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Raymond Lam first outdoor concert at Malaysia

Raymond Lam

The night before, Raymond Lam went to the man made beach in Malaysia to hold his first outdoor concert. Before the show began, it started raining. Fortunately when it was time to begin the show, the heavens went back to being beautiful and the concert was a success. The Malaysia concert is a new arrangement, besides having completely new dance clothing, the songs and the dances were all new arrangements. Although there was no rain during the concert, Raymond was still soaked on stage because of all his sweat. He expressed that first time holding an outdoor concert, it feels completely different. When sweat went down his back, he felt some coolness.

Malaysian fans were very bold and expressed their love to Raymond. Below the stage, they all shouted 'I Love You' and praised their idol to be handsome. Raymond responded: "I love you all too!" He then invited a female fan on stage to duet Lover and Sea, the two appeared very close and the other 'Fung Fans' went crazy. On stage, Raymond appeared extremely passionate with the fans. In order to get closer to fans, he did not care about his own safety, dancing from the 2 meter stage down to the audience. One 'Fung Fan' was able to give him a gift and another fan wouldn't let go of Raymond's hand. Because fans were too energetic and getting too close, Raymond had a painful expression. Later, he was asked if dancing off the 2 meter stage was dangerous? He laughed as he said at the time he was shaking hands with fans and did not think of the safety issue. He hopes that next time he can hold another outdoor concert. Besides Malaysia fans supporting his concert, Hong Kong and Mainland fans also made a special trip to support their idol.

Raymond reveals that his future work is very tight. He will be releasing his Mandarin album in March, and will be going to Taiwan to shoot the MV as well as prepare for the next stop (Singapore) of his Asia tour concert. In July, he will be holding his 3rd HK Coliseum concert.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Sonija Kwok will marry her choreographer Zhu Shao Jie

Sonija Kwok

Rumors said Sonija Kwok's action choreographer boyfriend took special care of her, that's how he touched her heart. Then later rumors said the couple is rushing marriage in April because Sonija is pregnant. But none of them are true. Here we have the actress telling the real story herself. One thing we sure is, it's all fated.

It was reported Sonija and her boyfriend Zhu Shaojie's close interaction on the filming set of Mainland drama "Palace" made them become lovers, but actually they weren't too close at work. Sonija's role didn't require that much action scenes; even if she needed assistance, it was Zhu's assistant choreographer who helped out. So how did they really get to know each other?

"A few days before we were done filming, someone said he would introduce a guy to me," said Sonija. "I joked, 'Okay! Then ask whether he dares to hold my hand!' Since I'm not young anymore, and has some fame, not many people dared to pursue me."

Sonija didn't know the guy she was being introduced to will become her Mr. Right. Although she was introduced to some people the past years, but none were right matches, which made her well-prepared to become a "remaining woman." But this changed when she met Zhu. She dined with him another day and it was quite embarrassing start.

"We didn't know what to say. We said goodbye after the dinner."

Two days after their first dinner together, Sonija had to return to Hong Kong to film a new drama. Zhu was there at the airport and brought her 100 red roses. Who isn't touched by 100 red roses? Because she couldn't bring the flower bouquet to the plane, she only took one flower out. This was when they decided to give it a try.

However, they were experiencing a distant relationship; she was in Hong Kong and he was in other places. Their only communication was via phone, text messages, and Skype. Although it was like that for more than 3 months, but the relationship still went well.

"We had good communications. It felt right. I like how he is just like me, like to stay at home. Plus we haven't date for several years, and have been waiting for a right match, so we hit it off quickly."

After filming new drama "抉擇男女", Sonija finally got to enjoy being in love. She is currently on a vacation with Zhu and even decided to become Mrs. Zhu at the end of the year.

"I went to Mainland and met his family. That day he knelt down with a diamond ring and proposed. I was very moved and dropped tears. He is simple, practical, good to his family, and hardworking. I feel very comfortable loving him. I can say what I want to him. This is the simple happiness."

Sonija is planning out her wedding now engaged to Zhu,. It was originally set to be on April, but she doesn't want to prove the media really guessed it right, so she moves it to at the end of this year.

"We would invite close friends and relatives to our wedding. I don't want to make it like a show. Then we would return to Mainland and have dinner with his family."

Sonija will continue her career as an actress. As for having kids, it's a must to the 36-year-old.

"My mom always urges me to have kids. My fiance loves kids, too," she said sweetly. "So it's hard to not right?"

The couple seem to be fated to be together---they actually met each other already in 2000. Sonija was filming "A Step Into the Past" with Louis Koo and Zhu was the stunt double at that time. They even took a photo together as a group. Who knew they would meet again and even decide to be together?

Source: Mingpao Weekly
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Isabella Leong break up with Billionaire Richard Li

Isabella Leong

There was big news yesterday Isabella Leong herself announced to the media that she and partner and millionaire Richard Li, youngest son of entrepreneur Li Ka Shing, have split up. She revealed: “For 2011, I will be starting over a new page in my life. Richard Li and I have split up. We have had wonderful memories of our times together. We plan to bring up our children together. Hoping they will grow up happily and in good health. We also hope to have less media pressure and to live our lives in peace.”

The news of the split has shaken the HK showbiz world. The relationship between Isabella and Richard was one of true love and rocked everybody of admiration and envy. The rich bachelor first met Isabella at the film set of ‘The Mummy 3’ and was introduced by Michelle Yeoh. The two got on like a house on fire and had a 8 year relationship which was not revealed till after Isabella’s court case with her record company EEG.

EEG filed a lawsuit against Isabella over the breaking of her 10 year contract. At the end, Isabella had an out of court settlement and managed to break out of her contract and freeing Isabella to pursue her own career.

Richard Li has always wanted to remain a low profile about his private life and in April 2009, he surprisingly revealed that Isabella gave birth to their eldest son in Canada. Li Ka Shing gave his grandson the name Li Cheung Chi. Last June, Isabella gave birth again to twin boys and the media was concern that Isabella was the future daughter in law to the famous Li family. However Richard and Isabella’s relationship was not all smooth sailing. The ‘photograph on Facebook’ incident caused dissatisfaction among the Li family. Isabella had uploaded some private photographs of herself and her sons on Facebook for family and friends to admire. The media also reported on the photographs and made it public knowledge about Isabella’s happiness on family life. This led to the Li family being in the limelight and was disapproved by Richard and his family.

More problems arose when there were rumours that Isabella’s life in Canada was more vibrant than the average girl. It was alleged that she met up with a tall guy and stayed overnight at a hotel. The couple tried to dissolve their problems and misunderstandings but to no prevail. Also, it was reported that Li Ki Shing had built a mansion in Deep Water Bay and planned to leave the whole of the 4th floor for Richard and his family. It was also reported that Richard started moving furniture into this unit but denied arranging Isabella will be staying here, this news surprised the media.
The split of Richard and Isabella seems like a done deed. The problem for the two at the moment is the future of their 3 sons. There is speculation that their sons will reside with Richard and he will be the main guardian, however, Richard has yet to publicly respond on this. Also news had it that Isabella wants custody of their 3 sons for a sum of 30 million HK dollars.

Richard Li Tzai Kai mini profile
Date of Birth: 8th November 1966 (Age 44)
Born in Hong Kong
Family background: Billionnaire Li Ka Shing's youngest son, not married, has 3 sons By Isabella Leong (Ethan, H & N)
Career: Chairman of PCCW

Isabella Leong Lok Sze mini profile
Date of Birth: 23rd June 1988 (Age 23)
Born in Macau
Family background: Father passed away not long after Isabella was born. Have mother and elder sister, not married but had 3 sons with Richard Li.
Career: Signed up with EEG at the age of 12, released debut album at 16. Started acting around 2004 including The Mummy 3 in 2008

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

Charmaine Sheh leave TVB and join Mainland producer

Charmaine Sheh

TVB FaDans are getting fewer and fewer. Charmaine Sheh entered TVB in 1997 and finally decided that she will not renew her contract when it expires in May, breaking the 14 year relationship. Earlier, Charmaine went to Mainland to shoot series and caught the attention of a Mainland producer offering her 15 million yuan for two years. Compared to TVB's HK$20,000 per episode, there is a huge difference. In addition, there are many Mainland rich men that are pursuing her. Having a new place for her career and love life, the 35 year old Charmaine decided to leave her 'maternal home' (TVB) and head north to develop.

It was understood that Charmaine gets paid HK$20,000 per episode in a TVB series, but going up north to shoot a series, she gets a 5 level jump in price, the Chinese yuan is easy to earn. Also, Charmaine's TVB management contract is ending in May and it's of great importance for TVB to convince Charmaine to stay. TVB Executive Virgina Lok already started discussing the contract with Charmaine last October, but unfortunately there was no news that they will take a step forward, so Charmaine was unwilling to sign the contract renewal. Eventually, she ended up losing the TV Queen title to Sheren Tang at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

TVB offers 10 million for 2 years

At an event earlier, Charmaine generously admitted that she and TVB are discussing of a contract renewal and blurted out: "The Mainland market is huge, there is a need of many artists. The salary for shooting Mainland series are also very high." It was said TVB wanted to foster this biological daughter and spared no expense offering her 10 million for a 2 year contract, but this price still differed from the Mainland producer's offer. No wonder Charmaine delayed on picking up the pen to sign the contract.

Faked the injury?

Although TVB tried all they could and offered a generous price to keep Charmaine, she clearly already made her decision, so he suggested some contract conditions that a basically hard for TVB to accept, then TVB can back up. Charmaine is not afraid of losing TVB, last month she borrowed her arm injury to withdraw from Miu Siu Ching's Forensic Heroes III. Charmaine said herself she need a break for 6 weeks for medical treatment and was afraid to hold up the filming schedule, so she withdrew. However, earlier when Charmaine was out on the streets, her left arm seem pretty flexible and really was not as serious as she described. For this reason, rumors started that she didn't want to shoot the series, so she faked her injury.

Initially When Heaven Burns was scheduled to release in April, but it was recently taken out of the schedule and replaced with Michael Tse's Relic of an Emissary.

Besides the money, Charmaine also hopes to find her Mr. Right soon. In fact, she currently has many rich men from Mainland pursuing her. Until now, she still have not chosen one. Since there are new developments in both her career and love life, so she decided to give it a try.

The day before over the phone, Virgina Lok responded: "We are really still discussing. She suggested some conditions, we are considering it." Yesterday reporters contacted Charmaine to confirm, but she has not responded.

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Show Luo best sold album 2010 Rashomon

Show Luo Rashomon

Good news came at the right time for Taiwanese singer-host Show Luo.

Singer Show Luo takes the crown for selling the most number of albums last year, with his seventh album Rashomon.

For the first time, 'double J' Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai had to step down from their positions, claiming the second and third spot respectively. Jay released his 10th album The Era last year, and Jolin released a concept album Myself.

At fourth place was Kenji Wu's Love Me, Hate Me. Golden Bell Best Actress Rainie Yang, who acted alongside Show in Hi, My Sweetheart, took the fifth position with Rainie & Love ...?

Other albums which made it to the top 10 included Elva Hsiao's Miss Elva, Hebe Tien's To Hebe, René Liu's Together, S.H.E's SHERO and Lee-Hom's The 18 Martial Arts.

The PMW Music Website Annual Chart is said to be "Taiwan's most impartial chart" because they not only calculated actual album sales, but also digital downloads in Taiwan.

Vivian Hsu is dating with Businessman Leo Ho

Vivian Hsu

Last year, Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu announced she was single after a split from Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung.

During the Lunar New Year period, Vivian was spotted on a date with businessman Leo Ho, who is five years her junior. On Valentines' Day, the pair was seen again holding hands strolling on the streets. They later spent the special day at a Japanese restaurant.

On Feb 16, the couple attended a musical reception. Leo acknowledged that he is currently dating Vivian and even sang a song with her. Vivian later also admitted to the relationship.

The Taiwanese media had previously reported that the elders in Leo's family had a "poor perception" of Vivian because of a nude photo shoot that she did many years ago. At the event, Leo stated that "80% of the report [that his family did not approve of Vivian] was false" and that it was "rubbish".

Leo was also rumoued to be good friends with many female celebrities including Angela Chang, Serena Fang and Yaoyao. To that, his family reportedly declared, "It's best none of them marry him, no matter who is it."

Leo is estimated to have a net worth of NT$5 billion (approx. S$217 million). It was understood that Vivian and Leo met through a friend.

The businessman later spoke up for his girlfriend.

"Vivian is not the kind of person who wants to marry into a wealthy family. [If that's true,] she would have married a long time ago. My parents have met her although [they] did not have much interaction. [They're] just concerned, [they] did not disapprove [of her]," Leo said.

Vic Chou as a military doctor in new drama Home

Vic Chou Home

Zai Zai
in the new drama "Home", set at the time of anti-Japanese war, was a Taiwanese military doctor drafted by the Japanese Military and sent to the Mainland. The story spans across both banks (Taiwan & Mainland). Originally, the drama’s dialogue had Mandarin, Japanese and Taiwanese dialect. But there were news yesterday that the Mainland version will not have Mǐnnányǔ (dialect). Zai Zai’s initial painstaking efforts to memorize his lines in dialect have come to naught. His manager Mr. Chih said yesterday “We’ll respect the producer’s decision, only worried that substitution of the Taiwanese dialogue with Mandarin will lose some of the original flavor."

"Home" original arrangement was that Zai Zai will speak Mandarin during the period of the Mainland war, speaks Japanese when in military compounds, then post-war he speaks Taiwanese after he returned home. During the filming of this drama, besides having to run under the hail of bullets and gunfire, and have to portray heavy psychological misery, speaking 3 languages is also a big challenge.

Why can’t Mǐnnányǔ be used in the drama? The producers explained yesterday that all Mainland’s works do not allow dialect. Japanese is a foreign language, not a dialect, and does not constitute a major portion of the dialogue. But Zai Zai’s efforts are not totally lost; Taiwan version will still have dialect.

"Home" cost nearly 200 million NTD to shoot. Zai Zai’s performance is a new transformation which stunned several high-level people in Mainland and Taiwan. The drama is expected to be launched in Mainland China in May.

When Mr. Chih found out that the Mainland version will replace Taiwanese dialogue with Mandarin, he asked curiously, “During dubbing, how is Zai Zai going to differentiate his voice between the mainland period and Taiwan period?" The other person laughed and said: "This is not difficult, just say Taiwan guóyǔ ah! “ (mispronouncing国语(national language)) In the past, Zai Zai who did not speak Mandarin clearly, would never have dreamed that there will come a day when he will be requested to be “inarticulate”.

But whether it is standard Mandarin or "Taiwan Mandarin," this will be Zai Zai’s first performance in a Mainland drama which is not dubbed (ie original voice is not replaced). This is different from "Madame Chin" which was dubbed. When broadcasted, fans complained when they could not hear his original voice and felt like a stranger speaking.

Career is successful, but after Zai Zai broke up with DaS his love life is empty. Da S is now married to another person. In a Japan interview Zai Zai said that if he was to be romantically involved again, he prefers to keep it low profile.

Stefanie Sun released eleventh album It's Time

Stefanie Sun Its Time

After a four-year break, Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun will release her eleventh album on March 1, reports.

Entitled "It's Time" ("Shi Shi Hou"), the album is the first Sun has recorded under a new contract with her record label Wonderful Music, which has a huge influence in China's digital music market.

It has been reported that the company will spend US$682,000 to promote the new album and film music videos.

Sun entered the music industry in 2000 with a self-titled album "Yan Zi". Since then, she has recorded 10 albums and sold more than 10 million CDs.

Mike He and Janine Chang in drama Sunny Happiness

Janine Chang

CTV's back to the Sunday's idol drama competition with new drama "Sunny Happiness" starring Mike He and Janine Chang.

Bed scenes seem normal to appear in idol dramas now, and leads from "Sunny Happiness" had a quite intimate bed scene in the drama. Thinking back the scene now, Mike expressed they were both super nervous.

"In the beginning, we were embarrassed. In order to ease the tension, I purposely called her 'my senior,' and said 'I welcome your advice' to the camera. Feels like filming a category III movie."

Mike was even suspected of sticking his tongue out when he kissed Janine (picture). However, the actor denied, and in contrast, complained his partner for giving him a hard time when filming the bed scene.

"According to the plot, she has to kick me off the bed. But I didn't know she's doing it for real. I got kicked on my stomach!"

As for Mike's "special" habit, Janine said she knows how to "protect" herself.

"We had a deal. Whoever sticks the tongue out, then the other person can bite on it."

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William and Charlene Choi vacation to Thailand

Charlene Choi William Chan

Yesterday on the 4th day of Chinese New Year, William Chan attened an EEG new year event. He pleasantly smiled and expressed that he and girlfriend Charlene Choi went to Thailand for a vacation, enjoying the sunshine and beaches. Ah Sa took a picture of William topless, showing off muscles in his swim trunks.

William reveals that the paparazzi discovered them: "We planned to go to a small low-key, but then the paparazzi discovered the news. (Honeymoon in advance?) No, we just went to have some fun for a few days. Next time, we have to go farther for our vacation. I want to go to Africa the most." When speaking of a fortune-teller saying that their relationship will be in a crisis this year, William laughed: "Have to take down his sign! (Then will you two get engaged?) Probably not yet, work is the priority."

Asked if he and Ah Sa helped each other put on suntan lotion? William smiled: Thanks to my mom, Iwas born with long arms and legs. Ah Sa has a background in ballet, so she's flexible. If we helped each other put on suntan lotion is our little secret."

Later, [Oriental Daily] called William, and asked if they felt disappointed that they were followed by the paparazzi on their sweet vacation? He said: "it did affect our vacation, we actually really like to eat, they caused us to fear of going out to eat and shop. (Any photographs of intense moments?) No, just some hand holding."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Charmaine Sheh visit Kevin Cheng hotel room

Kevin Cheng Charmaine Sheh

After the TVB Anniversary took place last December, Charmaine Sheh Si Man allegedly flew to Hengdian to visit Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, who was filming Bu Bu Jing Xin "步步驚心". Allegedly, a witness even saw Charmaine entering Kevin’s hotel room , in which female cries were heard inside. Through her actions, it was apparent that Charmaine wanted to be back together with Kevin!

In past interviews, Charmaine spoke about handling love relationships, “I don’t mind whether love relationships are revealed publicly or not.” She also stated, “If a man and woman are not married yet, each person still has their own choice.”

Since Charmaine was filming in Hangzhou last December, she appeared at the nearby Hengdian Studios to visit Kevin Cheng on the set of Bu Bu Jing Xin. Apparently, she did not mind making such a public gesture in visiting Kevin. A production crew member recounted, “Last December, the entire production crew saw Charmaine Sheh visiting Kevin Cheng on the set. At first, Kevin did not have much of a reaction and did not appear to be especially excited. During lunch break, Charmaine approached Kevin and pulled out a box of dumplings. They sat in a corner by themselves, conversing quietly and laughing loudly!”

After visiting Kevin on the set, Charmaine allegedly visited Kevin’s hotel room later in the evening. A crew member recounted, “At the time, Charmaine was very careful. She looked left and right to make sure no one was there before entering Kevin’s room. I saw her from afar. I quickly walked away since I did not want any embarrassment. Fortunately, she did not see me. I was curious about her visit, so I stood in front of the hotel room door to listen. I heard the sound of a female crying. The entire crew knows that Charmaine is interested in Kevin, but we don’t know why she loves him so much” Since Charmaine took the initiative to visit Kevin and started crying in his room later, it was understandable that Kevin was moved.

Allegedly, Kevin’s co-star, Liu Si Si, was also present when Charmaine visited Kevin on the filming set of Bu Bu Jing Xin. Apparently, Si Si was one of the many female admirers Kevin had on the set. She frequently asked Kevin to accompany her for hotpot dinners. When the press contacted Liu Si Si, she sounded shocked, “Sorry, I can not talk right now!” Apparently, Si Si did not want to be further involved in the love triangle rumors!

In the past, Charmaine openly praised Kevin, “He is very practical and not the type of man who just wants to have fun. He is stable and honest. He has qualities that would make him a good marriage partner.” Romantic rumors between Charmaine and Kevin started in 2007, when they filmed Forensic Heroes II "法證先鋒II" together. Allegedly, Charmaine was spotted entering Kevin’s house in Sai Kung at the time. In 2009, break-up rumors circulated and the press speculated that Charmaine and Kevin broke up because he did not want to openly acknowledge their relationship.

Source: Face Magazine # 193
Translated by: JayneStars

Donnie Yen and Joey Yung send Chinese New Year greetings

Donnie Yen Joey Yung

The year of the Rabbit is here! 'Strongest in Film' Donnie Yen and 'Strongest in Music' Joey Yung wishes everyone an upward movement! Both promises to continue their hard work in the music and film scene, bringing more entertainment to audience!

On the strongest first day of Chinese New Year, Donnie Yen and Joey Yung sends new year greetings, wishing everyone 'Everything goes smoothly, strong in everything." They also mutually praised one another. Donnie praised that Joey not only knows how to sing, but she can act too: "I have seen her acting before, very natural! Actually I can sing too, one time I sang Jacky Cheung's Goodbye Love to my wife! (It's a sad song!) I sang it with smiles!" Joey also expressed that she will buy tickets to watch Donnie's films: "The most memorable one was Ip Man, he was such a good fighter! (Are you going to be a female fighter?) Not really."

Donnie had a prosperous year of the Tiger, the 3 films he starred in Ip Man 2, The Legend of Chen Zhen and 14 Blades got nearly 50 million in the box office in Hong Kong and Mainland. Born on the year of the rabbit, this year Donnie will have 3 films go on the big screen, asked if h has confidence to break a record? He said: "Of course the more the better! I want to portray different types of roles, continuing to improve, so audience can have a good time watching. (Get Film King too?) If so, of course it's good!"

It was rumored that his wife (Cecilia Wang) is pregnant. Although both denied to the rumors. His wife expressed that she hopes to have a daughter, Donnie said: "Twins! Awesome! Have one birthday party to celebrate all at once!" When the couple spoke about their 3 year old son (James), they appeared very sweet and praised their son to have talent in martial arts! Cecilia said: "After he watched Mulan, he was tossing his hands and feet, so I am not going to allow him to watch action films, including Donnie's films. However, one time he was pretending to train on stakes, his moves were just like real Kung Fu, just like his dad!"

The Music Scene has to be in Harmony

As for Pop Queen Joey Yung, she became the Queen of Awards earlier this year and broke the record for JSG's "Most Popular Female Singer" award, getting it for the 6th time. Although the music awards have come to an end, the royalty issues still have not been resolved. Joey wholeheartly hoped that everyone can make a better music scene together. She also enjoyed Rice Ball Soup (Tong Yuen), meaning everyone in harmony: "Eating one rice ball, everyone will reunite, don't fall apart. The music scene is a large-scale party, have to put all the negative feelings at the end of the water, this is a problem for 'big people', what's most important is to think in the perspective of audience and music fans. (Help?) I don't have much ability to, but I will try my best to help in my own context. Have to let everyone understand that the music scene is very important, don't cause chaos and let it fall apart."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Charlene Choi Valentine Day single Sweetest Day

Charlene Choi Sweetest Day

Even though Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) must fly in all directions to give performances, film movies, film advertisements, but Ah Sa non-stop busy in both Hong Kong and Mainland nevertheless shows that the more she works, the more enthusiastic she is. With Valentine's Day approaching, she will specially release a Valentine's Day single "Sweetest Day" CD + DVD on February 10 to sweetly share with fans. In addition to including 2 new songs "Year After Year" and "Adult World" and "Year After Year" MV, it also includes a collection of 15 karaoke MVs including "Simply", "Able to Let Go", "Two Without One" and more from all of Charlene's solo albums, all together celebrating a romantic Valentine's Day with Ah Sa.

The day Ah Sa filmed her "Year After Year" MV, there was a cold weather warning. Even though filming was indoors, she only wore a tube top and thin one-piece dress to photograph the CD cover and film the MV, even lying on the ice-cold floor. Staff members were worried she would catch a cold, but Ah Sa was very professional in front of the cameras and added to the photos' result, taking the intiative to suggest a tube top to go into battle, sexily revealing her shoulder and thin waist. Fully experienced with the latest fashion trends and displaying creativity, she spread the skirt above her head arranging it like a veil. Adding beautiful white lighting, it was a hazy beautiful result, leading the photographer to greatly praise. Ah Sa: "Did not expect the result to come out so well, did not need to be too fancy, simply is already very pretty. Just like the title of the album "Sweetest Day", no matter lover, family member or friend, as long as the other person does something that makes you feel sweet to the heart, it is already a personal "Sweetest Day"."

In the MV filming with a tall male model, there are intimate scenes forehead to forehead and embracing from behind. Originally, the male lead was slightly shy, seeing Ah Sa's performance. However as soon as the director rolled the cameras, he became absorbed in the role. With the director requesting just one take, he managed to cry. Ah Sa expressed: "At the beginning, I was worried meeting for the first time and acting as lovers would be a little stiff. Who knew he said to yell and he yelled, when we were forehead to forehead he made my eyes tear up!" Even though in this MV, Charlene acts as spirit which has already passed away from this world, but Ah Sa said anything goes: "Leaving this world but still affectionate to the other person, 'unfinished human - ghost emotions', is also one type of romantic love, the feeling is even more mournfully beautiful!"

Niki Chow and Raymond Wong in sereis My Cruel Lover

Niki Chow

Niki Chow, Raymond Wong, Tracy Ip, Elaine Yiu and Yoyo Chen were at a blessing ceremony for TVB new series My Cruel Lover. Lead actress Niki finally appear, she laughed and said that once sje started working, the whole studio opened. First time being in a pre-modern series, she feels very happy: "Everyone wishes that I find my Mr. Right too, Tim Gor (Lee Tim Shing) felt that I needed to, so he produced this series for me. (So when are you going to marry?) Finish shooting this series first and see if I have the opportunity! (Desperate to marry?) It's everyone's wish. I personally hope and anticipate for this day to come, but I'm still looking."

Niki expressed that she signed a two year contract, asked if she would sign a TVB management contract? She joked: "Female version of Raymond Lam? I can consider it, but I'm not 'Chok' enough. Music, film and TV developing is going well, I can think about it." Asked if shw plans to sign with a record label? She frankly said that she discussed it before, but for now she wants to just focus on filming series.

Also, Niki expressed that she promised Raymond that if his wife goes into labor, she will 'support' the entire crew herself. Asked when Raymond's wife is expected to duw? He said: "About time, perhaps I'll just disappear while shooting the series and that will be it. (Will you cut the umbilical cord?) I want to, but everyone is asking me if I have the courage because it's all bloody. Also, I want to record a video, hopefully my hand won't be shaking." First time giving out red envelopes, Tarcy Ip happily expressed that she is very initiative. She said: "This year I set 5 figures aside for red envelopes and just about all of it is given out. Giving and receiving is actually just as happy!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

Della Ding album Soul Mate ranked second at album charts

Della Ding Soulmate

Della Ding's new album "Soul Mate" debuts at second place on both the G-Music and Five Music album sales charts after its first week. To add to that, her latest single, “One Half”, is also first place on the KKBOX singles chart. At a recent signing event, she revealed that the song portrays her exact feelings of loneliness as she is currently single, “I asked my company to give me more work to fill up my entire schedule, so I won’t feel lonely.”

The song talks about going to dinner and the movies alone, which Della could instantly relate to; she even cried during the recording of the song under the emotion. Della fans can look forward to enjoying her live performance at Legacy around March or April.

Will Pan continues to top the album sales chart this week. He gave a special performance at the finale of the singing competition show One Million Star last weekend.

A Lin Fourth album Loneliness in not the hardest part

Alin Loneliness is not the hardest part

Though recently dethroned on the KKBOX weekly charts, A-Lin has been topping various charts ever since her fourth album, "Loneliness Is Not The Hardest Part", came out. On the night of the 29th, she held a live concert for the first time in the 5 years since her debut. During the concert, she passed out 100 New Year's red envelopes, and sang 32 songs for the 1200 fans who came to see her. It was also the first time she has attempted a challenging dance, and joked that she wanted to join the dancers to create a "beautiful legs era".

A-lin's "Loneliness Is Not The Hardest Part" is available for purchase on YesAsia.

Jay Chou Promote The Green Hornet in Beijing

Jay Chou The Green Hornet

"I really do need a girl who would support me," Taiwanese singer Jay Chou said in a recent interview.

The multi-hyphenated Taiwanese was in Beijing to promote his latest film The Green Hornet, when he graciously talked about his love life. Not only did he admit to having some chemistry with Taiwan's top model Lin Chi-ling, he also said that he needed a girl "who would support him".

Jay revealed that he would be performing magic tricks at CCTV Spring Festival Gala. However, he's unclear about the arrangement details as he has not had the chance to rehearse the routine.

When asked who his partner for the magic routine would be, Jay admitted that he has chemistry with Chi-ling and even called the Taiwanese model "the best candidate". The singer added that their height differences was not a problem, and insisted later "we're the same height, really".

Jay took the chance to deny the rumour that his latest love interest is Hong Kong singer Alan Tam's female disciple and stated his criteria for a J Girl (a nickname given to Jay Chou's love interest).

The Taiwanese singer said that the girl "must at least understand my music and we can communicate". He also confessed that he felt lonely because he had been single for a long time now.

"For someone like me, who puts an emphasis on my career, I really need a girl who will support me. I hope there is such a girl, apart from my mother," said Jay.

He added that it did not matter if his girlfriend is from showbiz or not.

Show Luo selling tickets for new album The One and Only

Show Luo The One and Only

Show Luo announced yesterday that pre-order tickets are now selling for both his new album "The One and Only" and corresponding tour "舞法舞天” (a play on the idiom "no respect for law and order"), which begins March 19 in Taichung. According to Show, the concert contains 80% brand new material and 5 costumes changes. He apologized to his fans, saying "sorry for making you spend so much money." However, he invited 60 patients from the New Dawn Educare Center (for children with intellectual disabilities) to watch his concert for free.

On the concert poster, Show dons a set of crystal armor that is worth 30 million NT and a lion-shaped helmet that weighs 20 kg. In opportunities in business and relationships, Show asserts that he is like a lion, waiting until the opportune moment to "pounce" on his prey. "Especially in relationships," Show says, "there needs to be that 'spark'. So if I see a girl and she doesn't bring out my 'silk worm', then there is no chemistry." However, he admits that no girl has made him feel that way for a while.

Last year was a highly successful year for Show as his last album, "Rashomon", was the top-selling album of the year. Show and his staff joked that it created too much pressure on him to release another album to follow that one. He still remembers how only 400 people came to the fan-signing of his very first album, 700 for the second one, 1000 for the third one, until finally now autograph signing will draw out tens of thousands of screaming fans. Luckily, Show will be able to take a well-deserved break over Chinese New Year. Where will he go? "I've already reserved us tickets-anywhere my mother wants to go, that's where we'll be."

Source: UDN (news), ChinaYES (photo)
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Selina Ren comeback with slimming commercial in June

Selina Ren

The Taiwanese starlet might resume work as early as June

Selina Jen once worried she would not be able to perform on stage again as she looks "different from before".

But it looks like the Taiwanese singer can cast those doubts aside, as endorsements are pouring in. The popstar, who was severely burnt in an on-set accident, was discharged from hospital on Jan 19, after spending 89 days there.

Many companies had reportedly contacted Selina's management company HIM International, expressing their wish to have Selina endorse their products. They included fruit juices, clothes, skincare products and a slimming programme.

Selina has reportedly received five invitations to endorse products. Selina's doctor also advised her not to coop herself at home, saying that a moderate amount of work would be helpful to her mental and physical health.

The singer is expected to make her comeback with either a fruit juice or a slimming programme commercial in June, while other endorsements would be subjected to the state of her physical health.

"I'm so thankful! However, my health is in no condition [for work] now. Is it all right to let the clients wait?" an overjoyed Selina said.

HIM International firmly stated that everything would depend on Selina's will and health. The company is looking into plans of a new album and hosting gigs for the singer, apart from endorsements.

"The earliest we can hear Selina sing again is next year. However, there would be a secret project before that. Selina will be recording a wedding single during her wedding. She would personally bring the good news to people with her sweet voice," Selina's friend revealed.

Vanness Wu is back with Singapore Sexy Arissa Cheo

Vanness Wu Arrisa Cheo

Vanness Wu's short-lived relationship with Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo first made headlines after a photo of the couple surfaced online. The two used to date for a year in 2006, but broke up after they drifted apart when Arissa was studying in the US.

They reconciled again in April last year and were photographed shopping on the streets together. Although the Taiwanese singer publicly admitted to his then-relationship with Arissa, the duo broke up again in September, after six months of courtship.

Despite going separate ways, Vanness publicly acknowledged that they are "still in contact" and are "still friends".

A devout Christian, Vanness has taken a chastity pledge against pre-marital sex. However, his ex-girlfriend is widely known for her liberal ways like posing sexy pictures of herself online. It was widely-speculated that the clash in "sexual interest" was the catalyst to the failed relationship.

After countless of separations and reconciliations, it looks like the pair has kissed and made up yet again. They were recently sighted touring Taiwan together in the year-end with Vanness visiting Arissa's folks in Singapore.

Attending a press conference held yesterday as a brand ambassador for denim jeans, the 32-year-old replied "Happy New Year," when reporters asked about his relationship with Arissa and declined to answer all questions regarding his love life.

A member of now-defunct Taiwanese boyband, F4, reporters asked if the group's non-appearance in Lunar New Years shows were due to Vic Zhou's promotional activities for Black & White.

"Our schedules and timing are really hard to organize. I don't know about the rest!" he replied.

To build up his body for this denim jeans commercial, the singer-dancer shared that he eats "only vegetables" and spends as long as "3 hours in the gym" everyday.
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