Rabu, 18 November 2009

Chilam silently working diligently

julian cheung
Julian Cheung and Myolie had been silently putting in effort for their work, they are finally rewarded.

Julian Cheung and Myolie Wu have just been arranged as a music couple, after that TVB set their eyes on them to make them into an onscreen couple. Last night, both of them arrived back to Hong Kong after filming their drama in Japan. This time round, they went to Japan, Otaru, Hakodate and Tokyo for 3 weeks to film the drama. A lot of people thought that it will be very to be able to go overseas to film dramas and variety shows, can work and play at the same time, but in reality, it is not as glamorous as we think. Take them who had been in Japan for 3 weeks as an example, Chilam asked his manager, “I didn’t even notice how the street looks like!” Having to start work at 3-4am every day, if it is a 3-4am schedule, had to get out of bed earlier to prepare, what time have to sleep? Does having to wake up early means you get enough sleep? Everyone saw the glamorous side of the artistes, does anyone know how much effort they have to give in return? Of course if there is rewards, it is worthwhile for Chilam and Myolie as their effort is equals to the rewards they get. But there are a lot of artistes who put in 8-10years but are still floating around the industry. Let’s not mention acting in dramas, if one is able t o get a small character in a drama with more than 2 lines of dialog, one will already be over the moon with joy. From what I observed in this industry, there are a lot of these kinds of small time artistes. Of course there are also a lot of famous and big stars, but a lot of these small time artistes are my friends too. Seeing them having their chance, even if there are only 3-4 lines of dialog, this is already better than those people who keep surrounding the mean lead, but didn’t even manage to show their face on screen!

So having saw how much effort Myolie and Chilam had put in, they really cherish every opportunity they have. That time I saw Chilam and Myolie was when their new duet had just been released and they are starting to do promotion. Chilam had grown a moustache as he wanted to make himself look more mature. He told me in distressed, “My looks are also my worries, so I hope to make some changes by growing a moustache!” Looking at his baby face, I can understand his worries! After Chilam had returned to Hong Kong from fliming overseas, it is his wife, Anita Yuen’s turn to go to China for filming. The couple have a tacit agreement, it is best if one is working while the other stay at home to take care of their son. Their son is their treasured darling, they don’t feel at eased leaving the maid totally in charge!

Credits: myoliewuhangyee.com
Translated by: Ting @ http://myoliewuhangyee.com/forum

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