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Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai named most Influential Celebrities

Who comes to mind when we mention the Most Influential Personality?

President Obama? Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? Yao Ming?

How about entertainers Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai?

A recent poll by Taiwanese publication TVBS Weekly placed Jay and Jolin at the 7th and 12th spots respectively.

Over 1,734 members of the public were polled and the top two spots for Most Influential Personalities went to President Ma Ying-jeou and tycoon Terry Gou Tai-ming.

Jay and Jolin are the highest ranked celebrities in the poll

The rumoured couple ranked higher among the younger set - pollsters aged 15 to 29 years old - putting the two at 4th and 7th.

Popular hosts Dee Hsu (popularly known as Xiao S) and Matilda Tao were ranked at 13th and 19th by the 19 to 25-year-olds but they dropped out of the top 20 in terms of the general public.

source : http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/

Newcomer Lala Hsu second album Limits

Singer-songwriter LaLa Xu 徐佳瑩 (Xu Jia Ying) will be returning with her second album titled “Limits” on September 3rd. After a year that included a much-publicized breakup, followed by a win at the Golden Melody Awards for Best Newcomer, her new release will summarize experiences from her first year as a singer. Despite the success of her debut album, the former One Million Star winner had doubts about herself at one point. LaLa Xu later took a 10-day vacation in Japan which helped to change her way of thinking. She also got hooked on Facebook around the same time and recovered from her breakup with the support of netizens .

After all the recent events, she said, “When confronting difficult hurdles, as long as one is willing to take the first step, looking back at it now, there’s nothing that can’t be overcome.” LaLa Xu revealed the title song “Limits” was written during her most painful time. She was unable to continue after writing the line "My limits is here" and left the rest to her company. The lyrics reflect her feelings at the time, “Abandon the painkillers, intersect with memories head-on, I still insist on not crying until I get home.” But she joked, “My next challenge to the ‘limits’ is maintaining my figure.”

source : http://www.cpopaccess.com/2010/08/lala-xu-takes-her-music-to-limits.html

JJ Lin I Am world Concert Tour in Beijing

JJ Lin launched his “I AM” World Concert Tour in Beijing on the 21st. Nearly 10,000 fans packed the Capital Indoor Stadium to see him perform in person, as well as a glimpse at his new bod. He entertained the audience with 33 songs, including a medley similar to the one performed at this year’s Golden Melody Awards. The concert started off with an impressive video created with the “Light Stage” technology -- a single grain of sand turned into ten thousands to form the shape of JJ Lin. The figure then walked across a desert and shook the crowd with a roar.

JJ Lin made a total of seven costume changes, including a Star Wars-inspired outfit made out of 1000 LED bulbs. He joked, “Singing and dancing at the same time, along with a body full of sweat, it's not that I’m afraid to die, but the staff tested it out for a long time to check for electrical leakage.” JJ also wore a lampshade-like head piece with one of his costumes. A metal part from the “shade” cut his manager’s nose badly during the rehearsals, which might possibly explain his blood-splashed white outfit...

Source: Appledaily, UDN, ent.qq.com

Ariel Lin already in relationship with mystery boyfriend

ariel lin

TAIPEI : While celebrities tend to keep their love lives a secret, Taiwan singer-actress Ariel Lin has revealed to the press that she is seeing someone, reported Chinese media.

"I am a girl who cannot do without relationships. In my heart, there is already a 'him'," said Lin during an appearance at a press conference as the ambassador for the Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center.

When asked about her mystery boyfriend, the sweet-looking 27-year-old refused to give details though she did not deny that he is a big help to her acting and singing career.

Besides shattering the dreams of her male admirers the world over, during the press conference, Lin also proudly showed off her organ donor card which she received in March last year.

"This way of passing on your love for others is often more meaningful than just [donating] money," said Lin of her choice to pledge her organs. "This is something I believe in and it is something I have acted upon."

According to Lin, she was visiting the hospital for a follow-up medical check-up last year after an operation to remove a 2-cm egg-shaped cyst in her brain, when she saw a notice about organ donation.

After a short discussion with her mother, both of them decided to become donors and signed up the next day.

Lin, who was first discovered on the long-running Taiwan variety show "Guess, Guess, Guess", shot to fame after starring in the 2005 idol drama "It Started with a Kiss" with Joe Cheng.

She then went on to win a Golden Bell Award for Best Actress Award in 2008 for her performance in the sequel "They Kiss Again".

Source : Channel News Asia

Jolin Tsai wait apology from Jay Chou because Patty Hou

All Jolin Tsai is waiting for is an apology.

That was what she said in an interview for a Taiwanese talk-show.

Jolin and Jay Chou's rumoured romance has been the talk of the town and their recent collaboration at Jay's concert gave reporters fodder to speculate a reunion.

While neither party has ever admitted to their relationship, Jolin did a rare tell-it-all session during an interview with veteran host Matilda Tao.

"The period of hating is over," Jolin said.

She revealed that it took her one year to get over the break-up - Jay was said to have broken up with Jolin for Taiwanese host Patty Hou.

She then added that Jay has yet to apologize to her for this.

Jolin's honesty incurred the anger of both her company and Jay's reps; and Jolin was reportedly barred from taking on any more interviews. However, the reps from Jolin's company denied the interview embargo.

Jolin appeared for an event recently and when reporters mentioned the interview with Matilda Tao, Jolin immediately changed her tone and accused the media of sensationalizing the story.

Then how does she feel about spending Chinese Valentine's Day as a singleton?

"I hope I'll get to spend my Valentine's Day next February with a boyfriend. I've got quite a few prospective suitors lately!" Jolin quipped.

Who are these suitors?

"I'm not saying anything this time!"

Source : xinmsn.com

Nicholas Teo new drama Nu Wang Bu Xia Pan

CTV took a break from idol dramas after the miserable Scent of Love ended two weeks ago. The network will return with a new offering in mid-September called 女王不下班, which literally translates to “Queen Not Getting Off Work”. The drama stars Nicholas Teo (張棟樑), Hsiu Chieh Kai (修杰楷), Lee Kang Yi (李康宜) and Cynthia Wang (王心如). They met with the press last week to introduce their characters.

Actress Lee Kang Yi is returning to TV for the first time since her Golden Bell-nominated role in 2008's Justice For Love. In the new drama, she plays a clever prosecutor who is also the eldest daughter of her family. In contrast to her character, Lee Kang Yi is actually the youngest at home and said her “Big Sis” role will present a new challenge.

Having just completed Rice Family, Hsiu Chieh Kai moves on to play Lee Kang Yi’s boyfriend in the new drama. He is a manly cop who wears nothing underneath his bullet-proof vest (okay, that was solely based on the press event). The actor said he had wanted to play a cop ever since he took part in Black & White. Much to his surprise, the new role is a combination of both “Hero” and “Ruffian”. In an attempt to display his “manliness”, Hsiu Chieh Kai said he did as many push-up’s as he could before stripping down in one scene.

As for Nicholas Teo, he is also returning to TV after a long hiatus. His character is a rich man surrounded by women because he just can’t say no. Nicholas Teo faced his first challenge already when he had to be filmed while driving a Hummer. Operating a vehicle doesn't sound very difficult, but the only problem is, he drives on the other side of the road back home in Malaysia. Filming went on till 2 to 3 am for one scene in which he was required to park the massive car.

Source: Chinatimes, Chinayes, Nownews
Written by: PA @ CpopAccess.com

Ken Zhu and Kelly Lin has broken up relationship

They say love can conquer all.

But in Ken Zhu and Kelly Lin's case, their love was not enough to overcome their differences.

According to reports, the pair has split up and Kelly has moved out from their home. Close associates of the couple revealed that their differences in personality were the cause of the break-up.

While Kelly is cool-headed and reserved, Ken is panicky and easily irritated. This difference in attitude led to many quarrels - even over trivial matters such as watching television.

Even though Kelly was said to be hopeful that their love can overcome all at the beginning, the pair eventually gave up after a five-year run, deciding on an amicable split.

The couple met in 2005 when working on a movie and their relationship was kept under wraps until the two were caught wearing couple outfits at their home in 2007. The lovebirds were even reported to have registered their marriage in Taiwan last year.

When both were quizzed about the split, neither one confirmed the news.

Kelly, who is currently busy with filming in Xi An, China, only replied that Ken and her were "only friends" before hanging up on the phone.

Ken was in Hangzhou, China when reporters asked him if he has broken up with Kelly.

Ken first asked if they had asked Kelly, and the reporters replied in the positive, Ken said, "Then it's whatever she told you."

Even as reporters probe, Ken repeated the same line, saying that it is "whatever she said".

Source : xinmsn.com

Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro in film One Armed Swordsman

One Armed Swordsman Donnie Yen

Director Peter Chan will remake the Jimmy Wang Yu classic “One Armed Swordsman” bringing to life a more bloody and cruel tale of the original movie.

Donnie Yen will play the well known character, he will be joined by Japanese-Chinese actor Jing Chengwu.

Yen is also choreographing the movies fight scenes and there are plans to start Jing Chengwu training before shooting begins later this year.

Donnie is set to play a brutal and cruel character who is on the run, but undergoes a transformation by Jing Chengwu when he is captured.

In the new film, Super Hot Takeshi Kaneshiro will play a detective chasing after Universe Strongest one-armed swordsman Donnie Yen. In contrast to the heroic roles he usually plays, Donnie Yen will overturn his image to become a ruthless serial killer! His character is a man who has been wanted by the government for half his life. During an escape, he meets a detective played by Takeshi Kaneshiro, who guided him back to the right path in the end.

Director Peter Chan believes Takeshi Kaneshiro is a perfect fit to play the role of the detective. They previously collaborated on 2007's The Warlords, and will work with Donnie Yen for the first time. Since Donnie Yen is also the stunt coordinator of this movie, his costar Takeshi Kaneshiro is expected to undergo some martial arts training before filming begins.

Shooting begins next month.


Chow Yun Fat in film Let The Bullets Fly

Let The Bullets Fly

Let The Bullets Fly is the latest gangster flick from action icon Chow Yun Fat and will be directed by Jiang Wen (Devils on the Doorstep, The Sun Also Rises).

When last we had word from Jiang Wen's Let The Bullets Fly the word was bad - the film had been delayed enough that it was going to miss the fall festival season - but now it's back with something better: The first proper trailer.

Chow Yun Fat stars in this one and while the rock and roll soundtrack is a bit jarring when placed against the richly detailed period visuals, those visuals are still pretty damn fantastic. It's good to see Chow involved in some good, old fashioned gunplay again.

“Set in China during the warring 1920s, notorious bandit chief Zhang descends upon a remote provincial town posing as its new mayor, an identity that he had hijacked from Old Tang, himself a small-time imposter. Hell-bent on making a fast buck, Zhang soon meets his match in the tyrannical local gentry Huang as a deadly battle of wit and brutality ensues”.

Cast :
Jiang Wen
Chow Yun Fat
Ge You
Carina Lau Kar Ling
Hu Jun
Chen Kun
Liao Fan
Zhou Yun
Feng Xiaogang
Shao Bing

The movie has a budget of $18 million and is scheduled to open across China on 1st October 2010.

Sources: Film Smash

Nicholas Tse and Nick Cheung in The Stool Pigeon

The Stool Pigeon Nick Cheung

A new trailer as recently hit the internet for “The Stool Pigeon”, directed by Dante Lam which stars Nicholas Tse and Nick Cheung.

“Senior Inspector Don Lee (Cheung) relies heavily on the information provided by stool pigeons in his job. Barbarian is a painstakingly meticulous armed robber. Don needs an informant to infiltrate his gang so he recruits street-racer Guy (Tse). Guy provides information on Barbarian’s next job, but Don is unable to effectively act on them until the final moment. Since Barbarian has not left any evidence, Don is pressured to convince Guy to become a witness for the prosecution.

Don promises to provide Guy with a new identity in another country, but the departure is beset by accidents and Guy only barely makes it to safety. Haunted by his ruined relationships with his ex-wife and former stool pigeons, Don no longer wants to be part of a world that is one betrayal after another”.

Nicholas Tse has been really busy the past few years starring in movies such as Bodyguards and Assassins, Storm Warriors, Invisible Target, Rob-B-Hood and New Police story.

The movie is set for release on the 26th August, 2010.

Sources:far east films

Vivian Hsu is dating with Stephen Fung Tak Lun

Stephen Fung Vivian Hsu

Since announcing his break-up with Karen Mok Man Wai in 2008, Stephen Fung Tak Lun has been quietly dating Vivian Hsu. However, the pair never publicly acknowledged their relationship. In a recent interview, Vivian was quoted as saying, “I am still single and welcome any pursuers!” Despite stating that she was single, Vivian is currently in an involved relationship with Stephen Fung.

August 9th was Stephen’s 36th birthday. The evening before, Vivian took a leave of absence from her work and flew from Taiwan to Hong Kong to celebrate Stephen’s birthday together. Stephen arrived at the airport to pick up Vivian. At this time, the pair realized they were followed by the paparazzi.

To avoid exposure of their relationship, Vivian and a male friend headed in a separate direction from Stephen. Afterwards, Vivian met with Stephen at his home in Repulse Bay . The lovebirds did not emerge from the apartment for two days, quietly enjoying each other’s company.

Source: Tom.com
Credits: JayneStars

Pinky Cheung in ATV Series The Men Of Justice

Pinky Cheung

Pinky Cheung recently became a baptized Christian, she played the tough Regional Crime Inspector Chow Kwok Kuen in The Men of Justice, just had her fist and no pillow. It was like God arranged it all for her, goodbye to sexy route. "Actually God is very open, but will possibly appear less sexy."

Pinky denied that she's baptized to prepare for marriage. "I lack the sense of security in my mind, I currently do not have a boyfriend, but I have never been worried. I believe that God has a good arrangement for me." As for The Men of Justice, will that be her last series with ATV? Pinky said: "A high possibility. I don'y have any chance to go to TVB, I am too much of an 'ATV person', the company does not have any productions of their own, Hong Kong will soon only have 1 television station, no other productions."

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@asianuniverse.net/forums

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Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen in movie Ji Lang Qing Chun

Huang Xiao Ming

New movie "Ji Lang Qing Chun" produced by John Wu held its opening ceremony at China Diaoyutai State Guesthouse yesterday. The chief producer John Woo together with leads Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen as well as many other important casts all graced the ceremony. Though he was very tightlipped regarding the plot, the reporters still managed to understand that the love story will involve scenes of Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen being very intimate. Joe Chen will also boldly wear bikini in the movie.

According to the introduction, "Ji Lang Qing Chun" is a story based on dragon boating with an aim to show the Asian Games spirit of determination and optimism. Dragon boating is a traditional China sports where many Chinese will come together, work together to push forward. This movie will be a story on youth and dreams, set to encourage and inspire people. Huang Xiao Ming will star as a sportsman while "Idol drama Queen" Joe Chen will have some scenes in hot bikini outfit. Her character is in the national dragon boat team and Huang Xiao Ming will be the coach cum boyfriend that encourages her along the way.

When discussing the character, Huang Xiao Ming revealed that "Tian Hua (Male lead's name) is a near perfect man that all females and even males couldn't help but love. He had initially rejected this role "It was a too perfect character. I really didn't know how I should act. In "Summer's Desire", Luo Xi was already a very perfect guy but it turned out that this character was even more perfect." As for Joe Chen, although she will have lots of water sports scenes in "Ji Lang Qing Chun", she's actually fearful of water in reality and has been training on a daily basis now. She can row 1km without stopping now but the intensive training has caused bruises on both her arms and legs. She had originally planned to wear a dress for the opening ceremony but to cover the bruises, she had to switch to long pants. With regards to this collaboration with Huang Xiao Ming, Joe Chen is anticipating the different kind of sparks and when asked if her first movie on-screen kiss will be given to Huang Xiao Ming, she smiled and revealed nothing.

The whole ceremony had a very serious atmosphere and both leads departed soon after the group photos. At the end of the ceremony, when John Woo accepted the reporters' interviews, he expressed that both Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen are younger actors and actresses that he really likes and he believes that they have the ability.

Translation by minivicki @ http://asianfanatics.net/
Source: UDN, Hunan, Xinmin

Vic Chou in movie Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian

Vic Chou

Yesterday, Vic Chou attended the premiere event for his latest movie Love You 10000 Years, along with co-star Kato Yuki and Director Kitamura Toyoharu. More than a thousand fans from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other places in Asia went to support the star. Vic kept himself busy in promoting his new film; He first did interviews with the media in the afternoon, attended activities organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau where he met with fans, and then at night, he attended the premiere of the movie. Some fans from all across Asia spent as much as forty thousand dollars (NT) just to follow Vic for two days and participate in his premiere events at Taipei and Taichung, as well as his two fan meetings.

In a recent interview with host Matilda Tao, Vic expressed his thoughts on men needing to make more money than women, “If a man makes less money than the woman, he will not have any say on anything.” In the end, the media took his explanation as a reason for his breakup with Barbie Hsu. A little flustered, Vic advised everyone to watch the interview in full to understand. But in regards to earning money, Vic emphasized, “Isn’t a man’s career important?... Unless he’s living off of the woman. If I get married and build a family in the future, I hope that I can be responsible for my family.” He added that he feels his career achievement is not up to standards yet. He hopes that he will get there when he’s 40. When asked if he explained this to Barbie, he commented, “There’s no need to care so much about these types of reports.”

Source: Appledaily, UDN
Written by: fufu @ CpopAccess.com

Hebe Tian new solo album A girl who loves singing, a song about love

Hebe Tian

S.H.E's Hebe is finally "flying solo" releasing her individual album which has been in production for two years, however H.I.M are trying to be mysterious. Online, there has been a 30 second preview clip circulating, which doesn't reveal the girl's eyes, nor is there a name attached to this clip, but as soon as fans heard it, they knew who that unique singing voice belonged it.

This clip called "A girl who loves singing, a song about love" has been circulating online. Its simple shots show a girl with long flowing hair, but doesn't show her face yet her graceful vocals have attracted lots of attention. Even though fans have already discovered who this mysterious person is, H.I.M are still persistent, "We've seen this clip and think this girl sings really well, we believe that with her talents, she will be a real competitor among this summer's female singers."

H.I.M. has been deliberately using these tactics to create suspense and anticipation for their "half-new artist" but as soon as fans heard her pronounce "shi jie" (meaning: world), they were immediately certain that it was Hebe. Netizens have been searching all over the internet and have now gathered that the song is called "Love?", the album will be released at the beginning of September, Golden Melody Best Album Cover Designer Nie Yong Zhen designed the cover, the album will come with a 330 The Wall Concert DVD as well as many other details. In regards to this, H.I.M continues to deny everything.

S.H.E are still continuing their world tour but H.I.M has already made many plans for them as they all continue their individual pursuits, Ella is acting, Selina is hosting while it has been rumoured since 2008 that Hebe will be releasing a solo album. Each has their own arena but they have no plans to disband and fly solo.

Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

Jay Chou film Secret 2 in 3D version

Jay Chou

Recently Jay Chou has been busy with his world tour, but in recent days a Taiwanese cinematographer Kiven revealed on his blog the plans of Jay Chou's new movie "Secret 2", the female lead has been exposed early. According to cinematographer Kiven: "After Jay Chou is finished with his concert next year, he'll film the sequel to Secret. At present the script is already being planned, this time it's going to be a bit more sci-fi, and also bits of it will be in 3D."

When Jay Chou was filming "Secret" he already had ideas for "Secret 2", it was just because he was busy with other things afterwards that nothing came of it. The script for the new movie has already been in the works since the start of last year, it's been confirmed now that they will start filming in September next year. Earlier Jay Chou revealed to the media, besides the background crew for the movie not changing, the majority of the male cast will also be the same, but for the female cast he wants to "change things". He's worried that the audience have too deep of an impression of Guai Lun Mei and Alice Tzeng, so with a newcomer it will give the movie a different feeling. And about other details of the movie, Jay Chou has been unwilling to reveal any information.

But cinematographer Kiven leaked quite a lot of Jay Chou's "secrets" on his blog; just like last time "Secret 2" will be about time travelling, it's just that this time there'll be more creative scenes and stories. In Director Chou's new album "The Era" he has been plugging the "time travelling" songs, this time's "Secret 2" female lead, Man Qi, was recommended to Jay Chou by a good friend. The female lead is pretty and pure, her sweet temperament is in line with the style of people Jay Chou uses. The different thing to "Secret" is that this time in "Secret 2", it will be about "time travel" between now and the future, due to the fact the male and female leads are from different eras and have different technologies, a lot of exciting stories arise from it. The male lead is a high school student, the female lead is from the technology-advanced future, very sci-fi, for this time Jay Chou will use 3D in the movie and make a music love story with the "Hollywood" style grand feeling.

Reporters asked for further confirmation about the details revealed by Kiven about "Secret", and they got into contact with JVR staff. Staff member Mr Wang did not deny plans about "Secret 2", but he declined to comment about further details.

Source: Sohu
Translated by: http://www.jaychoustudio.com

E Cup Taiwan Cute Girl Guo Shu Yao first album Honey

Yao Yao

Otaku goddess and pop singer Yao Yao (real name: Guo Shu Yao) will soon release her upcoming album titled "Guo Shu Yao's First Self-Titled Album Honey", and work on latest album involved a star-studded lineup including Yao Yao's idol Jay Chou, whom agreed to pen an emotional song for her. In response to Jay's offering, the model/singer cried out, "Unbelievable!" With feelings similar to that of having a dream come true, Yao Yao replied, "I didn't think that on the first day of being a 20-year old that marks the end of my youth, that I would at last be given the best gift in becoming an adult."

The killer production team involved in penning songs for Yao Yao's self-titled album includes singers Gary Cao, S.H.E's Ella, as well as Jay Chou, and the top creativity team in the industry will also be at hand to help along in putting everything together.

The debut single "Honey" for the new album, which is a cover of a song originally sung by South Korean girl group KARA, continues the sweet bubble gum pop that started with her previous hit sing "Love's Hug". Pre-orders for the album will begin on August 5th, and first-day sales will start on August 21st. "Honey" recently premiered on broadcast radio yesterday on Hit FM.

Source: UDN
Written by: Pauli @ CpopAccess.com

Jolin Tsai sexy hot pants in single Honey Trap

Jolin Tsai

The highly anticipated music video of Jolin Tsai's latest single, "Honey Trap" will finally be released this coming Tuesday. Jolin specially invited a Korean MV director to film this MV. Usually, Kpop artists allot two full days to film a music video, but due to Jolin's tight schedule, she could only spare a day. After 25 hours, Jolin danced for over a hundred times, where her body finally gave up and she had to take three hours of rest before continuing. She completed filming the MV as scheduled and even the Director commented, "Do Taiwanese artists all work this hard?"

In the MV, Jolin plays a trendy robot, purchased and brought home by the male lead of the video. The male lead thought he could control her, but Jolin turned out to have her own feelings and so she started doing the Voguing dance. Upon seeing the finished product, Jolin smiled, "After dancing for over a hundred times, at least it didn't go to waste. This dance is very unique and interesting. It can also be a form of shoulder muscle therapy if you can master it."

Jolin changed three different sets of clothes for the MV and even wore hot-pants, but she spoke truthfully, "The clothes this time are quite revealing. I like it a lot, but only for photo shooting and MV. I just don't dare to wear them outside!"

Minggu, 01 Agustus 2010

Phoebe Pang sexy girl in Miss Hong Kong pageant 2010

Phoebe Pang

"Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2010" will be held in Hong Kong Coliseum tonight. Before the contest, many already thinks (#11) Elle Lee is the winner, and (#8) Phoebe Pang got Pauline Yeung's praises, both are going to have a strong competition tonight! Yesterday at the MHK swimwear rehearsal, to go up against MHK, ATV arranged a swimming event for the leng mo (young models) to attack TVB's bikini publicity, looks like they are 'butting them' and not letting go.

Hot favorite Elle Lee mentioned her goal during the interview: "Show the best side of me, I hope to win Miss Hong Kong. (Who is your biggest competitor?) Queenie Ma."

Meanwhile, Phoebe Pang got Pauline Yeung's support, mentioning her by name and praising her looks. However disliked her petite size. Towards this, Phoebe said: "Thanks for her praises. I know she was the 1987 Miss Hong Kong, but I wasn't born yet. (But she said your petite!) I don't mind. (Do you have confidence to win?) Normal feeling, I'll be happy to enter top 5. (You are part of the hot favorites!) But often the hot favorites are unlucky."

Also, after seeing the contestants for this year, Pauline frankly said that one of the contestants appearance does not look natural. But she was not sure if it's the make-up or if she's done some 'added work' to her looks. She felt that if the MHK can start rumors of plastic surgery, then after they become a contestant, they can arrange a doctor to check them to prove it on the spot.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Andy Hui broke up with girlfriend Michelle

Andy Hui

In yesterday's "Music is Live," Andy Hui suddenly disclosed he broke up with girlfriend Michelle last month. Asked whether is because of his reuniting rumors with Sammi Cheng that caused girlfriend to leave? Andy said helplessly: "It's not because of Sammi, just she and I have personality difference, really isn't because of Sammi."

Last night after the concert, reporters asked whether his girlfriend came to support him? Andy suddenly exposed they already broke up last month. He said: "I'm a human just like everyone else. I can only say she is a good girl. Unfortunately we have personality difference. Now can only look forward to the future." But asked whether he said to break up first, he said he doesn't want to talk about it. Whenever everyone asks him about girlfriend before, he doesn't know how to answer it as well. Now he can only tell everyone they broke up.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Gigi Lai gave birth to twin girls in Canossa Hospital

Gigi Lai

Last Saturday (7/24), Gigi Lai gave birth to twin girls and has been resting in Canossa Hospital all last week. Yesterday afternoon, at about 3:10pm Gigi appeared looking like a happy mother and wife, she did not lose the pregnancy weight yet. Under the protection of 10 security personnel, two nurses, three female friends and TVB executive Virgina Lok, Gigi accepted an interview from the media. Her husband Patrick Ma Ting Keung was no where to be seen.

At around 2:55pm, Virgina Lok appeared entering the hospital, clearly going to pick up Gigi. 10 minutes later, the main character Gigi appeared wearing a comfortable white long dress. Gigi was immediately surrounded by the media, wearing light make-up, she smiled and waved at reporters.

Gigi accepted the media's interview alone, her husband Patrick and her two twin daughters did not appear, but she had more than 10 people around her for protection. Gigi said: "The older daughter already went home, the younger one needs to remain in the hospital for a little more before being discharged. My husband is home looking after the baby."

After leaving the hospital, does she have to go back and forth to take care of her two daughters? "Have to look at my physical status. If I can, I will come back to the hospital to see my younger daughter because I just really miss her. (Have you given them a name?) For now we have not decided yet. Let my husband handle it all. (Will you try for a son?) Never thought about it, thank you all for the concern. (Did your younger brother Lai Ying see the twins?) Not yet. Thank you all for being at the hospital for the last few days, it's hard work, sorry about that."

Gigi reveals that she's breastfeeding the twins, so the most important thing is her health. Once Gigi finished her simple and short 5 minute interview, she got into the car and left the hospital with her body guards.

According the previous news, Patrick said that the oldest daughter is 6 pounds, while the younger one is only 3 pounds. Currently the younger daughter has to stay in the hospital for oxygen support, she can only be discharged from the hospital when she reaches 5 pounds.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Sharon Chan hurt arm in TVB drama Fury Street Corner

Sharon Chan

After Sharon Chan hurt her left arm, she returned to TVB to film her new series, (Fury Street Corner). She was seen in good condition, and said that TVB has bought sufficient insurance for her, and has also claimed her medical fees following the labour law. However, the incident was a big impact to her, once she knew that she has to start work, she couldn't sleep for a few nights. When the producer played back the tape to help her continue filming, she almost couldn't hold her tears.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

Ella Koon at Asia World Expo with shades

Ella Koon

Ella Koon and Ava appeared at Asia World-expo event ......Ella who just touched down was wearing her shades throughout the event, she refused to take off her shades when taking pictures, she said, " After going to Malaysia for my album's promotion for 3 days, I just touched down and quickly rushed here, I didn't have time for make up." (Refuse to take off shades because plastic surgery was done?) "I don't need plastic surgery la, I was born with these features, I'm very satisfied!"

Speaking about the case of computers being hacked, Ava expressed that there's more information about it now. She has already given more information to the police for further investigation, hopefully the truth will be revealed very soon, she said, "This person even claimed that he was me, went looking around for models to take up jobs, I'm really afraid that others would be affected, hope the police can arrest him soon."
Source: oriental Daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

Kay Tse will release first mandarin album

Kay Tse

It's been a while since Kay Tse appeared in public, yesterday she attended the (Anti-Corruption Ambassador) event. Kay reveals that she's recently busy recording for her debut Mandarin album. For a perfect album, she will give up on the opportunities to earn extra money, she will request some 'time off' from her company. She said: "This time I am really focusing on doing my best for this album because it is my first debut Mandarin album after all. So for this month I didn't really participate in any public events. Kay also admits that she has lost some income: "Don't know the calculations and not worried about having no income at all. I will earn money in different way. It's more important that my new album does well."

Also, ever since Kay and her husband Louis Cheung started a family together, the couple are often targeted by the media. First they were described as a poor married couple, then when Kay's popularity grew based on her song (Wedding Street Invitation), the media started saying Louis counted on his wife to eat. Now when Kay's popularity decreases, the media flips the rumors around saying Louis has to run around looking for jobs to support the family. Every day there are fresh new rumors about them. Towards this, Louis says: "How much pressure Kay experiences, I know it the most. If someone is trying to do something to harm and attack her, she will actually think of it as a way to help her own growth, she's really strong."

Before Kay has often been criticized that when she sings, she gets off-tune, as her husband, Louis brings justice for his wife: "You can count your five fingers the amount of times she made a mistake in her singing. Hong Kong singers have intense jobs, will definitely use a lot of physical energy. Which singer hasn't gotten off-tune before, who hasn't made a mistake before?! The soccer king makes mistakes too, kicking a ball 12 yards and will miss!" Louis said that there was a short period of time where Kay's vocal cords had an infection, a flipped throat" situation. One will know why she made mistakes if they knew she had his condition. Louis felt that Hong Kong people are like "critical culture", every person acts like they're a professional singing teacher and can jump out to say who made a mistake.

Source: Oriental Daily
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Raymond Lam

The night before, Raymond lam opened the first show of his 4 show concert, inviting Kelly Chen, Kate Tsui, Wong Cho Lam and Ron Ng as his guests. He also had several sexy female dancers around him, making the fangirls in the audience scream in jealousy. During the encore, the organizers broadcast Raymond's MV with the 15 Miss Hong Kong contestants. During the part of the MV when the contestants' numbers were shown, the audience area was not affected and continued to enjoy the MV.

After, Raymond accepted an interview backstage, he also announced that his new album reached platinum album sales. He exposed himself that he's bad at remembering lyrics, the captions machine encountered some problems during the concert, he teased himself saying that he's "second headmaster." Speaking of the Miss HK getting booed, Raymond expressed: "I onlt heard loud sounds. (Consider cutting that part?) Ask the producer, but then I don't have anough time to change my costumes?" Reporters insisted on the question and asked 3 times again, Raymond begged for mercy: "Don't force me, I didn't watch the clip. (Especially filmed for the concert?) I think so, it's broadcast for the first time. (It has all the contestants' numbers and names in it!) Really? Then when I appeared in the MV, did they show my name?"

Don't know how to sing Linda Chung's songs

Asked why he didn't select rumored girlfriend Linda Chung's songs to sing? Raymond said: "I don't know her songs, I am personally not familiar with any girl songs. (Did you buy her album?) She didn't give me one!" Asked if he invited Linda to come watch the show? He said: "I invited many colleagues from TVB, but didn't give face."

Speaking of a Macau fan buying his concert ticket from a stranger and got scammed, Raymond said: "If I had a ticket, I would give it to them. We all should really buy tickets from an official seller. What I really don't like is people getting my signature who don't really like me, using my tickets to make profits. Anyone who wants my signature can get one from a public event I attend, anyone who wants to see me can join my fanclub."

Also, for the part where Raymond invites a fangirl to go on bed with him on stage, Fans sitting in the audience shouted: "That's too over!" ("tai gor fun")

As the guest, Kate expressed: "I lost 5 pounds, it's my real self! Didn't use any 'red-bean pudding'. (Not afraid of exposing yourself?) I have done all the preparations."

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
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Juno Mak girlfriend is his MV female partner Janine Dai

Juno Mak Janine Dai

Since Juno Mak's debut, he has always been accused to love Gillian Chung (Ah Gil), rumors lasted for a few years. Ever since Ah Gil's jobs increased, her friendship with Juno started to drift apart, rarely keeping in touch in their personal lives. Then there were rumors that Juni and his old MV female partner, Janine Dai, a mix Chinese-Caucasian. Because at the time, Janine had a Western boyfriend of several years, it was quite difficult for Juno to pursue her. So after two weeks of dating, Juno quickly announced to the public who his girlfriend was.

Sends girlfriend home to get dressed up

Recently, [Oriental Daily] discovered that Janine has already been 'promoted' to be called "Lung So" (Mrs Mak) in just the short period of two months. Juno and Janine moved in together in the 100 million luxury home in 56 Repulse Bay Road. Janine were spotted going home on a taxi, when the taxi was prepared to drive into the main entrance, the security opened the gates for them and waved to Janine, treating her like a resident at the area.

After 3 hours of entering the home, Juno was seen heading out to his company and setting love sparks with his girlfriend. Back in his company, Juno told his driver to pick up the all dressed up Janine from the house so they can meet up. At 7pm at night, Juno held onto Janine tightly as they go for dinner in Causeway Bay. Janine changed into a red transparent top with a black skirt, but she kept her jacket over her that she was wearing throughout the day.

Company no marriage restrictions

As for thr reports that Juno used his fans to help him propose to Janine, asking them to put up banners saying "Marry Me", the media asked Juno about this to confirm. He just laughed hearing the question and did not answer. Janine let out a sweet smile. When the couple were leaving the restaurant, reporters asked again about their marriage. The couple smiled together and Juno said to reporters with concern: "Watch Out! The floor is wet after the rain." Later, reporters called Janine and asked again about the marriage rumors, she said over the phone: "Haha! Where did you guys get that from? (Juno's fans helped him propose to you?) We have not really taled about this topic yet, but thank you all." She reveals that her modeling company does not have marriage restriction policy.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@http://asianuniverse.net/forums/
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