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Selina Ren suffering 3rd degree burns in drama "I Have a Date with Spring"

Selina Ren

A member of Taiwan's popular pop group S.H.E was flown back to Taiwan Sunday (8pm local time) after sustaining serious third degree burns in an accident while shooting a TV drama series "I Have A Date With Spring" in China on Friday.

Television images showed 28 year old, Selina Ren returning to Taipei late in the day on a chartered flight from Shanghai.

"I wish I could endure the suffering for her, even at the cost of my life," her father -- known to fans simply as Father Jen -- told reporters shortly after his daughter was rushed to the Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital outside Taipei.

"May heaven have mercy on her."

He said that his daughter was in stable condition but that it might take her months to recover, declining to provide details of her burns.

The pop star suffered third-degree burns over up to 40 percent of her body, the Taipei-based United Daily News said.

The singer-actress was under observation in an intensive care unit in Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai, after suffering severe burns to her hands, legs and back last Friday afternoon, reports said. Her face was unhurt, her company HIM records said.

Her condition is being monitored by doctors from Shanghai, Taiwan and health care company International SOS, reported United Daily News.

International SOS Taiwan general manager Keynes Chen told the newspaper that Jen suffered smoke inhalation, and that most of her burns were on her legs.

He said that in the early stages of her recovery, she should stay in Shanghai for the surgical removal of dead tissue from her skin, before her return to Taiwan.

The accident took place when explosives went off earlier than planned - {No problems were found during several tests of the explosives before the actual shooting.}, the report said, adding that thousands of fans had added their names to many fan based websites saying condenses and they would pray for her.

Sources: Channel News Asia; Straits Times; China Post

Mark Chao and Ivy Chen filmed Black & White in Kaohsiung

Mark Chao Ivy Chen

Almost 80% of the drama “Black & White” was filmed in Kaohsiung, which included the True Love Ferry Pier, Formosa Boulevard MRT Station, the Dream Mall and more. The drama’s magnificent filming also increased the local area’s tourism. Even the hotel room where Sonia Sui seduced “Wu Ying Xiong” (Mark Chao) in is being called the “Honey Trap Suite” by netizens, costing NT$40,000 per night to stay in.

The movie version, “Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault”, is returning to Kaohsiung again. Since the original south district police station has been taken down and the hamburger place was destroyed in an explosion scene in the drama, they will be constructing new ones for the movie. The local government is also providing funding for the movie to rebuild the south district police station film studio.

Director Cai Yue-Xun hopes that the new 6,000 pings (~216,000 sq. feet) film studio can be split into two sections: a theme park and a professional film studio, “The goal of the film studio is not only to increase tourist attraction, it is also to transform Kaohsiung to be the focal city for the filming industry.”

Director Cai and the cast of the "Black & White" movie held a press conference and the movie is scheduled to begin filming in November.

Source: Appledaily, Liberty Times
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Vanness Wu and Lynn Xiong in drama Material Queen

Vanness Wu Material Queen

As reported previously, Van Ness Wu and Lynn Xiong were filming in Paris for their upcoming drama, “Material Queen”. Van Ness has been trying his best to avoid intimate scenes due to his Christianity, but he and Lynn had a bed scene in the drama. Fortunately, due to the cold weather in Paris, the bed scene was cancelled and changed to a kissing scene instead. Feeling relieved, Van Ness expressed, “Thank God!”

Van Ness broke up with his now ex-girlfriend Arissa just before he left Taiwan for Paris. He revealed to the media that he has already recovered from it, “Regardless of love relationships or work, God is the one giving me strength and power. Whether it’s good or bad, I have to face them all.” There were rumors that the couple broke up because Arissa had a new love interest and/or because of a dissatisfying sex life. Van Ness continued to thank God and did not disclose any further details of the break up to the media.

It’s Van Ness first time working with Lynn Xiong and he complimented her, saying that she’s very cute, “She’s completely different from her appearance. She’s like a kid, very easy to get along with.” Since Lynn is 179cm tall, whenever the two have to be filmed standing together, Lynn would take off her high heels right away. Van Ness laughed, “The director wanted me to stand on a box, but I refused.”

Golden Bell is airing on Friday, but Van Ness won’t be attending as he will be performing in Singapore. He didn’t forget to congratulate his good friend and director Chen Hui-Ling and Jian Man-Shu for their Best Director and Best Actress nominations for “Year of the Rain” respectively, “Hurry and go get your awards! You guys have to win!”

Source: UDN
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Cyndi Wang and Mike He in drama Mei Le Jia You

Cyndi Wang Mei Le Jia You

Cyndi Wang and Mike He will be in a new GTV drama called "美樂加油" (roughly translates to Mei Le, go) – a love story with a bakery shop as its setting. For the drama, they specially invited the 2010 world champion pastry chef Hsu Yen-Wu as their consultant. Coincidently, SETTV also plans to film a bakery related drama next year, but GTV will get a head start in filming. The two leads got their character image styles settled just several days ago, and the drama is to start filming on the 16th.

In "美樂加油", Cyndi Wang will play a bakery shop owner, so she has been practicing some basic skills like kneading dough and baking toasts. Mike He will play a famous music producer who falls in love with Cyndi's toasts, which gives him inspirations for his work.

Although Mike's popularity has been declining, GTV emphasized, "(We're) very happy to have Mike He be in this drama, we especially asked the original novel author (單飛雪) to modify the script to fit his character."

Mike accepted the role half a month ago and immediately began to go on a diet. Other than swimming and working, he only eats vegetables for dinner. The 180cm actor dropped from 72Kg to 68Kg. He revealed that chose less aggressive sports to lose weight due to his previous spine injury (separation of the 5th and 6th vertebrae). He said, "The doctor recommended me to go through surgery because if it gets serious, it may cause Ankylosing spondylitis, but if do, I'll have to rest for eight months, so I don't want to go through surgery right away."

Mike was injured while playing basketball during the filming of "Seventh Grade" seven years ago.

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Joe Chen in 3D film Havoc in Heaven

Joe Chen Havoc In Heaven

Joe Chen (Qiao En) established herself as one of the top idol drama actresses with hits like “Fated to Love You”. She will try to do the same in feature films by taking on the role of Princess Iron Fan in the 3D extravaganza “大鬧天宮 ('The Monkey King'/'Havoc in Heaven')”. The movie features A-list stars from Hong Kong including Chow Yun Fat as the Jade Emperor and Donnie Yen as the Monkey King. Aaron Kwok will play Joe Chen's husband, the Buffalo Demon King.

Unlike past images of his character, Aaron Kwok's Demon King promises to be easy on the eyes. In the new movie, he will sacrifice anything for his wife's return to heaven. He even collaborates with the Monkey King to wreak havoc in the process. In the end, the Jade Emperor leads his gods and goddesses in the battle against demons.

Joe Chen is excited to be working with the industry’s A-listers again after completing a John Woo-produced film earlier this year. The actress will rest for two weeks to ensure that she goes into filming under her best condition. At 46 kg, she is concerned that her face will look bigger than her on-screen husband Aaron Kwok, so she hopes to slim down to 43 kg for her role.

In the story, Joe Chen will be pregnant with the destructive Red Boy for 300 years. She laughed, “Carrying a baby for 300 years, (my character) probably doesn’t get bothered by pregnancy anymore.” She will work with Chow Yun Fat again in the their next movie “Breakup Experts”. Peter Ho also stars in "Havoc" as the character Erlang Shen. He is thrilled to be working with Chow Yun Fat and said the role was the best gift he got for his birthday last week.

Credit To PA@Cpopaccess
Source: Appledaily, Nownews, images from Filmko Ent, Darksiders

Jay Chou will sing The Green Hornet theme song

Jay Chou Green Hornet

The "Double J Relationship" is part of history now. Jay Chou is now busy with his career; yesterday he flew to Hollywood to participate in postproduction work for "The Green Hornet". According to reports he will be singing the theme song to the movie. He just held 8 nights in Hong Kong, he took time out to meet with his buddy Shawn Yue, the two both urged for a sequel to "Initial D". He smiled saying: "I hope we can film it the year after, lets film it before we get old."

Yesterday Jay Chou flew to America for work. According to reports since the beginning of the filming of "The Green Hornet", he has been fighting for the right to sing the theme song for the movie "The Green Hornet". He's planning to invite the director of "The Green Hornet" Michel Gondry to film the MV for the theme song he'll sing. At last it has been decided, to this Jay admitted: "I wanted to sing it from the start, it'll be best if it's the global version, but if it's the Asia version that's good too."

Yesterday a weekly magazine reported, after Jolin Tsai and a mixed male model Vivian started a "JV relationship", Jay has gotten depression. But according to the observations of his colleagues at the company, recently Jay has been full of work, they don't see anything wrong with his mental state. He was very high at the backstage of the concert, it was the birthday of a colleague, and he played and sang a Chinese and English version of Happy Birthday with a guitar. He also rearranged "Free Instructional Video" entertaining everyone.

This weekly magazine also stated, for his new show "Mr. J Channel", he originally planned to invite Jolin to be a guest for this season at the very end, but because of the exposure of her relationship with Jin Rong it has been cancelled. JVR are puzzled where this idea came from, because Jay once publicly said, "People who have been rumoured with me, I won't be inviting on, why blur the focus."

Source: Liberty Times
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Andy Lau in movie Detective Dee and The Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Andy Lau Detective Dee

The new movie “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” is already a huge hit in the mainland and Hong Kong. It is finally making its way to Taiwan starting with an all-star premiere on the 6th. Unfortunately its biggest star Andy Lau couldn’t attend so his fans will have to admire him on the big screen instead. His costars Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), Li Bing Bing (李冰冰), Deng Chao (鄧超), director Tsui Hark (徐克) and producer Chen Kuo Fu (陳國富) were present at the event. Things went along as usual before they were joined by a very special guest, the one and only “Detective Dee”!

This “Detective Dee” didn’t quite look the same as the one in the movie. It was actually played by comedian Kuo Tzu Chien (郭子乾) of “Big Party”. The stars watched on as he investigated a burnt corpse at the scene of the premiere. “Dee” examined and even taste-tested the victim to ensure its deadliness. He didn’t let a good opportunity go to waste; Kuo asked the director and producer to cast him in their next movie, to which they said yes…that is if they are to make a comedy.

Detective Dee” concluded his appearance with a rendition of the Andy Lau classic “忘情水 (Forget Love Portion)”. Much to everyone’s surprise, he was totally owned by Deng Chao. The mainland actor did a perfect Andy Lau impersonation when he was asked to sing the same song. We now know which show he should go on next time when he visits Taiwan– Entertainment 100%, in a head-to-head battle with its resident Andy Lau impersonator, Show Luo.

"Detective Dee" Makes A Surprise Appearance At His Own Movie Premiere
Credit to PA @ Cpopaccess

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China Diver Queen Guo Jing Jing Infrared Photos

Guo Jing Jing Infrared

Technology didn't just ease our everyday life, but also offer an opportunity to immoral people to fulfill their ugly wishes. Female stars always have to be aware of crazy fans and photographers, who may try to lay a hand on their skin unexpectedly or take photos of their private parts from various angle. But a camera/recorder with an infrared filter is the worst to encounter.

A 10-minute (full version 2 hours) clip of Olympic female divers who got snapped with an infrared filter camera is circulating on the internet. It's not a normal clip, but an immoral clip---divers' body and private parts are visible because of this special filter. Victims include well known Chinese diver Guo Jing Jing, her partner Wu Ming Xia, and other female divers from other countries (Russia, Mexico, Australia, etc.)

In fact, this clip was on the internet last year but was quickly removed by the Chinese government. It's unknown who put it up again this time.

Female stars all express their concerns and worries. Once photographed while changing clothes, Gillian Chung @ Twins pays her sympathy to the victims in the clip. "It's crazy. Hope those people will stop hurting people like that," the singer says.

Taiwanese star Rainie Yang and Hong Kong singer Elanne Kong point the incident is freaky. "I believe not only female stars are afraid of being photographed secretly like this, even guys would be afraid," Rainie says.

TVB actress Christine Ng and Sharon Chan believe it should be stopped. "Very angry! Females can't be violated like this!" They express it's not related to the level of sexiness someone dressed since your body is clearly visible under that type of filter no matter how many layers of clothes someone put on.

Expert detective Cheung Tat Wai expresses a decade ago there are already people viewing females' private parts using this technology. It only requires an infrared option from the camera/recorder and an infrared filter to be placed in front of the lens. "A simple procedure that requires no special technique," he says. He points out this technology is hard to go through clothes made with pure cotton, but can easily go through nylon and swimwear. "Infrared filter is dark-colored and sometimes it looks like a mirror. Ladies should be careful when they see someone holding up a camera/recorder with that type of filter on it," he adds.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Charlene Choi now is dating with William Chan

Charlene Choi and William Chan

Everyone is concern about Charlene Choi (Ah Sa)'s love life after she and ex-husband Ronald Cheng divorced. Now here is something new---she is currently dating colleague from her company, William Chan!!!

The couple's secret relationship is revealed by Apple Daily on the Sunday paper and later the day, the 27-year-old singer confirmed the news through her company EEG, admitting she and 24-year-old William have been dating 3 months. "We are dating, just that it hasn't been very long since we started. We were thinking to announce the relationship once it becomes stabled. There is no need to hide it," said the singer on a phone interview.

In fact, it's rumored the two actually sparked up last year while filming "Beauty on Duty" together (they play a couple in the film). Ah Sa was still Mrs. Cheng and William had model girlfriend Angelababy. After filming, they're still very close with each other and it's known Ah Sa even opened a new cellphone account just to contact with William easily.

Recently these months, the couple have been working together a lot from shooting MV to attending to various events together, and finally decided to start a romantic relationship. Both are Scorpio, their personality must matched.

After Ah Sa released her statement, many people have been congratulating her. On Weibo (Sina Microblog), her partner from Twins Gillian Chung expressed her blessing to them: "Congratulations SaSa & William heheeee....As your good sister, I'm very happy for you woohoo~ William you have to treat Ah Sa very well." Seeing all the blessings from friends and fans, Ah Sa and William thanked everyone on Weibo. "Already received many phone calls and blessings from friends and over here on Weibo. Thank you everyone...I'm really happy for future...let fate arrange...," wrote the Ah Sa. William promised to treat Ah Sa well: "Thank you all for the blessing. I'll try hard to make her happy! ;)"

Source: Apple Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Steven Ma as Guan Gong in Back To The Three Kingdom

Steven Ma Back To The Three Kingdoms

Lately, I have no interest whatsover in TVB series because those few series aired have no dramatic flavor in them at all. Even that series “Can’t Buy Me Love” that is so overblown by everybody; to me, it is merely a farce, a resplendently packaged farce, that’s all. I choose to only watch the sitcom, Someday, because it has an outstanding pairing of Teresa Mo with Wayne Lai, along with Louise Lee, Crystal Tin and Aimee Chan, as well as other characters who all have much room to showcase their roles. Moreover, the content is on everyday living and real life related. This is my cup of tea!  

TVB anniversary is coming up soon, and the programs sector has come up with a huge collection of new series. Among them that caught my interest is “Back To The Three Kingdoms”《回到三國》. I have also seen Steven Ma’s makeover as Guan Gong. Ma Zai (Steven) seldom has this kind of looks in a series. He looks very handsome and great (play on his name Chun Wai (浚/俊偉)) and also very impressive looking. Don’t know if TVB will truly produce “Back To The Three Kingdoms” as a series or not. As to this annual sales presentation, TVB always comes up with fresh ideas to attract commercial sponsors. If “Back To The Three Kingdoms” is truly a story on The Three Kingdoms, then much effort must be put into a good script, and must also have a larger investment, and go to Mainland China for outdoor scenery. But I believe Hong Kong does not have this capability to film “The Three Kingdoms”; nevertheless, hope Ma Zai has the opportunity to perform this kind of roles.

Ma Zai is a very special kind of artist in TVB. He can perform in non-mainstream series, and moreover, can effectively grasp the core essence of his characters in the series. Like the character of Pu Song Ling, who is an unfamiliar character to us; that he could portray him so brilliantly shows his skill. He does not especially fight for the tv king title, but he should have this opportunity.

eta: Song Jie (爽姐) is a veteran reporter/columnist of Singpao.

Source: singpao.com2010/10/16
Translator: Tamaya @ AsianFanatics

Singer The Voice 2 Mag Lam in TVB Anniversary Lightning Ceremony

Mag Lam

After she won singing competition show "The Voice 2," Mag Lam (林欣彤)became popular rising star immediately. In next Monday's TVB Anniversary lightning ceremony, she will lead contestants from "The Voice 2" and sing classic TV series theme songs. The 20 year old just debuted to the industry for a short period and already has a chance to perform in a big show.

TVB's chairman Run Run Shaw is turning 103 next month, but he will still appear at the anniversary lightning ceremony. The organization plans to arrange nearly hundred of artistes to appear at the ceremony. Actors from anniversary series "No Regrets" and "Gun Metal Grey" will attend as well. Last year's TV King Wayne Lai will even sing theme song of "No Regrets," which seen as a way to welcome the premier of the new series airing right after the ceremony.

Source: The Sun, Mingpao
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Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh in Colorful World Of Sister Fa

Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh

Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh were filming (Colorful World of Sister Fa) earlier last night. Raymond Lam was driving to fetch Charmaine Sheh. Although the rumoured couple were sitting in the same car for filming, they could not be bothered about the rumours and appeared even more intimate than they are in the series. After Raymond massaged his neck area, he also didn't mind helping Charmaine to massage her neck. Toby Leung who was at the filming scene also laughed and said, "I won't get on the ride, I know what to do."

Besides this, there was also news about Fala Chen wanting to compete for TV Queen. AboutFala being a threat to Charmaine, Raymond highly supported Charmaine, but Charmaine also highly praised Fala for being hardworking and smart, "Her Cantonese is not so good, so she used "pinyin" to remember, she put in more effort compare to others." (Do you have confidence?) "Talk about that later, don't even know if I'll be nominated." The hot choice for TV King Raymond Lam was also asked about this topic and he said, "Don't ask about these, every year it's about all these, I'm satisfied with my achievements this year, as long as the characters can be remembered by the audiences it's good enough." Toby on the other hand said that being nominated as the Best Improved is enough to make her happy.

About Charlene Choi and William Chan's publicly announced relationship, Raymond said that when she was collaborating Charlene there were no signs of her dating, however he sent his blessings to them.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator:Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

Singer G.E.M is dating Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin


Yesterday G.E.M attended an event on campus and reveals that she already knew about rumored boyfriend William Chan and Ah Sa dating: "William's my brother, I knew way before and he even told me that I can go tell people about it, if not I will never be able to get married. (And you could still hold it in?) Of course, can't get married for life. (Announce your relationship like him?) Well I'm just not announcing, wait until marriage." Looks like she's implying that she's dating Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin

Source: The Sun
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Michelle Ye as spy in film Jian Dao Zhan Shi

Michelle Ye

'Father of War Arts' Producer Zhao Junkai's first female leading spy series 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' has finally completed filming the day before last. The cast of the series includes Hong Kong Film Awards new talent Michelle Ye, Mainland's siu sang, Yang Shuo, Xu Chengfeng and several reputable actors who will bring a mega production series complete with mystery, war, action and love elements in one.

From 'new generation action actress' to 'period era beauty agent'

Be it the police officer in 'Fire of Conscience' or the skilled fighter in 'Choy Li Fut Fists', or the Li Heyin in 'Young Bruce Lee', Michelle's outstanding talent in action scenes has won her the label of 'new generation action actress', and is the leading icon of action actress with her solid acting skills. In 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi', Michelle Ye plays three way spy for the China, Communist and Japan, as the 'Beauty Special Agent', Ming Hui, who is calm and intelligent, as well as skillful in fighting, and with her varying appearances, she will face the heavy dilemma of choosing between the loyalty to country or the faith of love.

Michelle's action stance are all tailored designed by renowned martial arts director, Kang Jingqi. Besides having to fight, shoot and assassinate, Michelle Ye will also be facing the challenge of explosive war scenes. Director is full of praises towards Michelle Ye, because she is able to perform outstandingly be it the extremely challenging action scene as well as the emotional scenes requiring solid acting, she is no doubt the successor of the Chinese movie industry. In the series, this 'beauty special agent' is brought to life with her acting, this series is believed to be a classic one of war theme series.

Ming Hui's fate 'twist' becomes plot of sequel script

Due to her outstanding performance in the series, Director Zhao Junkai has amended the ending of the script in the midst of filming, the role Michelle plays will have a twist of fate, Michelle Ye who initially dies a hero in opposing the Japanese will be miraculously 'revived'. Director express, Michelle Ye's acting has brought out a whole new uniqueness in Ming Hui, especially the inner emotion scenes and unique interpretation, audience will not bear if her role was to die, and thus specially arranged for her to 'come back to life', the ending will give audience an exceptional surprise. It is said that the twist of fate for Ming Hui becomes the plot of the sequel of 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi'. And the series became a popular work at Beijing TV Festival.

'Jian Dao' is hot even before release; Michelle Ye attends several TV Festivals

Crossing three major movie market from Mainland, Hong Kong to Taiwan, Michelle Ye who is gaining recognition from audience is not only the viewing rate guarantor for series, she is also the guarantor of 'sales' for series production series. 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' has managed to attract much attention in the 2010 China International Film Festival which has just ended, becoming the target of competition for several major TV station. In the Shanghai Film festival in June, two production both led by Michelle Ye, 'Spell of Fragrance' and 'Gu Cheng Wang Shi' are simultaneously competing against one another, and it the first in the history of Shanghai Film Festival.

'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' is hot even before release, producer revealed that the sequel is currently in preparation stage and will again invite Michelle Ye as its female lead, but Michelle Ye who is currently busy filming 'Jian Dang Wei Ye' has yet confirmed if her schedule permits within the year.

Source: Sina Entertainment
Translated by: Michelle Ye's Realm

Sonjia Kwok in TVB series Men & Women Chooses Residence

Sonjia Kwok

TVB new series Men & Women Chooses Residence held it's blessing ceremony yesterday. The cast includes Sonjia Kwok, Michael Miu, Him Law, Michael Tse and Ron Ng. In the series, Sonjia starts out playing a "little housewife", and will only be putting on light make-up. She said: "So I have to do masks every night, but filming this time is pretty comfortable and relaxed. Just spend 15 minutes on make-up. (Will have hugs and kisses wth Michael Miu in the series?) We play a married couple of over 10 years, Michael said that sentimental scenes are the main focus, giving off a feeling of love from the heart. The love won't be too apparent. (Did Michael do this because he wanted to avoid getting his ear twisted by his wife Jamie Chik?) Of course not, their love is golden."

This series is about home ownership issues. In reality, Him is planning to become a homeowner next year, he said: "Next year I plan to buy a home, but I won't allow myself have too much of a burden, so my planned budget is around HK$4 million, just for investment and will rent it out."

About the TV King battle this year, Michael Miu expressed: "I'm not in on the battle, this year's TV King is either Moses or Wayne, what am I going to fight for? I feel that this year the hot favourite is Moses and the second favourite is Wayne. The 'black horse' is Felix Wong. In Gun Metal Grey, he performed quite well." Michael felt that No Regrets is having good momentum and is related to last year's popularity. This is a normal situation.

Also, yesterday Moses learned that Michael supports him, he laughed: "Another vote for me. I hope everyone will give me a vote. (Have confidence?) Nope, just another person votin for me gives me confidence! (Michael felt that your oppenents are Wayne and Felix?) Yes, Felix is a very good actor. (Lately you have been accepting jobs like crazy, trying to boost the popularity to win?) Nothing special, just before I was too busy filming series, so now I want to accept more jobs while I have some time before I start the new series. I also hope to develop in more areas."

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@asianuniverse

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Barbie Hsu new boyfriend Shone An

Barbie Hsu and Shone An

After a failed romance with Vic Zhou , are things finally looking up for Barbie Hsu in the romance department?

Taiwanese artiste Barbie Hsu (also better known as Da S) has been single for more than two years following her separation from Vic Zhou in Jan 2008. The 33-year-old actress was recently spotted in the company of Shone An, a member from the now-defunct pop group, Comic Boys.

The pair was seen chatting and holding hands as they made their way to Shone's birthday celebration.

Although Barbie instinctively pushed her cap down to shield her face when the both of them discovered the presence of paparazzi, she did not shrink away from Shone's side and continued holding onto hand.

When the photos surfaced on the internet, Barbie commented on the Chinese micro-blogging platform, Wei Bo, and wrote, "Shone, we were followed! Our photos were snapped and there are even rumours! I really look like your aunty..."

In response to Barbie's statement, Shone replied a few minutes later saying, "You don't look like an aunty. You are a hot babe."

Barbie's manager, Dou Dou, refuted allegations of a blossoming romance between the pair and expressed, "There shouldn't be [any romance]! The both of them are just really good friends who have known each other for many years. It was Shone's birthday and the both of them happened to be in Beijing and met at the party.

"His relationship to Barbie is similar to his relationship with Ady An. They are like siblings!"

Commenting on the part of Barbie and Shone holding hands, Dou Dou explained that Shone was merely being a gentleman "taking care of Barbie who injured her hand during filming".

"Barbie was in Beijing to treat her hand. She will continue filming in Hangzhou today," the manager added.

As for the pair's constant exchanges on Wei Bo, Dou Dou chuckled, "It's [Barbie and Shone's exchange on Wei Bo] not very frequent and only happened over the past few days. As they are both in Beijing and have met up with each other, there would naturally be more exchanges!"

Negating on the possibilities of a romantic relationship between Barbie and Shone, she revealed that the company is also waiting to hear good news from the actress on her love life.

"But there is really none now!" Dou Dou replied.

At a press conference for Reign of Assassins held a few days ago, Barbie expressed that she has "Yet to meet the right person". When asked about her ideal boyfriend qualities, the Summer Scent actress said, "I do not care about status, nationality, or age. As long as he is right, things will work out."

Source :

Wu Zun and Goo Hye Sun in drama Absolute Boyfriend

Wuzun Goo Hye Sun

Korean actress Goo Hye Sun and Taiwanese performer Wu Zun have been cast as leading roles in the Taiwanese remake of the Japanese sensation "Zettai Kareshi"or "Absolute Boyfriend".

Korean actress Goo Hye Sun, perhaps most known for her leading role in "Boys Over Flowers", will be starring in a new drama along with the Tiwanese actor and member of Fahrenheit Wu Zun. It will be a remake of the Japanese manga "Zettai Kareshi", also known as "Absolute Boyfriend", of which an anime series and drama have already spawned in Japan.

After starring in the drama "Princess Slaves" Wu Zun's popularity soared and it has been reported that Wu Zun will be highly paid for his participation in this drama, about NT$ (New Taiwan Dollars) 300k, or about $10000 USD an episode. Goo will allegedly be paid NT$ 470k, or $15000 USD an episode.

Back in March, Wu Zun, along with Fahrenheit, was appointed as Taiwan's Tourism Ambassador. After visiting Korea and filming a CF entitled "Touch Your Heart" with Goo, the two agreed to work on a project together in the future.

However, Taiwanese viewers have mixed emotions regarding Taiwan's GTV casting Korean female actresses as the lead roles in their last three broadcast dramas. Taiwanese audiences have expresses their strong desire to utilize and cultivate domestic talent. GTV replied by stating that Korean actresses have already proved their versatility in the international market, and they will not restrict the casting of their dramas by nationality.

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Jolin Tsai new boyfriend badminton player Vivian Dawson

Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson

Jolin Tsai's badminton date with new boyfriend

Following speculations of the pop princess's new romance with New Zealand model Vivian Dawson, the pair was sighted playing badminton together

Is Mandopop princess Jolin Tsai ready to go public with her latest squeeze?

Unlike her previous romances, Jolin is seen openly with rumoured new lover, New Zealand model Vivian Dawson.

According to a close-friend of the starlet, "Jolin plans to give it her all in this romance. She's not afraid of anything."

The voluptuous Mandopop starlet has also reportedly hinted at her newfound relationship recently, telling reporters to "give me more space", when questioned about the romance.

Having only touched down in Taipei after ending her promotional trip in China last Sunday, Jolin was immediately seen with Vivian - playing badminton on the same night.

The pop princess is apparently good at playing badminton - another sport she enjoys besides bowling - and often spent time playing the game during outings with close friends.

Ever since news of her alleged new romance surfaced weeks ago, the pair's relationship has been the talk of the town.

Despite being under intense media scrutiny, 30-year-old Jolin and 26-year-old Vivian continue to meet up frequently.

When asked by reporters what he thought of Jolin at his management office yesterday, the 1.9m tall model responded: "She is very nice!"

"Do you love her?" probed reporters.

Upon hearing the question, a visibly nervous Vivian laughed while answering in English yet again: "She is very nice!" and proceeded to escape into his office.

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Rainie Yang becomes sexy in Singapore Indoor Stadium Concert

Rainie Yang Sexy

A girl's got to grow up, and Rainie Yang is one that's doing so.

The singer, who is well-known for her cutie-pie image in the mandopop scene, wants a breakthrough come October at her concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Speaking to xinmsn during her concert promotions in Singapore last week, Rainie revealed that she would like to present a sexier self on stage.

"After seeing some of my Taipei concert's performance clips, I felt that I wasn't sexy enough! I've decided that I want to challenge the limits of my sexiness during the Singapore concert."

Ten years into her entertainment career, the starlet is finally staging her first full-scale concert in town, following her first one at Taipei in April this year.

Dubbed as Rainie Yang's "Yi Xiang Tian Kai (fantasy imagination)" concert, the singer is sparing no efforts at letting her imagination take flight.

With a variety of costume changes in the concert's lined up, the pop singer promises a visual feast; a fairytale-like "Ali-Baba" inspired get up, loud neon clothes made of pink hair wigs and a creative furniture-meets-fabric fusion "crystal lamp" dress, just to name a few.

So, how will Rainie exude her sexy charms?

Pausing to ponder, the singer continued, "I can only depend on the gaze of my eyes! Considering my figure,'s not possible [to look sexy in that way]... (laughs self-mockingly) Real sexiness comes from a combination of one's gaze and voice."

While she's preparing to wow local audience with a fantasy-like concert, Rainie confided that the concert bore more significance that one would think.

For one, the title of her first concert reflects Rainie's career as a versatile artiste, having shown her fans a mirage of persona from her performances as singer, actress and host.

On the other hand, "Yi Xiang Tian Kai" is the 26-year-old's way of redressing unsupportive comments lashed out by critics during her rookie years.

Reminiscing on her past, Rainie recalled, "During times when I wasn't look upon highly, people told me 'You want to hold a concert? You're indulging in fantasy!' Hence, calling my concert "Yi Xiang Tian Kai" is to prove that my thoughts are not 'fantasy'."

Indeed, the starlet has all the reasons to be taken seriously.

Recently nominated for her role in idol drama Hi My Sweetheart in the upcoming Taiwan Golden Bell Awards, Rainie Yang will be up for running in the Best Actress category. Her co-star, pop singer Show Luo, is also nominated for the Best Actor Award.

On her nomination, Rainie expressed joy, but emphasised that she harboured no ambition to clinch the tile. Instead, she hopes that her co-star would receive ample recognition.

"Show Luo have to win the award! I really feel that the [drama's] character was made for him. Without him, there won't be a second person who can portray the role. He's deserving of the award," said Rainie excitedly.\

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Wang Lee Hom dance hip hop in new MV beautiful

Wang Lee Hom

Stylish in both his music and in his fashion style, Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom combines both elements once again for his latest MV "Beautiful 美" with a catchy tune and a sharp look. In Leehom's latest track, the Taiwanese-American singer merges his western influences of soothing R&B and wicked rapping with eastern wind instrument and drum beats. At this point, the artist has already got the blending of eastern and western musical styles down to an art.

Highlighting the tune are distinctive yet contrasting looks that suitably match the tone of the song. In addition to switching back and forth between black and white suits to compliment the similar color tones of the song, Leehom also sports an overly large fur coat look and chain necklace reminiscent of those worn by past American hip hop artists.

The artist is furthermore not limited to his singing and instrument skills, as the MV lets Leehom shine through his dancing with his female model counterpart. While not a main feature of the MV, Leehom's dancing is incorporated subtlely to serve as one of several tasty ingredients to a fine MV dish. It is worth mentioning that Leehom performed his dance moves without the aid of a dance instructor, as his dances were performed impromptu in front of the camera lenses.

Wang Leehom sports slick hip-hop look in latest "Beautiful" MV
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Blackie Chen Chien Chou will Mary Christine Fan Fan

Christine Fan Blackie Chen

The road to happiness doesn't come easy.

For Taiwanese host Blackie Chen and singer Christine Fan, it took ten long years.

Speaking to reporters on the set of his new movie,Amazing, in Shanghai yesterday, the 33-year-old host revealed that he will be officially getting engaged to Christine in November and will hold a wedding in March next year.

In February this year, Blackie had proposed to long-time girlfriend Christine with a Tiffany and Co. ring mid-way through watching an NBA match in New Jersey.

The gesture clearly touched the singer as she had immediately agreed to the proposal.

"We'll still be continuing with our respective works after marriage. There won't be any change," he said, when reporters asked about the couple's plans after getting hitched.

Currently busy with filming in China, Blackie couldn't help but lament that Christine and him "have been apart for two months."

With Christine stuck at work in Beijing and Blackie in Shanghai, the lovebirds maintains their relationship through facebook, blogs, and "the occasional meet up in Shanghai for hotpot."

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