Jumat, 06 November 2009

Jolin’s S$5million paycheck awaits her on New Year’s Day

jolin tsai

Labeled by the media as the CF (commercial) queen, Taiwanese pop princess Jolin Tsai certainly lives up to her reputation and took home a whopping S$9.5 million this year from her 10 advertisement deals.

While she may currently be on a three-month break, it was recently said that the 29-year-old already has a S$5 million paycheck waiting for her when she resumes work on New Year’s Day.

Due to her hectic schedule, it has been a long time since Jolin last took a vacation. Her management company decided to give her a three-month break from mid-September to end-December. Despite her long-term break, her car, shampoo and sportswear advertisers have decided to renew their contracts with her.

The pop princess will begin filming her new ads when she returns from her break. She will also be holding a series of three concerts in China in the earlier half of next year.

At the advertisers’ requests to have Jolin immediately film her new CFs on the first day of New Year, her manager laughingly commented, “There are two to be shot in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan. You can’t possibly split her into three parts!”


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