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Tavia Yeung accompanies Sheren Tang to join the competition

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Tavia Yeung who portrayed as an evil role for the first time in [Beyond], are selected as the hot favourite for Best Actress together with Charmaine Sheh and Sheren Tang. However, Tavia expressed that there are still rooms for improvements on her acting skills and Sheren Tang is the ideal Best Actress for her. She is just merely accompanying them to join the competition.

Tavia Yeung portrayed as Yiu Kam Ling in TVB grand production, Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. In the series, she did all sorts of evil deeds just to increase and maintain her high position in the palace. However in real life, Tavia Yeung is someone that doesn’t have high demanding or wish and not a bit like Yiu Kam Ling who has high wild schemes. Although Tavia Yeung was rumoured being arranged with good sister, Ah Sheh in [Beyond] to build a great force to attack Sheren Tang in order to arrange for Tavia Yeung to become the hot favourite for Best Actress award this year, however, Tavia Yeung feels that it is not her time to gain that position yet and she still can continue to make improvements in her acting skills.

Fourth Mistress deserves to win

Tavia Yeung said, “I did not think before on winning Best Actress based on Kam Ling’s role. I’m happy enough if I can be nominated. There are peoples that always ask me whether I want to receive awards or not. Actually who doesn’t want to receive awards. This is because awards mean encouragement. However, I’m already happy if I get to be nominated this time. I don’t think it is time for me to receive this award yet. I still have a lot of spaces for improvements. I myself support Sheren Tang to win this award. This is because she really acted very well in the series. Her acting skills and experiences are much better than me. Therefore, Sheren really deserves for this award. I watched her performance before in [War and Beauty]. Her acting skills really have the level and stage. Meanwhile, the public praise for Fourth Mistress in [Rosy Business] was so great. Actually, Sheren’s acting skills are very natural and lively. For example, when I watched [The Family Link], her housewife’s style was really vivid and realistic."

Not easy to portray villain role, difficulties in eyes expressions

Tavia Yeung keeps on praising Sheren Tang’s acting skills. When asked about her own performance in [Beyond], she expressed that [it is not easy to become an evil person]. She is still happy even without an award. What Tavia Yeung cares the most is whether there are improvements in her acting skills. The first time of portraying evil role had given her breakthrough and challenges. Tavia Yeung put a lot of hard work and efforts before portraying this villain role.

She said, “Actually it is hard to portray villain role. I think back how I used eyes expressions in some of the scenes. It was not easy to do that. Therefore, it is harder to become an evil person than a good person. When I knew that I had to portray a villain role, I started to observe Michelle Yim and Suzanna Kwan’s acting before this. Actually, evil is a very deep knowledge. I hope that my performance is evil from inside. Amongst villain roles, I admire Roger Kwok. He has the good boy look. However, when he portrayed villain role, his look turned into another person. When he portrayed good person, he also could give the honest and upright feels to peoples. Meanwhile, Gallen Lo is also evil in [Born Rich]. However, I will not make comparisons with them. This is because all of them are seniors. I’m just junior and I don’t dare to make comparisons with them."

Source: Oriental Daily
Credits: Jessie's Blog

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