Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Jimmy Lin’s brother appeared at guest star in Shanghai concert

jimmy lin

Jimmy Lin held a concert in Shanghai on Nov 21, 2009 as the first stop of his “Whirlwind Asia Tour”. The concert started on time at 7:30pm. With an attendance of 70% the concert hall was pushed to a climax with jimmy’s ageless face and classic songs. His younger brother appeared as the special guest and sang a song with him. His brother’s charisma is no less than any stars.

The new father did not disappoint. When the news that Jimmy became a father broke there were concerns that some fans would leave. And also because of his tight schedule he couldn’t put any more time into promotions. But the concert was surprising successful. The concert hall was packed and the entire audience called out Jimmy’s name. He sang almost 20 new and old songs. The fans sang along with almost every song. His younger brother’s appearance pushed the atmosphere to a climax. Most of the fans are die-hard fans who traveled back in time with his songs and witnessed his legendary life.

There are too many memories. Jimmy shared with everyone his stage charisma and his life experience. Classic songs like “Not every love song has a fond memory”, “Why am I the one who gets hurt”, “Fury Heart”, “Expect”, “Before Dawn Breaks”, “Upmost Happiness”, “Go Run Run”, and “Can’t stop me”. The concert ended with the audience singing “Rainy Reason of 17”. We hope that next year will be even better for jimmy.

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