Rabu, 18 November 2009

Ella Koon is saving money to travel to Europe

ella koon

Ella Koon and Jim Yan appeared as models yesterday and wore clothing designed by a group of creative students. Recently she has been very busy and became sick while working in Beijing. Yesterday she was still sick at the event however gave a sweet smile when talking about her boyfriend. He reminded her to take the medication on time and was very caring. The reporter asked if she would take time off at Christmas? She said "On the 21st of this month I will be visiting San Francisco and Chicago to do live performances. Afterwards I will be going to Japan to promote my new album. I guess I be working over Christmas and cannot rest. Despite working overseas my earnings have increased. I would like to save money so that I can go on a shopping spree in Europe with my mom. I have confidence that i will be able to save a 6 digit figure next year and make travelling plans".

Source: Mingpao
Translation: matchbox @ http://illusive-serenity.forumotion.net/

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