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China Actress Zhang Zi Yi returned at New Year Party

Zhang Zi Yi

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has returned to the public eye at a New Year’s party for Chinese entertainment industry professionals in Beijing on January 31 after a a personal scandal last month.

Zhang cracked a smile when she was invited onstage at the party for a formal champagne toast alongside veteran actresses Yu Lan and Xu Fan. Most of the time, Zhang seemed in low spirits and spoke with emotional overtones, saying, “It is so not easy in the movie industry,” according to a “Beijing News” report.

The party was jointly organized by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) and the movie channel of China Central Television. Other big stars included actors Yan Ni, Hao Lei, Zhang Yuqi and pop singers Alan Tam and Li Yuchun.

Zhang was involved in a scandal involving money, friendship and a love affair in January and was later questioned for allegedly not fulfilling donation promises to help those affected by the Sichuan earthquake in 2008.

The actress had quit her roles as the producer and lead actress of the upcoming film “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” last week, which roused widespread speculation that her action could have resulted from her recent problems.

Chow Yun Fat film Confusius beat Avatar

Chow Yun Fat

Friday marks the last day of screenings of the non-3D version of Golden Globe-winning blockbuster Avatar in China. The pulling of the movie ahead of schedule has provoked speculation that the decision was to make way for domestic films, an accusation denied by film authorities.

A manager of the China Film Stellar Theater Chain, a company in charge of film distribution under the China Film Group, confirmed Wednesday that cinemas across the country will stop screening the non-3D version of the film from Saturday, the Economic Observer Newspaper reported.

Avatar had been showing on 2,500 screens – a third on 3D and IMAX screens, while the remaining two-thirds were on regular screens, which cost an average of 30 to 40 yuan a ticket, half the price of a 3D ticket. IMAX tickets, however, at 130 to 150 yuan, have been criticized as too expensive for many Chinese moviegoers.

According to Tong Gang, director of the China Film Bureau, the box office revenue of the non-3D version of Avatar only accounts for one third of total receipts nationwide, which reached more than 522 million yuan ($76 million) as of January 17, surpassing last year’s 2012 and Transformers 2 and becoming the biggest-grossing film in Chinese history.

A torrent of speculation ensued after a Hong Kong newspaper first reported the plan to pull the film, which is a global hit. Some media indicated that the decision obeyed instructions from China’s film authorities and was apparently aimed at reducing competition for homegrown films ahead of the nation’s biggest holiday season, including Confucius, a biopic of the Chinese philosopher, which opens tomorrow.

Zhang Hongsen, deputy director of the China Film Bureau, denied Wednesday that it was forcing the box office smash Avatar off local cinema screens, saying the move to take down the non- 3D version was a commercial decision.

“The rumor that Avatar was displaced by Confucius is maybe related to a time coincidence,” Zhang said. “There ought not to be any conflict as Confucius has no 3D version.”

Gao Jun, deputy general manager of the New Film Association, another theater chain under the China Film Croup, explained that the attendance rate of the non-3D version dropped sharply since last week, and a new film might naturally replace it.

The 3D and IMAX versions of Avatar, which contributed half of the box office takings in cinemas of the association, will continue to be screened due to their strong performance, Gao said, without giving an exact closing date. The original running schedule of Avatar, from January 4 to February 28, remains unchanged on China Film Croup’s website.

Liu Hui, general assistant manager at UME International Cineplex, told the Global Times that the company received a notice from the China Film Stellar Theater Chain.

According to Liu, the non-3D version has only contributed 0.8 percent to the film’s total revenue at UME theaters, while the 3D big-screen version accounts for 72 percent and the ordinary 3D format contributed 27.2 percent.

“It’s reasonable that the chain adjust the screening schedule according to the box office revenue of a movie,” Liu said. “If the non-3D Avatar gives way to other movies, potential losses could be avoided.”

UME has three five-star cinemas in Beijing and is one of the cinema companies that joined the China Film Stellar Theater Chain.

Liu, however, conceded that it is a rare move by the chain to require its cinemas to abruptly stop screening a movie.

The explanation by the theater chains is not being bought by moviegoers. “Most Chinese cities do not have well-equipped cinemas for 3D films. Where should the movie-goers turn to after the 2D version of Avatar stops screening?” a Web user said on, China’s largest Internet portal.

“Audiences will be attracted to the cinema if the movie Confucius turns out to be an excellent choice,” another user said. “It’s a pity that the local films rely on this method to compete with Hollywood.”

One user even called for a boycott of Confucius.

The Xinhua News Agency reported earlier this month that Confucius would open with 2,500 copies, making it a national record. China Film Group is also one of the major investors in the movie.

The Associated Press criticized that China remains highly protective of its domestic film industry, allowing only 20 foreign films into the Chinese market each year.

Li Daoxin, a professor in the School of Arts at Peking University, said that to frame the screening span for a movie wouldn’t be beneficial to the film industry in China, although locally produced films deserve a favorable environment and to be protected.

Liu Hui, however, expressed support for the move. “China Film Group is the distributor of both films. So they could make their decision. And when foreign movies constitute a monopoly in the movie market, we should provide some space for homemade ones,” Liu said.

Gao Jun suggested that China opening more theaters would be a solution to the fierce competition. The number of screens should be 15,000 to 20,000, he said

Latest official statistics show that the number of screens on the Chinese mainland reached 4,723 by 2009, and gross annual box office returns last year surpassed 6.2 billion yuan, up almost 43 percent from the previous year.

Jay Chou drama Pandamen start to air

Jay Chou

Beijing Jiu Zhou Culture Communication Co., Ltd, general manager Tian Jing Quan yesterday happily confirmed that Jay Chou’s self-directed drama ‘Pandamen’ will begin broadcasting on all the major television stations in China beginning from January 17th. Last month, Jay had rushed back to Taiwan to re-film some scenes, and less than 2 weeks after that, the airing permit has finally been granted. Rumours suggest that China’s SARFT is giving special treatment to Asia’pop King but yesterday, Tian Jing Quan laughed: “There weren’t really any problems in the first place, some editing was not done smoothly, but now everything is complete, so it’s been approved.”

But it’s also because of the name ‘Jay Chou’ that as soon as the airing permit for ‘Pandamen’ was granted, mainland China’s 8 major television stations and 4 Home Satellite channels immediately tossed their original series broadcast aside, and changed to ‘Pandamen’ as 2010’s biggest drama! From January 17th, Shan Dong, Guang Zhou, Beijing & Shanghai will first broadcast, and then from February 2nd, Jiang Su, Zhe Jiang, Chong Qing & Shen Zhen will then broadcast. The premiere event is set to be on January 28th or 29th. However, Taiwan’s side previously did not want to set a date until the airing permit was granted, and now the broadcast date has temporarily been delayed to April.

Recently, Jay Chou has just finished promoting his film ‘The Treasure Hunter’, and his Hollywood film ‘The Green Hornet’ has also wrapped up. Currently, he is busy preparing for his new album. JVR expressed that ‘Pandamen’ means very much to Jay, and so he will definitely co-operate with all promotional activities. Yesterday, Tian Jing Quan also expressed that ‘Pandamen’ total costs are estimated to be $25million rmb (NT$1200million). It is the cross-strait (China & Taiwan) collaboration drama with the highest production costs to date, and there will definitely be grand premiere events!

Schedule so far:

2010 January 17th: Shan Dong TV

2010 January 22nd: Kun Ming TV 7:30pm

2010 January 24th: Guang Zhou TV 8:00pm

Ella Chen and Jerry Yan in bed scene

Ella Chen Jerry Yan

Taiwan popular idols Jerry Yan and Ella acted together in an idol drama – [Down With Love]. The recent viewership rating fight talk has been going on strongly up against Vanness Wu and Ady An’s [Autumn Concerto]. Meanwhile the bed scene of the former has been a hotly discussed item lately!
Actually the bed scene in [DWL] between Ella and Jerry is just a simple, lying on bed, sleeping scene. No wonder Jerry laughed, “To be able to lie down and sleep while filming is really very relaxing!”


Jerry Yan & Ella’s Bed Scene – Only Remembered It was Very Hot and Messy
Source: UDN
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s idol serial – [Down With Love]’s storyline is developing speedily, such that Jerry and Ella’s relationship will have them ending up into a “bed scene”? In actual fact, it turned out that the niece and nephew (of Jerry’s lawyer character), played by Ji Xin Ling and Xiao Xiao Bin respectively, had Ella mistakenly consumed their flu medication and moved her into Jerry’s room to create a “both caught in bed” scene, in attempt to cause Ella to lose her job as a nanny. Despite being a “bed scene”, it is really a very safe and wholesome scene. Both artistes were only lying on bed, under the blanket and pretending to sleep. Jerry felt that it was a very relaxing scene. However on the day of filming, as the temperature was blistering, and the little room was packed with crew member, everyone was perspiration heavily. Ella also shared that they were filming in the summer, under the blanket in the small room, “As we cannot turn on the air-conditioner while filming, we were all very hot.”


Ella & Jerry Yan’s Bed Scene – Perspiration-filled Chat
Source: China Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

Ella and Jerry will be having a “bed scene” in CTV and GTV’s [Down With Love]. However both artistes were fully clothed throughout, as their bed scene is a very safe and wholesome one. Both of them are just lying on bed, under the blanket to chat. Although the scene seemed relaxing, to be able to film while lying down; it was not all a breeze as it was filmed during the hot summer and the room was packed with crew members. As the air-conditioner could not be turned on during filming, everyone was perspiring badly. Ella shared that Xiao Xiao Bin and Ji Xin Ling also popped in to play, hence, it was really messy and stuffy on the set, making the bed scene very stuffy.

In [DWL]’s debut episode last week, the scene whereby Ella and Xiao Xian knelt down before Jerry soared to its highest viewership rating. Tonight will be the telecast of [DWL]’s 2nd episode. In tonight’s story, Ella will once again have to kneel before Jerry as she broke his favourite sculpture – David! On the other hand, the earlier posters whereby the casts signed on the [DWL] posters for charity auction, the one whereby Ella drew a fringe for Jerry appeared to the fans’ hot favourite and was sold at the highest bid of $9300. Meanwhile the 2nd series of the online charity auction has started on 3 Feb. Two of Jerry’s costumes’ bids have risen to over $30,000 within an evening. The costumes of the artistes are currently available via the online auction. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Vanness Wu and Xiao Xiao Bin as father and son awards

Vanness Wu

The TV father and son combo has been receiving plenty of love with their hit drama Autumn’s Concerto. The two attended the recording of SETTV’s Entertainment awards ceremony yesterday, which is scheduled to air on the Chinese New Year’s eve. Xiao Xiao Bin was awarded Most Notable B-Ka (2nd fiddle/supporting actor), while Van Ness Wu was awarded Most Compatible Couple with on-screen wife Ady Ann, who could not attend as she was filming in mainland China.

Van Ness Wu showed up at the awards ceremony with a super short hair cut. He explained that he had just come back the US after completing an independent film. He gave Xiao Xiao Bin a big hug right away, followed by sharing a piece of heart shaped chocolate together. Xiao Xiao Bin called him “Alien Daddy” and even said he wants to get a haircut like his TV dad.

Van Ness revealed that it has been two months since they have seen each other, he plans to give Xiao Xiao Bin a present for the New Year. He also seemed to be quite popular among children as Xiao Xiao Bin’s younger brother Mini Bin also wanted a hug from him. Van Ness said, “(I) plan to have 6 kids in the future, because there are five kids in my family, it’s very lively and pleasant. (I) hope it’ll happen as soon as possible.”
The Bins (from the left): Mini-Bin, Uncle Bin, Xiao Bin Bin, Xiao Xiao Bin

Xiao Xiao Bin’s closeness with Van Ness made the two costars from his new drama P.S. Man jealous. Bianca Bai plays Xiao Xiao Bin’s mom, while Sonia Sui said he won’t even say hi to her even though she plays his kindergarten teacher. Van Ness consoled the two with a word of advice, “In order to gain his trust, (you) have to play with him, and then he’ll naturally become close with you.”

News clip from Wan Quan Yu Le (2/2) :

Fish Leong wedding on Boracay Island

Fish Leong

Malaysian pop singer Fish Leong, known to fans as Fish Leong, had a romantic beachside wedding with her businessman fiancé Tony Zhao on Boracay Island, the Philippines, on Monday, domestic media report.

It was a small, intimate occasion attended by 60 friends and relatives, with famous Taiwan pop musician Jonathan Lee as the chief witness.

It was a surprise affair as Leong’s agent previously announced the wedding would be held on February 19.

The couple plan to have two more wedding ceremonies in Malaysia and Taiwan, respectively.

Taiwan Beauty Cyndi Wang is the eldest family

Cyndi Wang

“I’m the eldest.” This is what the very feminine Cyndi Wang declares. Since she has lived an independent life since high school, she has learnt to understand the world of adults. For example, every now and again, there’s news about her father but she feels, “It’s because my father has foolishly been taken advantage of.”

Not only do artists’ children get on the news, sometimes, artists’ parents are in the news for the wrong reasons. Cyndi Wang’s father has previously been in the news for being victim to scams and using his daughter’s celebrity status to buy things. However, despite her parents divorcing when she was in the 4th grade and having grown up with her mother, Cyndi still said, “If I get married one day, I still hope that my father can hold my hand and walk me down the aisle.”

Cyndi said that she talks to her father every now and again. In regards to her father being in the news, she is also “used to it”. Her reasoning is, “He is a retired soldier so he’s very direct, very simple-minded, easily taken advantage of, a bit foolish.” Even though her father once used her celebrity status to buy things, she said, “I’m very happy that my family is so proud of me.” She doesn’t often ring her father to remind him to “keep a low profile” because “Adults at home will naturally remind him, making sure that it doesn’t affect our father-daughter relationship.”

Such mature ways of thinking are a result of Cyndi Wang’s early independence. Previously she learnt singing in Japan and after become an artist, she has gained lots of knowledge and experience. Sometimes she even becomes the spokesperson at home, reminding her straightforward, Shanghainese mother to be more harmonious and be more concerned about the future of her younger brother who just finished military service, “I’ve spent a long time in the outside world, so I have a better idea of what I’m doing.”

However, as a result of being the “eldest”, Cyndi laughed saying, “I often tell my mother that she cares too little about me, probably because I make her too relaxed.” Even when she wanted to buy a house and asked her mother to give her opinion, she’ll just reply, “I’m busy.” But for example, during the period when Cyndi was changing contracts and had no work, as soon as she cried “I’m lonely”, her mother would come over from Taoyuan to keep her daughter company for a few days.

5566 leader Tony Sun got kidney stones

Tony Sun

Tony Sun visited TTV on the 26th to record a new episode of the variety show One Million Star. The singer/actor has been invited on the show numerous times before as he is one of their best and most entertaining contestants. Unfortunately, Tony Sun caught a cold while working in mainland China and it affected his performance on the show. He was only able to complete 6 stages instead of the minimum of 7 that he has done in the past.

Tony Sun was recently taken to the hospital to be treated for kidney stones while filming a drama in the mainland. His manager explained, “He really doesn’t want to trouble anyone, because the drama is filmed in the mountains, they have to travel by car in order to go to the washroom. He simply refrained from drinking water altogether.” When asked why didn’t he just “relieve on site”, his manager answered, “It’s not something he would do, no matter where it is.”
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