Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Taiwan Arron Yan and Ah Ben are gay?

aaron yan

Recently Arron Yan and Choc7’s Ah Ben have been rumoured to be “brokeback”. The two have been together watching movies, browsing department stores and Ah Ben has enjoyed being glued next to Arron. When Fahrenheit went to work in Hong Kong Ah Ben was rumoured to be there as well making this relationship hotter as the rumour is passed around. Ah Ben exclaimed that it is very hard to make real friends in the entertainment circle so he will especially value each friendship that has been developed.

Arron and Ah Ben met last year while they were filming idol drama [TaoHua’s Love Conquers All]. Arron and female lead Gui Gui had an argument and a hostile relationship broke out so Ah Ben became the peacemaker but in the end the drama got cut. However, even though the music has stopped the people haven’t left yet. Since Arron’s debut, a yoga man* has been photographed coming in and out of his home before and he has also been caught on camera going on a trip with ex Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop) member Gua Gua. Now he has been caught again going out frequently with Ah Ben.

Arron’s love of getting mixed with boys does not stop. Ah Ben is gentle and fair skinned and has been named a member of the princess club in Bang Bang Tang so there’s enough feminine flavour whilst his sexual orientation is also a mystery. When Ah Ben was asked by reporters, he laughed and said without thinking: [I’ve heard many people say we are a couple ages ago] while Arron’s management company denied the rumours and told everyone to stop twisting their normal friendship.

*There were rumors before regarding Arron and a man that worked at a Yoga centre.

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