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Sexy Model Amber Ann released MV Love To Help Society

<br />
<br />The highly popular Taiwanese otaku goddess <a href=Amber Ann, famous for her various modeling roles and active television appearances, is forging ahead with her rookie music career with the release of her latest MV for 戀愛應援團 (Love to Help Society), the latest track off of her debut album. The song for Amber’s latest MV is a youthful and energetic song that that produced and choreographed by veteran entertainment industry personnel to help the aspiring model-turned-singer.

Shooting for Amber’s latest MV took place throughout various locations of a school campus in a single day spanning from five in the morning to midnight. As Amber was moving around the campus for the MV shoot, she commented on the nostalgia of being in a school environment by saying, “When I was a child, I used to think these school desks and chairs were so massive and heavy, but I now discovered that they’re so much smaller that I can lie down on top of five of them. I really did grow up.”

The MV’s director picked a dodgeball theme for the MV that pitted guys versus girls in a friendly match as a backdrop for the song’s focus on falling in love. The Taiwanese celebrity remarked that she was afraid of getting hit from the ball due to her memories back during her school days when getting hit was painful, but she felt more at ease during when she found out that the balls used in the shoot were of the softer variety.

Throughout the shooting of the MV, Amber was asked to dress in a variety of revealing clothing such as short shorts to show off her legs. In one scene though where the otaku goddess was asked to wear a bikini top without a supporting pin during a group dance, she expressed not only how she felt awkward in wearing it in a scene alongside many people, but also how she was afraid that the bikini top would slide off during the dancing routine. But the crew was able to convince Amber to go along with the bikini dance scene when a colleague asked for an example of what other celebrity previously did a bikini dance, which one of the dancers responded by saying Lady Gaga. In addition, Amber commented that she felt that the entire crew on set were professional, so she was able to happily dance during the group dance scene and forgot all about feeling awkward.

Roy Qiu and Alice Ke in drama Office Girls

Roy Qiu and Alice Ke

SETTV/TTV’s “Office Girls” premiered last Sunday with an average rating of 2.78%, reaching 4.25% among the female working class group. The series won its time slot and the cast including Roy Qiu, Alice Ke, James Wen, Tia Li and others celebrated; they each wrote their wishes on wishing cards and fought to hang them on the tree first. Roy Qiu, who is in a leading role for the first time, was waving some scallions (青蔥 Qing 'Cong') around in excitement, which signified ratings soaring high (向上衝 Xiang Shang 'Chong').

After the first episode, the most talked about among netizens was actually Roy Qiu; some praised, “He’s just like Kimura Takuya with his rough personality accompanied with his good looks.” Viewers also praised Roy’s comedic talent; the scene where Roy’s credit card didn’t work when he wanted to pay for dinner raked in high ratings of 3.78%. In regards to recent rumors of Roy having gone under the knife, he denied the claims, “I’m an athletic person. I don’t do girlie things.”

Although “Office Girls” came on top, second place drama “Love Keeps Going” (Mei Le, Go) was only 0.39% behind. The producer of “Love” pointed out, “We won for the age groups from 4-14 and 15-24, which is the most prominent demographic for idol dramas. I’m confident that the placement in ratings will be shuffled next week.”

Source: UDN

Jay Chou dating model Hanny Quinlivan

Jay Chou

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou has been rumoured to be dating model Hannah Quinlivan for some time now.

However, the pair had always played coy when it comes to the state of their relationship. Jay even challenged the media, saying, "Talk when you manage to photograph us."

Recently, Jay treated his mother to a holiday in Europe for 10 days. At the same time, Hannah had requested leave from her company, to celebrate her 18th birthday abroad.

A couple of days ago, an eyewitness revealed that Jay was spotted in Paris, together with his mother and a young girl, who was speculated to be Hannah.

Both Jay and Hannah's management agencies refused to disclose the details of the couple's trip, citing it was a "personal schedule".

On Aug 20, the pop star returned to Taiwan with his mother. Hannah was also spotted with the pair.

Jay whipped out his phone and started taking photos of the media, when they started to approach him. He later uploaded the video clip on his friend's microblog, to vent his dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, Hannah pushed her cap low and kept her head down while she texted and made calls, all the time ignoring the media.

While Jay and Hannah refused to confirm their relationship, the pair was spotted using matching bags, fuelling speculations that they are currently dating each other.

When reporters asked Jay's mother if she was satisfied with Jay's new girlfriend, she smiled and said, "I'm sorry. Thank you."


Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin promote drama In Time With You

Ariel Lin

The cast and crew of “In Time With You,” an idol drama that will soon start showing in Taiwan, arrived on Aug. 18 in Singapore for location shooting. The team yesterday (Aug. 19) held a press conference at the Marina Bay Sands, kicking off it’s first wave of publicity.

During the presscon, aside from lead actors Ariel Lin, Chen Bolin, Sunny Wang and Chen Kuang-yi, special guests stars Joanne Tseng, Jessica Liu and Malaysian singer Fang Jiong Bin were also present.

Director Winnie Chu said he had traveled to Guam, Hong Kong and China, but finally decided on Singapore to shoot some scenes.

He explained: “Singapore gives a me a passionate, warm feeling, as well as a very modern feel. Because of the different races [living here], there’s this feeling of closeness. And it’s very orderly here.”

The crew also revealed that every time Winnie shot a scene, he would look at the screen and exclaim “Singapore is so beautiful! We were right to come here.”

Ariel talks about what she thinks is a ‘good man’
Ariel, who hasn’t done an idol drama in three years, is meeting her fans again with her comeback drama “In Time With You.”

In the drama, Ariel plays a woman who had just turned 30, Cheng You Qing. Because of her bet with her good friend for 14 years, Li Da Ren (Chen Bolin) – that whoever gets married first before they turn 35 will get a “hongbao” (red envelope, cash gift) of NT$100,000 (about US$3,500) – You Qing has started looking for a prospective marriage partner.

Having known each other for seven years and worked together in three dramas, Winnie and Ariel are like family.

At the press conference, Winnie loudly praised Ariel, saying that aside from being an actress that he trusts [feels comfortable with, need not worry about], she is also a very intelligent and mature woman. At the same time, Ariel is very good at using her experience in life and making it a part of her performance.

During the interview, Ariel said she chose “In Time With You” because You Qing’s situation is very similar to where she is at this stage in life. However, she humorously stressed: "I am not yet 30 oh!”

You Qing had a target of getting married at “28,” does Ariel also have a similar goal?

She paused for a moment and then said: “ I haven’t set a target age for getting married, but [marriage is something that will happen] sooner or later. Just let nature take its course! I’m not used to sharing [my feelings].”

When asked what kind of man does she consider to be a “good man,” she said without hesitation, someone who shares her interests, who has a goal in life would be considered a good man.

She then added: "Our interests need not be all the same, but he should be able to make you wholly a part of his life, like his friends, family and things that he often does.”

While Ariel is very protective about her love life, when she answers questions about it, one couldn’t help but see the happiness and joy on her face.

Sunny falls in love with acting
Sunny first got known as the rumored boyfriend of Elva Hsiao. This is the first time he’s doing an idol drama and he said he felt lucky that he’s doing with veterans like Ariel and Bolin.

In the drama, Sunny planys Ding Li Wei, Cheng You Qing’s former boyfriend and Li Da Ren’s romantic rival.

Asked about the most memorable scene he’s done, Sunny said: “The first one we filmed, because I hit Chen Bolin [in that scene]”

This being his first drama, Sunny has learned a lot, such as when shooting a scene, one has to be conscious of the different camera angles and shots. He added that Ariel and Bolin had helped him so much and were very good at helping him get into character.

There’s always a first time, and after this first experience, Sunny said: "I love acting.” [he spoke in English]

As such, he hopes viewers can see his potential, giving him more opportunities to act.

How would the director rate Sunny’s acting?

Winnie said: “He has this kind of fatal attraction. His acting is very relaxed. There was this 5-minute scene which we shot three times, but in the end, I think we still chose the second one? At the time, I felt that he has graduated from one level into another.”

Such high praise from the director, an affirmation of Sunny’s acting.

Chen Kuang-yi is a born actress
A graduate of National Taiwan University, Chen Kuang-yi is quiet and looks more like the scholarly type – an intelligent beauty. This is her first time to act and she’s already won the role of the second female lead.

In the drama, she plays Maggie who likes Da Ren and views him as a marriage target. Chen said Maggie is more lively and pro-active in pursuing guys – her personality is quite different from hers.

She said: "To prepare for this drama, I had to look for something that I and my character share.”

At first glance, Chen looks like Vivian Chow. Chen said, people had said the same thing when she was a kid but she didn’t really give it much thought. She only took notice when she entered the entertainment industry.

What’s more, Chen and Vivian even share the same birthday!

"Little Vivian," this moniker, does Chen feel pressured?

Chen said: “She’s an actress that I admire, so the pressure is intense. But I hope I can come into my own.”

Chen and Sunny are alike, both are acting newbies. Winnie said Chen’s a natural-born actress. She just had to do 60%, but already gives off that 100% feeling.

“In Time With You” will be shown every Saturday starting on Sept. 24, 8p.m., be "I may not love you" from September 24 onwards, every Saturday at 8 pm, on Xing He Shi Jie Channel 825.

Source: xin.msn
Translated by btzigane @ http://asianfanatics.net

Yao Yuan Hao is getting closer with Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang

Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang was spotted in Kending, Taiwan with actor Yao Yuan Hao on Jul 31, fueling speculations that the pair was seeing each other.

However, both Cyndi and Yuan Hao have denied the rumour. Yuan Hao said that he had decided to meet Cyndi, after the latter updated her Facebook, saying she was in the area.

On Aug 14, a member of the public tipped off the media again, claiming that Cyndi and Yuan Hao were spotted together at a prawn fishing club in Tamshui District. When reporters arrived at the place, the pair was nowhere in sight.

Workers at the prawn fishing club let on that the couple had left less than 15 minutes earlier.

When reporters probed the club owner, he first admitted to seeing the pair there, before changing his mind later, saying that he "did not know".

The owner later revealed, "Cyndi didn't come but Sonia Sui did (Yuan Hao's ex-girlfriend)."

Upon hearing their boss's reply, the workers became careful with their words. The man changed his statement again and said, "A-Pang and his friends were here earlier."

The club owner's shifty answers made it seemed like Cyndi and Yuan Hao were both at the club.

Yesterday, the pair clarified through their management agencies that they are "just friends and had went prawn fishing with six other friends".

Yuan Hao is known to go prawn fishing with his friends from showbiz.

"His schedule was cancelled that day. A friend happened to ask him to go prawn fishing. Yuan Hao and Cyndi are just friends," the actor's management agency said.

Cyndi's manager also expressed that the singer was "out with her friends, who are not from showbiz". She added that Cyndi and Yuan Hao have mutual friends and it was normal for them to meet.

According to Cyndi's friend, the singer had decided not to date anyone from showbiz after what happened with actor Wing Fan. Wing had posted several intimate photos taken when they were dating.

Cyndi's friends had been introducing her men outside of showbiz. It was speculated that Cyndi must have gone to the club to meet the person when she ran into Yuan Hao.

The friend added that it is impossible for Cyndi and Yuan Hao to have feelings for each other, since they had already known each other for 10 years.


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Jackie Chan in film 1911 Revolution

Jackie Chan 1911 Revolution

The Jackie Chan starred new film 1911: REVOLUTION has been selected to be this year's Tokyo International Film Festival special opening film. This film festival committee made the announcement yesterday. Jackie Chan will appear during the film festival to promote the film.

1911: REVOLUTION took ten years from conception to production planning. This film in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution cost over HK$300 million. At the same time it is Jackie Chan's 100th film in his career. Jackie Chan said that he looked forward very much to seeing viewers in Japan. As for his 100th film being selected to be the Tokyo International Film Festival opening film since the Earthquake, he thought it was a honor for the film to be able to bring out courage.

Source: singtao
Translated by: hktopten

William Chan in action film Five Element Invasion Strategy

William Chan

The Hong Kong female director Casey Chan Lai Ying directed 3D live action film NG HUNG GUNG LUEK (FIVE ELEMENT INVASION STRATEGY) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing. Attendees included William Chan Wai Ting, Zhao Ke, Li Feier and Lau Siu Ming. Siqin Gowa who originally agreed to attend was absent last minute due to an emergency at home. William felt concerned instead of regret for her. "I didn't think it was regrettable, I only want the rain to pass for a sooner sunny day for her."

William was very glad to be able to be a part of the film. He said, "This movie brought many first times for me, including my first 3D film, first Mainland film. I really cherish this chance to work with Siqin Gaowa, which truly was memorable for a lifetime." William this time played a wrestler and had to fight from the beginning to the end. Aside from fighting he also had many emotional scenes. Because his character had a personality split, he was a foot massage therapist, a woman's wrestling team manager, and finally he became a real wrestler. The film now has completed its shoot in Inner Mongolia. Later it will shoot in Hong Kong and Japan. William said that earlier he learned wrestling and horse riding while shooting the film. Later when he will shoot in Hong Kong he hoped to continue to have a coach on hand for guidance; the film will open early next year.

Source: takungpao, on.cc
Translated by: hktopten

Alex Fong and Zhang Xinyu kiss scene in Summer Love

Alex Fong and Zhang Xin Yu

In the Zhang Xinyu and Alex Fong Lik Sun starred SUMMER LOVE (LUEN HA LUEN HA LUEN LUEN HA), otakus pursued their goddesses and cooked up a love triangle. The relationship between Fong Lik Sun and Zhang Xinyu caught the most attention. With an angel face and devilish figure, Zhang Xinyu in the film played a popular model. Fong Lik Sun who has always liked Zhang Xinyu tried to get close to her as her assistant. As they were about to click, they broke up over a misunderstanding.

In the film's climax, Siu Fong chased from Hainan to Macau in hopes of expressing his love to Zhang Xinyu who was preparing for a catwalk show there. Director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai "fixed" the location and arranged for King Kong to accidentally set off an accident so the fire sprinkler system went off. Siu Fong and Zhang Xinyu under such a romantic man made rainy scene got wet and kissed passionately. With her fiery figure, Zhang Xinyu in this film wore a bikini and a white silk wrap seductively. In the shower she looked even sexier as the location temperature instantly rose. For her first Hong Kong film, Zhang Xinyu will come to Hong Kong to promote the new film this week.

Source: mingpao, on.cc
Translated by: hktopten

Ron Ng and Viann Zhang talked their rumours over weibo

Ron Ng and Viann Zhang

The bubbling rumors between Ron Ng (吴卓羲) and Viann Zhang (张馨予) has finally been verified. The couple involved tweeted some messages over Weibo, publicly admitting their romance. Ron urged his fans over Weibo not to attack Viann and added, “If you guys really support me, please respect her.”

Almost instantaneously, Viann tweeted a message dedicated to Ron’s fans, “If it were me who had ruined your childhood dream, I thereby apologize. I believe those who truly support will not leave!”

Ever since Ron stepped into the industry, he has been rumored first with Sire Ma (马赛) and then with Kate Tsui (徐子珊). Before that, he was acquainted with 24-year-old mainland artist, Viann Zhang, while filming Pretty Maid <大丫鬟>.

In June, Ron was snapped by the paparazzi fetching Viann from the airport and driving her back to his apartment. At that time, both of them denied those rumors. However, this morning, the couple behaved out of the norm and disclosed their relationship on Weibo.

Fans’ attack on Viann made Ron unable to hold his silence any longer. He wrote on his own Weibo page, “Those who dote on me, actually I feel that Weibo is a healthy platform for learning. Do not use this platform to scold anyone or write any disrespectful words. Please respect yourself. Respect others and respect me. Hope everyone can calm down a little and respect yourself and be self-disciplined.”

Following his previous tweet, Ron Ng added, “If you guys really support me, please respect her.” Viann soon tweeted back in reply to Ron’s tweet, “This is dedicated to Ron Ng’s fans: If it was me who had ruined your childhood dream, I thereby apologize. I believe those who truly support will not leave!” thus publicly acknowledging their relationship.

Source: Sina.com.cn
Translated by: Ah K @ JayneStars

Fala Chen and Yuang Cheung in series Lives of Omission

Fala Chen and Yuang Cheung

TVB fadan Fala Chen (陳法拉) and newcomer Yuang Cheung (章宇昂) collaborated on a new series for the first time. Fala honestly said that she was deeply attracted to Yuang Cheung’s dancing scene and remarked that this incurred their co-star ‘Dancing King’ Michael Tse’s (謝天華) jealousy. Yuang Cheung who was acting as a villain for the very first time in Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> was not afraid of leaving a bad impression on viewers and even professed that he hoped to take on more different roles as a challenge to himself.

Fala Chen, who was not familiar with Cantonese language when she first stepped into the industry, got along especially with TVB newcomer Yuang Cheung as they both had the same language-barrier problem initially and had grown up overseas.

New drama, Lives of Omission, marked the first collaboration between Fala and Yuang. Fala even expressed that she was attracted to one of Yuang’s dancing scene in Lives of Omission, “That scene left me feeling surprised. I felt that his preparation and development of character were all good. It (the dancing scene) was so good that Michael and Damien Lau (劉松仁) both gathered to watch. Michael even said that he almost couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted to join in.

If Yuang Cheung didn’t have the capability then he wouldn’t had been able to “agitate” Michael lahs!”

Lucky Enough To Receive Guidance From Seniors

To a newcomer, when filming, the camera’s shooting position, technique of saying dialogues, acting skills and etc has to be learned. Yuang Cheung professed that he was lucky enough to receive guidance from seniors during filming. However, aside from skills on how to film, senior Fala Chen also helped him improve in his Cantonese. Yuang Cheung declared, “I know Fala’s Cantonese wasn’t that good when she first stepped into this industry. Fala urged me to practice more as it wasn’t good to replace with English words when speaking. However, it is much easier when both of us communicate as we both understand what the other party is talking about.”

Unafraid To Act As A Bad Guy

Besides that, Fala also “showed” Yuang the path, informing Yuang of the “rules” one had to obey as a newcomer. As a newcomer in the past, Fala informed Yuang Cheung that one has to rely on his accumulated experience along the way. When acting, one has to know how to keep and release his emotions naturally, to let his character’s realistic personality come out. He must be bold to experiment and cannot be shy.

Acting as a villain in the new drama, Yuang Cheung proclaimed that he was unafraid of leaving audiences with a bad impression, “Well, so long as everyone knows that I’m not as bad in real life. If I only portray as per what my character thinks (and not actually doing those evil things in reality) then I think it should be alright. I will probably be acting something else the next time ’round and hope to have the opportunity to experiment with more different roles in the future.”

Side Note:
Ah K: In case some of you might not know, Yuang Cheung (章宇昂) is the younger brother of Kenny Bee’s notorious ex-wife Teresa Cheung (章小蕙). He has acted before in Dropping by Cloud Nine <你们我们他们> opposite Stephanie Ho. Some background scoop on Yuang Cheung is that unlike Fala who hailed from America, Yuang Cheung came from Canada and is a linguist who speaks English, Chinese, Japanese and French. He entered TVB without his family’s knowledge and did not contact Teresa. There have been rumors that Teresa and Yuang Cheung are half-siblings but unconfirmed as of date.

Source: Orientaildaily.on.cc
Translated by: Ah K @ JayneStars

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Shu Qi dating with Lee Hom again

Shu Qi Wang Lee Hom

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and singer Lee Hom broke up three years ago.

However, the couple was recently spotted holding hands while taking a stroll down the street s of New York. They even took the same flight from New York to Hong Kong.

Last month, when Lee Hom visited his parents in New York, Shu Qi posted a map, which showed the journey from Hong Kong to New York, on her microblog.

The picture was accompanied by a caption, "Is a 15-hour flight very long? No, it's not. It's just a footprint away." This caused speculations that Shu Qi hinted that she had gone over to New York with Lee Hom and that it was a declaration of their relationship.

According to a Taiwanese tabloid, when Lee Hom arrived in Taiwan from Dalian on Jul 30, Shu Qi drove her brother's car to the singer's residence and spent the night there. The actress left at noon the next day.

Shu Qi responded to the reports, calling them "extremely absurd", and said that the magazine was making up stories.

On the other hand, Lee Hom's recording company emphasised that the two of them were just friends.

In 2005, Shu Qi and Lee Hom met on the set of the singer's music video 'The First Morning' and fell in love. After dating for three years, the couple broke up when Lee Hom stood the actress up for unknown reasons, which caused their overseas trip to be cancelled.

Cyndi Wang rumoured dating with actor Yao Yuan Hao

Cyndi Wang

On Jul 31, a member of the public reportedly saw singer Cyndi Wang and model-turned-actress Sonia Sui's ex-boyfriend and actor Yao Yuan Hao in Kenting, Taiwan.

According to him, Cyndi was sunbathing with Yuan Hao's friend on the beach initially. When they realised they were being photographed, Cyndi and friend immediately met up with the actor and hid in their car.

Just when everyone thought they would leave, Yuan Hao left the car and hit the beach in his surfwear.

It is believed that Cyndi and Yuan Hao became close friends after the former attended events organised by Yuan Hao's management agency. Cyndi's best friend Momo Chu is also signed under the same company.

Responding to the reports, Cyndi and Yuan Hao expressed that they met in Kenting because Yuan Hao used his time off work to surf and Cyndi was there with her family. The singer also informed her fans that she was in Kenting through her Facebook page.

If she was with her family, why were there only photographs of Cyndi, Yuan Hao and his friend?

"Cyndi was there with her cousin, his wife and their children. Her cousin-in-law did not want to get tanned, so they decided to shop instead," Cyndi's manager explained.

Is there a possibility for their relationship to develop further?

"We've already known each other for over a decade. If we wanted to be together, we would've done so years ago," the pair replied via their managers.

Wu Chun and Vic Chou in film Saving General Yang

Wu Chun Vic Chou

The Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced SAVING GENERAL YANG (JUNG LIT YEUNG GA JEUNG) today started production in Kaifeng, Henan. Raymond Lam Fung, Wu Chun, Vic Chou, Yu Bo, Fu Xinbo appeared and attracted 300 fans. Later, the team went to pay their respect to the Yang family ancestors at the Yang House. However Adam Cheng Siu Chau who played Yang Linggong, Louis Koo Tin Lok who played the oldest son and Li Chen who played the fourth son. Goo Jai due to leg injury and Li Chen due to work were absent.

The film cost almost 200 million. The Ronny Yu Yun Tai directed, Wong Pak Chi's son Edmond Wong Chi Hung written film starred top film stars of three lands on both sides of the strait. Lam Fung played the fifth son, Wu Chun the sixth son, Chou Yu Man the third son and Yu Bo the second song, Fu Xinbo the seventh son, Dior Cheng Yi Kin as Pan Renmei, and Xu Fan as She Taijun.

The actors shared their feeling after they received the script. Because the story was mainly about siblings and family, Wu Chun after reading it wanted to call his father. Lam Fung already imagined the scenes as he read the script and believed that everyone would like it. As for Jai Jai who would play in costume for the first time, he said that he was very happy to run into a good script. Originally he worried that his costume look would be terrifying, but he was unexpectedly handsome. Later he also added, "The other brothers are also very handsome."

Goo Jai was absent due to his right leg injury. Wong Pak Ming revealed that he has talked with Goo Jai over the phone, although his injury has improved the doctor's report would determine when he would start work. Wong Pak Ming also stressed that he would not recast because Goo Jai was the soul of the story.
Wu Chun, Jai Jai and Lam Fung all worried about Goo Jai's injury and wished him a speedy recovery. Lam Fung ten years ago worked with Goo Jai on STEP INTO THE PAST (CHUM CHUN GEI) so he looked forward to working together again very much. Making his costume debut Jai Jai joked that despite the action director on the hand he still wanted to ask Wu Chun to be his personal trainer. Wu Chun immediately agreed. They also had to learn to ride for the film together. Jai Jai said that he had to foster a relationship with the horse and he already had three lessons. Every time he improved.


Jay Chou Concert in Malaysia LOUD Music Festival 2011

Jay Chou
Asian superstar Jay Chou is not superstitious. Together with Taiwanese band Sodagreen, female vocalists Landy Wen and Cindy Yen, Jay was in Malaysia over the weekends for the LOUD Music Festival 2011.

Opening the festival was Sodagreen. Tsing-fung, the main vocalist, revealed that the group had been eating non-stop since they arrived in Malaysia because the food was too delicious to resist. He added that their target was to gain 3kg each before returning to Taiwan.

For her performance, Landy --decked in a sexy white outfit -- danced with two female dancers on a table. The singer later proudly declared, "I don't think there are many out there who can dance on a table as stable as I can!"

Jul 31 also marked the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival. While most would shun away from doing anything that is taboo during this period, Jay, the last performer of the night, jumped out of a coffin during his first act, driving the crowd wild.

When he sang 'The Last Battle', the witty Jay changed the lyrics into "Thank you for your support in the last 10 years. Will you continue to support me in the next 10 years?"

Later, Jay included a short beat-boxing performance when he sang 'Chinese Porcelain'. The singer once again changed the lyrics to his song, jokingly reminded his fans, "Will those sitting at the top try not to fall asleep?"

During the encore, Jay and Landy sang their hit duet 'Rooftop', sending the concert to yet another climax.

Jerry Yan dating model Celia Zhang

Jerry Yan Celia Zhang
Pan Shuang Shuang, Hannah Quinlivan and Honey Chen.

They were all relatively unknown models until they were linked with famous celebrities, Jay Chou, Aaron Kwok, Show Luo and Raymond Lam respectively.

Another model Celia Zhang might get famous now after she was spotted going to a karaoke with Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan.

When they were about to part ways after their singing session, the pair was seen gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. Jerry even made a "call me" sign before leaving reluctantly.

It is believed that the 27-year-old Celia -- who is 168cm tall and weighs 50kg -- had gone on a few dates with Jerry. The pair is said to be in the "friends but not yet couple" stage.

However, Jerry's management company denied that Celia is the actor's new love, saying that they were just good friends.

On the other hand, Jerry's fans are not jealous about their idol's latest relationship. Instead, they expressed that they were happy for him.

Jerry was previously romantically linked to model Lin Chi-ling and actress Terri Kwan.

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