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Taiwan Host Patty Hou engaged to Millionaire Guy

Patty Hou

Taiwanese news anchor-turned-television host Patty Hou reportedly got engaged to a multi-millionaire named Huang over the Christmas holidays.

The rumours circulated after the pair celebrated Christmas with their families at an exclusive restaurant in Taiwan which they booked for the event.

Both Huang, 34, and Hou, 31, were educated in the United States and have been dating for months prior to the engagement.

Taiwan media reported that Huang is working in the finance industry and is the son of a construction mogul. His net worth is estimated to be over 10 billion Taiwan dollars (S$436 million). He has been described as being about 1.75 metres tall, fair-skinned, refined and fashionable.

Hou’s agent told reporters that “(Hou) has never denied having a good boyfriend, nor has she denied there will be a wedding in the near future, but it’s really not so soon’, adding that “the company will not stop her from having a secret wedding”.

Before her relationship with Huang, Hou was in a high profile romance with popular Taiwanese singer Jay Chou in 2005. She had even said in an interview that they got along so well that there was talk of marriage.

Unfortunately, the Chou-Hou pairing was not to be. Hou announced that they broke up in September 2006, after being together for more than a year.

When asked about his ex-girlfriend’s rumoured engagement, Chou, who was on tour to promote his new film “The Treasure Hunter” said, “I can answer but can this not be the headline?”

However, his publicist stopped him before he could comment on the matter.

Taiwan Barbie Xu in red hot dress in Nanjing

Barbie Xu

Just one day after Christmas, DaS Barbie Xu, attended to a Macalline event as their ambassador in Nan Jing. On that day, she wore a red dress revealing her back, and DaS kept on smiling seductively. On Christmas Day, in NAn Jing, she stated that it was the first time she spent Christmas in such a cold place, it made her very excited. But about facing couples everywhere on Christmas, she looked a t loss, honestly saying that she feels deeply that right now, about love, her feelings are “Love is completely about destiny, running after it will only bring failure ! ”

Leaving Love to Fate : Wishing for a family

Yesterday, when DaS appeared, a lot of people who came said : “Wahh ! She’s so gorgeous! “She was wearing a red dress, purposely spreading her charm around. Because the theme of the function was “Home Year”, it was very warm and with “family feel”, while interacting, the host especially invited 3 families up on the stage. One was a family of 3, another was a newly wed couple and the last was a couple with a pregnant wife, Das, upon seeing such a warm set, said out loud : “Having a family is so warm !”, and took XiaoS (her sister) family as an example, saying how good a life she had with 2 daughters and how happy she was right now.

DaS who had been said to have a “queen” personality, didn’t have a steady love life, right now, she is single, but DaS clearly had got used to people asking her about her love life, she smiled using her perfect answer “Every woman hope to have a good husband, to give birth to his children and raise them for him, like both my sisters, their families are both successful. I also wish to have such a family one day, but Love is something that need to rely on fate, you can’t be too impatient, always blindly running after it won’t have a good outcome, and you may even be defeated !” Of course, if you’re pretty and well known in the entertainment business, your love life will never be lonly, DaS very confidently says “I believe I will have my own happiness.”

Cold Christmas : wanting to act a role “out of the norm”

DaS had spent all her previous Christmas in Hong Kong, Taiwan, such warm places. But this Christmas, the first thing she said after landing in Nan Jing was that she never had seen such a cold christmas ! She was very surprisingly excited about this fact , ” Actually, a Christmas should be cold, that fits mmore the feeling of it, this time I finally could find such a feeling in Nan Jing, it’s so exciting ! ” Because of that, DaS purposedly asked the dirver to take her on a tour of the city. DaS, being known for being good at keeping her looks, despite knowing that Nan Jing had very good dishes, she only had a vegetarian meal in a restaurant for her christmas dinner to keep her figure.

DaS who had been struggling to keep a good figure, has been looking more and more beautiful these past years, we could often see her on the big screen from “Connected” to “Forbidden City cops 009″, DaS had been working with hotties. Right now, the 2 movies she had participated in “Hot summer days” and “Future X Cops” she is paired up with Nick Tse and Andy Lau. But DaS still feels that she needs a complete change with the roles she performed as before, “Next year, I’ll put all my efforts on movies, I hope to act as roles out of the norm, these roles need to be multidimensional and a breakthough from all the roles I performed in the past, this is the only way to progress. Now I already received a few script, if it’s possible, next year, I’ll give the audience a big surprise !”

Jing Wong has a courage to find a girlfriend

Jing Wong

Ever since Jing Wong has debuted, everyone has praised him for having good luck. Not only is he the first to release an album out of One Million Star 3 contestants, he also won an important role in idol drama, “Momo Love”. His popularity is still rising. At the same time, many of his seniors are helping him promote his new album. Yesterday, Show Luo used a glass box to test Jing’s bravery. As Jing’s hand was put inside the glass box, he had to guess what creepy animal was inside!

The four animals included a mouse, lizard, cricket and turtle. Before the game, Show prepared a eye-mask for Jing to wear. He only told Jing that the box had creatures that moved. Jing then became scared; as his hand moved around, he kept on yelping while his senior stood by laughing.
Show laughed: “I actually was quite nice. Since I know that Jing’s most afraid of cockroaches, I didn’t bring any to scare him. I’m not like the colleagues in our management company who wanted to see him touch cockroaches. My goal was to see whether or not Jing fit the ‘OK Man’ requirements. If he is brave, then he has the courage to find a girlfriend!”

When hearing Show bring up “cockroaches”, Jing immediately took his hand out of the box. He said: “The thing I’m most afraid of in my entire life is a cockroach!” After the game, Jing still thanked Show for taking time to support him. Show courteously expressed that no matter how many animals Jing guessed right, he would still buy his junior’s “OK Man” album.
Jing still has one more task in order. He will be dueting with senior Tiger Huang in the beginning of next year. This has let Jing become both happy and nervous for the occasion.

Gary Chao won six awards in TVB8 Golden Chart

Gary Cao

2009’s last significant award ceremony, TVB8’s Golden Chart Awards was held on 12/20. Gary Cao was undoubtedly in the center of attention during the entire ceremony and also the biggest winner that night. He swept six awards, including “Best Golden Melody”, “Best Composition”, “Best Produced Song”, “Best Songwriter-Singer”, “Most Popular Male Singer” and last but not least, the Gold Award for “TVB8’s Golden Melody Charts”. These six awards not only fulfilled his wish made two years ago, they also proved Gary’s musical strengths and his wide popularity.

Near the end of the ceremony, Gary Cao was still nervous even though he had already won 5 awards. When he went up to claim the Gold Award, he was still very surprised. On stage, he said: “I was so nervous that my stomach still hurts.” When he was giving his thank-you speech, he was touched to the point of no words. His eyes were brimming with tears as he couldn’t stop but thank his Hong Kong fans for their support. “This time, winning these awards is another accomplishment to me. I really thank the Hong Kong music industry and media for giving me this confirmation!” He also hoped to come to the awards ceremony every year after; he wanted to come and participate even without winning any awards.

Ever since winning the Gold Award in 2006 for “TVB8’s Best Male Newcomer”, it can be said that Gary has always topped the charts. Every year, he has received more and more awards; he has already claimed “TVB8’s Best Songwriter-Singer” and the Gold Award for “TVB8’s Golden Melody” for three years in a row. His ability to win so many awards in consecutive years proves his performing and songwriting talents. Therefore, it is quite regular for singers to ask for a song from him. Zhang Yun Jing, who just won TVB8’s “Best Newcomer” award, went up to her idol to request for a song and hoping for a chance to work together. Even the host wanted a song from Gary.

Later when reporters asked for Gary’s plans for next year, he replied: “I’ll soon continue a concert tour and work hard at making music.” Before the awards ceremony, Gary had already held a news conference for his concert tour. It is confirmed that he will begin the tour on February 6, 2010 in Macau. Tickets will start selling on December 28th. Andy Lau’s sons Andox and box will have a dance battle with Gary during his concert. There will also be concert stops in California. At the same time, Gary is having talks about acting in a movie. He hopes to have a chance to portray an aggressive character so that everyone can see a different Gary Cao. As for the new year, he has already been confirmed to appear on Hunan TV’s New Year concert.

Gary Cao was overjoyed as he went back to the hotel. He humbly said that he would continue making good music in order to not disappoint everyone’s expectations. After overcoming many trials, Gary Cao has already dedicated much of his time to music. The rest of his time is spent towards his family. He hoped to share his joy with his family and friends and spend Christmas for the very first time in Hong Kong. Later on, he will continue his busy schedule.

Vic Chou the five most handsome guys in Taiwan

Vic Chou

The Taiwanese media recently conducted a voting event to vote for the five most handsome guys in Taiwan. Vic Zhou came in first with a total of 13,989 votes, beating first runner-up Jerry Yan, who obtained a total of 8813 votes. Following behind Jerry Yan are Ethan Ruan, Kaneshiro Takeshi and Mark Zhao respectively.

Through the entire voting event from the 7th to 21st December, the competition between Vic and Jerry was the most intense, but they are actually on very good terms in private.

Jerry’s manager, Fenny, said, “Since Jerry and Vic are ‘brothers’, whoever wins the voting is the same. Jerry would like to express his thanks to his fans and also to those who voted for him.”

Although these voting events are often carried out with fans sending in their votes through various accounts, however, this particular event has brought about a new issue of fans setting up anonymous accounts and made use of systematic methods that allows for automatic voting through different IP addresses. This has thus distorted the entire system, causing the actual number of votes to be of a great difference as compared to the values shown on the website.

Thus, after clearing away the “artificial” votes by the webpage’s management, out of the 29,384 votes casted in total, Vic Zhou emerged the overall winner with a vote count of 13,989. Ethan Ruan, who has the least number of “artificial” votes, emerged as the second runner-up with a total of 3500 votes. Kaneshiro Takeshi came in fourth with a total of 3033 votes, while Mark Zhao despite being fifth in place, had only 49 votes.

With regards to this event, Ethan said, “I’m aware of this event, but I didn’t dare to view the webpage, as I don’t want it to affect my mood.” He also thank his fans from all over for their support.

Having known Mark through their partnership in MONGA, Ethan supports Mark, saying, “He will be with me for the next 20 years. This event is for a particular moment. No one is sure who will win or lose over the next 20 years.”

Ethan Ruan kiss Mark Zhao in film Monga

Ethan Ruan Mark Zhao

Ethan Ruan & Mark Zhao have become good friends after filming ‘Monga’ together but yesterday, Xiao S asked: “If in next year’s Golden Horse Awards, Mark Zhao wins Film King again, and then the camera is aimed at Ethan this time, will it be awkward?” But Ethan replied very calmly: “Then let him win, and anyways who said I won’t win an award within 20 years?”

Directir Niu yesterday took his gang Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhao, Feng Xiao Yue & Huang Deng Hui on ‘Kang Xi Lai Le’ to promote their new film. Ethan revealed that before filming of ‘Monga’, he once acted very violent on the streets and even had a fight with some hotel princes. He said that, that time, he saw a BMW M3 illegally parked on the sidewalk, so complained to his manager. Unexpectedly, the 2 people in the car did the fingers at him, and even punched him. At first, Ethan used his hands to cover his face, only after many punches did he retaliate, and the 3 people started a huge fight. Afterwards, Ethan investigated their license plate, and found out that the 2 actually worked at a hotel. Director Niu advised him: “When a wild dog on the street bites you, there’s no need to bite back.” And hence, Ethan gave up seeking justice.

4 years ago, Mark’s character in the film was set for Jay Chou to play. And compared with Ethan, Mark is more the ‘good boy’ type. In the past, Xiao S has swooped down at Mark many times, but yesterday she said it’s because “Ethan has a girlfriend.” To everyone’s surprise, Director Niu immediately revealed: “But Mark has one too.” Yesterday, Cai Kang Yong made the 2 kiss, and Ethan’s feeling was: “Very familiar.” And he even said that his lips were completely enclosed. Xiao S also complained to Director Niu saying: “Why didn’t you get me to play the prostitute?” saying that Ke Jia Yan doesn’t have the right temperament to play one.

Jay Chou will not kiss in The Treasure Hunter

Jay Chou

THIS might be sad news for Jay Chou fans: The Taiwanese pop star/actor prefers not to have overly intimate scenes in his movies.

The reason?

He wants to come across as a decent guy.

“It’s a matter of image, it’s very important. I cannot be kissing so freely,” said the 30-year-old star candidly in Mandarin, at a press conference held at Raffles City Convention Centre yesterday.

He was in town to promote his latest film, The Treasure Hunter, also starring Lin Chi-ling.

He added: “You don’t necessarily need to kiss to portray deep emotions.”

Chou was in town with Lin, 35, and Taiwanese director Kevin Chu to promote the action movie, which opens next Thursday.

The film, touted to be National Treasure meets The Mummy, sees Chou playing a roguish treasure hunter, Ciao Fei, who is forced to hand over a valuable map of a lost city in exchange for the life of his mentor’s daughter, Lan Ting (played by Lin).

Teaming up with a famous archaeologist, they set off to recover the map and protect the ancient treasure buried beneath the city.

Lin said the role – her second acting gig so far – is her most challenging one yet.

The leggy beauty had to film in a desert in Hengdian – a small town in Dongyang of central Zhejiang province of China – for three months, even suffering a cut to her face that became infected.

The two leads share a couple of romantic sequences in the US$15 million (S$21 million) film, but do not have any kissing scenes.

Nor can you expect any scenes where they tumble into bed together.

Rumour has it that Lin convinced the director to remove the only kissing scene with Chou.

When asked about it, Lin said Chu hadn’t had plans for any intimate scenes between the two at all.

“From the film, you can tell that the relationship between Ciao Fei and Lan Ting is a very pure and ambiguous one, with the characters not saying what they mean. He intentionally left a space for the audience to guess and imagine what their relationship is,” she explained.

Lin, who was first seen in John Woo’s 2008 historical epic, Red Cliff, added that her chemistry with Chou was “very good”.

“Filming with him was very comfortable as we knew each other before taking on this project,” she said.

“We can communicate well and give each other suggestions on how to act better… Jay is a very creative person, so his ideas inspire me to improve on my character,” she added.

When asked – given their chemistry – whether there were moments where she felt as though there might be a stronger connection, she smiled knowingly.

“I wouldn’t dare, he has too many fans,” she said with a laugh.


Just as well that Lin wouldn’t make a move on her co-star. Chou – who first broke out in movies in Hong Kong flick Initial D (2005), for which he won a Golden Horse Award – revealed that because of his star status, starlets are afraid to be seen with him.

“If we get shot by the paparazzi, people will immediately assume (that whoever I’m with) is my girlfriend. It is unfair for the girls,” he said.

“I don’t have any way of clearing my name, or theirs. The more I try to speak, the more mistakes I make,” he added.

Chou has been linked to pop star Jolin Tsai, as well as TV host Patty Hou and singer Jessie Chiang. Chou has been upfront with the media only about his relationship with Hou, whom he dated in 2005.

But he reassured the press that the next time he is with someone for real, he’ll confirm the relationship just so they won’t have to speculate, he said wryly.

Chou’s star is on the rise, especially with his first foray into Hollywood.

He recently nabbed a role in the movie remake of The Green Hornet, alongside Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz, and will be playing the superhero’s sidekick, Kato.

Filming is still ongoing in Hollywood, and the film is scheduled to be released in December next year.

Even though he has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years now, Chou said acting in Hollywood was still an entirely different ball game for him.

“Over there, I feel like I’m a newbie. I have to wait very long before getting started on filming my scenes) and I cannot speak too loudly. I have to be well-behaved. It was fun; a good experience,” he said with a smile.

Taiwan Beauty Lin Chi Ling lost watch in Malaysia

Lin Chi Ling

Taiwanese beauty Lin Chiling lost a Longines watch and other accessories worth a total of 200,000 Taiwan dollars (S$10,000) after her luggage was pried open while she was in Malaysia.

The actress flew in from China aboard a China Airlines flight and arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at around 10pm local time on Monday. She was in the Malaysian capital to promote her latest film “The Treasure Hunter” in which she stars with Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.

Luggage for business class passengers are usually processed and go through customs ahead of baggage of other passengers. However, Lin’s luggage only appeared with her entourage’s eight other pieces of luggage almost one hour after her flight touched down.

Lin did not notice anything wrong with her luggage until she got to her hotel room, where she discovered the locks on her luggage had been pried open and damaged. She immediately informed a representative of the local film distributor and got them to contact the customs office.

Lin expressed through her manager that she was a little unhappy about her loss, lamenting that “there were no problems the day before in Beijing but how did (her items) vanish in Malaysia?”

“Chiling has always been very careful. We had no problems even after travelling to so many places yet this time her luggage was the only one out of our nine pieces of luggage that was stolen from,” said her manager.

The 35-year-old model-turned-actress who made her movie debut in John Woo’s 2008 historical epic “Red Cliff”, plays Lan Ting, the love interest of Jay Chou’s character Qiao Fei in “The Treasure Hunter”.

The pair are in Singapore on December 22 to promote the film about a group of adventurers who race against time to protect an ancient treasure from an international crime syndicate.

Fahrenheit Member Aaron Yan has ear infection

Aaron Yan

When one of your fans apparently blew S$700 on a mobile phone handset just to get her own hands on tickets to your exclusive event, you just gotta show up no matter at what cost, even if an ear infection is troubling you.

That’s what Aaron Yan, one quarter of Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit, did at their music showcase last week at St James Power Station, and jointly organized by Sony Ericsson and M1. Tickets to the exclusive event were only available by purchasing a handset by the phone maker. Obviously that didn’t deterred fangirls who willingly splurged for an opportunity to cozy up with their idols.

The four lads made their appearance at 8.30pm and crooned their popular radio hits such as ‘New Home’ and ‘Ai Dao’ because they knew that local fans adored them.

It was revealed that while the band was busy with their concert preparations in Hangzhou, Aaron’s ear became infected (Meniere’s Disease) due to the change in climate and sudden temperature drop.

The 24-year-old was still on intravenous therapy when they landed in Singapore last Tuesday. He did not attend a radio interview, but being the professional that he was, decided to attend the fan-meeting session afterwards to not disappoint them.

During the fan session, the boys looked back on their activities of 2009, and poignantly said, “Holding a concert world tour this year makes it feel particularly meaningful. We are thankful to the local fans for being really concerned about our activities although we have not been visiting Singapore.”

The quartet then pinky-promised fans that they’ll return and visit Singapore again next year.

Jimmy Lin's baby will be a model

Jimmy Lin

At just three months old, the baby boy of Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin is already a splitting image of his good-looking celebrity father.

The round doe-eyes and chubby cheeks also, naturally, attracted the attention of several infant product companies for endorsement deals after Jimmy released photos of his son’s first-month birthday. One milk powder company had apparently offered a S$250,000 contract with father and son.

The baby’s mother, model Chen Ruoyi, who is currently resting in America, also made her first public appearance a few days ago when she attended one of her friends’ weddings. She appeared unfazed by her weight gain, and the happy couple openly joked about the subject, with her husband Jimmy jesting, “Women tend to be very unhappy after hearing such things [weight gain].”

As Jimmy is busy rehearsing and preparing with his concert performances in China, he has been communicating with his son via video conferences for the past month.

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Fala Chen as police in new movie Black Ransom

Fala Chen QU Ying

Fala Chen collaborates with Simon Yam and Michael Miu in new movie (撕票風雲) (Black Ransom). It will be airing on January 7th 2010. This time Fala gives up on sex appeal and changes into police uniform. She appears as a tough CSP (Chief Superintendent of Police) in the movie to give the audience a refreshing feel. She said "I gained a lot from playing this role. I also received a lot of support for my role as Laughing Sau earlier. I feel this role is very fresh yet professionals such as Simon and Michael give me acting tips. I have learned a lot from them". There is one scene where Qu Ying takes Fala hostage. Fala nearly injured her neck during that scene. "Qu Ying held my neck and was walking backwards. But perhaps she skidded and didn't let go of my neck, I felt a moment of not being able to breathe".

Source: Wenweipo
Translated by: matchbox @

Sherman Chung MV A letter to myself

Sherman Chung

Sherman Chung held a celebration for her song "給自己的信" (A Letter To Myself). EEG's executive Ng Yu and management Mani Fok also showed their support by attending the event. They gave Sherman a bunch of flowers. Ng Yu will help promote her in climbing up the ranks to become EEG's No 1 Sister. The reporter asked how she feels about becomin EEG's No 1 Sister? She laughed and said "I am still like a newcomer. It's like starting from primary school going on to high school. I have yet to graduate and need to continue working hard".

Ron Ng and Yumiko Cheng in Christmas Eve

Ron Ng

Ron Ng
was recording for "Starry Kitchen" yesterday. He was talking about the joy of cooking in the kitchen. He revealed that to be able to cook is one of the criteria as his future wife. This is because he can save money hiring a maid to cook. Ron disclose that he never thought of being chef as he doesn't like the grease and smoke. He said " If my wife can cook, we don't need to spend money hiring a servant." Ron said that he cooks occasionally and once he cooked seafood for his ex girlfriend. He hardly cooks now as he hasn't got a girlfriend at the moment. He does however buys lamb belly pot to take it home to cook "Hot Pot".

Ron will be spending Christmas Eve with Yumiko Cheng on the plane tomorrow. They are going to Chicago to do a show. The weather is very cold in Chicago and he is worried that his flight maybe delayed due to the bad weather. The reporter reminded him that Yumiko has a boyfriend already, Ron replied "In 2009, she was singing with me on the same stage." He also told reporter that he had worked with Yumiko earlier on at a charity event. It is good that they are working together again and he will get her a Christmas present too.

Source: Wenweipo/Takunpao(image)
Translator: Hokkien128 @

Hong Kong beautiful Linda Chung has a flat chest

Linda Chung Steven ma

Steven Ma and Linda Chung were promoting TVB up coming new series "A Watchdog's Tale" at the Olympian City" yesterday. Steven was worried that viewers may complain about him in the series. He told reporter "I play the role of someone who uses foul language, in particular, I often tease and make fun of Linda Chung's figure. I was worried that it may get censored, but it was not cut." Steven revealed that he had used the phrase like "flat chest" to describe Linda, but it was not meant to put woman down. This is the role he plays and he hopes viewers treat that as a comedy.

Talking about the dispute between TVB and the record companies, Linda said "I am not familiar with the way a company operates. I am not hoping to increase my chance of winning an award because of the dispute. My record sales have been good this year, I have reached "Golden" status last week. My song was top of the chart even before the dispute. I am very confident of winning an award in the future and I hope this dispute will be resolved soon"

Source: MingPao
Translator: Hokkien128 @

Bernice Liu, Raymond Lam and Joe Ma celebrated early Christmas

Raymond Lam Joe Ma

Bernice Liu, Raymond Lam and Joe Ma are good friends and they are also under the same manager. The three of them were having an early Christmas celebration at a hotel restaurant. The chef had prepared a special Christmas dinner for them, but they couldn't wait for all the dishes to come out, they have started eating already. The two guys even fought to get the oyster. Bernice was amazed.

Bernice revealed that her sister is expecting her baby to be born on Christmas day and she is looking forward for her delivery. Raymond wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and he will be relaxing with friends. Bernice said she may be working in the mainland, but she will find time to be with him. Daddy Joe said he will take his family out to show everybody.

Translator: Hokkien128 @

Elanne Kong training in first show 2010 concert

Elanne Kong

Holding the title as the "little princess", Elanne Kong is currently going through hell training for her very first solo concert and for her sexy appearances. In order to keep her 22 inch waist and slim belly, she working hard training in hell to maintain it!

Elanne will be holding her very first concert "MY FIRST SHOW 2010 CONCERT" in Star Hall next month on the 15th. For the concert to be surprising, she is actively training, exercising and jogging crazily in order to reach perfect.

Yesterday Elanne was seen dressed in a tube top bra at the gym with her instructor performing challenging training on her chest and waist areas. After months of training, she has become quite flexible as she was able to stretch her legs up, and can easily do a split. She has been training her waist on a fitness ball, and under the assistance of her trainer, she was able to lift up her whole body with one arm and leg, showing off her built body muscles.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Eason Chan under Water in MV No Man's Land

Eason Chan

Eason Chan was doing his new music video "No Man's Land" under water the other day. The director suggested to Eason that he should try to sing under the water. Eason agreed straight away. It was a cold day, only 12 degree in celsius. Eason was under the water for four hours. He had a few pictures taken under water but he found the biggest challenge was to sing in water. Every time when he opened his mouth to sing, water got inside his mouth. He had to get the water out as well as trying to sing. However, he made it for one minute singing in the water. He told reporter he had to sing as well as having to express emotion. In the water, he couldn't see clearly, but he just relied on his feelings.

Eason has a concert in March next year. The company had planned to put on extra performances to 12 to break the 2008 record. Eason is now worried that there won't be enough tickets for his family and friends. He is asking the company for more tickets for his friends and family.

Source: MingPao/ (image)
Translator: Hokkien128 @

Isabella Leong and her son will return Hong Kong

Isabella Leong

Isabella Leong and Hong Kong's wealthiest man Li Ka Shing's son Richard Li had been in love and on April 26th of this year, Isabella bore him a son. Because Richard was afraid that Isabella and his son would get harassed and the H1N1 outbreak, he made arrangements for them to live in Mainland. Seeing that his 7 month year old son is now experiencing a healthy growth, he decided to bring Isabella and their son back to HK in his private airplane for the Christmas holidays. Seeing Isabella living with such happiness, even good friend Charlene Choi is happy for her, but for herself she has not found her happiness yet.

Yesterday the couple sent the Media a photo of Isabella and her son, revealing the happiness. They also responded to the recent reports of Isabella and their son coming back to Hong Kong, the couple thanked everyone for their concern. Richard responded saying: "I thank every one of the Media friends for their concern. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. He also hopes that the public can give them peace and more privacy. Thanks very much!"

Charlene feels happy for Isabella

Charlene saw the photo of Isabella and felt happy for her. She and Isabella were once colleagues and had a pretty good relationship too, but now they do not keep in touch anymore. She saw the photo and felt that the Isabella she knew had gained some weight and looks like she's in great happiness. (You can too?) Charlene said that she has not found her happiness yet, although the fortune teller said she'll be a wealthy wife, but her hands are bony, which means that she'll have to count on herself for many things. However, despite this she's still happy because she'll be happier using the money she earned herself to buy things and will cherish it more. She felt that nowadays young people can get things easily, making it less precious. She will require 10 times the amount of work of a 100% before rewarding herself.

Regarding to the recent incident of the four major record companies having issues with copyright, it was said that the "big 4" wants to boycott TVB for other TV stations? Charlene said awkwardly that she has no contract with TVB and is not convenient for her to give an opinion.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Steven Ma buys pink bra for Tavia Yeung

Tavia yeung

Tavia Yeung attended a promotional event for an undergarment brand at Causeway Bay yesterday. Both models who only wore undergarments, Liz and Bambi stole the limelight from her. Tavia Yeung disclosed that there was once when Steven Ma went to USA for stage performance. He bought a lot of leopard pattern bras for her. “I told him I wanted middle size. He really bought the right size! (Is it because he always observes you?) Maybe yes. It seems sweet if a boyfriend accompanies his girlfriend to choose bra. But I cannot accept if they buy for me.” When Tavia Yeung passed by the road whereby there was an accident of acid water bullet, she was nervous and used the promotional brochures to cover up her head. However, she denied that she was afraid. “Normally when I’m walking on the street, I will try to walk in sheltered place.”

Credits: Jessie's Blog

Nick Cheung as Best Male Actor in Beast Stalker

Nick Cheung

Nick Cheung was awarded Best Actor for his performance in (Beast Stalker) at the 53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival. It is his 6th time being titled Best Male. He said "(Beast Stalker) has given me many awards. I feel it's a perfect full stop. I have a place at home to store my awards and I have left a space for this award. This award is for everyone involved in the production".

Best Film: (The Rainbow Troops) 天虹戰隊小學 (Indonesia)
Best Director: Leon Dai - (No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti) 不能沒有你 (Taipei)
Best Male Actor: Nick Cheung (Beast Stalker) (Hong Kong)
Best Female Actress: Zhang Rongrong (Taipei)
Best Supporting Actor: Cheng Xu Hui 程旭輝 (Money No Enough 2) 錢不夠用2 (Singapore)
Best Supporting Female: Widyawati Sophiaan (Woman with a Turban) (Indonesia)
Best Screenplay: Accident (Hong Kong)
Best Cinematography: ChangHsiang-Yi 張祥昱 (No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti) 不能沒有你 (Taipei)
Best Film Editing: Dev.D (後現代激情) (India)
Best Sound: (妓女與總統) (Jamila and the President (Indonesia)
Best Music: Adrift (Vietnam)
Best Visual Effects: (後現代激情) Sukanta Parugrahy (Delhi)
Best Animation: Story of the Noble Warrior II (大象將軍 II) (Bangkok)
Outstanding Asia Filmmaker: John Woo (Hong Kong)
Best Short Film: Hopscotch (跳格子) (Taipei)
Best Documentary: Baseball Boys (野球孩子) (Taipei)
Special Contribution: Raam Punjabi (Indonesian Director)

Ekin Cheng 2009 Friendship Concert Hong Kong

Ekin Cheng

Ekin Cheng opened a two show concert "2009 FRIENDSHIP CONCERT" at the Hong Kong Coliseum. The stage was a four side design, half of stage had empty skull bones hanging, where Ekin in an all black costume rise to the stage performing 3 classics "Friendship Days", "Legend of Speed" and "Invincible" all in one breath for the concert opening. Girlfriend Yoyo Mung closely supported her boyfriend in the audience.

Before the show, Ekin held a blessing ceremony for the concert along with his guests ShuQi, Jordan Chan, Chin Ka Lok, Jam Lamb and the behind the scenes crew. Also, Ekin accepted a cute version model of Ekin to wish him good luck. Ekin's record company Sony Music and TVB are undergoing copyright and tax disputes, causing him to become one of the victims. That night, TVB reporters/photographers were not seen at the event.

Ekin's good friend Jordan Chan was very supportive as he said no matter what planet he's on, he'll still come to the show. He reveals that on Christmas Eve, he will also be having a show, Ekin will be coming to show his support as well.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Koni Lui as angry ghost in horror movie

Koni Lui

Koni Lui started out working in television but has recently been participating in movie productions. In the new movie (惡胎) she plays a pregnant woman who has a miscarriage. However the dead baby suddenly turns into an angry ghost and haunts her. Koni exposed that the most memorable part in the shooting was having to vomit 10 times. She said "At first I was pretending to be sick, but after seeing the fake sick I began to vomit for real because it looked disgusting".

As Koni is playing a pregnant woman she will not apply makeup and look plain. This is different to her usual pretty roles. She said "Pretty or not it doesn't matter, most important is that its relevant for the storyline". In the movie she will encounter many children ghosts, the reporter asked if she gets along with children? "No problem, I am really good at making them happy. They love playing with me".

Translation: matchbox @

Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Ella Chen pregnant in drama Down With Love

ella chen

Idol drama “Down With love” is intensively filming in HangZhou. SHE’s comic, Ella Chen is acting as Yang Guo who dreams in the drama that she’s pregnant. Because Yang Guo gets insulted by Mommy Qi, at night she gets nightmares of becoming pregnant, and because it’s a dream, Ella had to overact very much. Before filming, she swung her big tummy here and there as she entered the set.

Her manager and assistant both protected her as her bodyguards, and upon seein the shock people get when they see her that way, she laughed hard and pulled out a watermelon from under her T-shirt : “I don’t have a tummy anymore ! I’ll treat everyone to eat watermelon ! ”

Michael Zhang played along with her even putting his ear on her stomach, faking to listen to the baby’s heartbeats.

Taiwan boyband 5566 will break up


5566’s Sam Wang, Tony Sun, and J-Star boss Sun De-Rong goes on “Kangxi Lai Le” to promote new group Magic 1+1.

J-Star Entertainment’s idol group 5566 is on the verge of break-up? Members of 5566 have been working on individual activities in the recent years; Zax Wang and Jason Hsu are busy with hosting duties, Tony Sun has shifted his focus to Mainland China, while Sam Wang is looking after his food business. Despite not working together as a group, Tony Sun stated that there are no concerns on breaking up. However, J-Star boss Sun De-Rong confirmed that their contracts will expire at the end of this year.

Sun De-Rong recently went on CtiTV “Kangxi Lai Le” along with Tony Sun and Sam Wang to promote J-Star’s new group Magic 1+1. When asked about 5566’s contract issues, Tony Sun reaffirmed that he will be staying with J-Star. Sam Wang echoed his sentiment and said that Sun De-Rong is still his boss. When “Kangxi” host Xiao S asked if they were still under contracts, Sam Wang answered ambiguously, “Yes, for this month!” However, Sun De-Rong admitted that 5566’s contract will only last till the end of this year.

J-Star Entertainment is known to be very sensitive about their artists’ love life. They prohibit artists to date within the company, and are strongly against idols from having relationships. However, Sun De-Rong reacted uncharacteristically when expressing his views this time, “I hope Tony Sun gets marry soon, and have his own children in the future.” Nevertheless Tony Sun avoided the topic like he did previously and said, “I don’t watch variety shows or read the newspapers. I only watch the sports channel.”

The “Virgin Prince” also happened to be on the same show and impressed J-Star boss Sun De-Rong.

While promoting Magic 1+1, Sun De-Rong also expressed interest in the “virginal” Jing Wong. He would like to sign him and put him a new group. Since Sun De-Rong has a liking for putting idol groups together, host Xiao S suggested that he should consider creating an all-virgin boy group, and said that it will probably be tougher to find (virgins) then magicians to be idol singers.

Joe Chen in idol drama Lan Se Jia Qi

Joe Chen

The 30 episodes idol drama Lan Se Jia Qi that is co-financed by Shanghai Chuang Yi Culture Co. Ltd, Hunan ETV and Hangzhou Hua Ce is currently filming in Hangzhou. This drama is adapted from the novel Jia Qi Ru Meng written by the queen of tragedy, author Fei Wo Si Cun. The novel focuses on the love relationships between the female lead You Jia Qi and Meng He Ping as well as Ruan Zheng Dong; telling the love story of how to love a person by letting her live better. Popular Taiwanese idol drama queen Chen Qiao En takes on the role of You Jia Qi. Ruan Zheng Dong and Meng He Ping are portrayed by Roy Qiu Ze and William Feng Shao Feng respectively. The director is Shen Yi who excels in directing romantic pieces.

Chen Qiao En waited for eight months to be “Miss Jia Qi”

The production team had Chen Qiao En in mind when they were writing the script for lan Se Jia Q and found a opportunity to describe the story to her. Chen Qiao En loved the story when she heard it and agreed to act in the drama. However the script writing and pre-production process took eight months and Chen Qiao En did not negotiate any new dramas within this period; choosing to wait for the script to be completed while she was filming a Taiwanese idol drama. There are several times when she was worried that she will miss the role due to the jobs on her schedule. She even turned down the chance to act in a Chinese movie in order to wait for the role of Jia Qi. Before this, actors that had acted with Chen Qiao En in her previous dramas like Ming Dao and Blue Lan had already ventured into the Chinese market with numerous dramas to their credit but Chen Qiao En did not match their pace. jia Qi Ru Meng is her first foray into the Chinese market. The production crew revealed that due to the cold temperature in Hangzhou, Chen Qiao En fell sick to flu not long after she joined the drama team. However she still carried on working and was full of energy despite a nasal voice. In private, Chen Qiao En is an easy-going and fun-loving person but very serious when it comes to work. Because Chen Qiao En calls herself Miss Jia Qi on set, now the staff all start calling her Miss Jia Qi too. Veteran television producer and artistic director He Xiu Qiong said that she has watched Chen Qiao’s performances and is very satisfied with her portrayal of her character. There was a scene where Jia Qi met her first love Meng He Ping. Chen Qiao En’s unique and delicate acting successfully portrayed the character’s inner feelings of heartbreak while having to maintain a calm exterior. Chen Qiao En is called idol drama called rating queen but her acting career wasn’t smooth. Firstly she does not have natural talents and was once ridiculed at for her awkward dancing. Once she was even frozen by her company. Chen Qiao En once wrote “The days of waiting are long. In order to live optimistically, we have to learn to live and let live.” He Xiu Qiong said that she is thankful to Chen Qiao En for waiting eight months and said that this stage is Chen Qiao En’s “Jia Qi” (translation: Happy days) in both her life and career. The days of waiting are nutrient to her, allowing Chen Qiao En to portray the role of Jia Qi with depth.

The basic tone of blue is romantic and sad, props and scenery are of finest quality

Fei Wo Si Cun is a popular internet novelist. Her novels are often sad and touching tragedies. The drama lan Se Jia Qi took note of the romantic and beautiful form found in her writings and chose to use blue as basic color. In addition, Hangzhou is a classical water town in Jiangnan. Therefore the style of the drama is like an idol drama. Director Shen Yi said: He is very confident about lan Se Jia Qi. Even though the structure of the drama sounds like a typical idol drama, lan Se Jia Qi has a solid storyline. The drama pace will be faster and tighter compared to other idol dramas. The characters of Jia Qi, Meng He Ping and Ruan Zhen Dong and even the supporting characters are well written. As a director, he is also concerned about the reactions of viewers when he is directing the drama and therefore uses a more youthful and joyous tone while directing the first half of the drama. The ending is a tragedy and from a certain standpoint, this gives it a greater sense of sadness. The reporter visited lan Se Jia Qi filming location and observed the realistic props on set. For example, the decoration of the home of the female lead Jia Qi has soft colors and is simple but fashionable. The match used in the meeting between the male and female leads is also very exquisite.

Highly anticipated, Hunan TV has a high chance of airing the drama

Shanghai Chuang Yi Culture Co. Ltd is a subsidiary company of Hunan TV and Hunan ETV is also a major channel under Hunan Broadcasting. But lan Se Jia Qi does not follow Hunan ETV’s standard method of production and instead was produced according to market operations. He Xiu Qiong said that lan Se Jia Qi already attracted a lot of interest from investors during the initial stage of script writing. In the end, they chose Hunan ETV and Hangzhou Hua Ce because they share the same views on the artistic direction. She also said that Hunan ETV has read the script and liked it very much. Hunan ETV have expressed interest in buying this drama and so they will consider giving Hunan ETV priority when selling the drama. However, she does not rule out the possibility of selling it to other stations as this is a drama that is jointly financed by many parties and therefore need to follow market rules.

JJ Lin in The Nth 100 days MV with Shara Lin

jj lin

JJ Lin Jun Jie filmed an MV for his new song and grandly showed his piano playing talent. Besides having a “four hand piano duet” with female lead Shara Lin Yi Xin, he also turned into a crazy piano player and agitatedly played the piano alone. In the end, he got too engross in playing the piano and accidentally fell, causing injury and “seeing red”.

JJ is soon releasing his 7th album “Hundred Days” and after having been through coughing out blood and lost of voice which resulted in him returning to Singapore for a 100 day recuperation, he’s treasuring everything even more now.

When filming the MV for “The Nth 100 days”, the director found Shara Lin from the movie “Summer Time” to be the female lead of the MV. As there are scenes of JJ playing the piano, the director casually asked if Shara knew how to play “Little Bee (小蜜蜂)”, wannting to see if she could pretend and then act out the scene. It turned out that she could fluently play a Mozart’s piece, surprising the director and JJ. She turned out to have graduated from the music faculty of her university and has great piano playing skill. The director thus immediately added in scenes of them sweet playing a “four hand duet” together.

As a talented musician, JJ of course could not just let Shara display her talent. The director arranged a story plot requiring him to stand and crazily play the piano. To act out the “crazily playing piano” emotion, JJ got too engross and agitated that he lost his balance and fell. His right hand scrapped the piano’s edge and his skin immediately peeled. Blood came flowing out and the wound became swollen. He was unconcern though and said “Never mind. Continue filming!”

His coworkers were actually very happy though as they viewed it as a good sign before the album is released and kept saying “Seeing red is good. Will become more and more famous!” (A popular chinese saying)

The two Lins JJ and Shara met for the first time but had amazing chemistry and collaboration. Besides clearing their four hand duet at one go, they also cleared their romantic scenes with one shot. From holding hands and walking in the snow to hugging, the romantic atmosphere were all very strong and the workers praised them for having great on-screen chemistry.

Cindy Yen love to play American Football

cindy yen

Cindy Yen returned alone from Texas, USA to Taiwan to enter into the music industry. So far, her music company has shown her as a talented musician but she laughed and replied that while she do indeed love music, she’s actually even more of a sports person. During her university time, she secretly took part in American football, bowling, softball, volleyball and various other sports behind her mothers’ back. She even proudly declared that “I once broke my little finger while playing basketball and ended up having to play single-handed in my piano exams. The professor still gave me high marks!”

Cindy Yen’s parents are very strict and from young, her parents have set that she must practice piano for at leat 1 hour everyday. Her mom was very worried about her damaging her hands and would object to her going skating or taking part in outdoor activities with her classmates. When she started dating in university though, her first boyfriend was a fan of various kinds of sports and initially, she would just “follow her love” and cheer him on from the sidelines. In the end, she started to know those types of sports and her liking for sports was nurtured.
She humorously revealed that she originally secretly played ball behind her mother’s back and innocently thought that she was far away from the “emperor” and will not get discovered. After she broke her little finger though, she ended up having to admit to playing sports. “I couldn’t not tell her cause its costly to see the doctor and my insurance is signed under my mom’s name.” Her mom sympathised with her and actually didn’t scold her. She thus fell even more deeply in love with sports and was even selected for the American football team.

After Cindy returned to Taiwan, she could bring along her precious music scores as her lucky items but her addiction to sports is hard to settle. Its hard for her to find a suitable location. Recently, she has been finding colleagues to go bowling with her and they secretly revealed that “She will use a 14 pound bowling ball. When she plays, she will appear very fierce and its really boyish like.”

Vanness Wu new rumoured girlfriend Tiffany Xu

vanness wu

tiffany xu

According to various news sources, apart from playing onscreen lovers in the ongoing Taiwanese drama series, Next Stop, Happiness, both Vanness Wu and Tiffany Xu are speculated to be more than just friends. Acting as Vanness’s fiancée in the show, a member of the production team revealed that Vanness would often ask Tiffany, “Do you want a ride in my car?” when they changed filming locations.

He reportedly picked her up from her house in the mornings and would wait for the 25-year-old actress to finish filming her scenes before sending her home. It was reported that Vanness also gave Tiffany a book, immensely touching her with his enthusiasm and gallant mannerisms.

Currently in Japan, Vanness commented on the matter via his manager, Katie, “Sending her to and fro was only a form of convenience when we end work early – I have never picked her up before. The book was her birthday present.”

Reporters asked Vanness’s manager if the 31-year-old actor-singer was interested in Tiffany and she said, “He really admires her. [He] feels that she can write poetry and is very talented. However, he has no intentions to pursue her, they’re just good friends.”

When Tiffany was asked if Vanness was pursuing her, the actress immediately protested, “No! The book was a birthday present from him. Sometimes I would hitch a ride from him after we end work but he has never sent me home.”

Known to be dating fellow Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan for the past two-and-a-half years, Tiffany’s relationship with Ethan was exposed by the media after they were spotted sunbathing together in Kenting last July. The couple’s relationship was previously reported to be on the rocks due to Ethan’s hectic filming schedule for the upcoming movie, Monga

Autumn’s Concerto Xiao Xiao Bin kisses Ady An

xiao xiao bin

TTV and SETTV’s Idol drama “Autumn’s Concerto” has been having great ratings, almost breaking 6 last week, not only the plot has been getting more and more exciting but it also fired up netizens discussions! Among them, Xiao Le (by Xiao Xiao Bin) is the one who got the most attention, many fans noticed that in the drama he been “flirting” a lot with little girlfriend Tang Tang, saying he is very skilled in chasing girls; and the other thing that made them envious is that Xiao Xiao Bin was very lucky, he even got the chance to kiss Ady An on the mouth!

2 years ago, a fortune teller read the future for Xiao Xiao Bin, saying that he would be famous from 4 to 19 years old, and unexpectedly, this year, he successfully got accepted for “Autumn Concerto” and CTV and GTV’s ” Down with Love”, and now, 3 more advertisements ware waiting for him; he’ll even go to Mainland to film a drama before CNY.

Xiao Xiao Bin got very popular; now, he is even his father’s restaurant’s living shop sign, many customers went there to eat only for his sake!

Now, he is the most well-paid child star.

In the drama, Xiao Xiao Bin and Ady rely on each other, sharing weal and woe, his cuteness and sensibility made many love him, last week, he who had always wanted to have a father, said to Vanness Wu:

“I know you are not my dad, I also know my dad is not an Alien” it looked like child talk but it was also the most honest and deep feelings he expressed, making the fans watching crying and smiling at the same time, supporting him to be registered as next year’s “best supporting actor”.

Other than that, Xiao Xiao Bin also had a little girlfriend in the drama, Tang Tang, the 2 flirting with each other made netizens could not help but joke: “Xiao Le is picking up girls!”

No matter if it’s in or out the drama, Ady and Xiao Xiao Bin share a very deep mother and son love, the 2 very often kiss on the mouth, making the fans enviously say : “He is so young but got such good advantages ! He kissed so many big stars, I also want to !”

Taiwan Idol Jerry Yan waxed up in Thai museum

jerry yan

Taiwanese idol star Jerry Yan (言承旭) is so popular that even his body-double is in demand. Last month Jerry Yan’s wax figure went on display at the Madame Tussauds museum in Pattaya, Thailand. Unfortunately, organizers didn’t seem to have gotten permission from Yan for this mighty creation, as it doesn’t look much like the star himself. The wax figure should get a failing grade for its likeliness, because at first glance, it looks surprisingly similar to Japanese star Kusanagi Tsuyoshi.

Jerry Yan became famous all over Southeast Asia after starring in the idol drama “Meteor Garden” eight years ago. At last month’s grand opening of the Madame Tussauds museum in Pattaya, his wax figure stood along side other superstars including Teresa Teng (鄧麗君), Chow Yun-Fat (周潤發), Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and US president Barack Obama. However, the Jerry Yan figure looked only 30% like the original.

Jerry Yan’s wax figure is outfitted in tie and suit. At first glance, it looks somewhat like the star himself, but at a closer look, its facial features are completely incorrect. The forehead is too high; the shape of his face appears too bony; the most important feature, which is his eyes, completely lost his signature misty gaze. The only feature that has some resemblance is his signature wave, but overall, it looks awfully like Japanese star Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. In comparison, Jerry Yan’s wax figure in the Shanghai Madame Tussauds museum, in which he participated in its production, looks a lot more like the star himself.

Apparently, Jerry Yan is not aware that he has a new body-double in Thailand, adding to the fact that it doesn’t look very much like himself. Reporter contacted his manager Fenny yesterday and she answered frankly, “we didn’t hear any news before or seen it yet”, suggesting that they haven’t given permission to the museum. When asked if they will go oversea to defend their right of portrait, she said, “We will have a discussion first before taking any action.” The museum charges 400 baht (about NT$ 389) for locals and 600 baht for foreigners per visitor.

Since Jerry Yan is very busy as this year comes to an end, it is unlikely that he will have time to look after issues with his body-double in Thailand. In addition to his new compilation album, he will also promote the upcoming idol drama “Down with Love” in January. He is known to be very wary of people commenting that he is too thin. With this new wax figure not looking very humanly, Jerry Yan will probably be quite upset if he sees it himself.

Huang Jing Lun dances with Elva Hsiao

jings huang

Jing Wong Jing Lun (Huang Jing Lun) who is still single hopes to reach the standard of ‘OK MAN’ so that when a girl he likes appear one day, he’ll not start panicking. Warner Music thus got the four king and queens in the music industry Elva Hsiao, F.I.R, Huang Hsiao Hu and Show Luo to come up with 4 tasks for him to accomplish. Elva was the first to set a question and she wanted to test how Jing who has problems coordinating his hands and legs when dancing will learn dancing to please the girl that he likes. She requested him to learn the dance in the MV of “Wow” which was sang by her and Show Luo. When Jing heard of his task, his face looked troubled.

Jing’s problem with dancing is better than previous year and he’s able to learn faster now! He still lacks confidence in himself though and the day before Elva check his performance, he spent the whole night watching “WOW”’s MV to observe the dance, afraid that he’ll embarrass himself the next day!

That morning, the workers were all shocked by Jing’s dark eyecircles. He said “After I ended my work yesterday, I spent the whole night observing the MV. I watched it not less than twenty times and I kept practicing. I even dreamt of Show!”

Elva and Jing danced “WOW” in front of the media and it was their first time “rehearsing”. After dancing it once, Elva burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. She told Jing tha t”I’m sorry! I’m not professional enough. I shouldn’t have laughed.” Jing replied that “Never mind. I have yet to work with a female artiste that won’t laugh.” Elva explained that “Just now, I was stunned by Jing’s expression. There was the feeling of a lion! Especially when I was sitting on the desk and he walked over from far. His eyes were blazing. Jing’s very able to open up when dancing!”

Jing also laughed and said “I will consider going for the handsome style!” which caused more laughter to come from Elva. Jing also said that “I spent more than 3 days practicing and I kept dreaming that I was Show Luo.” which showed his dedication. He also expressed that “I know I’m very far from Show and I can’t directly compare but I have my own style!” Elva praised Jing’s “laugh effect” as being better than Show’s!

Cyndi Wang Hot bed scene MV

cyndi wang

Cyndi Wang Xin Ling filmed the MV for her 3rd hit song “I’m fine, what about you?” in her newly released album “H2H (心電心)” and invited newcomer actor Wang Bo Chieh from “Winds of September” to star in the MV and act together. The MV depicts a touching story of how two lovers are faced with a crossroad in life and has no choice but to separate. The two of them had an outstanding performance and Wang Bo Chieh got so agitated that he kept banging the walls while Cyndi’s crying scenes show her almost makeup-less. She was so involved that she cried for nearly an hour and the producer nearby also couldn’t help but start crying. The director Bi Mi Jia kept muttering good and expressed that he hopes to cut a mini movie clip instead.

Cyndi also revealed that when she was talking with her close female friends, they unanimously agreed that when woman breakup with their boyfriends, there will be three types of greatest pain and they’re “Having to change your king-size bed’s bedsheet by yourself. The mattress isn’t something a woman can lift by herself.”, “At night, your ceiling’s lights suddenly start flashing. You’re scared but you can only change it by yourself.”, “Living alone by yourself in an unfamiliar place. When you fall sick, there’s no one to take care of you!”

During the filming day, Cyndi and Bo Chieh immediately had intimate scenes after they first met. The director Bi Mi Jia planned several sweet actions that happen between couples such as the two going horse riding and fighting, sharing a bowl of noodles and even intimate actions on the bed. The original plan was just for touch and go actions. In one particular room scene, the director’s initial arrangement was that the two will lie on bed to portray the sweet moments that take place between couples and Bo Chieh will slowly move towards Cyndi. The two will then stare deeply into each others’ eyes. The director suddenly said “Bo Chieh, move closer. Even closer. Kiss Cyndi.”. This shocked the two of them who had no mental preparation for a kiss. Although they still tried to appear calm and continue on with the performance, when Bo Chieh really moved to kiss Cyndi, she ended up bursting out in laughters. “We just met. This is really embarrassing!” After that scene, Bo Chieh told Cyndi that “I’m actually more embarrass and nervous because its my first on-screen kiss…” Cyndi also went red in the face and shyly said “Its my first kiss in an MV too! But I took his first screen kiss, how should I make it up to him!”

The highlight of the story was when the male had to painfully select breaking up in order to fulfil his dreams. He had a emotional breakdown. The female chose to let him chase after his dreams and held back her tears as she watched the male leave. After he left though, she broke down in tears.” The director arranged for Bo Chieh to try out the scene first and Cyndi wanted to get more into the situation so she silently entered the shooting area even without touching up on her make up. She sat at the side watching quietly but surprisingly, after Bo Chieh tried the scene once, Cyndi already started having tears in her eyes. The director was so stunned and had to keep comforting her and pull back the two of them from their intense emotions. When the actual filming began, the two of them immediately had great performances that caused the workers present to tear too. The director was so touched that he couldn’t bear to shout “cut” and that scene lasted for nearly 7-8 minutes. Afterwards, he frustratedly expressed “This song is only 3minutes and slightly more. Every scene is so well acted. How should I cut?! I really want to cut a short clip that’s 15minutes long instead. Its the two of them’s fault for acting so well!”

Ken Chu dating girlfriend is Kelly Lin

kenchu kelly lin

Ken Chu has finally come clean on his relationship with Kelly Lin after long refuting speculations that they were seeing each other. The Taiwanese singer-actor said that his previous actions were an attempt to protect her from the media.

“Put it in this way. Regardless of whether the fact is established or not, as a man, I have the responsibility of protecting the woman. My stand is to prevent the girl from getting hurt, this is my responsibility as a man.”

He described his girlfriend to be “really good, very nice and very pretty.”

The pair was previously spotted donning matching couple pajamas when they were looking out from a window for the presence of paparazzi. Both parties later took turns giving off vague statements to dodge the press’s incessant questions on their rumoured relationship.

Asked if he had any plans to get hitched, Ken said, “I have [marriage plans] every year.”

When reporters cited Kelly’s past interview where she shared her hopes of having two children, Ken noncommittally replied, “She said that she wanted to have two children, but she did not say that she wanted to have the children with me.

“I did mention that I wanted to get married, but I did not say that I wanted to marry her. [If we say that] we are not together, it just means that we are not together!”

Minggu, 06 Desember 2009

Gillian Chung will release new album next year

gillian chung

Gillian Chung was shooting for (Jade Solid Gold) yesterday evening performing her new song (Thinking). Since separating from band member Charlene Choi to develop her solo career, Gillian will be releasing her debut solo album at the end of the year. She smiled and said that Charlene has listened to her song and praised her looking cool with her dance moves. Next year EEG will be holding a 10 year anniversary concert yet both of them will be performing together. She said "I will be going to Mainland to shoot a TV series soon. I will also be collaborating with William Chan in a movie. He is very lucky to be able to work with both of us (Twins)".

Source: Wenweipo
Translation: matchbox @

G.E.M in "Chik Chak Music Awards" Best Female Top 5


G.E.M has been in the music industry for 2 years. It was the first time she had landed herself a place in Chik Chak's Music Awards Best Female top 5. She is very excited about it. G.E.M revealed that she was visiting her relatives in Shanghai when she was notified of the good news. She said "I have always been focusing on the progress of being placed. My record company specifically called me from long distance to tell me the good news. It is great encouragement".

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TVB Best Actor Award: Wayne Lai "Rosy Business"

wayne lai

Last night "TVB Anniversary Awards 2009" was held in Tseung Kwan O's TVB City. TV King & Queen both went to the hot favorites Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang from "Rosy Business". "Rosy Business" overshadowed "Beyond" as they were the big winners of the night sweeping away 6 award categories.

Although before the award ceremony, Sheren was rumored to not get along with TVB executive Virgina Lok making her favor Charmaine Sheh more, which would have made Sheren disappointed once again since 2004. However, last night when Sheren made her acceptance speech, she broke away from the rumors by thanking Ms. Lok as well.

Sheren Tang's acceptance speech

Sheren said: "Thank you to all my colleagues, I am really happy. Thank you TVB, Ping Wai, Stephen Chan, Virgina Lok. Thank you Mrs. Tsang for giving me such a great role for me to portray and for believing in me. Every time I attend award ceremonies, there are always many rumors. I want to say that TVB doesn't need me to sign a long contract and still give me good series to film, this is what I'm most pleased about. I thank all the friends, Netizens and all viewers for supporting me. Thank you Producer for not finding me annoying for always asking why, thank you Tim Gor for the good script, it's the first time he used me. I thank all of the scriptwriters!"

Sheren calmly talked about her feelings for winning the awards backstage, she said: "I am really happy, I got all the awards that I hoped to get. The series and Tim Gor both got awards also. Tonight female cast members all wore white, while the male cast wore black. We didn't plan this out before, it was such a coincidence. Thank God!" In response to Sheren becoming the new TV Queen, Netizens wrote online: "Long Live 4th Mistress!"

Wayne Lai's acceptance speech

Depending on the single role "Chai Gau", Wayne Lai won 3 awards including the TV King title. He first went to embrace Sheren on stage before accepting his award, he said: "I am really nervous. Thank you TVB and Boss for giving us artistes a platform to dream. Have entered the industry for so long, I have never thought about getting award, I thank all my colleagues. Thank you Stephen Chan, your praises are my encouragement. I have to clarify that Mrs. Virgina Lok has never forced me to sign a contact. I thank Catherine Tsang for bringing be back into TVB back then. She told me: 'Come back to acting', actually I have always been acting, but not many people watched me. If there wasn't you, there won't be me today. I hope to share my honor with the three most important people in my life: My mother, Wife and My Son."

Tavia gets too emotional and cries

Tavia Yeung admitted backstage that she was quite emotional and couldn't help but cry, she said: "It was very surprising. I couldn't believe it, I really wanted to get this award and it proves that I got acceptance from the public. This is my first villain role, so this award really is especially meaningful, I am happy that it is now confirmed. I wanted to win the Best Actress, but I also do support Sheren."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Queenie buys outfit in Causeway Bay shopping

queenie chu

The "TVB Anniversary Award Ceremony" will be held tonight. Queenie Chu is nominated for "Most Improved Actress" for her performances in (The Gem of Life) and (You're Hired). It is the first time she has been nominated at the awards. In the last 3 years she states that there has been bitter and sweet times. Being slowly accepted by the audience and receiving approval. She feels very satisfied. She said "In the last 3 years I have done my best in portraying all my roles. What I find most memorable was injuring myself for being too determined. But now I feel it was all worth it".

The reporter asked Queenie if she has confidence in winning the award? She replied "I certainly will have confidence in myself but it's not that important whether I receive the award or not. To be nominated is already an approval".

Praises Aimee Chan improving

Aimee Chan is a hot favourite to receive the award. Queenie also praised Aimee having big improvement. She said "Because we worked together in (Off Pedder) I can see she has improved a lot. She has coped very well with the language difficulty and you can see she has improved".

In addition, Queenie was discovered in Causeway Bay shopping. She went inside brand store Jean Paul Gaultier to find a outfit. She was mainly focusing on elegant evening gowns. It is believed that she was finding her outfit for the award ceremony. She was attracted to the red evening gown in the window display. It looks like it could be for a stroke of luck.

Translation: matchbox @

Dicky Cheung and Jess Zhang marriage crisis

dicky cheung

Dicky Cheung and wife Jess Zhang's marriage is rumored to be on the rocks with the additition of rumored third party Ruby Lin. Yesterday Dicky appeared at an event in Hong Kong. He stated that it was impossible. He said "Why would there be a marriage crisis so early? We only just got married. It's hard to change in a marriage within the next 30 years". When Dicky was asked about rumored third party Ruby Lin, he replied "I worked with her in TV series (The Duke of Mountdeer 2000). Afterwards we met each other once or twice. Jess works with her often and she sees her more than me. I must respond to this in a serious tone. It definitley impossible". As for Jess stating that she doesn't know what the future may bring. Dicky replied "I agree, perhaps when Jess is 60 years old she will tell me she has met a 80 year old man who is more mature than me. Also with hair".

Although it was reported that Jess had become much more slimmer recently, Dicky said "She has always been that slim". He also revealed that he is going on vacation with Jess and his family.

Regarding the reports Jess calmly said "Reports on the internet are half true and false. You cannot believe them. We are currently very happy together. Nobody knows what may happen in the future". Jess praised Ruby for working hard. As for plans in having children, Jess replied "I don't have the courage to consider that right now". She previously had a miscarriage.

Ruby responded to the rumored reports and expressed that she had not been in contact with Dicky since shooting (The Duke of Mountdeer 2000).

Translation: matchbox @

TVB Anniversary Awards 2009 Winning List

tvb awards 2009

TVB Anniversary Awards 2009 Winning List :

Best Series Award: "Rosy Business"
Best Actor Award: Wayne Lai "Rosy Business"
Best Actress Award: Sheren Tang "Rosy Business"
Best Supporting Male Character Award: Michael Tse "E.U" - Role: "Leung Siu Tong" (Laughing Gor)
Best Supporting Female Character Award: Susan Tse "Rosy Business" - Role: "Yan Fung Yi" (1st Wife)

My Favorite TV Male Character Award: Wayne Lai "Rosy Business" - Role: "Chai Gau"
My Favorite TV Female Character Award: Tavia Yeung "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" - Role: "Yiu Gum Ling"

Most Improved Actor Award: Pierre Ngo
Most Improved Actress Award: Aimee Chan

Best Performance Award: Tavia Yeung
Best TV Show Host: "Super Trio Supreme" Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok, Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam
Best Variety Show Award: "Club Sparkle"
Most Value Appreciated Big Award: "One From The Heart"
Lifetime Achievement Award: Lee Tim-Sing (李添勝) Popularity Award: Wayne Lai

(Total: 15 awards)

Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Sharon Chan sure to win the "Most Improved Actress" award

sharon chan

Sharon Chan and Joe Ma attended an activity in Sha Tin yesterday. Talking about "Beyond" having good index rating report when it was aired with "Born Rich", but now "Beyond" has its final episode, "Born Rich" may attract more viewers. Joe also agreed that maybe this is the case, he expressed "Born Rich" is getting to the exciting part. He has confidence that the index rating will rise, in particular the last 5 episodes. It may even reach as high as 50 points. Sharon, on the other hand was not disappointed that "Born Rich" lost to "Beyond" earlier on. This is because when she went to the mainland with Gallen Lo, a lot of people were following the series of "Born Rich". Sharon was nominated for "Most Improved Actress" award, she said "I am very confidence, but on the other hand, I am happy whoever wins that award. The most important thing now is for me to look beautiful and be happy tonight. My evening gown shows my back, not my front."

Source: Wenweipo
Translator: Hokkien128 @

Kate Tsui breast is smaller than Bernice Liu

kate tsui bernice liu

Kate Tsui
and Bernice Liu dressed sexily for the "House of 72 Tenants" press conference. Kate forced chest bumped with Bernice. Eric Tsang teased them "difference between real and fake". Towards this, Kate was not upset and smiled, she admitted that she's been wearing chest pads for several months, not like Bernice with "real material'.

Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Gallen Lo busy with wedding with Sophie Su

gallen lo sophie su

Gallen Lo and Sophie Su will be holding their glamorous wedding banquet on December 12th in Beijing RITZ-CARLTON hotel. Gallen depends on his single role in "Born Rich" to enter the race for TVB's "Best Actor Award", but marriage is just around the corner for him, Gallen is uninterested in joining the battle for the awards. The busy groom smiled and said that he hopes that his birthday on December 26th, he will receive a "baby" as a gift.

Nancy Sit, Kenneth Ma and Sharon Chan will be the representatives of the "Born Rich" cast to attend Gallen's wedding banquet. Nancy was the best one to benefit from, apart from investing her 6 figure salary on Gallen's banquet, she also got an air ticket at her own expense to attend the banquet at the hotel to show her support. The remaining cast including Jamie Chik will have to stay in Hong Kong for "Tung Wah Charity Show" performances. "Born Rich" is scheduled to broadcast a 2 episode finale on December 23rd (Sunday), the cast and crew will be meeting up to watch the finale together.

The lastest episode of "Born Rich" talked about how Gallen raped Anita Yuen, currently preparing for the wedding and busy shooting for new Mainland series "孔子", Gallen should avoid such sensitive scene. Yesterday Gallen expressed through a telephone interview that he's happy and delighted. He frankly said that being the groom marrying his bride is definitely more important than thinking about TV King. He said: "I support Wayne Lai. (Your having your weddng banquet and stealing people from TVB?) Let it flow naturally. Some of them need to stay in Hong Kong for promotions and have "Tung Wah" to work on. Of course the more people that come, the more happy I am!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Power Chan Mimi Lo Gets Married

power chan mimi lo

Power Chan and Mimi Lo ended their 7 year love race and held a two night wedding banquet in Sha Tin. Last night, they invited many of their good friends from the entertainment circle to attend the banquet. Power pinned a HELLO KITTY figure to his chest admitting that he has married Mimi Lo. Turns out that Hello Kitty is her favorite. Speaking of during the oath of love, there were no taboos, Power said: "I will take care of her until she leaves this world!"

Power and Mimi hosted a 20 and 22 table wedding banquet at a hotel in Sha Tin last night and tonight respectively. They invited good friends from the industry, family and relatives, this afternoon they will be officially signing the documents for marriage. Yesterday the artistes who attended the banquet include Liza Wang, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Cheung, Roger Kwok and his wife Cindy Au, Felix Wong, Sharon Chan, Derek Kwok, Joel Chan and many more. Their wedding banquet were full of stars!

During the wedding cake cutting part, the pair of lovers were dressed in their wedding attire and the funniest thing was that Power Chan was dressed as Prince Charming with a HELLO KITTY figure attached to his chest. Mimi laughed and said: "Hello Kitty is my favorite, I forced him to wear it." Power said in response: "Don't say force, It's just that I like to accommodate her." During the time, Mimi started getting a runny nose, Power attentively took good care of his new wife. Asked if Mimi couldn't hold in her tears? She said: "When we were rehearsing, I already felt like crying. When it was official, I started crying!"

Definitely will cry

Speaking of the oath of love, Power who had always been quiet, finally broke the slience: "This isn't to be said today, at this moment. It had already been said when I made the decision, I will take care of her until she leaves this world. Although it sounds sad, but we agree that letting the other party leave first is more comfortable. " Mimi said: "You have to take good care of your health, if its not you leaving first, then it's me.... ah choi! Today we shouldn't be saying these things."

Already gone on honeymoon

The couple expressed that after marriage, they will only be resting for a few days before going back to work. They smiled and said that earlier they went to Japan to shoot wedding pictures and considered that as their honeymoon.

Hong Kong actress Fala Chen buys car for father

fala chen

Fala Chen was present at a shopping mall Christmas event today. She wore a custom-made Christmas costume/dress and on the spot she performed her Christmas dance on the spot.

Fala Chen will be sending out this year's Christmas gifts in advance. She revealed that her father has been driving his current car for quite a long time already. So, she decided to buy an European car worth hundreds thousand HKD for her father as a Christmas present this year. She also bought her car for her mother last year.

Asked will she ever buy a car for her boyfriend as a present? She replied that she do not know what type of car her boyfriend likes. So, this is the reason why she have never put into consideration of getting her boyfriend a car as a present.

Fala also said that she do not have anything in particular she wish to received as a Christmas present. However, she do not wish to received diamonds as Christmas present because they are too expensive. And to her the most important thing is the "intention" of the gift.

Source: MingPao
Translated by: Stephy Wephy @ AsianFanatics

Chris Lai was rumoured dating with Tavia Yeung

chris lai

Chris Lai was rumoured dating with Tavia Yeung. He laughed and explained that all the pictures were actually taken when they were filming series last time. He is close with Tavia Yeung and the family in the series and he always go out for meals with Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Claire Yiu and other female friends. He said, “I will not avoid her. This is not something that I should hide. (How is your relationship with her?) I will place my career at the first place.” Tavia Yeung’s sister Griselda Yeung came back to work after her postnatal. When asked whether she has confidence on her sister to win Best Actress award, she laughed and said that Sheren Tang and Charmaine Sheh did pretty well too.

Source: Oriental Daily
Credits: Jessie's Blog
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