Rabu, 18 November 2009

Ada Choi injures her leg and goes into hospital

ada choi

The other day Ada Choi went to Tianjin to shoot the programme [津夜嘉年華] for a Mainland TV Channel. While playing games Ada suddenly had an accident and injured her leg. Workers took her to hospital and fortunately she was Okay. Ada even uploaded photos of her in hopsital on to her blog. Husband Max Zhang took care of her and it clearly showed the happiness in the photos.

Ada stated that there were no signs of fractures in the X-rays. She talked about her husband sweetly "It feel's great when you're taken care of. I didn't need to walk either as he carried me". She expressed that since injuring her leg her husband was very worried.

Source: On.cc
Translation: matchbox @ http://illusive-serenity.forumotion.net/

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