will again air a "Best of" edition. It is rumored that on July 24, the completely new hosting combo will make its debut. The program name still remains, "Guess."

High in Demand: Only thing missing is contract

The new "Guess" hosts are Harlem Yu and Selina, in high demand. Currently, both have their wishes and all that is lacking from them joining the show is a contract. Harlem and Zhang Xiao Yan once hosted "Super Sunday," establishing strong hosting skills and also receiving Golden Bell acknowledgement. Selina has always wished to take on the capacity of hosting and once was the substitute host for "Guess" for 5 months in 2007. When Xiao S was pregnant, it was Selina who substituted for her in "Kang Xi Lai Le" and also once hosted CTS's "Happy Sunday" with Zhang Xiao Yan. Just as "Guess" broadcasts its 700th episode, Harlem and Selina will form a fresh new pairing. CTV hopes that the two polish off the show's long-established reputation.

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Source: ChinaTimes

Peter Ho Summer Desire ost I Remember I Have Loved

Peter Ho

Peter Ho's self-directed and acted idol drama "Summer's Desire" ratings have been rising rapidly, and so have the reviews for the drama's theme song "I Remember I Have Loved", also sung by him. This string of successes has led him to return to the singing industry, and at the press conference yesterday night, he appeared in an all-white suit, supported by good friend Ruby Lin.

Excellent lyrics result from getting Vincent Fang drunk

Peter revealed that he did a lot of work to make Vincent write lyrics for him. First, he had to pull his connections with his antique collector friends, then he had to extend an invitation for drinks. He ended up getting seven glasses of red wine into Vincent before Vincent said, "It's enough, I'm done for", and that's how he got the job done.

Peter's new album has two versions, the China release called "Perfect Lover", and the Taiwan release called "I Remember I Have Loved." He personally designed the limited edition couples underwear that comes with the "Perfect Lover" edition, creating graphics of light bulbs and plugs with the slogans "Don't Turn Me On" and "Unplug Me". The suggestiveness of the underlying message made many fans embarrassed, but Peter stood his ground, responding "The whole point of the words and graphics are to tell everyone to reuse, reduce, and recycle. I want everyone to be energy efficient."

Helped set trap to make Huang Xiao Ming jump into river

Although "Summer's Desire's" ratings have been rising rapidly, it still hasn't caught up to Blue Lan's "PS Man". During the broadcast of the fourth episode two nights ago, Peter was on his Facebook chatting with netizens in order to boost its popularity, and even called Huang Xiao Ming, with his first sentence being, "Are your pecs and 6 pack still there?!" After the episode ended, he stayed online and sang "Summer's Desire: Stars Live Show" with Maggie Wu, Serena Fang and Kris Shen. On the phone, he set a trap for Xiao Ming, forcing Xiao Ming to set a promise for the ratings level, saying if it broke 5, Xiao Ming would jump into the Dan Shui river. Xiao Ming could only helplessly say, "Is that cool?"

Source: Liberty Times
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Cheryl Yang with young boyfriend Da Mouth Harry Chang

Cheryl Yang
Da Mouth Harry Chang

She might not have admitted to her romance with American-born singer Harry Chang, but actress Cheryl Yang dropped a huge hint about how tight they in fact are when she revealed the latter "can freely enter her home".

Cheryl was at an event for her new TV series Zhong Wu Yan yesterday when reporters asked about her rumoured relationship with Harry, who is five years younger. Instead of being turned off, she openly fielded questions and called the relationship "unchanged".

Harry, vocalist of hip-hop group Da Mouth, and she met on the set of her hit idol drama My Queen, but they did not play lovers. Ethan Ruan, instead, snagged her affections.

However, since then he has been spotted on numerous occasions staying overnight at her apartment.

After saying they're "good friends", Cheryl added, "Many people can enter my house."

The chemistry was apparent though. In Mainland China for a performance, Harry told reporters about the relationship, "I'm a good friend who can go to her house."

Asked if that meant he's the man of her house, he shot, "Many people go to her place lah!"

In Zhong Wu Yan, Cheryl takes on her biggest challenge yet -- uglifying herself into a village girl role who has a prominent birthmark on the left side of her face. The versatile actress, known for her striking features, also said that she's not one who would go under the knife to change her looks.

Source: XIN MSN

Joe Cheng sleeps with two sexy ladies in hotel

Since Joe Cheng's debut in showbiz, the model-turned-actor has kept the media guessing about his sexual orientation.

The Taiwanese actor was once spotted cozying up with fellow actor, Mike He. The pair is often seen together, fueling suspicions and talk of a flourishing "Brokeback Mountain" romance.

At a fashion event held in Hong Kong last week, he met up with Suki Chui's husband, Kenny Wong, at a nightclub in Zhong Huan. The strapping lad was accompanied by a couple of young and sexy ladies at the nightclub and was seen smoking and drinking.

After about three hours of fun at the nightclub, a tipsy Joe left the club with two beautiful ladies and headed for the hotel, where he reportedly checked into a room with them.

In other related news, Joe was once spotted catching a movie with a long-haired beauty. He later clarified that the lady in question is merely his "female friend", according to Taiwanese news.

Source: XIN MSN

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Kate Tsui in sexy tube dress at Landmark North

Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui appeared at Landmark North in a sexy tube dress, she said, " I'll be dining with dad on Father's Day." ( The day before (19th of June), how did you celebrate your birthday?) " I had a meal with friends, received flowers, but they were from females! I haven't been receiving presents from guys for a long time, because I have been single for quite long, my mum has been rushing me for marriage, that's why my birthday wish was to have a good health, release my second music album, and hope a boyfriend would celebrate my birthday with me next year."

Source:Oriental Daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

Singer Sherman Chung in Future Football Stars

Sherman Chung

EEG's singer, Sherman Chung attended the "Future Football Stars" event. Her birthday was so happen to be on the same day as Father's day, Sherman, the only daughter expressed that she couldn't celebrate Father's Day with her dad, but she has given a present to her father before this, " Tonight I will have seafood dinner with some friends to celebrate my birthday." (Interested to have a boyfriend?) " I really want too! I want to find a matured guy." She said that her birthday wish is to hope for success in her book in July, she's not afraid of word mistakes, " I'm not a talented person, I only hope that more people would get to know more about me."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

Angelababy in love with her boyfriend Huang Xiao Ming

Angela baby

Their relationship has been kept low-profiled; earlier, Angelababy had secretly visited Huang Xiao Ming at a studio in mainland were she was secretly photographed. Yesterday, the couple had expressed their feelings using Weibo, where Xiao Ming had used 5 pieces of chocolate to express his love 'You are in my heart' for Angelababy, who commented on William Chan's silence, that 'Silence is a form of consent.'

Being a lead actress, Angelbaby had developed pimples from all the stress.With regards to the photographs, she had little comments, only hoping for some personal space from everyone. She does not blame anyone, and she would continue to be strong, and not give up love just because she is experiencing stress at work.

Rejects being called Mrs. Huang

Last night, Angelababy was in Shenzhen as a guest of honour with many other stars. Clad in a black dress, she was full of smiles despite her pimples, which was unknown if the cause was by relationship or work. When questioned about the photographs showing her secret visit to the studio, Angelababy had little comments and hoped for some personal space. She was then asked if she could be addressed as Mrs. Huang she became embarrassed, replying that Angelababy was still more appropriate as it is 'friendlier'. She also admitted that there was a lot external pressure to bear, which she had problems tackling, and therefore needing more personal space.

Xiao Ming expresses his love, 'You are in my heart'

With regards to Xiao Ming's post expressing his love for her, she insisted that they were not dating on Weibo, but the media's over-sensitivity. And regarding her own post saying 'Got house but not being able to return to it', she replied that someone(indirectly referring to Xiao Ming?) had offered her shelter that night. Angelababy then clarified that she was referring to a female friend, never did she thought that people would misunderstand her words. Now she would be afraid to add fuel to the fire when using Weibo. When asked if 'Spongecake' referred to Xiao Ming, all she could do was laughed embarrassedly but did not give a proper reply.

Praised boyfriend for providing a sense of sercurity

Xiao Ming had once mentioned that he was possessive to which Angelababy replied, "Xiao Ming is a great guy; he's true to people." Does he get 100 points? "After getting to know him, I find that someone like him is hard to come by, he does not put on any airs and even protects those around him" Xiao Ming had introduced her to director Chen Kai Ge, which she refused to comment on. She added that she did not wish to mention anything with regards to Xiao Ming. She was then questioned if she was afraid of being labelled a liar, which she did not know how to respond. Xiao Ming had not asked her to 'match his words' and all she wanted to do now was to work.

It appears that her love life was very stable, to which she responded that she was now happy, and would not comment further on her love life, to prevent further misunderstandings which would only cause more stress. When asked if she would give up her love life, she replied that she would remain strong and thanked everyone who cared.

William's lips are sealed

After the photo was leaked out, the couple had individually expressed on Weibo. Angelababy had said, "I thought if I covered my eyes, then I would be blinded from the Earth. I may be able to deceive my eyes but I would never deceived my soul." And Xiao Ming had said "Life is full of ups and down. The one who only thinks for himself, would end up in hell. The one who thinks for others, would end up in heaven. Happiness would never abandon those people who helps others!"

Source: Mingpao
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Charlie Yeung in Asian New Talent with Korean Director

Charlie Young

Charlie Young was the judge for Asian New Talent for the International Film Festival with Korean's famous director, Hur Jin-Ho and others. The 5 judges met the reporters yesterday in Shanghai, there are 10 films competing for this award this time. The winner will receive 15,000 RMB as an award. Charlie would be more open when judging this time.
Charlie Young who will be director this year end understands how the directors feel, it's like being pregnant and waiting for the baby to be born. It was said that she is looking for Lee Sin Jie's husband to be the producer of her new film explains why she's not worried about the money invested. She was asked if she would invite friends from the entertainment circle such as Gigi Leung and Lee Sin Jie for help, " I can't tell yet, but I'll announce it very soon."

Source: Story: Oriental Daily
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Gillian Chung and Alex Fong in film The Fantastic Water Babes

Alex Fong Gillian Chung

Film "The Fantastic Water Babes" (出水芙蓉) held a thank-you feast in Shanghai international film festival yesterday. Leads Alex Fong and Gillian Chung played games with reporters, causing everyone to laugh. Talked about the two purposely walked the red carpet separately to avoid rumors being hyped up again? Gillian said: "Just didn't want to appear as a 'nau' [嬲, means mad in Cantonese], not afraid rumors being hyped up." Did she know the death in Charlene Choi's family [Charlene's grandpa passed away recently]? "Read the news online, already texted her, hope she takes care of her health, don't be upset."Alex denied purposely asked director to stand in between him and Gillian to avoid her. He just knew now his chemistry with her is better, sometimes he would recalled scenes when they were working together three years ago.

Source: Mingpao
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Sammi Cheng gospel concert in Taipei Arena

Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng went to Taiwan yesterday to promote album 信者得愛. Local reporters still asked about her relationship with ex Andy Hui, Sammi said: "At this moment, we are really very good friends. Although at this stage we're not love partners, but it's hard to say for the future." She expressed she's already 38 years old and cannot be willful with love. If a good person appears, she would cherish. As for she cannot talk too much about it since Andy has a girlfriend? Sammi joked: "It's too complicated!" Sammi also denied inviting Andy as performing guest in her upcoming concert in July at Taipei arena.This time Sammi is promoting her gospel album, she would donate all her personal profit to Red Cross and World Vision.

Source: Mingpao
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Kenneth Ma support England in FIFA World Cup 2010

Bosco Wong

Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Matthew Ko etc attended to a World Cup event in a mall last night. Kenneth, who is known for being skilled in football, expressed would support England. He said he has a special bond to the team, but he thinks Spain is more skilled and has a champion look. Matthew expressed he would support Holland. As for Bosco, he actually has a distinct choice: "I look for color, I support pastel colored apparel, in fact this year North Korea has pastel colored apparel, so would support North Korea."

Source: Oriental Daily
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Jackie Chan teachs Kung Fu in The Karate Kid

Jacky Chan Karate Kid

Chinese superstar Jackie Chan has admitted he used to be a bully in school, and he only quit tormenting other kids after learning martial arts.

While promoting his new movie "The Karate Kid", Chan tells reporters that he picked on his classmates until his dad found out about his bad behavior and enrolled him in kung fu classes.

Chan says martial arts taught him to help and respect others, and he wants the message to come across in "The Karate Kid".

Judging by what his co-star Jaden Smith has to say, Chan has certainly succeeded.

"I think that he is a good mentor for me. He and my dad have a lot of great qualities you know. They are nice, they treat people well. They make great movies. There are things that you need."

"The Karate Kid" will be available in Chinese theaters on June 22.


Jimmy Lin in new drama Single Princess and Blind Dates

Jimmy Lin

TV launched its 2010 tv drama series in a press conference for its “Single Princess and Blind Dates” in Shanghai on 2010-05-26. The director Chen Ming Zhang, the producers, the leads Jimmy Lin, Dylan Kuo, Zhao Liang, and Hong Xiao Ling attended. Jimmy Lin admitted that he has to receive his son Xiao Xiao Zhi’s photo daily before he goes to bed. There is already too much pressure from just 1 kid. He has no plans for another one.

“Single Princess and Blind Dates” is adapted from an online novel and is the feature in Hunan TV self-produced 2010 tv series. It’s about the current hot topics of blind dates and old maids. The director Chen Ming Zhang other series “Fated to Love You” and “My Lucky Star” both got high tv ratings. “Single Princess” is a light comedy about old maids. He hopes the new series will be a winner in Chinese tv ratings. In the preview we can see the light-hearted drama fits Hunan TV’s characteristics.

The male lead Jimmy Lin has not appeared in another modern series since “My Lucky Star”. He is working with director Chen again and said the script is very attractive. His character is a graduate film student who works as an intern in a tv station. He’s kind-hearted yet naïve and has romantic relationships with Zhao Liang and Le Tong Tong. The series is being filmed in Shanghai. Jimmy said he misses his son and asks that his photos be sent to him daily. When asked if he wants to have another baby he laughed and said one baby is more than enough. He has no time for another one.

Hunan TV’s Zhao Liang plays the old maid Le Tong Tong. Director Chen said this character is just like Zhao Liang’s. This is her first acting experience and it is grueling. Director Chen said working with her was exhausting in the beginning. He scolded her many times that brought her to tears. She has since improved tremendously.

Besides Jimmy Lin and Zhao Liang, Dylan Kuo also starred in the series. He dropped his nice guy image and plays the angelic/devilish CEO Fang Yan who is tangled up in a love triangle with Jimmy Lin and Zhao Liang.

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source : sina

Chris Li as best newcomer in Bodyguards and Assassins film

Chris Lee Yu Chun

The Hong Kong Film Director’s Guild has recently announced singer Chris Li Yuchun as the best new actress/actor of the year. Li Yuchun played orphaned girl Fang Hong, in Bodyguards and Assassins. Although the award is only in its third year, it’s still an affirmation of Li Yuchun by the directors.

The movie, directed by Teddy Chen, features an all-star cast of Donnie Yen, Fan Bingbing, Nicholas Tse, Hu Jun, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung, Zhang Hanyun, Eric Tsang and Li Yuchun. Li Yuchun plays the sixteen-year-old daughter of a former Qing general disguised as an opera troupe leader. Her mother was killed and father exiled after his father lead forces against the Europeans during the Boxer Rebellion. When her father is killed, Fang Hong seeks revenge and joins in the team of bodyguards protecting Sun Yat-sen from the Empress Dowager’s assassins.

Li Yuchun was also nominated for best supporting actress, best newcomer and best theme song “Dust” for the 2009 Hong Kong Film Awards. Bodyguards and Assassins was nominated for every category it fits into, and not undeservingly.

source: cfensi

Chinese Actress Vicki Zhao gave birth at Singapore

Vicki Zhao

Chinese actress Vicki Zhao has given birth to a baby last Sunday at Singapore's Gleneagles Hospital and is now a blissful mother of a baby girl.

The actress-singer recently made headlines when she was spotted heavily-pregnant by the paparazzi while grocery shopping trip in Singapore last month. News of her pregnancy was first leaked out by the press in November last year. Zhao's subsequent absence in the movie promotions of 14 Blades set tongues wagging and confirmed her pregnancy rumours.

According to a netizen who was at Gleneagles Hospital undergoing a body checkup, Zhao reportedly underwent a caesarean operation on Sunday night at 11pm and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The 34-year-old was accompanied by her Chinese property tycoon husband, Huang Youlong, all night.

Vicki's tight-lipped manager, Chen Rong, broke the news yesterday and announced, "Everything is well, blissful and happy! Zhao Wei (Vicki's Chinese name) and her family members thank everyone for their blessings."

Chen confirmed that both mother and daughter are safe and healthy.

According to reports, a 20-something Miss Sun, who is believed to be Zhao's friend, was seen leaving her private 'Tanglin Suite', which costs an estimated S$4,300 per night. When members of the press approached Miss Sun, the young woman vehemently refused to comment or confirm on Zhao's presence in the suite and firmly said, "I will not say anything at all."

Both Zhao and her husband, Huang, are believed to be Singapore permanent residents and registered their marriage in 2008.

Zhao will be making a showbiz comeback for a Stephen Chow movie, Hail The Judge, in June.

Source: XIN MSN

Aaron Kwok and Zhang Ziyi in film The Era of Magic

Aaron Kwok
zhang zi yi

Zhang Ziyi and Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok will play a couple suffering from AIDS in director Gu Changwei's first-ever feature film tackling the issue, entitled "The Era of Magic."

Aaron Kwok was spotted on the set in Beijing Tuesday with a bearded and weary look, the Beijing News reports.

The film, adapted from a novel, tells a tragic love story between two AIDS-afflicted lovers. Kwok plays a primary school teacher who is sent from the city to teach in the countryside, but contracts AIDS and develops a crush on Zhang Ziyi's character, also an AIDS patient.

Director Gu Changwei insists Zhang Ziyi as the right actress for the lead, despite her recent embroilment in a slew of scandals about her personal life and alleged donation fraud.

Gu thinks the internationally famous Zhang will ensure a box office cache for the upcoming film.

Reportedly, award-winning actress Jiang Wenli, wife of director Gu, was cast in a supporting role.

Other big names joining the cast for very little pay include Pu Cunxin, Cai Guoqing, Li Xuejian and Li Danyang - all ambassadors of an anti-AIDS public campaign, the paper says, citing unnamed sources.

Chinese Films

Jay Chou new tour concert at Shanghai Stadium

Jay Chou Concert Shanghai

After an absence of 3 years, heavenly king Jay Chou is once again making a move, Jay Chou's 2010 new tour concert is revealed, the first stop is in Shanghai on the 25th of June at the Shanghai Stadium! We'll be there tasting the original "Jay music style" and feeling the most incomparable, the one that sweeps everything else aside and is multi-talented, Jay Chou.

The concert is getting upgraded, the excitement level is higher than in the past, a brand new music theme, brand new outrageous looks, brand new stage, brand new Jay Chou, the most genuine and perfect Jay style will be offered. The 10 years of change in Jay Chou's music, a review, an outlook, all there to be seen, besides the musical classics of Jay Chou's 10 years, at the concert Jay Chou will continue to play his Jay style tricks. He'll give the fans a never before visual and audio feast.

In recent years, Jay Chou has entered all sides of the entertainment circle, films, music, production, spokesperson, he's blossoming in all places, in 2010 he's returning his focus on music, he'll be carefully planning out his new concert, Jay Chou, who's always demanded high quality, expressed: this concert will be one that surpasses the top concerts in the past, we'll be designing scenes fans won't even think of, we'll be using a fantasy theme to go through his 10 years of music, and make all the fans scream!

Concert name: Jay Chou 2010 tour concert - Shanghai
Concert ticket prices: 1680, 1280, 980, 680, 480, 380, 280, 180 yuan
Concert time: 2010 25th of June
Concert location: Shanghai Stadium
Ticket hotline: 64289293, 64289953

Source: Sina
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Danson Tang new single I'm Back featuring f(x)

Danson Tang

Danson Tang, actor in hit idol-dramas such as "Hana Kimi" and "Rolling Love", returns after a 17-month hiatus with his third album "D一秒" (a play on words and translates to "The First Second"). For his first single, "I'm Back", he especially invited Korean group f(x)'s Amber to perform the rap, which is pretty cool as Amber is actually Chinese and also speaks Mandarin. Amber also flew to Taiwan in early May to appear in the music video that will be released June 7.

Danson explains that his inspiration for "The First Second" came from late 2008 after the release of his second album. He had been going through some rough times in with his career and almost contemplated leaving the entertainment industry. However, he ran into a bunch of music-playing friends, who asked Danson if he had ever considered using his unique experiences in life or his emotions as inspirations for music. With this encouragement, Danson found a new passion for music as a means to express himself. Through the songs on this third album Danson wants to describe his return to the "first second" of passion he felt as an entertainer.

Source : Sina
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Jay Chou sing for Jet Li movie Ocean Heaven

Jay Chou Jet Li

BEIJING, May 29 -- Jay Chou, Taiwan's pop king, will sing the theme song for Jet Li's new movie "Ocean Heaven." It will be their second collaboration since Chou sang for Li's 2006 movie "Fearless." Guey Lunmei, Taiwan's star and leading actress in the movie will also sing for the movie.

Dubbed as Jet Li's first non-action work in his career, the movie tells a touching story between a father and his only son. When the father finds out that he is terminally ill, he decides to teach his only son, who is autistic, to live on his own.

Though viewed as a non-mainstream piece, it has attracted a group of big names to take part, including Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi and award-winning cinematographer Christopher Doyle.

Source: Xin Hua

Ming Dao replaced Eddie Peng in drama Wu Yen

Ming Dao

As we previously reported, Eddie Peng was rumored to be potentially casted in SETTV’s new drama, “鍾無艷” (Wu Yen). But news just came out today that it will be Ming Dao to play the role. Furthermore, he is willing to take an 80% pay cut for it! Just yesterday, Ming Dao went to SETTV to try out the different image styles for the new role.

Three years ago, after finishing the drama, Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 (櫻野3加1), Ming Dao left SETTV and ventured to the Mainland because he felt the pay at SETTV was too low. As the top Taiwanese idol drama lead, his pay rose up to a hundred fifty thousand RMB per episode (~ NT$710,000). Although he has starred in other dramas in the last few years like Knock Knock Loving You and Always Smile!, the ratings to these dramas were unable to break his previous records at SETTV. In order to maintain his top status as an idol drama actor, he is willing to give up his high pay in Mainland to take on a new project in Taiwan.

In the past few years, Ming Dao and Ethan Ruan have often been in the news regarding being casted in dramas. Ming Dao’s popularity skyrocketed after starring in the 2005 hit series, Prince Turns To Frog. He turned down the role for Fated To Love You, which went to Ethan Ruan. Fated To Love You surpassed Prince Turns To Frog and became the highest rated idol drama in history and of course, Ethan has been on the rise ever since. It’s hard not to imagine that Ming Dao must have regretted not taking the role.

SETTV’s new drama, Wu Yen, has been having a tough time casting their male lead. There have been rumors of casting Ethan Ruan or Eddie Peng. However, Ethan has decided to continue his path in movies, while other rumors say that Eddie was out of question due to his high price. In any case, Ming Dao fans will be pleased to hear that he is coming back to the Taiwanese drama market to snatch some high ratings.

Source : UDN
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Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Cecilia Cheung will endorse bed product in Shanghai

Cecelia Cheung

During pregnancy, Cecilia Cheung's weight increased to 170lbs, so she never wanted to be on camera. Yesterday, reporters spotted Cecilia and son Lucas in a restaurant. Cecilia's chin is sharper and seemed to have lost lots of weight in just several weeks.

Lucas was wearing t-shirt, green pants, and a pair of sneakers. Although they're accompanied by a maid, but Cecilia still took care of her son, from eating to holding him in her arms. When reporteres went up to take pictures, Cecilia's driver was worried, but Cecilia generously let reporters to take pictures. Asked about her losing weight? She said: "None, it's easy to lose weight now taking care of two kids, plus I eat lightly! (Good complexion?) I drink mother and father-in-laws' soup!"

Already lost weight and her maternity clothes don't fit anymore, so Cecilia went shopping with Lucas yesterday. It's known that she already lost 30+ pounds in not even a month. She will also resume working on the 28th, attending to a press conference of a bed product she endorsed in Shanghai. As for Cecilia lost her weight very quickly, doctor Lo Chi Lim expressed the speed is normal: "Amniotic fluid and the baby etc caused weight gain, after giving birth, of course you'll be lighter. If breastfeed, you would use more calories, losing weight even faster!" In addition, advertising agencies have been wanting to ask Cecilia and Lucas to film commercial, now even second son Quintus is very welcomed by these agencies. Lately, a baby product brand in Mainland invited Quintus to film their commercial with a 8-digit pay.

Source: The Sun
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Gillian Chung kissing William Chan in Ex film

William Chan Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung and William Chan's "Ex" (前度) will premier on June 10. Although the two play a couple in the film, but William is also in love with Michelle Wai. As for able to kiss two pretty girls, many people envy William's luck, but William stressed again that filming kissing scenes are not as enjoyable as he thought it would be.

William expressed because he's very close with Gillian, so it's quite embarrassing when the two are filming intimate scenes, plus they have to kiss in a hard and narrow antique chair, he need to accommodate the camera, prevent big movements that might hurt Gillian, and act, it's definitely doing three things at the same time. Gillian said: "There was one take that because William has to come close to me excitedly, his mouth hit mine. It hurt a lot that we had to stop filming immediately, then we continue after letting our swollen lips to relax." William said because he put support on the chair with his two arms during filming, in the end he felt numbness in his arms.

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Kenneth Ma as playboy cop in The Mysteries of Love

Kenneth Ma

Whether it is in real life or filming series, Kenneth Ma only had rumours with Margie Tsang and Nancy Wu in his eleven years of being in the entertainment industry. Basically, he doesn't have much news. He is low-profile and dependable. He is nothing like the roles he plays.

Recently, in "The Mysteries of Love", Kenneth changed his silly image, which has been established for many years, into a playboy cop. As for the image change, Kenneth is not only not worried, but rather said with confidence, "I can absolutely play!"

In the series, Kenneth plays Lo Tin Hang, who is a self-designated charmer and does not like to be tied down. He enjoys love without responsibility, and he is a 'player' through and through. In the series, he has kiss scenes and close bodily contact with Bernice Liu, Jess Sum, etc.

Female Co-stars Must Be Very Professional

As for the intense bed scenes, Kenneth laughingly said that he was worried about others saying that he was taking advantage of the situation. "When filming these scenes, guys are more indifferent, but girls are more awkward [about it]. If the girl feels awkward, it would be very difficult for the guy [when filming the scene], because if you do it too many times, others would say you are taking advantage of the situation. However, if you do it with reservation, the director will say it is not convincing. Luckily, my female co-stars in this series were very professional; the scenes were completed quickly". His female co-stars were professional, so was he also professional to the point that there was no awkwardness? "None. Actually, in all series I have filmed, I have kissed a number of girls, so I have some experience. With all of my years of acting experience, as long as the girl is not afraid, I am also okay with it!"

It is difficult to imagine Kenneth, who has always given the impression of being simple, as a 'player', so with a sense of doubt, he was asked whether he can really play it convincingly. With a sense of confidence, he loudly said, "Of course I'll look the part! After people watch the series, they will think I am like that!"

Kenneth absolutely has confidence in himself, but he still had some worries, because he did not know whether these 'intense' scenes would actually be able to air. "The boundaries for television are more strict. For example, there's a scene where I kiss Bernice from the door to the bed--it was really intense. In the series, there are also back revealing scenes and scenes of getting out of the bath. Although I thought about whether [they] can be aired, there's nothing you can do about it. Because of what is required in the script, you must film it first!" It seems that Kenneth's worries were unnecessary, as the intense scene between him and Bernice already aired last week.

Childhood Dream to Be a Cop

Being a cop is actually Kenneth's childhood dream; thus, although he has many girls in the series, this is not comparable to how memorable it was to fulfill his childhood dream. "In the series, the investigation scenes are the most memorable. When I was young, I would watch 'Police Cadet', and I thought about becoming a cop. In this series, I filmed scenes of vehicle pursuit and stakeouts. I found it quite amusing. It should be quite fun to be a cop in real life".

After being a playboy cop, Kenneth will work with Olympic gold-medal gymnast Liu Xuan in the new series "Female Fist". Even if it is not required for him to fight intensely, he still wants to film all of his scenes himself, so he has been actively practicing martial arts. Kenneth also revealed that he will be given a new challenge in this series, as it will be his first time playing a true villain. Asking him if he is 'able to be villainous', he humourously said, "[I] can be a villain! You can see from my playboy [character] that I can 'play', so you must know that I can also be a villain!"

Hope to Have a Share in the Awards

In "A Fistful of Stances", Kenneth received a lot of praise from playing the righteous Ku Yue Tong, a martial arts master who loved to suppress the strong and help the weak. He upstaged the first male lead, Kevin Cheng. This time, he is also convincing as a playboy. Asking him if he has confidence in the year-end awards, he said, "Hope to have a share in the awards. The most important is to have a chance to fight [for some awards]!"

Source: hkdailynews
Credits: hyn5 @ 幸而城 Fortunate City

Linda Chung and Fala Chen in Pu Song Ling series

Linda Chung Fala Chen

Linda Chung and Fala Chen was attending a promotion event for their new series, Pu Song Ling. Linda was asked about rumoured boyfriend, Raymond Lam being pointed out that he has a "prince" disease. She immediately said, "Don't talk about the both of us anymore. There was nothing happened when we both corporated the last time." (Will people change?) "I don't know, but "prince" needs people to take care of him, Raymond doesn't." She was asked if Raymond invited her to his upcoming concert, she answered, " No..." (Wong Cho Lam has a show on the same day as Raymond, who will you support?) "If I have time, I will go for both." (Who are you closer with?) "Same with the both of them. I'm a very friendly person, I am okay with everyone!". Fala Chen expressed that she plays a naive and cute fairy in the series, relatively different from her own personality, she said, " But of course, I'm a human, she's a fairy."
Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB News World

Samantha Ko will contact Him Law from South Africa

Samantha Ko Him Law

Samantha Ko appeared in a top that revealed her belly button while attending "The World Cup 2010 Survey Conference". She collaborated with Him Law in baking a cake. She said "I really get along well with him. I need to exchange phone numbers with him and arrange to go to the gym together. He is a gentleman. It is very hard to find nice guys nowadays. I will be going to South Africa for 30 days. I will be careful there. I will also take my laptop with me to communicate with my family". Him said "I have baked a cake for my girlfriend before". (You have met many girls?) "Okay la, I take relationships very seriously". (Is Samatha suitable for you?) "I will need to exchange numbers with her and get to know her abit more. I envy her going to South Africa".

Shawn Yue will record a mandarin album

Shawn Yue

Shawn Yue hasn't release an album for many years. He will start to record a new Mandarin album in the second half of this year. Shawn expressed filming is an imaginary world, always play other people, so he hopes to express himself in his true self and get closer with everyone using music. During filming he will also prepare for his concert. Besides performing in Hong Kong, he will also go to Mainland and Taiwan to perform. He said he watched many concerts this period, and Coldplay's stunned him the most.

29-year-old Shawn once eagerly hope to turn 30 because many directors told him that they will collaborate with him once he gets older. Now time has passed and he can't believe he's turning 30 soon. Some of his friends and colleagues are already married and have kids. He expressed he will try harder to pursue his dream in the future.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Kara Hui best actress in At The End of Daybreak

Kara Hui

Last night the "10th Chinese Film Media Awards" was held in Guangzhou. Kara Hui was named Best Actress for her role in "At the End of Daybreak". Combining with all the film awards in HK, Kara is now the "5 Time Winner Queen" with 5 Best Actress awards. Film King went to Taiwanese film "No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti" (AKA: Can't Live Without You) lead actor Chen Wei Pin. In addition to the Best Actor award, the film also won 2 other big awards including Best Film and Best Director (Leon Dai).

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Christopher Wong come back in Good Concert 2010

Christopher Wong

After 5 years away from Hong Kong, Christopher Wong is ready to make a come back. Chris is busy preparing all brand new songs for his "Christopher Wong Good Concert 2010". As "Father's Day" is coming close, in between his busy schedule, Chris thought about his father who passed away many years ago. He revealed that although his father was not there to see how successful he is in the music industry, he wrote a song called "My Father" to commemorate how great a father he had been to him. The lyrics of the song is a reflection of Chris real life event with his father. It talked about his childhood as well as the time when his father was ill. The family were all around him. No wonder each time when Chris sings that song, he has tears in his eyes.

Source: Takungpao
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Ella Koon denied married with boyfriend

Ella Koon

Ella Koon went back and forth attending two events, it was rumored that she and her doctor boyfriend are married. Ella denied: "I didn't get married, it's just this one person on the discussion forums that said: 'My old classmate Ella Koon got married' and that got me on the headlines. I have to clarify that I am not married and I have explained this issue to my boyfriend. If I do get marry, I will announce it." She said that her boyfriend has not proposed to her yet: "Marriage is something far in the future. I feel that for a proposal, must kneel to me with roses, candle light dinner and diamond ring. However, these 4 things have not happened at the same time before." Denise Ho who was also at the event reveals that she'll be going to Taiwan and Mainland for the next two months to promote for her Mandarin album. Earlier she went to Taiwan and asked for advice from the local musicians: "I don't want to use the Hong Kong star style, I hope to do more live shows."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

Andy Lau invested in film "Fight to Win"

Andy Lau

Andy Lau's new invested film held its premiere last night, Andy expressed that he hopes the film can make 5-6 million in the box office. Producer Gordon Lam interrupted: "If its less than 5-6 million then I will never act again." Andy was very concerned and told Gordon to take back what he said. Later, Gordon asked why Andy's so modest to set a goal of just 5-6 million? Andy said: "5-6 million is already pretty high, more than 10 million is impossible. In a situation, a person knows how high they can go, have to know their place. This movie is not a grand production produced by a known producer, director or classy actors. It is just a movie with junior level actors and a new director. Receiving 2-3 million is already very good." What's the payback then? This movie will play in Mainland where an estimate revenue of 20 million yuan, earn some profits there.

This film will play in both Beijing and Shanghai, some cinemas also will play the movie in the original Cantonese version. Before some HK produced movies playing in Cantonese, some audience complained that they couldn't understand, Andy is not worried that audience might not understand because there are only a small number of cinemas playing the Cantonese version. Audience afraid that they won't understand the Cantonese version can choose not to watch that version, also there is always
subtitles if the language cannot be understood.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU
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