Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Mike He offers free hugs at Hong Kong movie promotion

Mike He

Taiwanese idol Mike He (Xiao Mei) went to a shopping centre to promote his movie “Love at Seventh Sight” attracting over a hundred fans to support him at the event, causing the atmosphere to be very loud. During his appearance, Xiao Mei would constantly wave at the fans and use his Cantonese to greet them causing the fans to scream and shout. The organizers also prearranged a few female fans to go up on stage and confess their love to Xiao Mei. The fans performed enthusiastically and besides screaming I love you, they also requested to hug Xiao Mei on the spot. There were also fans who brought a cake to celebrate Xiao Mei’s birthday next month. Even though the female fans were very aggressive, Xiao Mei was very obliging just like Wong Tai Sin, responding to all requests.

Praises fans for being enjoyable

After the event Xiao Mei was asked whether he was frightened by the enthusiastic fans and he said: [Haven’t seen the fans in Hong Kong for a long time, miss them a lot. Wherever I go fans from Hong Kong will appear to support me which is very enjoyable. Today’s trip to Hong Kong is very significant, fans have waited for this movie for a very long time, my appearance at today’s function has given me a sense of accomplishment.

Fallen tree, avoids a misfortune
Also, when asked whether Xiao Mei has confidence in his film at the box office, he answered: [Haven’t thought about it, hope when fans see it they will feel that I have portrayed my character well. (Are there any unforgettable scenes?) Jacqueline Li (Female lead) and I had to film on top of a tree but that tree wasn’t a real tree, it was made using reinforced concrete. At the time it was really windy and we were in a really dangerous position, 3 days after filming finished the tree got blown over which made me feel like I skipped a big misfortune.]

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