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Taiwan Cyndi Wang's Momo Love Not Popular

cyndi wang

Cyndi Wang over in GTV’s [Momo Love] poor ratings after broadcast, she cried heavily in sadness, her period stopped for 5 months due to pressure, and earlier ratings were high for Rainie Yang starring in CTS’s [Hai Pai Tian Xin]. She said her period stopped for a month because of pressure, it looks like the highs and lows of ratings do have connections to how long periods are delayed.

Appears more for drama to save ratings.

[Momo Love] filming schedule behind, lead Cyndi has been busy rushing filming, so she was not able to work with promotions, watching the ratings drop, Cyndi yesterday appeared to save the ratings. She admits herself in the cast is one of the most serious actor, familiar with the script, took notes, and because she’s too tired, the lymph is even swollen. Since the beginning of filming, as long as 5 months she had to depend on medication to speed up her period to come!

The ratings are not as expected, Cyndi admits she really cares, that day she was suppose to be filming, her feelings were rock bottom, she called her manager in the car, immediately cried loudly, the director Tsui You Ning also had a lot of pressure, actually came over to comfort her, causing her to be even more touched, so they continued to rush filming. And continues to promote to save the ratings. She said: “Don’t want the ratings to affect peoples interest towards MoMo.”

Source: YAM
Translated by Cmiley @ http://Asianfanatics.net
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