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Angela Zhang snatched away by Jackie Chan for $1.57 million

angela zhang

For her beloved Michael Jackson vinyl record, Angela Zhang would not give up even for famous showbiz veteran Jackie Chan! Recently, the two of them were intensely bidding for an autographed MJ vinyl record, in the end the bid shot up to a crazy $330,000 RMB (approx $1.57 million NTD).

On November 2, Angela Zhang flew over to Shanghai to sing "Invisible Wings" for the "2009 Gary Player Invitational Event" which was a charity function in support of orphans suffering from AIDS. Furthermore, she participated in a charity auction together with Jackie Chan, Wilber Pan, JJ Lin and other artists, all giving their compassion. Unexpectedly, Jackie Chan and Angela Zhang became bidding opponents.

At the function, JJ Lin was in charge of auctioning a limited edition autographed Jackson vinyl record at the opening bid of $100,000 RMB. Angela Zhang who has always seen Michael Jackson as her idol, immediately started to bid. Who knew that Jackie Chan would follow, shouting prices with a determined expression. The two of them consecutively bidded 4-5 times, competing fiercely; in the end Jackie Chan was the highest bidder as $330,000 RMB, making Angela feel a bit disappointed.

Angela who lost the bid, sang her signature comforting song "Invisible Wings" at the function and suddenly asked Jackie Chan to come onstage to sing with her. He assertively went onstage and although he wasn't very familiar with the lyrics, he still happily hummed along. This was their first duet together and although this had not been rehearsed before, they had great tacit understanding and the atmosphere of the scene reached its peak.

Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

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