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Angela Tong takes good care of Janet Chow acting in her debut TVB series

angela tong

Miss Hong Kong 2006 1st runner up Janet Chow, also rumored with Timmy Hung has just started to shoot her debut TVB series "The Iron Horse Searches for the Bridge". In the series she plays Angela Tong's god daughter. Whether its in the series or outside the series Angela takes great care of Janet. She said "Because it's my debut TVB series there are many things I am not aware about. Many preparations such as carrying an umbrella with you to protect you from the sun, a chair for resting and mosquito spray. Angela told me all these useful tips. The filming atmosphere is very nice and everyone jokes a lot".

In the series Janet will have many fighting scenes. She stated that she is able to handle it. "Earlier when I was training in the TVB acting classes I was taught a few basic martial art moves. As long as I concentrate and listen to the stunt coordinator's guidance I should be able to handle it".

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ mediachamber.net

Ron Ng getting famous in Shanghai thanks to "Rosy Business"

ron ngron ng

Ron Ng was invited as guest of honor for the shop opening of Italy fashion "Asobio" in Shanghai the other day. After "Rosy Business", he is getting very "hot" in the mainland. When he arrived at the airport, over 50 fans were there to greet him and some fans shouted his nickname "Chiang Bi Chun" (stupid). He was laughing his head off.

Ron was wearing his face mask throughout his journey from Hong Kong to Shanghai due to the spreading of H1N1 which is getting quite serious there. He even brought with him some hand wash solution. After he has landed in Shanghai airport, local guards went inside the plane to take the passenger's body temperature. They dressed up like astronauts, Ron couldn't help laughing. Some passengers went up to the local guards to ask if they can take pictures with them. Reporter asked Ron about his fees for that event, Ron replied happily "Although there is a credit crunch, I am happy for my fees. I must thank "Rosy Business" for making me well known, I have more chances to earn money too. I hope the same cast will have a chance to work together again."

Source: Takungpao/MingPao(image)
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Sherming Yiu received sexual harassment phone calls from youth

sherming yiusherming yiusherming yiusherming yiu

Sherming Yiu has been receiving numerous sexual harassment phone calls from a 17 years old Lin Chun Sing since Jan 25th this year. Some of the calls had a lot of moaning sound made by him, and sometimes, he asked if he could have sex with her. She tolerated the phone calls till Feb 24th before contacting the police. The police traced the call, and found that 11 calls were made from his mother's phone. Lin was arrested in April. He told the police that he was bored and wanted to have a bit of fun, that is why he did it.

Judge Ma Hon told him "You have an 18 year old sister, if someone does that to her, would you be angry? I don't understand your mentality, why did you call someone who is so much older than you?" Lin was nodding his head to show he understood . The lawyer pleaded on his behalf, stating that Lin knows his mistakes and he is willing to apologizes to Sherming. Even though Sherming had forgiven him through the media, the judge was not happy. He continued "You made those phone calls in the middle of the night and early mornings, your victim can't pretend nothing has happened. Although you are willing to apologize in court, have you thought about how she was feeling when you made those phone calls?"

Lin was sentenced to 100 hours community service. Sherming said she doesn't know whether it's a heavy sentence or not, but she respects the judge's decision. She reckoned if he really knows that he has done wrong and not to make the same mistakes again, she hope people will give him a chance since he is still very young.

Lin works as a delivery boy and in 2007 he was highly commented by the police department for handing in something he picked up on the road. He said Sherming has never done anything to him. He was just being playful and he regretted what he had done. At the moment, he is working and studying and hope he will be able to study abroad like his sister. Lin's parents promised they will look after him and go to church with him too.

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Angela Zhang relies on electrifying eyes to get endorsements; loses another 3kg for new album

angela zhang

Angela Zhang, who has been quiet in the entertainment industry for a year and a half yesterday attended an endorsement event for Johnson’s contact lenses. Her already charming big eyes, plus with contacts made her eyes even more sparkling. Because she will be releasing her new album in August, so to look good infront of the camera, Angela lost another 3kg.

At the event yesterday, Angela wore a purple top and whjite jeans. But when she headed onstage, she kept having to pull up her jeans. In fact, so to look good infront of the camera for her upcoming album, she went from 46kg back to 43kg.

However, although she’s back to being skinny, but compared to her previous 36kg, now she still looks a lot more healthy.

Source: Epoch Times
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Ivy Chen poses as Cinderella; Seduces Eddie Peng on the streets

eddie peng

Ivy Chen, whose popularity has risen from , was in the process of filming the new film yesterday on the streets. Under a high temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, she endured through 3 hours of special makeup to become a Cinderella street-performer. She pushes Mark Zhao away, and uses sign language to express her love to Eddie Peng, the male lead of the film. The process of their filming attracted many passer-bys.

Considerately helps Eddie fan off heat with small electric fan

In the afternoon of June 19th, reporters saw Ivy Chen painted in grayish-white from head to toe, while wearing a hat and in a western style dress, posing as a street performer. Eddie Peng, who is in love with her in the film, kept making faces and gestures at her to make her laugh. Between takes, the two of them often continue to fool around. Due to the hot temperature, Ivy Chen considerately takes out her mini electric fan that was prepared for her by the staff, to help Eddie Peng fan off some heat. According to the staff, Ivy Chen and Eddie Peng, who are of the same age, have been getting along very well, and that they often get together outside of filming!

Because Ivy Chen has very sensitive skin, her face makeup was put on last. In order to pretend to be a street performer, she also wore a grey color wig. She joked, "The only part that's real are my breasts.

Source : Liberty Times
translated by fewfew @ http://asianfanatics.net

Congratulations to Catherine Hung!

catherine hung

After fours years of dating, Catherine Hung (38) and Zhang Dan Feng (27) tied the knot under the witness of her son and their friends. Zhang Dan Feng made a promise to love Catherine forever and ever! When asked if she was touched by his promise, Catherine said he constantly says these kind of words all the time.

Catherine's bridesmaid group included: Ada Choi, Monica Chan, and Yoyo Mung. Ada was also a host during the ceremony along with Evergreen Mak. The guest list included: Teresa Mo, Ray Lui, Eddie Kwan, Andrew Lin, Dai Si Chung, Raymond Wong, Cheng Ming Ming, Jade Leung, Chu Ling Ling, Lee Siu Gei, Poon Mei Sun, etc.

Ada Choi and Yoyo Mung snatches the limelight in their sexy dresses!

Ada and Yoyo were wearing high leg-slit and low-cut dresses. When Ada pulled her dress up to reveal her long legs as requested by the media to take pictures, the mischievous Yoyo all of a sudden touched Ada's leg. Ada was rather embarrassed by Yoyo's actions.

Source: Mingpao
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S.H.E All Three are Crazy about Getting Married


It took a long time to schedule an interview with S.H.E. These three ladies were simply too popular right now. New songs, endorsements, commercial performances, their work was already scheduled all the way to the end of next year. Not long ago, they released their newest album [FM S.H.E]. This was the 11th album from S.H.E in the last 8 years. During the interview, each person was amazingly energetic even though the average age of the group was over 27 years old. There was not a single moment when they were not joking around noisily and their exuberance simply made one’s head spin. They said that S.H.E would not restrict themselves from flying solo however they would not disband. The greatest wish for each of them was to be married by the time they reached 30 years old.

The secret of “Keeping Fresh” was Freedom

A girl group in the Chinese music scene that was able to maintain its popularity for eight years. That in itself was already a legend in the making. And with their current level of popularity, their position was still as solid as ever. With regards to the secret of how S.H.E kept fresh, they who were both noisily boastful and at the same time a bit bewildered, all demonstrated the invincible “spirit of Ah-Q”.

Ella with her boyish personality expressed: [Actually speaking of keeping fresh, we did not pay any special thoughts of this matter. Because there is already three of us and our personalities are all very noisy very excitable. To us, no matter of what types of work, it is more like playing. When we sing, we are playing while we are singing. When we are performing or endorsing, we are so noisy that even our staff couldn’t stand it. Perhaps it is because we are always very happy so when people see us, they would be happy too.]

Hebe who was regarded as the “calm” one of the three, totally did not agree with what Ella said: [Hey, we are not comedians. We are popular is because we had never looked upon ourselves as celebrities. We are never pretentious. We just wanted to do our best to showcase ourselves.] And Selina who always pretended to be a lady beside them could not pretend any longer and exclaimed loudly: [You guys are so noisy. We are popular is because we are both talented and beautiful.]

When chatting with them, it took a long time to get to the main topics because it was hard to figure out which sentence out of them was serious. Interviewing them was happy but anxiety-ridden.

They, whose average age was 27 years old, were always so adorable, which unavoidably would make people feel that they were pretending to be youthful. They did not mind this type of thought at all. Selina shared: [We did not pretend to be adorable. Being adorable is not the direction that we are aiming for. Hey, we had always been constantly changing. Sometimes we are sexy and sometimes we are adorable. Our music also was never restricted to a particular style. We are very free, willing to attempt anything and also not afraid of failures. Fortunately, we have also been very lucky. The fans had always accepted our boldness. Our new song {Long Live Adorableness} is to promote to everyone to pretend to be adorable because pretending to be adorable is actually a very aerobic activity. Regardless of soul or body, one can be adorable forever.]

Encourages Flying Solo but Determined Not to Disband

As one of the most active groups in the Chinese music scene, S.H.E appeared in various territories within the entertainment circle. Most times the three of them were together like a set of triplets. However they were not restricted to only group activities like other groups. When they do things individually, each was just as fascinating. Particularly in hosting and in acting, all three had fairly good results. Therefore, the rumor of them disbanding also had never stopped.

When the reporters asked them if there was any possibility of them really disbanding, they laughed that the three of them was always in the situation of flying solo. Ella expressed: [We have already said that S.H.E has lots of freedom. We don’t want to give ourselves any type of restrictions or refuse any possibilities. All three of us had some work in dramas. Sometimes, we cannot ask the production company to include all three of us so when we each have our own work, we would become separate entities. I already flew solo when I acted in {The Rose}. Furthermore, we had always flown very hard and fast. Now Selina also has her own hosting jobs. Only Hebe remained loyal to music. She is in the midst of preparing for a new album of her own. However, flying solo does not represent that we are disbanding. There are some things that required S.H.E to be together. Our hearts are always together no matter what. We are happiest when the three of us are together. We have always advocated the model of flying solo without disbanding. This is one of our secrets of working in the entertainment circle.]

All Wanted to be Married by 30 Year Old

If one did not know that the age of all three was not young, it was hard to connect S.H.E with the idea of marriage, even though their luck with the opposite sex was very good and each of them had been rumored with super handsome guys. Many fans also felt that even without marriage, the three of them could still be together happily to old age.

When the reporters kept asking them the one thing they most wanted to accomplish, as if previously agreed, all three said that they wanted to get marry within the next two years. Hebe expressed: [We have never been super women nor do we think that we could even become that type of a person. Now we do what we like to do and hoped that we could continue to respect our current desires. Before I reach 30, I hope to meet a very good man and have a happy family. I think this is every girl’s dream. Even if we were married and have children, at that time, if everyone is still willing to accept S.H.E, we would still continue to work and still be working happily just like right now.]

Selina shared that S.H.E had a common requirement for their future other half: [We all hoped that each other’s “that person” could play along with us, could understand the cold jokes between us and could let us to do whatever we want to do at any given time.]

Source: finance.ifeng.com
Translation by wyn0602 of CEFC

Jerry Yan suffering from insomnia; consults Zai Zai & Ella for help

jerry yan

Jerry Yan has filming drama and releasing album burning at both ends. With the immense amount of pressure, he started getting insomnia half a year ago. And he even consulted good friends Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) and Ella for remedies: “The scariest thing about insomnia is that your eyes are open till morning, and then you think about all the work you have to do, without getting any sleep.”

Yesterday, Jerry held an international fan meet at Yang Ming Shan. And 2000 seats were completely filled by fans from Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea etc. Each person had to pay 1000 yuan entrance fee, and the whole event earned over $2million. In order to avoid being suspected of ‘sucking gold’, JVR publicity manager Zhang Lan Yun expressed: “Minus the rent, hardware and software costs, and the company also has to make up the difference. If there’s any money left over, we will donate it to charity.”

At the event, Jerry told many cold jokes. When the host asked him about the character he plays in his new drama ‘Down With Love’, he replied: “In the drama, I play doraemon.” (translator note: drama and doraemon sounds similar when you pronounce it XD) And everyone exclaimed: “Oh so cold!” Jerry had anticipated this fan meet, but when he gets nervous, he tends to get insomnia. Zai Zai told him to take sleeping pills, and Ella recommended he take melatonin, but he feels that taking sleeping pills isn’t good for his health, so he tries to avoid it if he can.

When Jerry gets insomnia, his mood is also affected. There was once when he didn’t get enough sleep, he kept NG-ing and he was so angry he hammered the table. Director Ke reminded him: “When you don’t smile, everyone feels pressure.” And Jerry took this good advice, saying: “If my laughter can make everyone else happy, then I should change my work methods.”

But Jerry has also being infected by Ella’s bubbly personality. Yesterday, his attitude was very relaxed, and he did not reject taking photos and hugging fans. This made everyone cry out in happiness, initially he wasn’t going to sing his new songs, because it clashed with his just released album, but while Japanese fans dedicated the song ‘Meteor Rain’ to him, he sung along with them, and even encourage everyone to sing along, and the atmosphere was very warm and passionate.

Source: China Times
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Ariel Lin welcomes tall brave guys to come forward

ariel lin

‘Golden Bell Queen’ Ariel Lin currently is a ‘jade flower’ with nobody pursing her. She lists the conditions, welcoming any tall brave guys, to come forward!

Ariel is about to release her new album ‘Meeting Happiness’. Yesterday, she held a singing fan meet, and good sister Stella Huang gave her a gold and pink cake, and 2 pairs of couple jandals, hoping that she will find her other half soon. Ariel laughed saying: “Cinderella’s Prince finds a glass slipper, my Prince is definitely going to be a Black Prince who finds a jandal!”

She revealed that currently, there is nobody pursing her, and she listed her requirements: “Has to be tall, be compassionate and be brave.” Halfway during the fan meet, there was a drunk person who began throwing bottles at everyone, and this scared both Ariel and her fans. But staff members immediately reported this to police and it was quickly dealt with.

Souce: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics,net

Xiao S Taking Advantage of Jerry Yan During KangXi Special in Shanghai

jerry yan

Celebrity host of “Kang Xi Lai Le,” Xiao S, has been known for taking “advantages” (cough cough) of popular male stars on the show. The so-to-speak victims include Mark Zhao, who has recently shot to fame due to his more-than-outstanding performance in TV Drama “Black & White.” While all that is part of Xiao S’ unique MC style, it has nonetheless brought complaints from netizens.

At the Kang Xi Special stage in Shanghai two nights ago, Xiao S repeated her usual behaviors as she got a little touchy feely towards guests such as Jerry Yan, Show Lo, and Stanley Huang… with her husband Mike Xu looking from the audience. Jerry Yan agreed to hold Xiao S and spin around as a present for her 31st birthday; contrary to his usually cool attitude, Jerry held on for ten circles before letting go.

The day after the Kang Xi Special turned out to be Xiao S’ 31st birthday. Therefore, during the previous night’s show, Cai Kang Yong kept using “giving Xiao S a birthday present” as an excuse to allow opportunities for Xiao S to enjoy the physical contact with several guests. Even though her husband was sitting in the audience, Xiao S did not shy away from enjoying the time with them. When Jerry stepped on stage, she requested that he hold her and spin around three times.

Jerry took off his jacket right away and started turning in frenzy, causing Xiao S to scream. After 5 or 6 circles, he still did not stop. This is when Xiao S yelled: “Put me down! Put me down! I am about to throw up!” After being spinned around for 10 circles, Xiao S finally escaped. As she stumbled around, still dizzy, she complained to Jerry.

Getting a little “physical” with male guests has apparently become one of her “to-kill” tactics. She said “This is for the mainland audience to see the original KangXi flavor. The sponsor company even told me to feel free to be myself on stage.”

With her husband enjoying Xiao S having “fun” on stage, Xiao S yelled to him, “Sorry, Hubby. I am just doing this to earn the money.” After the show, Xiao S revealed that “of course he knew beforehand and appreciates the style of my hosting.” After the show was over, Xiao S, accompanied by her husband, spent her 31st birthday in Shanghai. Thirty or more friends, including Pace Wu, Makiyo, celebrated with her at the popular nightclub, Muse (owned by Hong Kong star, Carina Lau). She was reportedly already tipsy when she left.

Source: http://news.xinmin.cn
Translated by: aegeantales@ http://asianfanatics.net

Pierre Ngo hopes his father can see his career being recognized

pierre ngo

Some men don't talk a lot, Pierre Ngo hardly confines to his father when things are getting tough. He usually keeps things to himself. Since he enters the entertainment industry, his father let him get on with his career. Pierre told reporter "Even when I appears in a TV series, my father would watch it and goes back to his bedroom to read newspaper and then go to sleep. Sometimes, he would give me his opinion, such as "Your acting in this episode is not great", or "this episode is good, not bad." My father usually goes straight to the point, he never criticizes me, and he gives me so much encouragement.",

When Pierre was little, his mother left the family due to his father's gambling habit. Then his father remarried again and had a boy and a girl. Pierre said "My father has a bad temper, I was afraid of him. He used to hit me with a cane." Nevertheless, Pierre still loves his family. His father was diagnosed as having cancer earlier on and Pierre takes over the role to look after the family. He added "I was in tears when he was diagnosed as having cancer."

Nowadays when Pierre is free, he goes to visit his father and takes him out to the cafe."I often see some families, when the father enters the room, one would be eating and the other one was playing computer game. I am lucky I have a warm family, although the area is small. When we are chatting to each other, we are so happy." Pierre's father is over 60 years old, he is like a father himself as he often nags at his father to give up smoking and drinking. "My father has mellowed a lot now, I feel he is like an old man." Speaking about father's day present, Pierre hopes his father can see him getting recognized in the entertainment world. "This is very important to me."

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Miriam: Guest for Raymond Lam's concert

miriam yeung

Miriam was the performing guest for Raymond Lam's concert, while Real Ting was in the audience seat with a little girl.

Raymond introduced Miriam as his "screen lover" and audience thought it was Linda Chung intially. Miriam teased Raymond, "Many are more suitable than me to be your lover!" Raymond asked her, "When will you give me that(wedding invitation)?" Miriam refused to comment on Real Ting and the little girl who were present at the concert.

When Miriam attended an awards show in Chengdu, reporters asked about her marriage again. She replied, "All the rumours are fake, they are the magazines' wishful thinking. (delaying marriage date?) Why delay? Getting married has no need to be so mysterious. I will announce if I can get married off!"

Credits: to http://miriamyeung-sg.com/home/

A Jiao going to Malaysia for filming an ad and avoiding Edison

gillian chung

Gillian Chung (A Jiao) flew to Malaysia for an ad filming yesterday on June 18, and will stay there for 3 days. When she knew that Edison will fly there too, her reaction was indifferent as she didn’t really want to talk about it.

According to the Hong Kong media report, Gillian Chung (A Jiao) flew to Malaysia yesterday on June 18 to film an ad, will stay there for 3 days, and will fly back to Hong Kong tomorrow morning (June 20). Her ex-lover, Edison Chen, will also fly to Malaysia for his clothing store opening ceremony. A Jiao was indifferent to hearing this.

Yesterday at about 2pm, A Jiao wore a black hat, a pair of sunglasses, a T shirt with some patterns on it, a pair of jeans, a pair of high-heeled short boots, black pearl bracelet, a pair of Channel earrings, and carried a Channel brown bag to the airport. She was accompanied by 2 assistants, altogether going to Malaysia to work.

A Jiao was natural on that day, she smiled, let the reporters to take her pictures, and had to go through the formalities of boarding the plane. It is known that she will be in Malaysia for 3 days, and will fly back to Hong Kong tomorrow morning (June 20) to avoid meeting Edison in the afternoon. When she was asked that the reason she takes the morning flight is to avoid him, she replied coldly, "I don’t know when he’s coming here and when he’s coming back." If you 2 meet, would you feel uneasy? She answered firmly, "We won’t be able to meet each other, I have to go to work!" Maybe you guys can meet in the airport? "The airport is huge!"

She was also asked whether she would shop in a frenzied manner in Malaysia, she replied, "No, I won’t because I don’t have the time." Are you in good condition? "Okay, but my voice is a bit hoarse!" She also revealed that she was almost unable to fly abroad, she said, "I couldn’t find my passport, and had to find it all night yesterday." After that A Jiao and her assistants went into the gate, and she waved her hand when she was about to leave.

Soon A Jiao will perform in a comedy theatrical show for the first time. The show is called , and it is a new challenge for her. It is heard that the Emperor Entertainment Group spent 6 digits sum of money to successfully arrange the purchasing of the show. On the D day, A Jiao will perform with the HK drama big star, Chen Shu Yi and the HK theatrical queen, Shao Mei Jun. All three of them will collaborate in the theatrical show, and they surely will crack the audience up. A Jiao will attend the show’s press conference next week.

Source: http://ent.163.com/09/0619/08/5C5HK13T00031H2L.html
Translation: ling gan @ http://asianfanatics.net

Fan Bingbing Cherishes Memories of the Past

fan bing bing

The actress, previously known for her classic beauty look in a variety of commercials is drawing more and more attention for her gradually convincing performances on the big screen.

Three of her latest works including the romance comedy "Sophie's Revenge", spy thriller "East Wind Rain" and action movie "Bodyguards and Assassins" will soon hit the theatres.

Audiences then will have chance to score this industrious actress in a multifaceted range of roles against stars like popular actress Zhang Ziyi, veteran actor Liu Yunlong, and Kung Fu star Donnie Yen Chi-Tan.

The actress, who has busy work schedule, keeps a very low key private life and is seldom caught hanging out with others.

About Wang Xuebing, the only rumored ex-boyfriend Fan hasn't denied, Fan said that was very fond memory for her. She openly said she had thought about marriage, but did not know if it suits her.

Fan hinted that if one day she cuts back on her work and only takes up one or two films in a year, she is probably in love.

Source: CRI.English

Da S neglects Huang Xiao Ming, boat of love hits iceberg

da s

Peter Ho's first self produced and self directed drama series "Summer of Bubbles" boasts of a strong cast, comprising Da S, Huang Xiao Ming, Coco Chiang and Patina Lin. Huang Xiao Ming was rumoured to have special feelings towards Da S. However, on the evening of June 14, we spotted the team filming and there was a lack of interaction between the two of them. Both of them were polite to each other and it appears that it'll take some time for them to develop a romance.

Making up for lack of chemistry through rehearsing

"Summer of Bubbles" has been facing obstacle after obstacle since it started filming. First, there was the change of male lead from Peter Ho to Huang Xiao Ming. then Huang Xiao Ming delayed his arrival in Taiwan for filming, causing the production team to be rather tensed. On 14th, Huang Xiao Ming and Da S were rehearsing their lines on a street. He was dressed lavishly while she was plainly clothed. It appeared that they were not very well rehearsed and occasionally needed the director to step in to instruct them aboout their positions. There was also a scene where an extra would rush in and Huang Xiao Ming was to pull Da S along with him as he ran. They had to rehearse this quite a few times to get this perfect.

Lack of interaction makes it difficult to produce sparks of love

After filming, both of them went to chat with their own acquaintances. Da S was at on side stretching her back and even placed both of hands behind her neck as she rested her eyes. On the other hand, Huang Xiao Ming was standing behind a lamp post talking to someone else. The personal interaction between them is rare and few in between. It seems that there is still a long way to go if they wanted to develop a romance.

The director of "Summer of Bubbles" said, "Why would you say that things between Da S and Huang Xiao Ming are not going good? Didn't Huang Xiao Ming invite Da S along when he gave a treat of roasted meat the last time?" He said that artistes always go about doing their own things after filming, so one cannot say that their interaction is little based on this. However, we understand that it was because Hei Ren was there during the treat that they called Da S along.

Source : Liberty Times
Translated by karened @ http://asianafanatics.net

Leon Jay Williams & Genie Zhuo pair up in new idol drama 'River Lovers'

genie zhuo

Leon Jay Williams returns to Taiwanese idol dramas and pairs up with Genie Zhuo in new drama ‘River Lovers’. Yesterday, the 2 had costume fitting, and although it was the first time they met each other, Leon said that 2 months ago, he had come to Taiwan, and saw one of Genie’s MVs on TV and she left a deep impression on him. Coincidentally, now they will pair up to film a drama, and he said that it feels like fate.

After guesting in 10 episodes of ‘My Lucky Star’, Leon hasn’t appeared in any Taiwanese idol dramas in 2 and a half years. But he hasn’t been inactive, developing towards the big screen in ‘Shi Quan Jiu Mei’ and also replaced Edison Chen in ‘Jump’. In the past 2 years, he bought 2 houses in Singapore, estimated to be over $30million in total.

Leon and his girlfriend Joyce, who isn’t in the entertainment circle currently have a stable relationship, but they aren’t in a rush to get married. Yesterday, during costume fitting, Teacher Chan Wei Zhong did some fortune telling. He praised Leon saying he has strong capability, but he won’t get married within these 3 years. Leon laughed but did not reply.

Source: TOM
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Andy Hui 'snatches' Jay Chou’s rumoured girlfriend: I’m the one Jessie Chiang likes!

andy huiandy huiandy hui

Yesterday, Andy Hui filmed the MV for the title track ‘比翼双飞’ in his new album. For this MV, he invited Jay Chou’s rumoured girlfriend Jessie Chiang to be the female lead. The song tells of a couple achieving their dream of travelling the world, but on the way, they meet God’s merciless joke, and the female lead eventually dies, becoming the male lead’s forever sad song. The 2 showed off a big romantic display, and Andy joked, exclaiming to the air: “I’m the one she truly likes!”

Jessie revealed that both she and her mum are Andy’s loyal fans. The first time being in such close contact with her idol, she was so nervous that she couldn’t look him straight in the eye, and she kept repeating shyly: “I feel like I’m dreaming.” Under Andy’s encouragement, the 2 began to heat up, and did many intimate poses infront of the camera. Talking about his collaboration with Jessie, Andy laughed saying: “Previously, I heard about her rumours with Jie Lun, but I want to clarify, Jie Lun ah, the one she truly likes is me, not you la!” He also praised Jessie saying: “She is a very cute little girl, and looks very warm and gentle, I think there should be many guys that wish to be in close contact with her.”

Source: CCTV
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Jay Chou denies getting back together with Jolin Tsai

jay chou

Yesterday, Jay Chou was rumoured to open a ‘couple shop’ with Jolin Tsai, and there were even rumours that suggested the 2’s ‘Mr. J’ and ‘Mr. Q’ brands have earned a massive $300million yuan.

Yesterday, Jay arrived in Hang Zhou and towards these spicy rumours, Jay who is used to these rumours used an exaggerated expression on his face and expressed that the first time he heard this, he was very surprised, and he revealed that both ‘Mr J’ and ‘Mr Q’ who have recently entered the Shanghai market, are actually his dance teacher Ice Cream’s shops: “I didn’t invest any money.” As for whether he has reconciled with Jolin, Jay used an even more firm attitude and shook his head, denying. He also seemed to allude to the fact that Jolin plagarises other people’s creativity. He said: “Mr Q was actually my early creation, and afterwards when the song came out (referring to Jolin’s song ‘Mr Q’) I was really shocked! So I changed it a bit, into ‘Mr Qu’"

Source: sina
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Charlene Choi gets electrified by Raymond Lam and almost fainted!

raymond lamraymond lamraymond lam

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) attended her "younger brother" Raymond Lam's concert as his guest performer. The two duet the English song "In Love With You" and completely forgot about their own individual rumors. Afterwards, Ah Sa said that she almost fainted by Raymond's electrical eye shocks (his handsomeness), and she seems to have ignored the fact that rumored boyfriend Ronald Cheng could be jealous, she shouted: "Wah! Can't take it anymore, I'm going to faint, I can't look at Raymond Lam for more than 10 seconds!" Raymond who was next to her laughed and immediately said: "Don't play me la!" The two held hands as they sang the song and Ah Sa revealed a sweet smile.

Not sure if she really got electrified by Raymond, but when Ah Sa performed her new song "Two Missing One", when she was walking around the stage, she almost tripped and fell into the pool area, fortunately she had fast reaction and saved herself. After having deep feeling, Raymond did not forget to take Ah Sa's rumors to joke around with, he implied that she should go on "Beautiful Cooking", Ah Sa immediately fought back: "There were rumors that 'someone' was too busy to be a guest, so they looked for me! The friend's surname is Chung! (implying Linda Chung)" Raymond laughed and said that the person's surname is Cheng!

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Yoyo Mung: Relationship with Ekin Cheng is good, did not force marriage

yoyo mung

Recently rumors of Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng's relationship changed has been going around. Sometimes it was said that Ekin doesn't want to get marry, and started a cold war with Yoyo. Other times it was said that they were looking everywhere to find the best place for their wedding banquet. Last night, Yoyo was in Hong Kong Coliseum to enjoy Raymond Lam's concert, towards the break up and marriage rumors, she said: "I didn't look at them, but I won't care or discuss about it. I just treat it as jokes. It's often like this, one side they are saying that we are good, the other side are saying that we aren't. My relationship with Ekin? OK!"

What about the reports saying that Yoyo plans for marriage? Yoyo frankly said that she has not talked about this topic yet. And is it true that Yoyo and Ekin are going around everywhere looking for a good place for their wedding banquet? She said: "I never saw the report, no comment. On Saturday Hung Yan is getting married, then I'll really be going around everywhere." Speaking of the reports that Hung Yan revealed that Yoyo's mood is quite irratated, Yoyo said: "She never said such thing. I know I will definitely believe my friends, I won't comment. I am just working hard on my jobs."

She frankly said that she has been followed by the Doggie Team for quite some time, hope they could focus more on the traffic safety. She stresses that she will be more than willing to take pictures with everyone, but she only hopes that the Doggie Team won't do things that are dangerous. Lastly, asked again about her and Ekin's relationship? Yoyo thought about it for a second then said: "Very good!"

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Andy to star in CNY film – Good Luck Again and Again

andy lau

Andy Lau is currently location shooting Detective Dee in Hengdian, however news from insider that a Chinese New Year film starring Andy is currently under preparation, the title is temporary fixed as Hao Yun Lian Lian (literally translated as Good Luck Again and Again), it will be screened in cinema in February 2010 during the festive holidays.

It’s no surprise Andy starring in a Chinese New Year film, but it got the attention of people in the movie industry even though the film is still under preparation. Because this film will be the first film of the new round of Focus First Cut, it will also be the first time that Andy starring in a Focus First Cut project.

Three years ago, Andy’s Focus Film initial the Focus First Cut which picked six young directors and finance them to shoot their films. Among these directors, everyone would be most familiar with Ning Hao whose Crazy Stone collected $23 million reminbi in the box office, this allowed Ning Hao to become Mainland China’s first line director.

The director of this film will be another Mainland China director Lu Xiao-pin whom everyone familiarize for his Xiao Wei role in the comedy drama Northeast family. Other than being an actor, the graduate from The Central Academy of Drama was the director of several drama serials. According to the in-charge of the film production company, Jin Yan expressed that they rated Lu Xiao-pin’s script and is full of confidence of his way of comedy.

Other than Andy, the other characters in the film are being decided at the moment, this will be the first film that Beijing Jun Wen Culture Development invested, all the production team for this film are from Mainland China, cast includes actors from Hong Kong and Taiwan, they will be investing heavily in order to create a “feast” for the audience. The company revealed that this film will be the same relaxing comedy like Crazy Stone, the audience will burst into laughter when watching this film.

Ning Hao gained fame with Crazy Stone, thus it would make one think if this film will be another Crazy Stone in the making?

news from: Sina.com, ent.163.com, ent.hunantv.com
Credits: http://andylausounds.com

Nick Cheung & Esther Kwan Film Ad Together

esther kwan

Best actor, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and wife, Esther Kwan Wing Hor, filmed an ad for a mainland decorative items brand for a seven figure fee. The company planned the ad concept for half a year, using the backdrop of the wealthy Xiguan merchant image. Thus it was important to choose ad models who could convey the Xiguan merchant image. After four months of consultation, the company found Nick and Esther to be the most suitable couple. Aside from their talented performing skills, they also have a healthy image and fit the ad image.

On the day of the ad shoot, Nick exclaimed upon seeing the luxurious set, "Wow! The set looks beautiful!” After filming several intimate poses in which the couple looked into each others’ eyes, Nick and Esther could not refrain from laughing, causing multiple re-takes. The couple rarely gazed at each other so intimately in the presence of other people. However, Nick and Esther successfully completed the filming.

Source: Takungpao
Credits: Jayne @ http://jaynestars.com

Bosco Wong & rumored new love Zhao Lin sticks together like 'sugar and beans

bosco wong

Bosco Wong & rumored new love Zhao Lin sticks together like 'sugar and beans'

Recently Bosco Wong has been rumored to often be playing around and found a new love, making rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu unhappy and finally broke up with him. Yesterday there was a Magazine who reported that he was in Shenzhen filming for new series "Growing Through Life" and has feelings for Mainland actress Zhao Lin, he would often joke around with her and would teach her Cantonese to get her to like him more.

Last week, the two and the other cast members Damien Lau, Cecilia Yip and Toby Leung attended a press conference for the series. Bosco and Zhao Lin were not afraid of the rumors, they were on stage laughing and talking from time to time. It was seen that they had an enjoyable collaboration.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Niki Chow's new endorsement spent $100,000 on seaweed effect

niki chow

Niki Chow will depend on her healthy and fresh new image to be the spokesperson for Four Seas crackers. The advertisers invested more than HKD$100,000 on the laver (seaweed), there is even a woman who plays a special seaweed that is suspended into the air to add visual effects. Niki who loves to eat saw the crackers and became very happy, whenever she gets a break, she would not be able to help herself in trying out all the different flavors. She also likes the two seaweed crackers. Currently besides busy shooting the promotion for Four Seas, she is also busy getting ready to launch her new book and her next new album.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Danson Tang's hotness makes Huang Yali want to faint

danson tangdanson tang

Yesterday, Huang Yali filmed her new MV "Lian Ai Jue Ju Xuan/Perfect phrases for love," the male lead was popular idol Danson Tang.

The song sings of the brave love of "girl chasing boy." In the MV, Huang Yali's secretly in love with bakery chef Danson Tang and confesses her love with music. Huang Yali laughingly said," Danson Tang's eyes are really mesmerizing. When we're acting together, I don't even know where to look.

source: sina

Fala Chan plays the part as Laughing Gor's girl friend

fala chenfala chen

The leading female role for Michael Tse's movie "Laughing Gor of apostasy" has been disclosed at last. Fala Chan got the job as "Mrs. Laughing". The other night Michael, Fala and Felix Wong were shooting inside a timber mill in Yau Tong. TVB executive Virginia Lok went to visit the cast and she asked Michael if he was working very hard.

Michael was teased by the reporter as Miss Lok's "favorite one". Michael said she just finished visiting Raymond Lam and she was only passing by. Michael added "She loves all of us, in fact she wants to make sure we are not "being lazy". Michael went on to say that the weather has been unsettled these days. Fortunately, there is no rain therefore it doesn't affect the progress of filming. There was a scene when Michael and Fala were running, reporter asked if he is happy with his "girl friend"? Michael said he was supposed to be running with her behind him, but she was running faster than him. Michael didn't realize that although she looked quite weak, yet she is so agile. Asked if there was any intimate scene in the movie, Michael changed the subject, saying "The weather is really hot." The reporter kept asking him the same question, Michael told the reporter at last that there would be "bed scene", but he still has to discuss the detail with the director.

Fala thanked the company for giving her the opportunity to work with Michael. She told reporter "After the audition, I was hoping I would get the part. I was so thrilled when I was told that I got the job, I didn't know who else went for the audition too." Fala revealed that there will be a lot actions in the movie. Talking about the two "Best Actors" Francis Ng and Anthony Wong will be acting in the movie too, reporter asked if Fala feels the pressure? Fala responded by saying that she had asked around the way how Francis likes to act, and she found out that he likes to teach new comers. Fala herself will be working very hard on the script. In the movie, Fala plays the role as Francis's sister. Francis is the head of a triad, therefore they argue a lot. Speaking about the intimate scene, Fala expressed that she only just received the script. She didn't feel there is anything need to be excited about; anyway, she is more concerned with the action scene.

Translator:R.E.D @ http:www.asianvn.com

Niki Chow urges everyone to care for the elderly

niki chowniki chow

Niki Chow who was taken care of by her grand parents since a child is particuarly concerned about the problems elderly people face today. In recent years more cases of elderly abuse have been reported and Niki feels hopeless. It was "World Elder Abuse Awareness Day" yesterday and Niki appeared as the "Guardian Angel for the elderly" to promote elderly abuse awareness.


Earlier Niki went to Japan to prepare for her new album. She said "The new album theme is about Happiness. Actually, spending time with the elderly can bring happiness". While she was in Japan she met a 86 year old woman who has an optimistic attitude towards life. Niki felt inspired and considers that everyone needs to cherish the time they have with their elderly loved ones.

Be a good role model

Niki has been the "Guardian Angel for the elderly" for the past 3 years. As for elderly abuse cases rising in recent years, Niki agress with the Chinese saying (家有一老如有一寶) "It means's an elder at home is like a treasure of the family". She said "They need a lot of love and care. If I didn't have my grandparents I wouldn't be the happy and healthy person I am today. Everyone will get old one day. We should care for the elderly and be a good role model for the next generation".

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

Anita Yuen wants to be a judge for Mr Hong Kong

anita yuen

Anita Yuen and Cecilia Yip were at TVB City yesterday shooting for "Club Sparkle". The contestants of this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant have been criticized as the worst batch to date. As a former Miss Hong Kong winner Anita said "I haven't been paying attention to the Miss Hong Kong Pageant since 10 years ago. I was crowned the title in 1990. Speaking of next year it will be 20 years ago. But I feel TVB can give the girls a good makeover and make them look prettier. I didn't stand out from the other girls in the year I participated but the most important thing is to have self confidence on the night of the finals".

Currently it is not clear who will be crowning this year's Miss Hong Kong winner as Edelweiss Cheung is still frozen by TVB. Anita said "Being crowned the winner Edelweiss should respect the history of Miss Hong Kong. She should have thought clearly about it when she was participating in the pageant. Loretta Chu Ling Ling should crown the new winner". Anita revealed that she is more interested in the Mr Hong Kong contest and hopes to be a judge with Christine Ng.

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

Tavia Yeung doesn't mind doing a breast enlargement advertisement

tavia yeung

Tavia Yeung accepted a radio show interview with Eileen Cha. They discussed about Shirley Yeung recently shooting a breast enlargement advertisement . Tavia said "If I have a body figure like hers I will not mind shooting an advertisement. If the products can really enlarge breasts I would also like try them out. But most important is that I give out a healthy image and not selling sexiness". The reporter asked if she wanted to increase a cup size? She laughed "I want to increase a cup size healthily". She stated that she has her limits in sexiness and it will depend on the occasion.

source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

Asia’s Premier Female Group S.H.E Releases First Digital Album in 200


S.H.E’s [Map of Love] – digital album of new songs + beloved love songs
First time digitally released by China Mobile

Those songs that were deeply loved by us, one by one, connected to become a map of love Accompanied us to this point in life. S.H.E who are deeply loved by you, song by song, connecting into a map of love Accompanying you to continue forward to a happy and meaningful future

The first digital album of S.H.E includes 2 new songs and 8 unforgettable love songs Infinitely magnifies sentimental energy through China Mobile’s release platform. Freezing time with their perfect singing, Make us fall deeply in love with S.H.E once more.

Asia’s premier female group who is always synonymous with current trend. This is the first release of digital album for S.H.E. Combining the boundless emission of a wireless platform. Launching the digital new song plus greatest hits [Map of Love] Two brand new songs plus carefully chosen eight memorable love songs Through the wireless music platform of China Mobile, Infinitely emitting the gentle power of the girl group And brings the appeal of S.H.E’s songs to the very top

Because of S.H.E, We love music more.
Because of music, We love this world more.

The first song to recommend – Locking in Time
This newest and highly anticipated song is exclusively first released through this wireless platform

List of songs:

Locking in Time – locking in time so that feelings will always spread continuously
Surprise new song – will be available shortly, please look forward to it

Fascination – Describing in song the tacit understanding and harmony of S.H.E, the friendship song most representative of the love between the closest of friends
Irreplaceable – each portion of love is warmth that is irreplaceable, S.H.E’s warmest choice
I Love You – Unprecedented powerful performance, a heart-moving and earth-shattering love song
Oasis – Let’s retrieve together what was lost, S.H.E’s song of gratitude to the loved ones in their lives
Yes I Love You – Unable to speak of the love in the heart, S.H.E sang out the feeling of being uncertain in love
Love Has Come – When dreams were tightly held, there is no worry of losing. S.H.E use their song to store the most beautiful memories
A Smile of Summer – the best demonstration of S.H.E’s perfect harmonizing, the most beautiful song for a summer day
Golden Shield and Iron Cloth – Encouraging each person’s heart through the POV of family, the warmest role-playing masterpiece from S.H.E

Isabella Leong a few obstacles away from becoming a Li

isabella leong

Macau-born actress Isabella Leong may have borne Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li his first son, but that doesn’t give her a passport into the prestigious Li family.

Instead, Leong, 21, has some obstacles to overcome before she can marry into the family, Hong Kong media reported.

Leong’s modest background and her academic qualifications are her biggest downfall. She dropped out of secondary school to help support her family. She was talent spotted and started modelling at the age of 12 before entering showbiz at 15.

This has created a disparity in educational level between her and the Lis, and they hope Leong will further her studies. Fortunately, the actress has already made plans to do so. Since taking a break from showbiz last year, she has travelled to the United States to learn English as well as to further her education.

The Lis are also hoping that both Leong and two-month-old Ethan will return to Hong Kong and stay at the family’s mansion. Not only will they be able to spend more time with their grandson, it will also give them the opportunity to get to know Leong and allow her to assimilate into their lifestyle.

Leong, who is now in San Francisco, has indicated that she will be returning to Hong Kong with Ethan to meet with the Lis. Richard Li, the chairman of Hong Kong telecom giant PCCW, added that he will be bringing the pair back at the end of the month, quashing rumours that Leong could settle in Singapore.

While the final obstacle may be out of Leong’s control - her compatibility with the Li family - the signs are positive.

According to a geomancer, Leong has nothing to worry about as her features indicate signs of prosperity and wealth, and this can only be good news for both her and the Lis.

Since giving birth to Ethan in April, Leong has been ‘rewarded’ with two mansions in San Francisco and HK$50 million in cash, totalling more than HK$200 million. The Lis have also thrown in an entourage of care-givers for the latest addition to the family. Ethan will have five bodyguards, four full-time nannies and a personal attendant assigned to him.

There has been speculation that a 10-digit pre-nuptial agreement is in place to take care of Leong’s future needs and also to prevent any “potential problems” that could arise in the future.

Source: ChannelNewsAsia

Minggu, 14 Juni 2009

Raymond Lam's Female Partner with the Best "Feel"... Tavia Yeung

raymond lam

I have been working with many actresses before, and most with Tavia. Our friendship start developing from the same acting class, we were classmate, she is straightforward, so she gets along with male classmates, everyone treated her like brother. I have the best feeling when filming with her. We have that 'mo qi' (chemistry) which I don't have with other people, we just look at each other eyesight, we know how to act. Most times when we are filming together, no matter how long our lines are, we can done in one take. Remember when we were filming GF, we have a scene where we had an argument, the lines were very long but when we were actually filming it, it was very smooth, and we were so in to it, we even had tears (yan shi shi), it is not often to have such a good feel in one take. Can feel that the whole body was shaking, so it is very memorable.

Caption 1: The most scene with Tavia was TOB, I think our appearances do match to act as a couple!

Caption 2: In MR, we were sibling, not much scene together. But behind the scene, when we having a break, we always chat and play games!

Translation: artbox @ AsianFanatics
Credits: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=592418935

Jerry Yan Hit FM promo

jerry yan

Whoever wins the bid gets to spend 1 hour with Jerry at the recording studio.

Jerry said he wants to show a YCX that loves singing. thru his songs, he can express his feelings & some of the songs in his album reflects what he had gone thru. re promo activities of only 3 days, Jerry said its realli hard to squeeze out the time as he's busy filming "Just". just b4 the Hitfm event, he has been filming for 20plus hours non-stop.

A reporter asked whether F3 has congratulated him & Jerry answered "err, have you donated money already?". the reporters all laughed & said why talk abt money. Jerry said Vanness has sms him. Jerry was asked that he's now busy with album, filming drama serial & charity activities, is the pressure very great? Jerry said yes & the long hours of work plus few hours of sleep is realli affecting his skin badly .

Jerry was then asked abt Ms Lin & Ella. when asked abt not getting on with Ella, Jerry kind of look puzzled & said working with Ella, its impossible not to be happy. & that Ella is the kind of girl that a lot of guys will like. for instance, sometimes at filming, he said he's so tired until he can hardly smile & he's almost falling asleep & Ella will be there making everyone feels happy.

posted by yami@jerrys harbor
source: http://www.epochtimes.com/gb/9/6/12/n2556319.htm

HK hunk envies S'pore actor's wedded bliss

kevin cheng

HE is widely considered to be one of Hong Kong television's most handsome hunks.

But Kevin Cheng feels that his good pal, Singaporean actor and host Ben Yeo is so much luckier.

That is, when it comes to love.

'I believe in fate and Ben's really lucky to be able to find someone who can be his love for life,' the 39-year old actor told The New Paper.

Ben became a first-time father in May this year, and his son Javier's godfather is none other than Kevin. Does witnessing his buddy's bliss make him feel like settling down?

'I'd love to, but you can't rush things like that,' he said with a chuckle, adding that some people are fortunate enough to find the right one, while 'others spend their whole lives searching'. He said he preferred to just let nature take its course.

The bachelor had been previously linked to TVB actresses Niki Chow, 29, and recently, Charmaine Sheh, 34, his co-star in detective series Forensic Heroes II.

Kevin has never admitted to either relationship outright.

While it took a lighthearted drama, Under The Canopy Of Love, to propel him to stardom (he won Best Actor at the 2006 TVB Anniversary Awards for his role in that series), he said he always relishes new challenges.

'I've done several intense, dramatic roles, like in The Ultimate Crime Fighter (where he plays a disturbed, bisexual murderer) and Last One Standing (where he plays an ex-convict) and loved them.

'But after doing a string of such characters, I hope for a change and to do something different, like a swordfighting drama or a laugh-out-loud comedy.'

Kevin is currently filming the period drama Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, which also stars rumoured couple Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu.

source : The New Paper

Nancy Wu 'likes', 'clicks with' stars but won't reveal whom she really loves

nancy wu

SLENDER Nancy Wu might not have the liver capacity to gulp down a half-yard of beer in a single sitting.

But there's one thing she definitely doesn't lack in her life - men.

The 27-year-old Hong Kong actress was in town last weekend, along with fellow TVB stars Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu, to attend the finals of Beds Beer Battle 2009.

Held at Beds KTV Pub, the event was a competition to discover the fastest beer drinker in Singapore.

She watched in amazement as contestants effortlessly washed down beer at breakneck speed.

After the event, as the doe-eyed beauty sipped gracefully on champagne - clearly her preferred drink - with her colleagues, The New Paper took the chance to quiz her about recent rumours surrounding two male celebrities.

Yes, we're talking about not one, but two men.

The first is boyish South Korean singer-actor Nathan Lee, 25, member of boyband TAKE and part of the cast of A Starry Night, the new subway drama slated to be screened at train stations in Singapore and China later this year.


Nathan and Nancy were dance partners in the second season of reality talent show Strictly Come Dancing, the Asian version of Hollywood's Dancing With The Stars.

Their chemistry was undeniable as the pair waltzed, tango-ed and rhumba-ed their way to third prize in the competition, even scoring full marks on two occasions.

Nancy had no qualms about heaping praise on him.

'I must say Nathan is indeed the best partner I've had at work so far,' said Nancy with a grin.

'It must be fate's arrangement that we got to dance together on the show.

'Somehow, we just clicked very well and were able to communicate with ease.

'I give him a full 100 marks for his dedication and commitment.'

As for Nathan's confession of love for her during an interview, she laughed and admitted that she initially found his affection 'odd', but eventually didn't think too much about what he said.

'He grew up in America and therefore is more Westernised and direct in his behaviour,' she said.

'We spent two months on the show and saw each other literally every day, so it's inevitable that we became close as friends.

'He's now pursuing his career in mainland China, I do hope he comes back to Hong Kong some time though!'

Another of her rumoured beaus is goofy-looking 35-year-old fellow TVB actor Kenneth Ma

The Hong Kong media is rife with reports that the two got to know each other on Strictly Come Dancing.

According to reports, 'sparks flew despite them being on different teams' and they have 'already been secretly dating for nearly a year'.

'Ahh, it's pure gossip, we are just very good friends,' was Nancy's calm reply.

She said, however, that Kenneth's 'down-to-earth disposition' was one of his most attractive traits.

'Who doesn't like a man who is grounded and practical?'

Then, with a sigh, she added: 'These days, good guys are really hard to come by.'


Local fans with placards sporting her name were seen stationed outside Beds KTV as they patiently waited for her arrival at the Beer Battle event, which was by invitation only.

Last December, she bagged the Most Improved Actress award at TVB's 41st Anniversary Awards, a sign that she had finally hit the big time after eight years in the television industry.

'It's great that my efforts have been recognised,' said Nancy.

'I've been very lucky too, to get the challenging part in (period drama) The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows where I got to play the fourth wife of veteran actor Paul Chun.

'The character I portrayed in it was a vivacious hostess who spent much of her rough life in seedy nightclubs. It was definitely a refreshing change for me, as well as for my fans who have followed my career all this while.'

Single eyelids Mark Zhao; Suspects himself of being Korean birth

mark zhao

Mark Zhao had once suspected that he was a Korean birth. He said, "Because both of my parents have double eyelids, only I don't!" Yesterday, he went on and performed quite well by answering six questions correctly in a row, proving that he doesn't have just the look. He also helped redeem his father's pride as his father Zhao Shu Hai only answered one question right last time.

Mark Zhao graduated from University of Victoria in Canada. His Chinese is superb and he reveals that he must thank his father Zhao Shu Hai for that, "My father has always forced me to copy the lyrics of the national anthem to practice Chinese. I even had to fax it back to Taiwan for him to see." The show's production crew purposely asked Mark Zhao the same question that his father Zhao Shu Hai failed on, "Which mountain can you see the farthest when you're at the top?" The choices were: Taishan, Fuji Mountain, and Yushan. He successfully guessed the right answer, which was Yushan. Host Hu Gua couldn't help and complement, "You're smarter than your father!"

Source : UDN
translated by fewfew @ http://asianfanatics.net

Exclusive first broadcast of Wang Leehom's new song, "Open Happiness", letting you have a happy summer

lee hom

This summer Music-Man, Wang Leehom, will be going all over China non-stop! Just recently having finished up his activities in the Republic of Sierra Leone in West Africa where he was caring for poor children, Wang Leehom must continue on with various activities including autograph sessions, concerts...This entire summer, Wang Leehom will stay in Mainland China to meet his fans letting all those who followed Music-Man's shadow to Mainland have a happy summer! Also, the new single on the verge of release, "Open Happiness" (畅爽开怀), is his wish to bring a way for everyone to bring out their own happiness.

Following the release of his newest album, "Heart.Beat" at the end of 2008, there became more and more shouts by fans who wished to see Wang Leehom hold a concert in Mainland. All the unceasing invitations from major events made Leehom too busy to have spare time for anything else. Actually, in his heart, Leehom had always hoped he could quickly reach Mainland to hold a concert and share the happiness of music with his fans. In the middle of the anticipating crowd of tens of thousands, Wang Leehom, Music-Man's, world tour is finally about to land on August 22nd and September 5th in Beijing and Xian! Also, this entire summer, Wang Leehom is preparing to visit Shanghai, Chongqing, Changsha, Nanning, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, etc to take part in activities and hold autograph sessions allowing Music-Man to recreate the power of the Iron Music Man.

Wang Leehom wrote a new single, "Open Happiness", especially for summer and was just in time to give this fiery summer power. This particular lively rock and roll style of Music-Man Wang Leehom's was to construct a fun and free time. The full of energy and emotional vocals, the happy feeling shouting in longing to come out, being set free to one's heart's content, the rapid infectious sound to the hearing nerves, the activation of happiness in each and every cell, passes through you completely from the inside to outside. Let go of all your worries, make an agreement with Leehom to be filled with happiness during this magnificent summer.

Source: XinMin
translation by MoonlightD @ http://www.asianfanatics.net
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Charmaine Sheh lucky to get ticket to attend Air Supply's concert

joe majoyce tangjoe ma

"Air Supply Never Ending Love Concert" Asia Tour was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 12th June. A few celebrities attended the concert which included Natalis Chan, Virginia Lok, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Claire Yiu and husband as well as Marco Ngai and wife.

Speaking about 'Swine flu", Natalis said he was not worried about the spreading of H1N1 in Hong Kong. He told reporters "Not to worry, 'Swine flu" is different from SARS, nobody will died from that. As long as you pay attention to personal hygiene and wash your hands frequently, you will be alright." Natalis is working on a script with a few young guys, hoping to produce a film. Charmaine arrived at the concert with Virginia, she expressed that she was lucky to get a ticket as TVB was allocated 6 tickets only. Charmaine denied she accompanied Virginia for the concert. In fact, she just finished filming "Beyond The Realm of Conscience". She originally planned to visit her mother in Hawaii but instead, her mom is coming to see her in Hong Kong due to the outbreak of 'Swine flu'.

Marco Ngai and wife arrived at the concert together and said that this is his first time to see "Air Supply" in concert. He went on to say that he has been busy filming an ancient TV series in the mainland and came back to Hong Kong specially to watch "Air Supply" in concert. He will be going back to continue his work after the show. Talking about his ex girl friend Joyce Tang who is rumored to be dating Derek Kok, Marco said he hasn't had any contact with her for while, but he knows Derek for a long time and they suited each other very well.

Claire's daughter is 6 weeks old already. She showed her lovely baby's picture on her phone to the reporters. Claire has been busy looking after her daughter and it is very rare that she can spare the time to watch a concert with her husband. Claire told reporters that she needs slim down 10 pounds in weight as she is hoping to be the spokesperson for a slimming company.

Translator: Hokkien128@ http://www.asianvn.com
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