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"The Morning of the Flying Fish in Hanami" in Hokkaido

michael tse
Filming in Hokkaido Too Happy to be Homesick
Michael Tse and Tavia Yeung Kiss Romantically in the Snow

Michael Tse, Julian Cheung (Chi Lam), and Tavia Yeung went to Hokkaido to film for "The Morning of the Flying Fish in Hanami". Besides filming, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery, and indulge in sashimi and Japanese cuisine. After arriving in Hokkaido for a week, they ate non-stop, and it seemed as if they were filming a food and drink programme. However, Michael and Chi Lam will have a hot springs scene, and they will be required to reveal the top half of their body, so they cannot eat too much. Michael says, "It is not hard to hold back on eating, but the most labourious is the hot springs area. They only allow us to film there in the morning from 7 to 8. The weather is very cold, so my mouth is shivering when I say my lines". Michael and Tavia will play a couple, and Michael says that in his career, Tavia is the female artiste he has had the most kiss scenes with. He says, "This time, I will have four kiss scenes with her. I have never kissed that many times before [in series]. It also snowed during the filming process, so it felt a bit romantic". And Michael is most happy to work with his idol. "Actually, this is my first time working with Damian Lau. He is my idol, and I have learnt a lot from him. Generally speaking, I am very happy filming this series!"

Caption 1: Michael, Chi Lam, Tavia, and Myolie all in Hokkaido filming a new series.

Caption 2: Damian is his idol and Chi Lam is his friend. No wonder Michael is so happy filming this series.

Caption 3: Michael and Chi Lam will play sushi chefs. In order to film this hot springs scene, the two of them did not dare to eat the tasty food in front of them.

Caption 4: Michael and Tavia's relationship in the series is difficult and hard to resolve. This pairing is very refreshing.

Caption 5: Michael will have four kiss scenes with Tavia, luckily they are both good actors, so they did not have NG much.

Translated by: hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/

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