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Former flames, Ella and Baron Chen fight on screen

Baron Chen

Baron Chen and ex-lover Ella had broken up in a sudden unresolved fight leaving scratches on the neck. While it has already been a long time, these two parallel lines shall once again clash on screen. CTS's idol drama Fairy Tale Under the Stars 星光下的童話 (T/N: No official English name has been released yet) starring Baron Chen will soon go against CTV's Down With Love starring Ella. Baron Chen remained expressionless when he heard this and simply let out an, "Oh."

Though Baron Chen and Ella once shared a passionate relationship, it's difficult nowadays for them to even be friends. The former flames will decide who among them is the better of the two through their upcoming TV shows. Baron’s drama Fairy Tale Under the Stars will include the likes of Tanaka Chie, Lego Li, and Megan Lai, while Down With Love will star Jerry Yan alongside Ella. The upcoming Sunday idol drama showdown will be a glorious battle.

Baron Chen was not easy to deal with in the past, and it showed with the numerous criticisms he was receiving. Even his makeup artist, Chai Zhi Bing, noted that Baron would point at him and make statements such as “This or that won't do.” This time, however, during the filming of the drama Fairy Tale Under the Stars, Baron turned a new leaf and surprisingly befriended Megan Lai, whom he had never gotten along with in the past. Baron even followed directions from Zhao Shu Hai (T/N: Mark Zhao's father) without reservation. Previously, Baron developed a big shot attitude that incited Zhao to slap him in response. Zhao felt that slapping Baron was necessary at the time, or else he would have done so more often in the future. Without further comments, Baron extended his neck and received his physical punishment until he was dazed and no longer wanted to cause any more trouble.

In the filming of the drama, Baron could not get along with Megan Lai and her supposed pretentious attitude. He embarked to Beijing that day for the filming of the ancient story Butterfly Sword with the strongly male-minded female actress Ivy Chen. From Ella to Megan Lai and then to Ivy Chen, Baron seems to have hit it off best with the tomboy.

Source: CpopAccess

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