Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Taiwan Barbie Hsu chose maturity over money in men

barbie hsu

DaS (Xu Xi Yuan ) attended Suisse Programme (a product she endorses) Asian first Beauty specialty store opening. Not fearing the cold weather, she arrived in a low cut dress. The event especially organised a brand car to drive her to the place, but she almost revealed her underwear as she got out of it. DaS was quite smart, she offered the new shop’s boss a giant wind mill, to mean her best wishes and for good luck.

DaS expressed that this year, she did many openings and other endorsement jobs, however she wouldn’t reward herself but buy gifts for her family instead, like toys and clothes. She hopes she can endorse for a car brand next. About her almost revealing too much while getting out of the car, she laughed and said she was quite anxious as the car was quite big and she feared she wouldn’t be able to get out of it.

While talking about her love life, she got asked if she wanted to end her celibacy as soon as possible, looking for a new boyfriend next year, DaS expressed that she wouldn’t look for anyone on purpose and rely on destiny. And her condition while looking for a mate would be that he’s mature, no need for him to have money.

Apart from that, she revealed that in the ancient movie “Rain of Swords” she’s nowadays filming with Michelle Yeoh. She’ll have to deal with swords moves, and she once injured her knees because she had to kneel a whole night to film.

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