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Charmaine Sheh and Wayne Lai in Forensic Heroes 3

Charmaine Sheh

It's another TV King and Queen collaboration. Charmaine Sheh to collaborate with Wayne Lai in the sequel of hit series "Forensic Heroes"---"Forensic Heroes 3". Earlier reports exposed Kevin Cheng is replacing the main lead from the previous installments, Bobby Au-Yeung, as the lead in the new "FH." But now it's confirmed it will be Wayne.

Yesterday reporters contacted producer of the series Mui Siu Ching and she disclosed "FH3" to start shooting in December. "Leads include Wayne Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Kate Tsui, and Ron Ng. Because it's hard to write more about the old leads, so this time it would be a brand new story and new characters. Plus many good actors died in the previous stories, hope they can come back in this new story. "

Mui also disclosed some information about Wayne and Charmaine's characters in the series. "Charmaine won't play a police this time. She will play a forensic pathologist. Wayne will play a cool police and solve cases with Charmaine. Of course they are going to have some romantic scenes. Since the two never worked with each other before, so it should be something fresh to viewers."

Wayne appeared to be excited when talked about collaborating with Charmaine. "To be honest, been shooting series for many years, I almost collaborate with every TVB actress but not Charmaine. My partner is getting younger. I think she is very smart and her acting improved a lot. So I can't wait to collaborate with her," he said on the phone.

Because he has to play a handsome police and pair with the pretty Charmaine, Wayne vowed to lose some weight. "I weight 145lbs now. I hope I can lose about 10 or 8lbs before the series starts shooting, so I can pair with Charmaine!"

Charmaine is also excited to work with Wayne. "Don't know whether it's confirmed. If it's true, it's definitely a good thing because I never worked with Wayne before. He is a good actor. I watched his 'Rosy Business.'"

Source: Apple Daily (HK)
Translation: Kay's Entertainment

Miss Hong Kong 2001 Heidi Chu will marry her boyfriend after 5 years

Heidi Chu

Miss HK 2010 second runner-up Heidi Chu married boyfriend of 5 years Dickens yesterday. The couple held their wedding in a hotel. The main color of the decoration was purple and the bridesmaid, Mandy Cho, Aimee Chan, Kayi Cheung, Selena Li, and Priscilla Chik, were dressed in purple as well.

During interviews, the newlyweds kissed many times sweetly on the request from reporters. As for games, the groom only need to eat sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy glutinous rice balls and danced the hit Korean song "Nobody." The couple will go to Paris for their honeymoon and won't use contraception after marriage.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translation: Kay's Entertainment

Adam Cheng costume fitting in drama The War of Heart

Moses Chan Adam Cheng

Yesterday Adam Cheng, Moses Chan, Maggie Siu and Aimee Chan attended the costume fitting for TVB new series The War of Heart. Moses expressed that this time he's working with Adam, he is anticipating their collaboration and is feeling pressured. He said: "Adam is the master of drama both on and off screen, I'm just a novice."

Moses expressed that although Adam didn't get the TV King title like he did in the past, but he is definitely the 'TV and Film King', Moses said: "Once Adam steps out, he's already the TV King, the current Film King are just based on popularity and voting, before it was about the person's ability. I'm pretty old school, really hope for the old situations."

Adam laughed on Moses comment about the TV King, just blame that he was born at the wrong time, so it doesn't matter. He also praises Moses acting, all his roles were very diverse. Asked if he craves for the TV King title? Adam said: "The awards I won before were just all 'pork' awards, I don't know about now. Actually it doesn't matter, I don't fight with people, the most important is a good show." Adam expressed that Aimee Chan is his daughter Joyce Cheng's good friend, so normally he likes to tease girls, but he won't tease Aimee. Aimee expressed that she has not been teased by Adam before, so she's not worried. She said: "I will just develop my father-daughter relationship with Adam."

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@asianuniverse

Mriiam Yeung flat chest will not do breast enlargement

Miriam Yeung

Yesterday Miriam Yeung attended mobile phone's launching event. The organizers got the 3D artist to draw body figures. Miriam Yeung's cup size was seen increased in the drawing. However, although the real Miriam Yeung appeared in low cut dress yesterday, but her chest still looked flat.

Miriam Yeung joked, "The real body is not 3D enough so let the drawing do it, today's dress has pushed whatever there is la!" (Don't want to do breast enlargement?) "I have been together with everyone for more than 10 years, if suddenly I do plastic surgery I'm afraid everyone won't recognise me, we are a family, after seeing your hearts will feel uneasy, thought I'm "short" or was possessed!" She frankly said that enough to use is enough, most important is that it doesn't affect breast feeding.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

Sonjia Kwok in drama Men and Women Chooses Residence

Sonija Kwok

Yesterday Michael Miu, Sonjia Kwok, Ron Ng, Michael Tse, Joyce Tang and JJ Jia attended the costume fitting for TVB new series Men and Women Chooses Residence. The series was accused of plagiarizing Mainland popular drama Dwelling Narrowness. Michael said: "Not a copy, both have its own styles, but I'm already prepared for Neitzens to criticize." Michael felt that housing prices are too high now favours HOS Resumption for those who are not homeowners: "The government is putting such high prices on homes, they are the God and the Ghosts!"

In the series, Sonjia will go "makeup less" (no make-up) to play a housewife for the first 10 episoded. She is not worried that the HD TV will reveal her skin problems, fortunately there is time for putting on make-up'. Towards the plagiarism rumors, Sonjia expressed that people can say whatever they like!

Ron Ng plays a real estate agent, but said that he will not make investments and has to go to research online to get familiar with the language in the real estate world. He also asked his mother for advice, he has no interest in investments or stocks, he only likes to buy homes and collect rent. JJ Jia was also present at the costume fitting, conincidentally it was her birthday, asked if rumored boyfriend Sammy Shum gave her a birthday gift? She smiled sweetly and expressed that she did receive his gift and plans to celebrate her birthday with a group of friends.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@asianuniverse

Aaron Kwok will marry Ip Man woman Lynn Xiong

Aaron Kwok

Lynn Xiong

Yesterday Aaron Kwok attended Sina Weibo's 1st Anniversary event, Michelle Reis who was also present announced her pregnancy, Aaron quickly congratulated her having a perfect life. Asked when Aaron plans to have a little Lynn or little Aaron? He said: "I believe I have plans on both marriage and having children, but now at this time. (Already planned to have children with Lynn?) I haven't had time to plan what I'm going to do in the future, if one day I do get marry, I will definitely announce it on Weibo. Even if I have plans, it could only happen if Lynn has the thought too, I can't just say it randomly now."

Asked if he reached consensus with Lynn? He stressed again that he does not have this plan yet. Asked again if he and Lynn talked about it before? He became stiff and said: "Can't. Even just saying it, I have to be responsible. I don't dare to, I don't dare to do this in my life, even if for the female friends around me, cannot just randomly say these things."

Reporters expressed that Lynn once said she loves children, Aaron expressed that he does not know, but said that he'll definitely be a good father. Asked if he'll have a baby first before marriage? He said: "I am personally quite traditional, hope can give 5 more years of time to me, I want to do a musical first. I am a person who cannot multitask, if I have a family and kids, then I can't do it."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@asianuniverse

Kamis, 16 September 2010

F4 will reunite for CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2011


The Year of the Rabbit isn’t until February of 2011, but there are already rumors of who will be performing at next year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The Chinese New Year extravaganza is watched by a billion viewers every year. Stars that are lucky enough to be invited often get a major career boost after appearing on the show.

Back in January, 80s Taiwanese boygroup The Little Tigers reunited for a special performance in the gala. Their surprise reunion was not only a huge hit with the audience, but also with concert organizers. Offers made to the group reportedly had a 30% price increase.

Although F4 hasn't been around as long as the "Tigers", they will be celebrating their tenth year in 2011. Viewers sure won't mind seeing them on TV, and fans are apparently starting a petition in hopes they will reunite for a 10-year anniversary concert. F4's manager didn't deny about receiving an offer from CCTV, but said they are awaiting more details. The managers for each member will be returning to Taiwan in a few days, so they hope to begin negotiations on working out their schedules first.

It doesn't seem extremely difficult to bring Vic Chou, Ken Chu and Van Ness Wu together, but Jerry Yan’s status is still up in the air. He hasn’t been in the best of health lately, and he might have a busy movie-filming schedule on the way. The rest of F4 are currently preoccupied with their own activities – Vic Chou is filming his new drama “回家 (Returning Home)”, Van Ness Wu is about to begin work on Material Queen, and Ken Chu is busy with blogging. The poetic blogger recently posted some lyrics that he wrote himself:

“By now, what else needs to be proven. Your departure, it has buried my heart. Let me cry, let my tears wash away my sadness…”

Many fans believed he was in fact writing about his recent break up with actress Kelly Lin. However, his manager denied it saying, “It was written during his free time in between filming. It’s nothing special.”

Source: Appledaily, TVBS
Written by: PA @ CpopAccess.com

Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo in drama X Channel

Joe Cheng

Amber Kuo

As reported earlier, Joe Cheng made a surprising move from GTV to star in a SETTV web drama. It looks like they are about to extend their collaboration further. SETTV is apparently starting production on a new idol drama called “X頻道 (X Channel)”. The title might suggest it’s some kind of sci-fi or adult programming, but it is in fact the name of a news network. The series will be directed by Jiang Feng Hong, who most recently worked on Summer's Desire and is also leaving GTV.

The director is rumored to be bringing along actress Tracy Chou with him – She has been out of work for 8 months due to legal troubles with her management company. Her previous dramas include Hot Shot and Calling For Love. But Tracy Chou won't be the lead, as Amber Kuo has reportedly been cast in the role. It remains to be seen how Amber Kuo will play a news anchor with her baby-voice, or if she will even play one at all.

SETTV was said to have considered pairing Sonia Sui and James Wen again. They became a very popular on-screen couple after “The Years of Happiness and Love”. The network is apparently unhappy with Sonia Sui’s high profile relationship with boyfriend Yau Yuan Hao. They worry her casting would end up creating buzz for his FTV drama “Rookies’ Diary”, which is currently killing the SETTV produced “Ni Yada” in the same time slot. SETTV denied such claim and said it's because she was just on P.S. Man. Based on their response, X Channel will most likely replace Ni Yada, which airs on Friday nights at 10.

Before Joe Cheng was cast in the drama, the network was also rumored to have considered Show Luo and Mike He. However, GTV successfully retained their number one trendy man after offering him a “tailor-made” drama. As for Mike He, he won’t work for more than twelve hours a day, and his schedule is full for the rest of the year anyway.

Source: Libertytimes, UDN
Written by: PA @ CpopAccess.com

Jessie Chiang talks about Jay Chou in album Practice

Jessie Jiang Practice

"He is my cup of tea, (I'm sure) everyone wants to eat him up!" came the open declaration of love from starlet Jessie Chiang.

Present at a promotional shoot for her upcoming album Practice, the young actress was not bashful about her feelings when reporters asked her about superstar Jay Chou.

Three years ago, Jessie had collaborated on the dramaPandaman, with the "King of Mandopop" himself, leading to allegations that the two were a couple.

Following the premiere of the drama, reports surfaced that the pair had broken up, with Jessie conspicuously left out from promotional activities.

She was reportedly missing for three months and was said to be nursing her heartache in Philippines' Boracay Island.

Jessie referred to Jay as her dream lover, "He is my type. I've liked him since primary school. My bedroom is filled with his posters. He's really amiable, not distant at all."

However, the 23-year-old denied having dated Jay, "When we've known each other for so long, we become good friends...we also occasionally text each other," claimed Jessie.

Source : xinmsn.com

Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu in Material Queen

Jerry Yan Material Queen

A press event was held for Material Queen to officially introduce Van Ness Wu as its new leading man. Fellow F4 Jerry Yan made a surprise appearance after dropping out of the drama several days ago. It was impossible for him to keep a low-profile despite wearing casual clothes and a cap, but he did look like he wasn’t feeling very well. Producer Chen Yu Shan later explained that Jerry has been suffering from immune system problems, but the cause of his illness is still unknown.

Chen Yu Shan and director Chen Hui Ling got Van Ness Wu to sign on within 24 hours after they lost Jerry Yan. On the replacement casting, director Chen clarified, “I didn't invite (Van Ness Wu) to act, but rather to play the right role.” Van Ness Wu said he accepted the offer a day after getting her call on 27th, “I’ve had wanted to act (in this drama), but didn’t insist on it, maybe God heard my voice, it’s fate.” The press also asked if he is concerned about his height, since costar Lynn Xiong is 178 cm tall. Van Ness Wu responded, “Even Jay Chou can act alongside Lin Chi-ling, what should I be afraid of?”

Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes, UDN
Written by: PA @ CpopAccess.com

Ethan Ruan will marry with Tiffany Hsu next year

Ethan Ruan

Food may be the way to a man's heart, but a new house could be the way into one's future parents-in-law's good books.

Popular Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan is reportedly planning to buy a new home for girlfriend Tiffany Hsu's family, in hopes of getting her parent's approval for her hand in marriage within a year.

In response to the rumour, Ethan did not give a definitive answer, only stating that he "would get married someday."

So is he planning marrying Tiffany Hsu?

"That would be good! But the future is full of uncertainties; I wouldn't dare to confirm that."

According to reports, Ethan had already bought a TWD 20,000,000 (SGD 1,000,000) love nest to co-habit with Tiffany, and he is planning to spend another TWD 5,000,000 (SGD 250,000) for his girlfriend's parents' new abode.

For now, the handsome lad is tied up with upcoming movie projects.

Speculation was rife that Ethan would be involved in the new blockbuster production, Warriors of the Yang Clan, acting alongside fellow big time actors.

However, the 28-year-old has denied his participation in the drama, revealing that he would be involved in two of director Doze Niu's movie projects instead.

"I don't know where the absurd news about my participation in Warriors of the Yang Clan came from. I'll be starting on my action and acting training in October and November. Filming for director Doze Niu's romantic film would take three to four months," Ethan explained.


Vanness Wu and Lynn Xiong in drama Material Queen

Vanness Wu

Next Media’s first ever drama “拜金女王” (roughly translates to "Material Queen") was without any male lead after Jerry Yan dropped out. Luckily they are back on track with Van Ness Wu signing onto the drama. It will reunite him with Autumn’s Concerto producer Chen Yu Shan and director Chen Hui Ling after their hugely successful collaboration last year. Most stars tend to be wary of replacing another in existing projects, but Van Ness Wu doesn’t seem to have this problem -- He almost replaced Vic Chou in the movie “The Killer Never Kills” before withdrawing due to scheduling conflicts.

Van Ness Wu was recording his album in Japan when producer Chen contacted him. He returned to Taiwan to finalize the agreement right away, and met with the drama’s stylist Patricia Field (from “Sex and the City”). In addition to growing out his hair, Van Ness Wu will also be taking French and violin lessons for his role. His costar Lynn Xiong will play an orphan-turned-materialistic model in the title character. Her height is reportedly 178 cm so the 180 cm tall Van Ness might experience a bad case of "Donnie Yen" if she wears in stilettos. Material Queen expects to begin filming at the end of September.

Source: Appledaily
Written by: PA @ CpopAccess.com

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Hong Kong Michelle Reis Li Jia Xin is 4 months Pregant

Michelle Reis

"Big Beauty" Michelle Reis is a beauty legend and is often rumored that she's 4 months pregnant. However, she has not announced the good news yet. Yesterday Michelle revealed on Weibo that she attracts bug bites, which seems to have overtones. When a woman is pregnant, there are changes in the endocrine, specifically speeding up the metabolism which especially attracts mosquitoes. Michelle getting mosquito bites, could it be related?

In the past few days, Michelle has been keeping in touch with fans on Weibo. The day before, she uploaded a photo which appears she has a belly sticking out, and also announced the good news that her mothers' seeds from her garden has successfully grew papayas, limes and pears.

Yesterday Michelle updates her Weibo again, she wrote: "I am extremely attracted to mosquitoes, often getting bitten. But today according to the insect experts, woman with a sexy body figure often have higher estrogen levels so attracts more mosquitoes. In the future, when getting a mosquito bites, tell myself: "Who told me to be so sexy!"

Source: Mingpao

Leo Ku donates 100 Thousand HKD at Solar Project 2010 Event

Leo Ku

Leo Ku, Joey Yung, and 30 other singers attended to a Solar Project 2010 event yesterday. The organization also announced Leo donated 100 thousand HKD to Tung Wah Group Hospitals, helping families who suffered in the hostage crisis tragedy.

Leo said this tragedy is painful, but after being sad and angry, it's more important to give the biggest encouragement and support to survivors. He hopes the dead can rest in peace. If he didn't have work, he would also participate in the march because it's one of the ways to express support.

Joey also said: "Love can win over everything. When encounter unhappy things, everyone need to gather together. Everything would turn better. Hope this can let foreigners know: Can't bully Hong Kongers!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jackie Chan apologised about Hong Kong tourist Bus Hijacking

Jackie Chan

HONG KONG: Action star Jackie Chan apologised in a statement on his website for his remarks on Twitter about the recent bus hijacking in Manila.

The actor's tweets about the hostage crisis, which took the lives of eight Hong Kong tourists last Monday, have raised the ire of netizens who claimed they were disrespectful to the victims.

However, Chan claimed his words were simply mistranslated.

"Maybe what I said wasn't very clear and it was misunderstood. The content in my Twitter account was posted by my American assistant on my behalf, but after interpretation the posts did not entirely capture what I truly meant to say.

"What happened to the Hong Kong tourists in the Philippines was a terrible and heartbreaking tragedy. I am 100 per cent Chinese and I'm from Hong Kong. I feel grief and pain for the Hong Kong citizens who lost their lives during this unfortunate incident," said Chan in a statement.

His statement was released in both Chinese and English, perhaps to avoid any mistranslation.

"What I wanted to convey was that I won't hate Filipino people as a result of this tragic incident. If we start hating each other, it will cause great damage to both Hong Kong and the Philippines.

"As for whether or not the Filipino police in charge of the incident should be held responsible for not handling the situation appropriately, of course I don't need to comment on this matter; this should be left to the experts in this area," he explained.

"If I have caused any misunderstanding or discontent because of my incomplete thoughts and feelings posted on Twitter, I would like to express my deepest and most sincere apology."

His apology has garnered mixed reactions with netizens.

Some felt there was nothing wrong with his tweets and expressed disappointment that he caved to pressure and apologised while others felt he should have been more careful with his words in the first place.

Chan had earlier tweeted about a Filipino ex-police officer's hijacking of a busload of Hong Kong tourists in Manila on August 23 that left eight hostages dead.

Although the hijacker was later killed by a sniper's bullet, many Hong Kongers believe that he could have been taken down before any hostages came to harm and felt that the Filipino police force had mishandled the crisis.

While numerous Hong Kong celebrities slammed the Filipino police force, Chan took on a more diplomatic stance and tweeted that Hong Kongers would not feel hatred towards Filipinos just because of this incident.

Chan's tweets also appeared to be supportive of the Filipino police.

"If they killed the guy (hijacker) sooner, they will say why not negotiate first? If they negotiate first, they ask why not kill the guy sooner? So sad," tweeted Chan.

- CNA/ha

Eason Chan win 8 awards at Chinese Gold Melody Award 2010

Eason Chan

"Chinese Gold Melody Award 2010" was held last night in Guangzhou with nearly 100 award categories presented to Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan singers. Singers who attended included Eason Chan, Kay Tse, David Lui, Mr., Joyce Cheng, Prince and many more. Eason was the big winner of the night with a total of 8 awards including 'Most Respected Singer in the Country', 'My Favourite Male Singer (HK)', Best Cantonese Song for 700 Years Later', 'Cantonese Song of the Year' and 'Top Ten Mandarin Gold Melody'. His album H3M won 'Top Ten Cantonese Albums' and 'Best Cantonese Album of the the 'Year'

For the female singers, Kay Tse was the big winner in HK with 4 awards. Kay's album Slowness was one of the 'Top Cantonese Albums' and her song Song of the Year also won 'Top Ten Mandarin Gold Melody'. She personally was named 'Best Cantonese Female Singer' and 'My Favourite Female Singer (HK)'. Another big winner was HK group Mr. also with 4 awards in total. David Lui won 'Chinese Golden Melody 30 Year Palace Award'.

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@asianuniverse

Bernice Liu captured naked pictures of herself

Bernice Liu

Yesterday Bernice Liu attended a shooting competition event held by Harbour City. She expressed that she has more than 20 cameras, the most expensive one is about $70,000, and also hinted that she captured many naked pictures of herself to keep for her next generation. She said, "The pictures were taken after entering the industry, there's film ones, digital, there's many I can't print out, but I once brought them to be developed, thankfully they're still safe now, but since there were people who got into trouble for taking their laptops to fix, I'm also quite scared."

She was asked if Moses Chan was a suitable person to capture, she said, "I haven't captured a guy who's fully naked." Besides this, PakHo Chau's grandmother has abnormal heartbeat because of fever and was admitted to hospital, her condition is stable now. He who loves shooting expressed that he wants to capture Angelababy and praised that she looks pretty at any angle.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator:Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld
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