Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Unintended similarities between Show and Vic’s ads?

vicchou show luo

Both Vic Zhou and Show Luo’s different advertisements have sparked off controversies when both artistes carried cameras and were spotted in almost identical tops that had the same colour. 28-year-old Vic was doing a series of print ads for a camera while 30-year-old Show was advertising for some properties.

Dressed in near-alike light pink V-neck sweaters, the pair even shared similar pastoral backgrounds – with Vic lying on the grass while Show stands amidst a forest of trees.

Show’s manager expressed, “The advertisement is based on an outdoor recreational theme – that is why he is holding a camera. Clothing for men consists of the same few patterns. Do you expect him to wear a white skirt?”

Taking a closer look at Show’s property advertisement, his image styling aptly portrays the vibes and image of his client. As they emphasized on the apartment surroundings’ fresh air and good view, he was dressed simple in a v-neck sweater. His manager explained on his hairstyle, “He’s been sporting this look lately.”

Although Vic received praise for his camera commercial, he continues to remain under media scrutiny for his widely-known and rumoured fall-out with his Black and White co-star Mark Chao.

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