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Barbie Hsu donates cash gift to Japan quake Victims

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiao Fei

Reporters were barred from entering the venue where Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu and Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei held their wedding dinner.

However, shortly after the dinner commenced, Barbie's good friends and wedding guests including younger sister Dee Hsu, Kevin Tsai, Aya, Christine Fan, Blackie Chen and S.H.E member Ella Chen appeared to talk to the media.

Kevin, who was the host of the wedding, said that Barbie had chosen to celebrate the occasion with only 300 friends and relatives in the wake of the Japanese natural disaster.

The Taiwanese host further revealed that as Barbie's wedding planners were from a Japanese company, and the actress initially wanted to postpone the event. However, the company insisted that the wedding proceeded.

Kevin added that Barbie would be donating all the cash gifts she received to aid the Japanese quake victims.

Hsu Donates Money from Wedding to Quake Victims

Taiwan entertainer Barbie Hsu tied the knot with mainland restaurant chain heir Wang Xiaofei on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 with a lavish wedding reception. The couple planned to donate all the money they received to victims of Japan's earthquake, Sohu.com reports.

Entertainment reporters from all over China flocked to Sanya, a tropical resort city in the southern part of the country where the wedding was held, but were blocked from the reception, which was invitation-only.

Barbie Hsu's younger sister, Dee, who is also an entertainer, told the media at the after-party that the newlyweds hoped to do their part to help earthquake and tsunami victims.

It's a Chinese tradition to present money as wedding gifts. The proceeds of Hsu and Wang's wedding, although not disclosed, were considerable, given that attendees were either celebrities or wealthy entrepreneurs.

Dee says Barbie Hsu got emotional several times during the wedding, and when celebrated host Kevin Tsai, who took the role of the ceremony's host, asked Hsu if she'd want to marry Wang, her reply was, "I do, very much."

Dee also denied rumors that Barbie Hsu was pregnant.

The wedding has attracted intensive attention, since Hsu is a popular actress, singer and TV host, while Wang is a wealthy restaurateur and the heir of the South Beauty high-end restaurant chain.

Hsu, 34, reportedly met Wang, who is five years younger, on September 29, 2010. She surprised her fans one month later by announcing she was engaged. The couple registered for marriage in Beijing on November 16.

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiao Fei wedding at Sanya Hainan

Barbie Hsu Wang Xiao Fei Wedding

$6 Million Wedding

Allegedly, the dreamy seaside wedding in Sanya cost over $6 million (Yuan), with over four hundred guests in attendance. Barbie and Xiao Fei reserved all of the 101 villas in the Conrad Hotel for their wedding. In addition, more guests stayed at the Hilton Hotel nearby. Allegedly, the bride and groom paid for the guests’ hotel rooms, showcasing their generous nature.

Over two hundred friends and family members were invited to the after party, which was held at a luxury five-bedroom residence. Including the swimming pool area, the place was over ​​3,000 square meters and cost $68,888 (Yuan) to rent per night.

Pregnancy Rumors Abound

The media were banned from taking photos at Barbie and Xiao Fei’s wedding. Due to the secretive nature of the wedding and the couple’s whirlwind marriage, the media speculated that Barbie may be pregnant. Barbie’s younger sister, Dee Xu, explained that although Barbie loved children, she will not become a mother anytime soon due to work requirements. Barbie’s bridesmaids, Pace Wu and Makiyo, who cried emotionally at the wedding, reiterated that the bride was not pregnant.

Mother-in-Law Highly Satisfied

Xiao Fei’s mother , Zhang Lan, arrived in Sanya five days before the wedding to supervise the venue arrangements. Allegedly, she requested that from March 20th onwards, the hotel should not allow guests who are not part of the wedding to stay. Rumors claimed that Xiao Fei and Barbie decided to hold their wedding in Hainan Island to advertise Xiao Fei’s real estate investment. Ms. Zhang denied such news, “My son and daughter-in-law wanted to have a seaside dream wedding. Our family is more traditional and will not deliberately invest in foreign places. We selected Sanya as the wedding location because we wanted to stimulate the economic growth here. Since only family and friends are invited to the wedding, we did not want the wedding to be full of speculative news.”

Ms. Zhang was completely satisfied with the wedding and revealed that Barbie and Xiao will not be going on an immediate honeymoon. “Their wedding will be held on March 22nd and they have to return to work the next day!”

Mike He and Janine Chang bed scene in drama Sunny Happiness

Mike He and Janine Chang

In CTV 10pm Idol Drama tonight, Mike He and Janine Chang challenges the bed scene. He is exposed to like ‘frenching’ when filming kissing scenes, but actually he did not stuck out his tongue. His skills skills are superb and he can use his tongue to fake, filming the frenching effects, his tongue skills are thus shocking! / He was pointed to have declining popularity, this year he managed to clinch the top ratings with “Sunny Happiness”, winning back the top actor throne. His popularity also rebounced from the bottom of the well, with his events and commercials, he had already earned 20 million for the past three months.

Nervous Till it Shrank

It was very awkward before the two of them filmed the bedscene, she was to brush her teeth secrety, the vice director shouted “Janine Chang brushed her teeth secretly! It seemed that she anticipates the bed scene.” This made her very embarassed. When filming, in order to make them feel comfortable, they cleared the site, only leaving for crew and the director. After they filming, they realised that all of them were secretly staring at the CCTV, he said “it doesn’t matter who kisses well, as long as I am filmed handsomely.”

He shouted that there were no biological response, “because it was only kissing no touching, my brain was full of where to kiss next, so nervous till it shank.” He taught the steps saying that before the lips open and close, you stuck out a bit of your tongue, but actually you did not touch the person, “this can be trained”. Tonight, the full version of the bedscene would be shown. After “sunny Happiness”, “Mei Le Go” acted by him and Cyndi Wang would take over.

“Mei Le Go” Reveals his Buttline

He opened up his limits, other than showing his nipples and kissing erotically, he also had bedscene with Cyndi Wang. He described their bed scene as mighty fire wheel. He endorsed for a lip balm on the 19th, his popularity explosed the site. He said that last time the audience did not buy his bill, he was discourage, but he had already adjusted his mindset. He would film a movie next month, he decreased his pay for the good character. /His fee for attending an event is five hundred thousand and he has attended 15 events in the three months, four commercial endorsement at 12 million with a full pocket. He decides to go to army later than Joe Zheng and Ethan Ruan, he says “My work is scheduled to next year-mid, let him and Joe go army first, their work let me earn, after I go army the year after, it’ll be their turn to earn.”

Aaraon Yan donates $1 Million NTD to Japan Earthquake

Aaron Yan

On the 14th, Arron Yan YaLun participated in Hit FM's White Day(1) celebration; he appeared as a "Piano Prince" and played with a group of kindergarteners. The children kissed him and praised his lips as "so soft!" Recently, rumors of Fahrenheit's disbanding have been rampant; Arron excitedly and proudly revealed that Fahrenheit will be appearing as a group on the 25th in Malaysia. They will be filming a commercial together, as well as appearing at a promotional event. The four will, together, be making more than $10 million NTD. It will also be the first time Arron is appearing with the other three Fahrenheit members since releasing his solo album.

Arron will be donating $1 million NTD, along with some basic goods and materials, to Japan's disaster relief efforts. Several Japanese fans actually traveled to Taiwan to participate in his autograph concert a few days ago. One of the fans was actually from one of the Japanese districts affected by the earthquake; because she had gone to Taiwan, she escaped the disaster entirely. Some of her friends and classmates, however, weren't so lucky: they fell victim to the tsunami.(2) Out of gratefulness, the fan's mother purchased 100 copies of Arron's album.

Arron consulted a "fortune telling" expert before releasing his album; he was told to wear all red on the day of his pre-order autograph concert for good luck. The weather that day really was beautiful. Moreover, when he was on his way to the event, riding the high-speed rail, media bigwig 邱復生 Chiu FuSheng saw him, but failed to recognized him, though he praised Arron as "good-looking" and even gave him his business card. Arron was struck and overwhelmed by his good luck; he felt he owed it all to his lucky red clothes!

(1) White Day is another Valentine's Day, celebrated by a few countries in Asia, mainly Japan, Taiwan, and S. Korea. Western Valentine's Day in Asia is a bit of a role reversal: girls typically give homemade or store-bought chocolates to their crushes. It's on White Day that the boys respond with their own presents.
(2) The article doesn't really clarify whether this girl's classmates were injured by the tsunami or whether they actually died... either way, though, presumably they were in school when disaster struck, which is why her mom is "grateful."
UPDATE: Arron confirmed the deaths of some of the girl's friends on a recent LIVE episode of Yu Le Bai Fen Bai [100% Entertainment].

Vic Chou in film The Other Side 1945

Vic Chou The Other Side 1945

Home is not necessarily a place or a house, the most vital part of Home is the family. Wherever the family is, that is Home ... ... This is succeeding the classic "Radio will never disappear", another heavily invested production by Talent International Media Group to create one more epic psychological war drama. "The Other Side, 1945" presents a brilliant interpretation of Home. Starring Vic Zhou and Wang Xue Qi.

"The Other Side, 1945" is about the young Taiwanese doctor Su Tai Ying who, in the midst of the turbulent era, was mistaken as a Japanese soldier in China battling his own compatriots. Because of his longing for his home and his faith in his family, thus began the long and winding journey towards home. According to reports, the drama has completed shooting and is now in intensive post-production.

Star-studded cast Epic joint production

This time, the creative team of "The Other Side, 1945“ under instructions of Talent Media and under the guiding principle of “outstanding content, first-rate production quality, superb mass entertainment” invited popular Taiwan idol Zhou Yu Min of Meteor Garden, Jin Da Ban and other nationally hot dramas who convincingly portrayed Hua Ze Lei, Sheng Yue Ru and other characters to take the lead role. Female lead is Yan Na from Talent Media Company. Also in the drama is well-known veteran Wang Xue Qi acting as army commander and Yan Na’s father.

Remains true to history

Set amidst the backdrop of war, brutal fighting, brutal assassinations, the story begins with a single ordinary person, then deepened into historical and brutal war scenes, giving up survival chances to loved ones at the battlefield, full of political struggle, suspenseful spying, mistrusts, lovers forced apart, family rivalry, sacrifices for love, the sorrow of commander’s pregnant daughter who journeyed to reunite with her lover only to find him married to another, riches to poor overnight. Plotting out the emotionally intense story scene-by-scene which spanned from the end of 2006 to 2009, from Taipei, Keelung and Shanghai, after 2 years of study and historical research, interviews with senior citizens of both banks, recording their recollections, reviewing large collections of written and pictorial records, then using the unique TV medium to interpret the memories of that era.

Embracing historical facts, recording the passion of the past, we look forward under the drama’s powerful interpretation, the testimony of 1945 to 1949, testimony of that extraordinary period.

Translated by Vicfan at http://asianfanatics.net/forum/

JJ Lin is dating with E Cup Beauty Lilian Chen

Lillian Chen Li Leng

JJ Lin JunJie's rumors with E-cup beauty and model 陳立冷 Lillian Chen LiLeng have been circulating for nine months; are they really dating? From the very beginning, the two have been evasive. Last night, however, they were finally "caught directly" on a date to the movies. When asked about their relationship, though, Lillian immediately became quite shrewish! First, she pretended to trip and fall, conveniently throwing the contents of her plastic water bottle at the reporter. Furthermore, following her "act," Lillian opened her eyes wide and blatantly lied(1): "Oh, I'm so sorry; I tripped." This sudden and rude behavior shocked even JJ Lin; when asked why his girlfriend lost control, he could only reply dumbly, "I don't know."

Relationship Exposed; Hurriedly Closes Photo Album

Last June, Lillian posted an intimate photo of her and JJ together; underneath was the caption, "Lillian loves Wine-Cooked Shrimp!" This, however, appeared to be a hint: wine-cooked shrimp is JJ's favorite. JJ's fans wrote numerous letters expressing their unhappiness and disapproval; Lillian then hastily closed her on-line photo album to the public. Since then, they've been very low-key and secretive; a few days ago, she was recognized at an audition for a program's host's assistant. She hid in the dressing room and refused to accept an interview or any questions. JJ, however, has generously admitted to earnestly pursuing her, and has expressed the hope that everyone give them some space.

Water Thrown in the Street; JJ Lin Stunned Speechless

On the night of the 13th, reporters caught JJ and Lillian at the Vieshow Cinemas in XinYip; they went to watch Red Riding Hood. The pair first browsed for DVD's at Asia1, on the second floor; before long, labelmates By2 and other friends showed up, and they went in to the movie together. Following the show, however, it seems that the observant JJ had noticed that there were reporters in the vicinity; he, Lillian, and the others first ducked into a safe corner to come up with a plan to avoid the cameras. When the waiting reporters rushed up to interview them, the five of them immediately-- in an attempt to ward off the reporters-- whipped out their own cellphones and began snapping pictures. Their actions were fast and deliberate; obviously, they've practiced this many times.

The reporter asked when Lillian and JJ's relationship would be made public; unexpectedly, Lillian began to lose control. First, she pretended to trip and fall, throwing the contents of her water bottle at the reporter. As she threw the water, she even giggled frivolously, "Oh! Look out; I'm so sorry; I'm so sorry!" and "I accidentally tripped!" She turned around to look at JJ, laughing, as she said these lies; JJ, however, didn't smile. Instead, he looked stunned.

Apology Posted on Blog

After he regained his senses, JJ immediately apologized on behalf of Lillian: "We're so sorry; we're so sorry." When asked why his girlfriend suddenly lost control, JJ responded dumbly, "I don't know." The reporters then asked Lillian, "JJ has already apologized on your behalf; are you going to say anything yourself?" She, however, kept a cold smile on her face, and didn't respond.

JJ, though, seemed to feel guilty and a sense of responsibility about the "incident." JJ went online at about 1 AM to apologize via his WeiBo, "I'm sorry... I know that there is also some responsibility on our side; we did wrong, too... I'm sorry." JJ's music company, Ocean Butterflies, also had something to say regarding Lillian's behavior: they expressed that they were not only sorry and embarrassed, but also a bit surprised. They also apologized again on their behalf: "We will continue to educate our entertainers."

Yesterday, a reporter contacted Lillian via her cellphone; upon answering and hearing the reporter's, "May I ask, is this Lillian?", Lillian quickly said, "You've got the wrong number," and hung up. When he heard that Lillian had lost control and thrown water at a reporter, producer Wang GuanWei, one of the only ones who have worked with Lillian in a professional setting, laughed loudly, "I'm not in the least surprised; she fought with me in the past, too." He admitted that, these days, in order to avoid destroying their [Wang GuanWei and Lillian's] relationship, he avoids bringing up JJ in front of her: "It could be because she's afraid that people will think she's trying to use him (and his status)."

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Bosco Wong admitted Myolie Wu is her girlfriend

Bosco Wong

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu have been rumored for several years. Earlier the media bumped right into them in Causeway Bay shopping for clothes. Their relationship surfaces and the public accepts them, so Bosco was able to put down his vigilance and confirm that Myolie is his girlfriend.

Last night, Bosco attended Miss Sixty Spring and Summer Fashion Show in Causeway Bay, which is the same place where he and Myolie were spotted shopping together. Asked if he still has the courage to invite Myolie out for shopping again? He said: "This is the spot for shopping, in fact it's very normal shopping togther!" The media teased now that the relationship surfaced, they don't need to hide anymore? Bosco generously said: "We already don't hide much anymore!"

It was rumored he signed 'per series' contract with TVB, and change his management to East Asia? Bosco denied: "We never discussed that, TVB and I still have many years left in the contract." He also sweet talked saying that it's been smooth collaborations with his TVB manager, bringing him many opportunities for TV series and movies. About girlfriend Myolie, is she also under TVB management contract? Bosco said: "Yes." He was unaware he admitted to the relationship, and later joked to reporters: "You tricked me!" When speaking of him and his girlfriend under the same management contract, are they working hand in hand? He said: In fact, we haven't discussed it. We go our separate ways in career, make our own decisions."

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Raymond Lam bed photos with ex-girlfriend exposed

Raymond Lam

In the latest issue of Next Magazine, bed photos of Raymond Lam Fung and ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan Shuangshuang, were exposed. From the camera angle, it appears that Mavis took the photos while Raymond was sleeping. The bed photos created a stir in Hong Kong and hurt Raymond’s feelings deeply. When reporters confronted Raymond about the photos, he admitted that he was previously engaged in a serious relationship with Mavis.

At the Return to the Three Kingdoms <回到三國>costume fitting yesterday, Raymond admitted that he and Mavis had dated for several months. They met on the film set of The Jade and the Pearl <翡翠明珠> last year. At the time, Raymond was quite serious about the relationship; the pair even met each other’s parents. Due to differences in their personalities and Raymond’s hectic schedule, resulting in little time spent together, the pair agreed to separate amicably. Since their break-up, they have not maintained contact.

Reflecting on his past relationship with Mavis, Raymond’s eyes brimmed with tears. He indicated that the bed photos scandal hurt him the most since entering the entertainment industry. Raymond stated that he was unaware that photographs were taken while he slept. In regards to future relationships, Raymond will let fate determine its course and will not purposely avoid them.

Since Raymond and Mavis were very discrete in handling their romance, Raymond’s former co-stars, Charlene Choi and Miriam Yeung Chin Wah, were unaware of his past relationship. On the set of The Jade and the Pearl, Raymond and Mavis maintained their distance. Regarding the surfacing of Raymond’s bed photos, Charlene felt that Raymond had trusted the wrong person, alluding that Mavis may have revealed the photos for publicity reasons.

Mavis Pan is a 24 year-old Taiwanese model and actress. Her voluptuous figure has earned her the nickname of “Little Shu Qi” in Taiwan. Mavis appeared in films, The Jade and the Pearl <翡翠明珠> and What Women Want <我知女人心>. She has appeared in numerous commercials as well.

Source: Tom.com and The Sun
Translated by: JayneStars

Joey Yung will donate 6000 dollars to Japan Earthquake Victims

Joey Yung

Yesterday, certain fans on Weibo have been raising money for the victims of the Japan Tsunami and floods in Yunnan. Fans suggested donating the 6000 Hong Kong dollars which is to be given out by the HK government, to the disaster countries. Pop queen Joey Yung expressed that she will be the first to donate her share, she expressed: “Seeing the people suffering in these countries, I will not hesitate to donate, not only the 6000 dollars, but I will donate more” Gillian Chung also support this donation idea. Often travelling to Japan for work, Chrissie Chau said: “I will donate but it is not convenient to reveal how much.” Others on Weibo also expressed their support to donate the 6000 dollars to Japan and Yunnan and have spread the word to encourage others to do the same.

In addition, once resided in Japan, Ivan Wang is planning to get together with other Japanese artists, models and singers and hold a charity event. Already Japan singer, Arashiro Beni, model Chikako Watanabe and donation of a personally signed artwork by the artist of Chibi Maruko Chan will be making an appearance at a charity auction held in a shopping mall in Hong Kong soon.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

Angelababy safe from Japan Earthquake


With the devastating news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, yesterday came more news of explosions in the nuclear power plant. Angelababy was in working in Japan at a time of the incidents and managed to safely leave the country to return back to Hong Kong yesterday afternoon. However currently holding a concert in Japan, Peter Ho cancelled his show and worried about his fans safely.

Angelababy arrived back in Hong Kong around 3pm yesterday. She wore a black outfit and dark sunglasses. She received interview from the press, she revealed: “I had been working in Japan and I got home that day and felt the ground shaking. I could not even stand up properly and was very scared. I lived on the 4th floor, my colleagues pulled me down the stairs and we ran out onto the road. I saw the overheard power cables sparkling electricity. There was a lot of people out on the road. The phone networks were down. I managed to use my 3G phone to log online and then found out there were an earthquake. Two of my colleagues accompanied me to a hotel at the end. I could not sleep that night. The television showed the tsunami reports and the quake clips in the city. It was like watching a disaster film.”

Due to the telecom networks being down, Angelababy’s manager Kim managed to get in touch with Angelababy via their Japan contact and asked Kim to contact her mother about her safety. Asked if Angelababy contacts boyfriend Xaio Ming Wong? She replied: “I have only just arrived back, not had a chance to make a call to him. I will do later. Yesterday I was eating chocolate and biscuits.”

After watching the tsunami clips, Angelababy expressed her fear: “I did not dare to take my shoes off even when sleeping and held onto my bag. I was thinking if god is making me experience this for a reason. I now appreciate life more. At the time, I was thinking whether I would die in Japan.” Asked if she now has a bad impression on Japan, she replied: “It is not the first time I experience earthquake in Japan but this time it was big and scary.” Who were you thinking about at the time? Angelababy replied: “I was thinking about my family.”

After returning home, Angeleababy has been using her Weibo account to send messages to her friends and fans. She posted messages for everyone to pray for those caught in the disasters in Japan and Yunnan. In one instance, she posted a message: “Haha. This is just a joke. I am sitting on the chair and its vibrating! The feeling is actually from a massage chair ...” One of her account followers angrily scold: “There are lives at risk here, how can you laugh and make jokes at this time!” After this comment, Angelababy removed her message.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

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Amber Ann sexy bursting in drama Love Buffet

Amber Ann

On the 27th, FTV & GTV's "Love Buffet" had a come back of 1.32 rating for the idol weekend drama winning spot, "Sunny Happiness" has been in the winning spot consecutively for 2 weeks with ratings of 1.21, even though TTV & SETTV's "Channel-X" cast Joseph Cheng and Amber Kuo are finally a couple, it is still not able to win back the audience, the last episode dropping below 1, only 0.95.

Even though "Love Buffet" is coming close to the end of the story, the next episode to be aired will include guest appearance of "Male Homebody's Female Goddess" Amber Ann, clever, in the drama play she has a crush on Aaron, purposely imitating female lead Reen Yu Hong Yuan; wardrobe, hair " Xiao Feng style ", with a "Moe (adorable or cute) Girl" flavor.

Thought wardrobe is similar to Reen, but Amber's D chest size is quite a "peak" ahead, acutally nearly bursting the tight shirt, causing all male staff on the set including Arron to be really shy, saying didn't really know where the eyes should look upon.

Although its the first time collaborating, Arron has already heard of the charm of Amber Ann; and is also a loyal audience of "People Party". But when Arron first saw Amber Ann on the show, he thought she was a little boy, and just though he's very elegantly handsome. After being together, Arron's thought of Amber is a very naive & and warm silly personality; getting along with no pressures.

Source: Yam NOWnews
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

Ethan Ruan banned from drama Battle 714

Ethan Ruan Battle 714

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan might have been crowned the Best Actor at last year's Golden Horse Award yet he received no love from his country's Ministry of Defence.

Ethan Ruan was not considered for the male lead role of an upcoming episodic drama Battle 714, about the founding years of Taiwan by the Ministry of Defence, because he had not fulfilled his military obligations.

To prevent any negative news, the Ministry of Defence listed several criteria in casting the leading role for the show. Some of the requirements include having a good and healthy image with no relationship rumours. Also, the male lead is required to have completed his military duties.

This meant that idols such as Ethan Ruan, Mike He, Ming Dao and Joe Cheng did not make the cut.

When asked when he would be entering the army, Ethan once said through his assistant that he would do so in September this year.

Mike He replied via his management company, saying that he is currently taking classes during the weekends and would fulfill his military duties once he graduates.

Ming Dao's rep commented that Ming Dao is very busy this year, although the actor has stated that he would want to enter the army as soon as possible.

Joe Cheng had previously said that he would be entering the army sometime this year.

Source : xinmsn.com

Ivy Chen in idol drama Extravagant Challenge

Ivy Chen Extravagant Challenge

After going through many changes and setbacks, GTV’s idol drama “Extravagant Challenge” is finally set to begin filming in April. News has just been confirmed that Ivy Chen (Black & White) will play the main female lead, while popular Korean boy group Super Junior members Siwon and Donghae will be male leads.

As many of you may already know, the drama is an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga, “Skip Beat”. The story is about a girl (played by Ivy) who dreams of making it big in showbiz. She sets a goal to become like superstar Ren Tsuruga (Siwon), and to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend / singer (Donghae). As the main lead, Ivy will need to act as a village girl and then transform into a superstar. She expressed her confidence, “I am ready!” On the other hand, Siwon and Donghae are currently working hard on practicing their Chinese.

After confirming that there are no further complications regarding the copyright, the drama will be co-produced by Feng Jia-Rui and Doze Niu.

Source: UDN
Written by: fufu @ CpopAccess.com

Wu Chun is going solo but no leaving Fahrenheit

Wu Chun

The fact that Wu Chun is going solo is now official.

Wu Chun has decided not to renew his contract with HIM Records. The first thing he worked on after going solo is his own official fan club "Chun Zone International Fan Club," which was opened last month. The first fans meeting was held yesterday and 300 fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and even Japan and Korea came.

Although now going solo, but the 31-year-old said he will still attend to events and endorse with Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, and Aaron Yan as Fahrenheit together. He will focus on films this year and has no plans to release an album.

People are curious about his love life, and the actor expressed he hasn't date since he was 16. He doesn't really want to make relationship public.

"I don't want my partner to be in any trouble," he said. "Of course I want to share with everyone, but still have to look at the situation."
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