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Selina SHE wants to marry at age 28, give birth at 30

selina ren

Taiwanese female pop group S.H.E arrived in Singapore last Friday to attend the promotion event for a newly launched product – OSIM uKimono. Other than sharing tips on how to optimize the use of the slim belt massager to achieve the ideal figure, Ella also revealed about Selina’s undivided attention when in the presence of hunks.

S.H.E was at ION Orchard to grace the OSIM promotion event. During the press conference, the trio was interacting in a carefree manner with the media and had much fun with their fans. When talking on the topic of flab on guys, Selina joked that she likes well-built charismatic guys who must be well-toned at his hands, abdomen and chest. Hearing this, Ella immediately added, “When she caught sight of hunks, her eyes will really sparkle!”

Selina then elaborated she would take an extra glance at guys whom she think are good-looking, just like how guys would take time to admire pretty ladies when they see one. Meanwhile Ella shared that her greatest “fear” is guys with “Bye bye flesh” (flabby arms). Hebe said, “If a man’s tummy is too big until it bulges outside his pants that would be quite scary too!”

The trio was donned in different design outfits in white colour with the newly endorsed slim belt massager strapped to their waists. On-stage, they exchanged words merrily, making the event very lively. From their good chemistry, it is not hard to imagine how deep their “sisterhood” is. During the interview, the trio shared that despite the differences in their personalities, they are constantly influencing each other. Thus, as days go by, they actually become more alike too. Ella shared that Selina is the most optimistic among them and thus, she would learn to adopt that attitude from her.

Recently in their world tour concerts in Hong Kong and Shanghai, S.H.E showcased more of their sexiness. Ella clarified that the new images during the concert is just to complement their performances, however, it does not mean that “sexiness” will be S.H.E’s style hereafter. Nonetheless, as time passes by, S.H.E would also gradually mature and naturally exude a feminine sensuality.

Selina said, “We are now at the crossroads of girls-to-women, thus, we would radiate a sexy charm.” Agreeing with her, Ella quipped, “At the current stage, we have the femininity and innocence which will probably be most attractive to some guys! Haha.” Hebe chipped in, “The most natural sexiness will probably be most charming.”

So would being in love make a person sexy? In response, Ella shared, “Being in love and being sexy are 2 different states. Love could make one feel crazy, as it could turn you into a totally different person. But when a woman has confidence and accepts her true self, she would naturally exude an attractive charisma.”

When reporters of xin.sg asked S.H.E just how much longer the group would remain, the trio answered unanimously that they will continue to be together. Selina said with affirmation, “We have always been developing our careers in the areas we are interested in, but we will not disband. So please do not be worry.”

Hebe added, “Even if we should no longer be in market demand, S.H.E’s friendship will still continue for a long time to come.” Ella pointed to the endorsed slim belt massager on her waist and replied, “We will be secured tightly together forever!” Indeed the trio’s assurance is a strong boost of confidence to the fans’ and the fans reciprocated their support through cheers and applause.

Ella Wishes to Star in Action Movies!

During the 15th Singapore Hit Awards (SHA) held last Friday, S.H.E and Mayday each bagged 4 awards. S.H.E’s win for the [Best All-Rounder Artiste] award is definitely without a doubt. After all, other than singing, S.H.E’s endeavors into releasing a memoir, hosting and acting in idol dramas have been well-received by the masses.

It seemed what is lacking now is the venture into movies. S.H.E shared candidly that they do look forward to acting in movies, but they have not come across any suitable scripts so far. In the advertisement for their recent endorsement, the trio transformed into kungfu-fighting girls, and Ella also shared that she hopes to star in an action movie. When asked to name who would she like to work with, Ella replied without second thoughts, “Jet Li. He has real kungfu skills and is a philanthropist, who founded the One Foundation. It would be a great honour to work with him in an action movie.”

Who is the Ideal Boyfriend?

The trio is full of praises for the male artistes they had worked with, such as Show Luo, Jay Chou, Wu Chun and Jerry Yan. Although some of them have become friends, none seemed suitable as boyfriends!

When asked about Jerry, whom Ella recently worked with, she shared, “You would see a different side of him during filming. I will feel sad for him because he is a perfectionist who tends to pressurize and suppress himself too much. I wish that he can be truly happy.”

Subsequently the trio became hyper again when probed on their criteria for Mr Right and they each shared their views. Ella commented, “A perfect person might not necessarily be the most suitable one. On the other hand, it is most important to find someone whom you can get along perfectly with.”

Hebe said, “That person must be kind and humorous to avoid boredom and cynicism.“

Selina added, “There must be mutual understanding and trust and always little sparks of chemistry. When I was young, I wanted to get married by 28, and give birth by 30 years old.” Selina just celebrated her 28th birthday recently, and she said although she has yet to get married at 28, she still look forward to the next stage of her life and hope that it would not be too late.


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