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Jay Chou exes Jolin and Patty forced to work together

jolin tsai

Former love rivals, Taiwanese television host Patty Hou and singer-actress Jolin Tsai cross paths once again as the former joins the latter as 7-Eleven’s latest ambassador. Patty and Mayday vocalist Ah Xin will play a couple in a series of advertisements for 7-Eleven. Although Jolin is no longer the sole ambassador, her contract with 7-Eleven still out wins Patty’s takings by at least more than once. Jolin’s earnings amount to NT8 million (S$400,000).

Both Jolin and Patty previously dated Taiwanese pop-idol Jay Chou. It was rumoured that Patty was the one who came between Jolin and Jay. Since then, Patty and Jolin have avoided each other in terms of work and appearances. However, the former rivals are forced to meet again thanks to this campaign.

As 7-Eleven’s ambassador, Jolin has anchored many of their major ad campaigns and products. Therefore, it came as a surprise when Patty was chosen to front the new ads.

7-Eleven’s public relations officer explained, “This is because the pairing up between Ah Xin and Patty will give off a more intriguing effect.”

As ambassadors of hot beverages, Patty’s laughter has left a very deep impression on a shy Ah Xin. She joked, “My laughter is more ‘man’ than Ah Xin’s!” and even teased the singer, “Are you intending to fly solo? Why are you the only one in Mayday who is filming this ad?”

On his impression of Patty, Ah Xin said, “My first impression of her was that she sounded just like a news anchor. In the beginning, talking to her is just like being interviewed. However, as the ad production started to drag into midnight, I saw another side to her, and realised that she is actually a very lively person.”

According to reports, 7-Eleven first approached Ah Xin before coming up with a list of possible female partners. Taking Ah Xin’s opinions into consideration, Patty was eventually chosen as his female counterpart. 7-Eleven’s public relations officer expressed that Jolin was not on the list.

In the advertisement, both Ah Xin and Patty play two people who are “more than friends but not yet a couple” and there are many scenes of Patty being embraced in Ah Xin’s arms. Response from viewers have been lukewarm with the main gripe being the scenes felt more like an older sister looking after her younger brother. This, despite the fact that Ah Xin is two years older than Patty.


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