Jumat, 06 November 2009

Leon Lai held make-up wedding to appease furious boss

leon lai

Hong Kong Heavenly King Leon Lai was said to have thrown a makeup wedding dinner just to appease his infuriated boss, Peter Lam, CEO of East Asia Entertainment. According to Chinese news reports, Peter was furious at being kept in the dark of Leon’s secret Las Vegas marriage to Gaile Lok and only discovered it after reading the newspaper.

Known for his doting ways on Leon, Peter specially opened a music company, A Music, for the latter to manage. He also stood out and expressed his full support for Leon when he was accused of taking drugs.

In other related news, Gaile Lok is rumoured to be pregnant after she was seen placing her hands on her hips a few times at a fashion show held in Kowloon, Hong Kong earlier this week.

The Hong Kong model will make a jump from the runway to being her own fashion designer and will be collaborating with a designer brand to release her own line of clothing


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