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Kate Tsui and Vivien Chow in series A Great Way To Care

Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui and Vivien Chow attended the series promotion for A Great Way To Care. When Kate appeared, she expressed there is someone MIA again for the promotion and the person she is talking about is lead actor Alex Fong Kate said: "He's busyin Mainland earning extra milk money again. I called him, told him to make more and come back to HK to treat the celebration party!" As to the high peak rating of 35 points, Kate frankly said it's a good start for 2011. She hopes to be able to shoot a sequel and continue the collaboration with Alex.

As to her other series that she is currently shooting Forensic Heroes III, Charmaine Sheh's lead actress role was replaced by Maggie Cheung due to her being injured, Kate expressed: "I haven't collaborated with Charmaine before, but health is the priority, hope she gets well soon."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Louis Koo and Sandra Ng in film Mr and Mrs Incredible

Sandra Ng Louis Koo

Sandra Ng, Louis Koo, Producer Peter Chan and Director Vincent Kuk attended the film's Mr. and Mrs. Incredible press conference in Shanghai yesterday. In the film, Louis and Sandra play a married couple, so at the event they held a 'wedding' live on the spot, exchanging wine glasses. Vincent joked and said he hopes the next time they can hold a first-month baby shower. Peter generously expressed there are freedoms of work, love and marriage.

During the event, there were clips of Louis and Sandra's love scenes, Louis said: "In my heart, my parents are the loving Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. Although they argue everyday, to them it is a form of leisure and balance. I bought the feeling I have for them into the film, the quarrel scenes that Sandra and I have, it's like I'm playing my father."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Andy Lau and Jackie Chan in Shaolin 2010

Andy Lau Shaolin 2011

Yesterday Andy Lau and film director Benny Chan attended the premiere for the new film 'Shaolin 2010' in Taiwan. At the venue, guests were welcomed by 18 copper men and over 300 screaming fans also turned up. One little girl had come dressed in a bunny outfit and was welcomed on stage. Andy was happy to pose for photographs with the little girl in his arms but after a few minutes, he commented: “Can I put her down now? My arms are so tired!”

Andy revealed that from first day of filming, he treated Fan Bing Bing like his wife and even called her, “My wife”. When reporters asked if his wife would be jealous of this, Andy quickly replied: “Hey, don’t ask me this question!”

Andy talked about his first time experience working with Nicolas Tse and commented that Nicolas is hard worker. Andy expressed: “Nicolas insisted doing his flight scenes wearing little protective padding.” Finally Andy asked everyone when they see Nicolas again, to tell him to take care of himself.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

Sonjia Kwok and Steven Ma in series 7 Days in Life

Sonjia Kwok Steven Ma

TVB new series 7 Days In Life will be premiering next Monday (1/24th). At yesterday's promotional event for the series, Sonjia Kwok and ex-rumored boyfriend Steven Ma were an extreme match. During the games, the cast had to choose a partner through a drawing, Steven drew Sonjia and the two did a performance where they acted like they just met. Later, Patrick Tang and girlfriend Katy Kung did their performance, where they had a superficial kiss. Katy just used her hand for the kiss.

In the series 7 Days In Life, Sonjia encounters several new challenges, she and Steven's kiss scenes, fighting with Koni Lui for her boyfriend and even had to jump off the building. Asked if she's worried that there will be bad terms rumors again with Steven? She said: "The shooting for the series is already completed, there won't be any more gossips." Also, she hopes to seek a boyfriend, reporters suggested to her that Moses Chan is a 'deal'. Sonjia laughed: "A deal has nothing to do with me, and there are rumors that they (Moses and Bernice) are reconciling! I don't want to have any more rumors, just want to focus on my work."

Steven expressed that the series is scheduled to air during the Lunar New Year, the long break will affect the ratings, but he is already used to these things. He also reacted to the producer giving his opinion, hope the series he's currently shooting Thunder In the Forbidden City can broadcast at a good period.

Patrick expressed that many people misunderstood that he and Katy Kung 'sparked in love' during the shooting of 7 Days In Life. In fact, they met at a public event, he felt that Katy was pretty cute, so they kept in contact by phone and later started developing a relationship. Asked if during the Lunar New Year, will he be going to parents' place to send new year greetings? Patrick said: "My family has already met Katy, they feel that she's full of spirit and cute, I will also go visit her grandparents." Katy expressed that her parents will be coming back to Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year, her father already prepared a big red envelope for Patrick.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Charmaine Sheh withdraw from drama Forensic Heroes III

Charmaine Sheh Forensic Heroes III

According to news, the night before yesterday, Charmaine Sheh was preparing to get back to Hong Kong from Hangzhou. However, heavy snow hit when she got to the airport, she accidentally slipped and fell on the slippery ice when she was getting out of the car. Her left elbow hit the ground first, causing a joint dislocation. She was sent to the local hospital to get a cast. When Charmaine got back to Hong Kong, she went to see a doctor again, and got another cast. Because she needs some time to recover, she is forced to withdraw from her Forensic Heroes III (FH3) participation.

Yesterday Charmaine accepted a telephone interview, she said in a weak voice: "I discovered that my leg started to feel numb, the doctor examined me and said there is some pressure on my nerves, right now both of my legs hurt a lot. My waist can't maintain a posture for too long, so last night I didn't have a very good sleep." Although there are a lot of inconvenient situations in life, fortunately Mother Sheh is in Hong Kong to look after her. Yesterday Charmaine talked to Producer Miu Siu Ching, Executives Catherine Tsang and Virigina Lok, she said: "What I am most unhappy about is that I affected Siu Ching Jeh, causing much trouble for her. The FH3 crew already started shooting in the studio, it's difficult for them to stop and wait for me now. Eventually TVB told me to take a break for recovery. This is my first time co-starring with Wayne Lai, now that I can't shoot the series, such a pity."

Producer in a headache to find a replacement

Producer Miu Siu Ching admitted that she is eager to find a good actress and frontline actress to replace Charmaine, she said: "Currently handling the situation, initially she was to start working today, now it definitely has been affected! But, Charmaine really has good artist ethics, she also said she afraid we won't know what to do. (Any replacements in mind?) Should be a frontline actress! Earlier, I watched the scenes that Wayne and Kate Tsui did, they did very well, I do hope to find a good actress." She stressed that what's most important is for Charmaine to get well soon: "Even if she forced herself to work, her joint can easily get dislocated, after getting through 6 weeks, she'll have to go in for physical therapy too."

Initially paired with Charmaine in the series, Wayne's partner got her joint dislocated and have to 'dump' the new series, he said: "Can't believe our first collaboration would fail, did I give her bad luck? (Who do you want to replace your partner?) I really don't know, it's hard to say, everyone's already scheduled for other work, I also feel the headache the Producer is feeling now. (Find someone as pretty as Charmaine?) Of course! Most important is a pretty girl, I'm a handsome guy in the series!" Also part of the series, Kate heard about Charmaine's injury, she said: "What's most important is that she gets better soon, I haven't collaborated with her before, initially I was planning to steal some tips from her, but now the opportunity is gone, such a pity."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

Show Luo new style in album Only For You

Show Luo

Show Lo's eighth solo album, "Only For You" will be released on 02/18. Besides spending $2 million on a new style, they also changed his dance image, using the ballad "Pin She Me*" as his first single, letting fans hear his improvement in singing.
(*note: "Pin She Me" roughly translates to : "What am I striving/fighting for")

For the album, Show Lo spent $2 million on 20+ outfits. Just the Tom Ford striped suit alone was $250,000. With good outfits, the music is also a big focus. This time, he'll be displaying the result of his singing practice is this last half year, and for the first time, using a ballad as his first single. He said, "In the new album, I challenged my own singing limits, accepting the company's vocal training, hoping that fans will be able to see my change."

Show Lo Films MV, Tears Fall in 3 Seconds

Show "Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)" Lo will soon be releasing his newest album "Only For You," with a ballad as his first single, which is unprecedented. Last year, he was constantly attacked by fabricated rumors of buying out charts, STDs, lip syncing, etc. So during the filming of the music video, because the lyrics had struck a nerve, he recollected these fabricated rumors that he was entangled in, collapsing in tears, which had the director calling "cut" 8 times in a row, the director remarked, "I didn't tell you to cry," and was teased as "Lo Hsueh Hua*." (*note: Liu Hsueh Hua is an actress best known for her ability to cry on cue)

In the lyrics of "Pin She Me," "Mockery and suspicion are always bitter, entangling me all this way, Cold eyes, cold words, I don't look at it, I don't care, but the heart is still sensitive," upon filming the scene for this part, his tears fell within 3 seconds. Afterwards, he sentimentally expressed, "Sometimes after work, alone at home, I often ask myself, 'Just what are you striving/fighting for?' A lot of the lyrics coincide with reality, so there was a surge of emotions, so I couldn't control my tears."

Aside from this, his "Wu Fa Wu Tian Concerts" will soon be doing encore concerts, with 70% concert rundown change, letting fans vote for concert locations, and allowing everyone to participate in designing new concert stage costuming.

Jay Chou attend The Green Hornet with Jessie Chiang

Jay Chou The Green Hornet

Jay Chou attended the premiere of his Hollywood debut movie, "The Green Hornet" in Los Angeles on local time Jan. 11. Paparazzi spotted Chou standing together with a Chinese girl, who looked like his rumored girlfriend, Jessie Jiang or Jiang Yuchen.

Director Michel Gondry led the main cast, Seth Rogen, Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz to attend the ceremony. Chou accepted an interview by a local press in English and greeted his fans in Chinese. The movie was highly-anticipated by Chinese audiences not only because it will be Chou's first big-screen work in Hollywood but his character in the movie was once portrayed by kung-fu legend Bruce Lee.

Jay Chou's popular song, "Nunchakus" ("Shuang Jie Gun"), which is labeled by the singer as a tribute to Bruce Lee, has been chosen to be the ending song of "The Green Hornet".

Ken Zhu hooked up again with Kelly Lin this year

Ken Zhu Kelly Lin

Looks like Taiwanese singer-actor Ken Zhu and actress Kelly Lin have hooked up again.

Ken and Kelly ended their five-year relationship in August last year. As the year began, the couple were rumoured to have kissed and made up.

Last month, the couple reportedly showed their love for each other on microblogging site Weibo by posting photos of their own dogs. Kelly also uploaded a photo of her looking at the sea on Dec 19, while Ken updated his Weibo with a seascape photo on the 24th.

Kelly also added an entry on her blog, titled "I want to have a relationship that would last forever".

Coincidentally, Ken and Kelly both spent their Christmas in California, causing media to speculate that the couple had gotten back together. Kelly reportedly went to the States last month and had recently returned to Taiwan. At the same time, Ken returned to China from California for filming.

However, Ken's manager said that Ken "was in America to see a doctor for his spinal injuries".

Ken and Kelly met on the set of The Tokyo Trial in 2006. No one was optimistic about the couple's relationship as Ken is five years younger than Kelly.

There were frequent rumours of the pair breaking up during the five years they dated; but it was not until August last year when Kelly moved out of the apartment they shared, did their relationship end.

However, according to a close friend of Kelly's, the actress is more soft-hearted than she seemed to be. There was a high chance the two would get back together, although some friends thought that it was impossible.

Judging from the chemistry the couple had on Weibo, the couple had probably patched things up.

Wilber Pan rumored to date Endless Love actress Sandrine Pinna

Wilber Pan

"It was the most unforgettable relationship I ever had," declared Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan of his three-year romance with a schoolmate.

Wilber was at a recording of Shen Chun Hua Life Show with his father yesterday; when he talked about his past love.

Wilber said that at that time, his girlfriend was a high school senior, who is a year older. They met at their graduation dance and began dating not long after. The girl later furthered her studies in Japan and the couple kept their relationship alive through love letters for three years.

However, Wilber initiated a breakup when he was about to make his mark in showbiz.

"My senior loves to hold hands. I couldn't even give her what she loves best, because I was going to make my debut," recalled the singer.

Wilber was once rumoured to have dated Sandrine Pinna, his co-star in Endless Love. When asked if he preferred girls of mixed ethnicity, Wilber feigned memory loss and asked "who?"

When the host replied "that one", Wilber used good friend's Jolin Tsai's relationship with New Zealand model Vivian Dawson as an excuse by saying, "No, she's (Jolin Tsai) the one who's dating a (person of) mixed blood."

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Gigi Leung concert in Hong Kong Coliseum

Gigi Leung Hong Kong Coliseum

Gigi Leung can be proud of herself with both her career and love life. Yesterday Gigi's assistant announced on Weibo that afyer 7 years of absence from Hong Kong Coliseum, Gigi will finally be holding a concert on February 27-28th. Coincidentally, ex-lover Ekin Cheng will be holding his concert the following month, in March.

Congratulates ex-lover

It was understood that initially Gigi was going to hold a collaborative concert with Maria Cordero, Elisa Chan (Miss Chan Chan) and Frances Yip. However, because the three of them did not have room in their schedules, Gigi successfully took it on herself and stole Ekin's first taste of the soup. [Oriental Daily] contacted Gigi to confirm, she said: "Don't say stole taste of soup, I was very surprised myself that we were able to get a slot on the HK Coliseum schedule. Earlier, the Christmas Eve concert Beijing G Night had very good response, so it helped me get a shot of confidence. (Ekin's show starts after yours?) I know he's having a concert too, hope we'll both have good results, good show together!"

Gigi frankly said that last time at her concert she lost her voice and affected her performance, this time she'll definitely behave and keep her good voice. In the cold weather, she'll cut down on going out. Asked if her boyfriend Matthew will continue to supprt her for this concert? Gigi laughed sweetly: "Every friend will go support, I hope everyone will have a good time watching!"

Back then after Gigi and Ekin broke up, Ekin started a new relationship with Yoyo Mung. As Gigi has always had both love and career, she had two relationships after the breakup. Later reporters exposed her new relationship with American dipolmat Matthew.

Also, lately Gigi has been voted for "Weibo's Most Popular Female Singer" by Neitzens. The other two include Denise Ho and Charlene Choi. As for "Weibo's Most Poplular Male Singer" the top three are Pakho Chau, Bosco Wong and Khalil Fong.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Joyce Cheng debut album Someone with a story

Joyce Cheng Someone With a Story

Yesterday Joyce Cheng held the press conference for her debut music album Someone with a Story (有故事的人). Wu Fung, Lee Heung Kam, Susanna Kwan, Alvina Kong and her husband, Wong Cho Lam, Teresa Mo, Grasshopper's Calvin Choi, Edmond So and other artists attended to support her. The organizers broadcast the MV to Joyce's new song. Wearing a light blue jacket, Joyce appeared on stage with a stuttering voice. She said: "Thanks to all my seniors who took the time off to come witness my big day. To be able to stand her as a singer, I am really grateful and appreciated it. Many people think that my entry into the industry is going to be definite, but if I didn't have the people below the stage supporting me, I really can't do it. I will continue to improve myself!" Then she was so emotional, a few tear drops came out.

Recently busy shooting a series, her father Adam Cheng especially took time off to support his daughter. He also praised that Joyce already had the talent to sing since she was 10. He wished her CD sells well and reveals that he'll purchase 100 copies to support her. Her late mother Lydia Shum's good friend Florence Chan was also very touched and teared up. She expressed that Joyce releasing an album is Lydia's wish: "In the short 6 months period, the wish comes true. Hope to fulfill your mother and your own second wish as soon as possible, and that is to hold a concert." As to her boyfriend Ryan, he did not appear, but Joyce expressed she received blessings from many friends.

Yoyo Mung as a villain in series Links To Temptation

Yoyo Mung Links Top Temptation

Artists Yoyo Mung and Nancy Wu attended a skincare brand event. Yoyo is a villain in the series Links To Temptation, she expressed: "Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend and said my role is terrifying, very fierce. (Boyfriend Ekin Cheng didn't watch?) When he has free time, he'll watch. Yesterday he called and said he watched and that I did pretty well. Obtaining certainty from others, it's worth the difficulty."

She joked the world is changing, even villains are well like by people: "Like when a reporter said I was aging early, then many companies called and asked me to use their products. (Won't get botox?) I refuse to get shots in my face, it's better to be natural." Asked if her contract with TVB is ending? She replied: "We just changed the type of contract. The day TVB still uses me, I will be in TVB."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Ron Ng and Linda Chung in series Men and Women Chooses Residence

Ron Ng Men and Women Chooses Residence

Yesterday morning, Ron Ng, Linda Chung and JJ Jia were shooting outdoor scenes for TVB new series Men and Women Chooses Residence. The scene was about Ron speeding on the road, and gets into a car accident, while Linda and JJ are in a taxi circling around looking for him. As there was a stunts double to do the 'car crash' scene for him, he still had to personally shoot the speeding segment: "Although I'm already pass the speeding age, I still like to drive and even learned drifting from Chin Ka Lok. Initially I was going to personally take on the car crash scene myself, but because my face won't be on camera, TVB made arrangements for a stunts double. They will be even more professional, so can relax and just do the crash."

Towards Charmaine Sheh expressing that she has intentions on heading north to develop, and spoke out about wanting a raise, Ron said anyone would want a raise: "I also hope TVB gives me a raise, add the earnings for shows, then employees will put more effort into their work. It's true that Mainland series pays good, almost 2-3 times more than what is paid in HK. Also, during the filming progress, artists don't have to take part in shows or events and can focus on the filming. Artists are also treated well, just have to suffer from being homesick. Actually it is very attractive, TVB has been helping me find Mainland jobs in the past few years, but I still have a good few years before my contract is up. When the time comes, I'll think about going out to develop."

As for Linda and JJ, they were shooting a being in the rain scene. Linda joked and said she especially have fate with rain, every time she shoots a series, there are raine scenes. Linda did all her safety measures, like wearing 4 layers of clothing and wear a rain coat when it's time to film. Even on her neck, she put on tape to block watr from going in. JJ, on the other hand, had no preparations at all, she said: "I was initially going to make ginger tea, but then I didn't have enough time. I really hope my mom can get back from Jinan (China) so she can take care of me. (Find a boyfriend to do it!) leave it, the boys now, if I don't have to take care of them, it's already good enough."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan in series Special Duties Unit

Joe Ma Special Duties Unit

TVB will be starting a new series mid-January Special Duties Unit. The series is led by Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan and will highlight the lastest investigating equipment through different cases. With the latest equipment and new clothing, how will the Special Duties Unit protect Hong Kong citizens property and life? However, to avoid triggering audience sad memories, TVB decides to not add in the actual case of the Philippines bus hostage incident.

Last year, a Hong Kong bus tour was held hostage in the Philippines, the incident was a complete failure because the police did not handle the rescue operation properly, sacrificing 8 innocent lives. The tragic event led to anger and grief from the entire Hong Kong community. In view of this, TVB had decided to start shooting a new series called Special Units that revolves around training high quality Hong Kong Special Duties Unit and this will be the series selling point. Joe Ma was once a G4 in the police force, therefore he is the best candidate to play the person in charge of the Special Duties Unit. The team under Joe includes Vincent Wong, Him Law, William Chak and Benjamin Yuen. The group of newcomers are requested to have good physical ability, otherwise it will be hard for them to handle the difficult training process required during filming. As for Jessica Hsuan, she plays the person in charge of The Criminal Investigation Unit. Jessica and Joe will have a romantic storyline with dedicated feelings.

Producer (Lam Chi Wah) was asked if it's because of the Philippines tour bus hostage incident that he decided to shoot this series? He denied: "No, decided this type of series before the incident, it is something well worth to do. The Special Duties Unit no only knows how to use guns and burst through doors, but their operations have great deployment. Need to really have brains and high EQ. Some cases are also true stories and real people." Asked if he would add in the Philippines tour bus hostage incident in as a case? Lam reveals: "We will not use audience sorrows as a selling point, but will have other hostage cases. We will also be using the latest uniforms and equipment. This time the production cost for
this series is 3 times more than an average TV series." He reveals that there will be a total of 13 episodes, broadcasting every Saturday. Each episode will be about 1 case. The plot is very compact, and is in hope to bring an alternative type of series for audience to chase.

Source: Singtao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Ivy Chen arm injured in movie Black and White movie

Ivy Chen

Black and White Episode 1 is now in the process of test shoots, director Cai YueXun along with the crew has began to rehearse several important action packed scenes. In addition to having a French choreographer Cyril Raffaelli coming to Taiwan to train the actors, the female lead, Ivy Chen, had already been bruised all over, having to fight several big guys in the movie version. She also posted on her microblog Weibo a picture showing a big bruise on her arm's injured picture. As a result, Ivy Chen has currently been named as "Heroine".

Ivy in a trail run scene, was in action against several big guys with sharp knives. The choreographer wanted it to look more realistic, requested the martial arts actors to attack closely, to cut for real. This however caused Ivy to suffer as when she couldn't dodge in time, the back of the knife would directly hit her head. After several practices, Ivy found bruises of all sizes all over her body, one very large one being on her left arm had caused her to shout in pain on Weibo "Woman fighter is not easy to be!"

Seeing herself all bruised up, Ivy jokes,"Really feels like to being tortured, I am simply a woman "being" hit." However, after finish filming the trial runs, Ivy carrying her injuries hurries to film a beauty advertisement, scaring all the staff there. In the end, they had to spend a little more time than usual to cover up all the bruises on Ivy.

This time, Ivy in Black and White's movie version can be said to be Taiwan's Milla Jovovich. She alone faces both black and white sides, both handsome and agile in her moves, will definitely be an eye opener for her fans; In addition, large amounts of money was invested in the film to shock all fans!

translated by: tdrama*addict @

Yoga Lin dating with singer G.E.M in Hong Kong

Yoga Lin GEM

He probably has to keep his temper in check.

According to the Hong Kong media, Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin was caught on a five-hour date with Hong Kong singer G.E.M. On Dec 26, the couple left their place at 7pm, had dinner, went shopping and watched a movie, Marriage with a Liar.

The lovebirds donned masks and spectacles, so as to hide their identities. Yoga and G.E.M was seen behaving intimately. The Hong Kong singer frequently wrapped her arms around Yoga's neck to ask for kisses and hung her arm around his shoulders.

Just as the couple was heading home, Yoga caught a reporter snapping photos of the couple secretly. The Taiwanese singer went into a rage, trying to get hold of the camera.

"This is a private matter. I'm a Taiwanese, here to make music, not to be on your tabloids," shouted Yoga.

G.E.M nervously told her beau to "calm down". She also persuaded him to let go and leave the scene. However Yoga's emotions spiraled out of control, and he continued to chase after the reporter.

The saga only ended after intervention from the police and a representative from Yoga's record company.

After the incident, the Hong Kong record company that Yoga belonged to said that both parties did not hit each other and claimed that Yoga was scared and merely wanted to protect his friend.

G.E.M publicly comforted her boyfriend, saying "there were four men who jumped out to take our photos last night. His natural instincts were to catch hold of them. I don't think he was too rash."

"Our relationship is normal; a harmonious relationship between two people," said G.E.M when asked the nature of her relationship with Yoga.

Lee Wei and Liang You Lin in Monga TV Series

Lee Wei Monga

Despite CTS' "花月艋舺" (roughly Moonlight Flowers Monga) previously being touted as the TV version of the 2010 hit film, "Monga", it seems that it will actually be an adaption of an extremely popular Taiwanese drama from 24 years ago, "花月正春風" (roughly Spring Breeze Through Moonlight Flowers.) It's been having a few casting problems, but the most recent news is that Li Wei will be picking up the baton along with female lead, Liang You Lin.

The original screenplay of "Spring Breeze Through Moonlight Flowers" was written with such a brilliant underworld boss that he immediately became the dream lover of all Taiwanese housewives, back in the day.

Lee Wei has already had experience acting as a "godfather" to positive applaud in previous series. This time he will be acting as a young gangster who enters into the criminal underworld. It's clear that he would not object to the roles of being the underworld boss as "Being in the criminal underworld has always been a man's favorite suject." Because of his family, Lee Wei has always been exposed to "brothers" of the underworld and has admited to being familiar with them. To this new role, he says, "I hope it can be a bit more realistic."

Patty Hou married to Businessman Ken Huang

Patty Hou

There is finally a date to her wedding.

Earlier this year, Taiwanese sweetheart Patty Hou announced her engagement to businessman Ken Huang. The couple was supposed to get married in September this year, but had to postpone their wedding date as Patty's grandmother and Ken's grandmother had health issues.

Donning a semi-low cut dress yesterday, Patty accepted a New Year countdown hosting gig in Taipei with veteran host Xu Nai Lin.

It was the first time Patty wore such revealing clothes, causing her to be the center of attention. In a bid to attract more attention, Xu Nai Lin let on that the Taiwanese sweetheart would marry her fiancé in April next year. The veteran then said he was joking when he realised he had said too much.

"Nai Ge (an affectionate nickname for Xu Nai Lin) guessed correctly. It will be during the spring period. The venue would be overseas and it would be a small wedding. We're only inviting a handful of family and friends," said Patty graciously.

Patty added that she did not "want to have children so fast. I've seen friends get married and have children. Then they buried themselves in their children's lives." The host said she would think about having children two years later.

The host was once rumoured to be the third party in Jay Chou's relationship with Jolin Tsai. Patty was asked if she saw Jolin's concert and if she knew anything about Jay's latest relationship.

"I didn't have time to be there, but I saw Jolin's performances on television. The concert looked spectacular. I rarely take notice of unimportant news. If he [Jay] has a new girlfriend, I'd send him my warmest regards," said Patty.

Blue Lan and Han Chae Young in movie Big Deal

Blue Lan Big Deal

Director Ma Liwen's new comedy movie, "Big Deal" featuring Lan Zhenglong, Chapman To, and South Korean Actress Han Chae Young commenced shooting in Beijing on December 21, according to reports.

The movie recounts a magnificent and crazy adventure of three young men, who pursue new directions in life. "The story themes on daily life and characters in the film are as normal as anyone you can see in real life. I believe the black humor in the film would delight the audience", said Ma Liwen.

Additionally, the film will be shot in Dubai and Jeju Island.

Ma directed, "I'm Liu Yuejin" and "Wo Men Lia", which are low budget films featuring reality. She tries to win laughter from audiences and the applause of investors in her new commercial film this time.

The film will be released in June, 2011.
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