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Zhang Li Yin concert in Beijing with Kang Ta

Kang Ta
Jang Ri In

Starting tomorrow, July 24th, the Beijing Wukesong Indoor Stadium will hold the first comeback concert for popular Pan-Asian artist, Kangta. This afternoon, he arrived in Beijing, beginning a three-day-two-night stay. Hundreds of fans awaited for him at the airport. Concert rehearsal is expected to begin in the afternoon.

According to live reports from the airport, because of local weather in South Korea, the flight Kangta and one of the concert guests, Zhang Li Yin, were on was delayed nearly an hour - arriving only at 11am this morning. Two hundred of Kangta fans waited patiently - holding white balloons and giant posters, waiting patiently and quietly in an orderly manner for their idol to appear. In order to give to such fans who have waited so patiently for his comeback, Kangta specficially asked organziers to arrange for him to use the general public exit. When Kangta and his party finally appeared before fans, the atmosphere (at the airport) was very friendly - some fans could barely hold back the tears.

Kangta will be staying in the Pullman Beijing West Wanda Hotel, where many fans were already waiting. Kangta and his group went to the hotel directly from the airport for a brief stop before heading to the concert venue. According to reports, famous Korean pianist Song Kwang Sik among background dancers were also aboard this flight. Dress rehearsals will happen this afternoon.

Source: Xinmin
Translation: Wendy @ Chocolyn

Huang Xiao Ming in Guo Jing Ming movie Ice Fantasy

Huang Xiao Ming

When mermaids and Ice Princes marry, when fantasy meets wuxia, when reality and illusions collide, and when to save the person you love, you must destroy everything that he holds dear.

Such is the world of Guo Jingming’s Ice Fantasy, actor Huang Xiaoming’s first film investment. Huang Xiaoming said that given his experience, “Ice Fantasy” is a movie with a lot of potential. Ice Fantasy will be one of several Chinese fantasy movies to look forward to in the future. Others include 3D film Mermaid Kingdom and Meteor Shower lead Zhang Han’s Change of Fated Stars.

Huang Xiaoming, who shot to fame in series like the Return of the Condor Heroes, has just begun his jump from TV series to movie. Now, after multiplying his worth through his stocks of his management company Huayi Brothers, Huang Xiaoming is no longer content with just acting. Huang Xiaoming said that once, his dream was simple – “to buy a big house for my parents. Now that’s fulfilled, and they even drive Porsches when leaving the house.” Now, “I really want to do more things myself so that I can create more,” Huang Xiaoming said.

This is the second Guo Jingming film in production. His new cosmopolitan novel Tiny Times, a cross between Gossip Girls and Devil Wears Prada, has also been picked by a film company. Plans have also been made for a TV series adaption of the novel.

source: cfensi

Ella Chen Boyfriend Tommy Zhao slept with another girl

Ella Chen

Member of popular Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, Ella Chen's rumoured boyfriend Tommy Zhao was seen at a motel with another female.

37-year-old Tommy Zhao was reportedly dating Ella for over a year, but was caught driving an unknown female friend to a motel where they stayed for over two hours. Ella was not in the country then.

The pair apparently met through Selina's boyfriend and Ella was said to be going over to Tommy's home frequently.

When quizzed on the report, Tommy confessed that he has been seeing Ella in a serious relationship, but denies the allegations that he went to a motel, explaining that a friend loaned his car that day.

Ella, on the other hand, told reporters that they are "just good friends".

"Relationships are personal so I do not wish to discuss it openly. Thank you for your concern."

Coincidentally, S.H.E was supposed to attend an open event the day before, but was cancelled at the last minute. S.H.E's record label clarified that the cancellation had nothing to do with the leaked romance and Ella was not affected by said reports.

Wang Lee Hom and Crystal Liu in Love in Disguise

Lee Hom and Crystal Liu

Even before the premiere of Wang Lee Hom's self directed and acted movie "Love In Disguise", the fans on Weibo has reached almost 17,000; fans are also highly anticipating the release of "Love In Disguise" pictorial book on the 21st, with the official website kicking off on the same day.

Currently Weibo fans for "Love In Disguise" has almost reached 17,000; this number is significantly high when compared to the Weibo figures for other Mainland movies. Director-cum-actor Wang Lee Hom will be holding a book signing on 31st July, starting the promotional activities for the movie. Towards the film's release during summer, Wang Lee Hom expressed confidently that while America has musical movies like "High School Musical", this (type of films) seldom appear among Chinese films so he believes that after the premiere of "Love In Disguise", the response from the audience would be good.

"Love In Disguise" revealed conceptual posters before the Shanghai Film Festival, but its official posters took a long time to be released. Director Wang Lee Hom was not only anxious at being unable to settle on the poster, he also nitpicked on the design of the poster. In his quest for perfection, the script was only confirmed after 53 versions, and 4 designers were asked to submit designs for the poster, proposing 25 posters with different styles with the official one finally released after numerous changes. The posters for "Love In Disguise" released today targets the different societies in Taiwan and Mainland China, designed for different ways of presentation.

"Love In Disguise" which will be premiering on 13th August, talks about a superstar Wang Lee Hom who despite seeming to be very successful in his entertainment career and having a smooth life, yet he feels empty and regret deep in his heart. Once, his nanny van (褓母車) hit a folk music student Crystal Liu Yi Fei, and the strange action of Liu Yi Fei not checking on her injuries first, but playing her guzheng, combined with the music flowing from the guzheng, caught the curiosity and favour of Wang Lee Hom. Immediately, he decided to slip into the conservatory with his good friend-cum-band partner Chen Han Dian, searching for Liu Yi Fei's "overtones" (絃外之音).

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Snow0512 @

Lee Hom new album Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi

Wang Lee Hom

Back in 2008, Leehom Wang brought us his innermost thoughts through his "Heart Beat" album. At the end of this month, on the 30th, Leehom will be returning to his musical roots with a brand new album, "十八般武艺" (Roughly translates to: Eighteen Types of Martial Arts). However, before that, he will be releasing the MV of the album's title song, "柴米油鹽醬醋茶," (Idiom roughly meaning: Daily Necessities) for broadcast onto 12 online sites, including Youtube and Facebook, on the 12th. For this song, he collaborated with Vivian Hsu to paint a picture of simple and ordinary happiness.

Having dabbled as a movie director, Leehom placed even higher demands on the quality of the MV. Besides spending NT$2,000,000, hiring 30 staff members, renting professional movie cameras, and using 35mm film for shooting, he also personally demonstrated how to walk into place and speak the lines. In one kitchen scene, "Director Wang" personally went into battle and picked up the knife and saucepan, bringing out the rare sight of him at home.

In the year and a half since Leehom came out with an album, he has been pursuing his directing dream. Day and night, he planned for his self-directed and self-starred movie, "Love in Disguise." However, while he was working on every aspect of the movie, he could not disregard his duties as an Asian superstar. He had to promote his album overseas, make his Music-Man concert rounds, act in "Little Big Soldier," promote the movie, be the spokesperson for advertisements, and prepare for his new album. Bustling to and fro, there was no time for him to rest. Thus, he decided to use an ancient saying: "早晨開門七件事─柴米油鹽醬醋茶" (Roughly translates to: The seven things needed when opening the door in the morning - firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea) to describe his busy entertainment career and the feeling of his heart's longing to return to the ordinary.

From his baby nephew growing up to his friends getting married and starting families, Leehom can only hear of these things, but not experience it himself. Others are busy towards advancing their lives, while he is busy working towards his dream. Year after year, there is always a new dream waiting for him to pursue. When his mother went to Taipei to visit him, all she could do was watch him working from behind. Hurrying here and there, Leehom forgot to pour his mother a cup of tea and could not settle down enough for a good meal with her. Sometimes when he worked, he didn't even spare her a glance from start to end. Even after he heard the door close, it wasn't until much later before he realized: she had already left.

Pursuing a dream requires paying a high price, but his family has supported him since the beginning. That kind of acceptance suddenly made him feel of twinge of guilt. On a morning when he was trying to relax himself, despite his mind still working away searching for inspiration for an album, he saw the quiet and lonely kitchen of his own home. There was a stove that had only been used to boil water and never used oil, salt, rice, vinegar, sauce... He wrote down this song starting from the thirst of his heart. He knows that there are many people like him, pursuing their dreams, forever running without stop. He knows that the world is already flowing quickly -- no one can calm down their hearts to listen to a simple story.

As a result, he wanted, even more, to use a simple title song to share happiness -- to give you a warm embrace. With its simple warm melody, the song, flavored with an erhu accompanying the guitar, brings the feeling of an ancient place hidden in a remote area -- a simple yet meaningful taste of ordinary happiness. Through this song, he wants to tell everyone that he is like everyone else, working hard to live, working hard to find his own happiness, working hard as a person pursing his dream. There might be tears and separations in the process, but he has always believe that everyone will find their place. He wishes to tell everyone that to pursue a dream in life is very important, but you should also cherish the people around you. And, more importantly, happiness is not far away, it's right in front of you as long as you know how to treasure it.

King Chang Yun Jing new album The Opposite Me

Zhang Yun Jing

On 7/8, “Rocker Newcomer King” Jing Chang held a press conference for her new album [The Opposite Me]. Cyndi Wang, who guest-starred in Jing’s latest MV “Love’s Option”, specially prepared a gift for her colleague. The gift consisted of an “Crocodile Dentist” game surrounded by a sea of chocolates.

Cyndi said: “I know that YunJing really likes to play games so I picked this game for her. It has a particular connection to her newest single ‘Love’s Option’ because it’s just like love. You’ll never know – when you press on a particular tooth, you might face getting bitten by the crocodile and getting hurt. On the other hand, you could be lucky and receive a chocolate candy in return.”

Jing took 3 consecutive turns for this game and escaped the crocodile’s bite. She proudly remarked: “Lucky!” The host for the event, Ah Juan, wasn’t as lucky and was bitten immediately. The reporters at the scene asked for Jing to try again. When she failed, she was scared to the point that she reacted to the crocodile’s bite by jumping backwards 3 steps.

When discussing about the two artistes’ relationship after starring in Jing’s MV, Cyndi said: “When YunJing was on Super Idol, I often watched the show with my mother so I feel quite close to her actually. Then when staff mentioned filming the MV, I agreed at once!”

Besides thanking Cyndi for her guest-star appearance and coming to provide support at this press conference, Jing didn’t forget to praise Cyndi’s acting: “Her acting is really good. It’s admirable to the point that I want to try out acting in a drama!”

When asked about when the two became friends, Jing commented: “We’re both Virgos so we won’t put our guards down until we truly understand and become familiar with each other. We actually got to know each other better when one time Cyndi showed me a magic trick backstage. I was quite surprised and thought she was so cute!”

Last year, Jing Chang released her 1st album [Unprecedented] and gained remarkable results. Not only did her popularity rise, she also received a total of 15 newcomer awards from overseas. Jing also received 2009’s Yahoo! Taiwan Asia Buzz Awards’ [Most Popular Female Artiste]. This year, her fans from Taiwan and overseas gathered donations totaling 1 million TWD in order to buy her latest album. Jing’s warm-up single “Broken” has already topped KKBox Mandarin Music Charts for 2 weeks. As for the song “The Opposite Me” which she wrote herself, it has also topped 3 major ringtone music charts!

Jing also shared a story – a few days ago, she went to eat at a hotpot restaurant. The waiter there recognized her and then took the initiative to air Jing’s latest MV for all the customers to listen to.

Jing: “Later, he even rushed to 7-ELEVEN to preorder my album. This really touched me.” Everyone was curious as to whether Jing got a discount. She replied: “Nah, he even asked me ‘So can you bring Show Luo here next time?’”

original source: Beauty Vogue News
translated by minchong92 @ and @

Senin, 05 Juli 2010

Anthony Wong criticized Chrissie Chau sexy photos

Chrissie Chau

Lang mo's photo albums are criticized as low class and inappropriate and are banned to promote in this year's book fair. Although Chrissie Chau and her juniors to launch words-only CopyBook, challenging HK Trade and Development Council, but still got rejected. Anthony Wong scolded lang mos are challenging bottom line of Hong Kong's morality. He even aimed at Chrissie, saying she isn't educated, no; smart but doesn't have great wisdom.

Anthony Wong attended to Chung King Fai's new book signing event yesterday. As for news of lang mo lately, he couldn't hold back and criticized. He believes lang mo's action is to challenge the whole Hong Kong, women groups, families, morals, and government: "There are some views in the society that cannot be deviated. Even prostitutes have to cover their necks when they protest on the streets, and they won't go to houses that have families and kids to protest. If they go there to protest, then it's crossing the boundary." Although related parties already banned lang mos promoting in book fair, and the problem seems to be solved, but Anthony believes it's an intentional problem, because they overestimated their intelligence.

Talked about Cathy Tsui look-a-like Debby posted a film of her shirt being ripped off online? Anthony said: "I didn't watch it, but I know about it. She is smart, shapes herself as a victim, her action is cunning, but she crossed the boundary." Whether he doesn't support lang mo, think they have a problem? He said: "Every occupation would be respected, but don't challenge. If the book fair turned out like that, I won't even go."

At night he criticized again in another event. This time he aimed at Chrissie Chu. He said if lang mo needs to appeal, they can ask Zi Teng (an organization that cares about sex workers) for help. There is a difference in civilization, high, low, and refined. Chrissie Chau has many ideas, but the stupidest thing is she challenges for the want of challenging. In the end it angered many people. Anthony used an example of customers aren't allowed to bring alcohol to coffee shops, but someone poured alcohol into water bottle, and walked in with it, trying to challenge, is it very smart? A smarty but doesn't have great wisdom, it's just like that when you aren't too educated.

Yesterday A.Lin and DaDa and 6 members of the New 8 Models attended to an event. As for Anthony's saying, A.Lin said first they're prostitutes and don't attack them. DaDa said they didn't challenge moral values, just some youthful photo albums. A.Lin said: "Now every veteran is criticizing us. Old models are criticizing us, too, I don't want to be a lang mo!" DaDa added: "So once a lang mo, I can't release books, taking away all of our opportunities?" Talked about they're banned to promote in book fair, they said there are elements of racism and would talk to their company, thinking about going to Equal Opportunities Commission to complain. Lang mo's photo albums are criticized as low class and inappropriate and are banned to promote in this year's book fair. Although Chrissie Chau and her juniors to launch words-only CopyBook, challenging HK Trade and Development Council, but still got rejected. Anthony Wong scolded lang mos are challenging bottom line of Hong Kong's morality. He even aimed at Chrissie, saying she isn't educated, no; smart but doesn't have great wisdom.

Alvina Kong said Angela Tong and Chin Ka Lok broke up

Alvina Kong
Angela Tong

Earlier at Angela Tong's birthday party, because of one of the guests Alvina Kong's comment: "They already broke up" (Referring to Chin Ka Lok and Angela Tong), stirred up rumors that they broke up. Last night, Angela and Alvina attended a World Cup shopping mall event and were not embarrassed to see each other and requested for a group photo. Alvina explained again that the comment was just a joke. She also called Angela afterwards and apologize, and strongly insisted that Chin Ka Lok is not upset with her.

When reporters asked Angela if their relationship is stabled? She only laughed: "I never said anything, I'm very happy now!" Later reporters teased her again saying that she and Chin Ka Lok have going through another obstacle in their relationship, Angela vigorously shook her head. Reporters asked again if they broke up? She said: "Just say however you guys like to say it. (What did he give you for your birthday?) Giving gifts does not necessary have to be on the actual birthday, usually even after I saw the gift, can still give it. (You already saw it?) Nothing special, I'm not greedy."

Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Adam Cheng in Jade Solid Gold show

Adam Cheng

Because TVB and the four record companies haven't resolve their copyright tax incident, many singers cannot appear to "Jade Solid Gold," causing the show's rating to drop. "JSG" will make changes to regain its lost grounds. It would approach to veteran singers that don't belong to the four record companies like Adam Cheng and Liza Wang. Next month they would hold a a "Golden Songs Entertainment is Really Classic Concert" to save the show.

Yesterday Adam replied to reporters and said: "Don't dare to say I'm saving the show, 'JSG' is a music program, without that many singers it really isn't that good, but I heard 'the four' and TVB would resolve their matter soon. We don't know how many episodes we would do, but want to do something new, like rapping with MC Jin, I can do it. (Impersonating?) It would take too long to prepare!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Gillian Chung and Alex Fong promoting Emperor's Waterlilies in Shanghai

Gillian Chung Alex Fong

Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) and Alex Fong are currently busy promoting Emperor's "Waterlilies" in 15 cities around the mainland. When they were in Shanghai, they had to attend events in 5 cinemas. To their surprise, one of the cinemas decorated the stage like a beach. When Ah Gill and Alex went to the next cinema, nearly 100 fans were waiting for them. They held up a banner written "1314", meaning "forever and ever". The fans said to Ah Gill and Alex, "we love you forever and ever". Ah Gill was so touched.

Translator: R.E.D @

Boyfriend help Fala Chen turn into a singer

Fala Chen

"Neway Big Siu Lai" Fala Chen can finally fulfill her singer dream. It is understood that Fala will soon be singing a contract with Neway's old executive Herman Ho's record company and becomes opposite of Neway, which is currently managed by Neway's second young master (Sit Ka Lun), fighting back for her boyfriend Sit Sai Hang!

It was said that Neway's two young masters Sit Sai Hang and Sit Ka Lun are both fighting to get up top, making it hard on the two girlfriends Fala and Marie Zhuge. It was rumored that Fala had always wanted to release a music album and under the support of her boyfriend, she can easily become Neway's first sister. She personally went to Herman Ho, a trusted adviser to Sit Sai Hang and was still Neway's executive at the time, to discuss a contract. However, unexpectedly Neway gone through some changes where the company's management was handed over to Hang's younger brother Sit Sai Lun. Lun quickly objected to signing Fala, scattering her singer dreams.

After Lun became the head of the company, Hang's trusted assistant Herman quickly left Neway and started his own company "Star Entertainment Ltd." Tomorrow he's going to be holding a press conference at Four Seasons Hotel. The singers under Star Entertainment including Jade Kwan, Fala Chen, Joyce Cheng and newcomer Jinny Ng will be attending.

Earlier, rumors say Fala and Hang secretly married. Recently news reveals Hang is actually one of the big bosses behind "Star Entertainment", he put out money and effort behind the scenes to help out his girlfriend, Fala is said to release her debut album in October. She's strongly supported to get this year's Newcomer Award. Because of Hang and Herman's relationship, the royalties paid is higher than the average TVB artist signing for a record company, increased to 20%, so Fala earns even more.

[Oriental Daily] contacted Fala to confirm, she replied through her manager: "She did meet Herman Ho earlier. Whether or not the contract is successful, the decision is made by TVB. Fala personally does really want to be a singer and release albums." As for Herman Ho, he accepted an interview and admitted that he did meet with Fala: "I've heard her record before, felt that her vocals are pretty good. She really enjoys singing. (Is the big boss Sit Sai Hang?) Absolutely not." As for Joyce's manager (Chan Suk Fan), she said: "We have discussed many times, we have intentions to collaborate."

Source: Oriental Daily

Cecilia Cheung and Tony Leung in Derek Yee's film

Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung
attended to a bed event yesterday in Shanghai. Seems to have lost some weight, Cecilia expressed she would partner up with Tony Leung Chiu Wai next February to film Derek Yee's new film. She expressed she never retired from showbiz, so there isn't anything such as making a comeback with Tony. As for reports said mother-in-law Deborah objected Lucas stepping into the showbiz, Cecilia denied it and redressed for Deborah.

Eleven years ago, Cecilia collaborated with Tony in "Tokyo Raiders." Next February she would collaborate with him again, filming Derek Yee's new romance film. Asked wether she wants yo make her comback with Tony? She replied: "I never retired. Just earlier I spent almost 7 years having children? At this moment I don't plan to have any again, so I come out to film." She expressed Tony is very cool and is a very nice person. She feels very lucky to collaborate with him again. Because haven't filmed for a long time, Cecilia expressed she is a little worried: "Haven't been to the place where we would film. Don't know wether I would feel strange." As for wether filming Stephen Chow's "King Comedy 2," she doesn't want to answer this question.

Earlier it's said husband Nicholas Tse intends to live in Shanghai, Cecilia cleared up for him: "Never plan to, if there is a chance, we would buy a house in Shanghai, but won't give up our house in Hong Kong." It's said Deborah objected Lucas stepping into showbiz, Cecilia said: "No such thing, I really have to speak for my mother-in-law like her. She always respect me and Nicholas, won't interfere any of our business. Sometimes I feel bad and heartache, how come outsiders have to say she is bad, definitely not. Hope media be more lenient, give her some space. She treats me very well, I don't have any unsatisfactory." When talking about Deborah, Cecilia's eyes went teary once. As for wether would allow her son to join showbiz, she expressed she won't force him to do things he doesn't like, as long as he's happy, now just want him to have fun.

Source: Singtao
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