Jumat, 27 November 2009

Rainie Yang and Show Luo to perform in New York as good friends

rainie yang show luo

Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) and Rainie Yang are “happy enemies.” Three years ago, the two went to the USA to sing for a concert, and at the time, they were in bad terms with each other, treating each other like air. However, everything has changed, Show will perform in the US on the 26th, and he invited Rainie to be the guest performer. Air became “partner.”

Even though Show and Rainie are from the same [management] company, they were in bad terms with each other. It started with Show’s [rumor] ex-girlfriend, Makiyo, creating some misunderstandings while transferring words between the two. In addition, after Rainie broke up with Ben, Show supported his friend, Ben, which in turn deepened the issue between the two. Both of them were continuously in a cold war situation.

After their managers’ efforts in resolving the issue between the two, and in addition, their collaboration in the new drama, , the story had a turn. “Enemies to Friends” were in theatres; they even had love rumors floating around. Show’s “Show on Stage” concert will be in the US on the 26th, marking a grand period. The guest performer will be Rainie, and the two will sing together. After three years of long chemical manipulation, the air has had a chemical reaction, changing into happiness.

After figuring out all the misunderstanding, Show and Rainie will go to the US, not ignoring each other anymore but playing around lovingly. Rainie sweetly said, “I have never been to New York before.” After hearing that, Show immediately insisted on taking Rainie around in New York. Even though Show’s English is not that good, he still had visited New York three times. In addition to being the guest performer in Jolin’s concert and taking dance classes, he also had photo shoots taken in New York. Thus, he knows a bit about New York.


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