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No Work for Anita Yuen, accompanies husband Chilam Cheung

anita yuen

Just finished filming "Born Rich", Anita Yuen was seen ditching her son Morton to go out with her husband Chilam Cheung to Central to sweep the stores. Not sure if its because of the work pressures, but Anita appeared to have some fat.

At 3:30pm, Anita, husband Chilam and a friend showed up on On Lan Street, where Reporters spotted them and took pictures. Chilam immediately waved at Reporters. Afterwards they went into a "Superman" fashion store and split up. Anita constantly selected clothing for her husband, when Chilam tried on the shirt and looked in the mirror, Anita also gave him advice. After 30 minutes, Chilam finally picked out the shirt and a pair of sneakers, Anita then paid for the items on the counter. After, the three of them left the store and left in their 7 person van.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Entire HK Audience says Goodbye to Chai Gau, Goal: to reach 51 points in ratings

wayne lai

Chai Gau needs to leave now! Chai Gai from "Rosy Business" (played by Wayne Lai) will finally draw a perfect full stop tonight. Wayne Lai and the entire HK audience will be sending off and saying goodbye to Chai Gau together! Wayne also hopes that the ratings could peak at 51 points, allowing "Rosy" to break "Jewels In the Palace" Record and write a glorious page. In the past few days, the weather has been rainy and the sky has been dark, fits the tragic life of Chai Gau. Back to reality, Wayne's portrayal of Chai Gau has been greatly praised by the audience, is a perfect candidate for the new TV King for this year. Congratulations to Wayne Lai who has finally made a success in his TV career, definitely deserves to open up a champagne to celebrate!

[WARNING: Contains Spoilers!]
Tonight "Rosy Business" will broadcast its finale, TVB's Scoop will hold a special in Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan for the audience to enjoy the finale together with the cast. Chai Gau still has to die in the end, Wayne feels that this is the most perfect ending. "Chai Gau's personality has always been upright climbing up from the hunger, he deserves to die. His life is quite fascinating. Also TVB is sponsoring an event for everyone to watch him leave the world at a shopping center, just like everyone going to Chai Gau's funeral! It's an honor. Of course, I will be part of the group who sends Chai Gau off, if the TV ratings could break records, then it would be even more perfect."
[WARNING: Contains Spoilers!]

"I really hope that audience could come together and come together to support the finale, create a peaking TV rating of 51 points! Surpass "Jewels in the Palace" highest record. Then Chai Gau's life would truly be perfect, no more regrets. In the next 10 or 20 years, everyone would still remember "Rosy Business" and its lead in TV Ratings."

More Fame, More Work

Wayne feels that "Rosy Business" has brought him a successful experience, writing a glorious life for him. "Maybe because I'm getting old, I don't have any big plans on how much money or work I want back for what I do. The most important thing in life is to be able to experience it! This time Chau Gau being so successful, so beautiful and perfect. It is a beautiful experience that I will never forget."

Of course, after becoming well known, benefits naturally come flowing. "I admit that ever since the reactions from the series was good, I had more job opportunities. Later I will do dubbing work for Disney, my son is also participating. We would be a father-son team. After that, I will be part of the "Laughing Gor Film" and some other endorsement activities."

Good Show, Likes it and Touched [WARNING: Contains Spoilers!]

Thinking back to the 25 episode "Rosy Business", there are many scenes where Wayne really likes and also feels very touched. "Like in episode 8 when Chai Gau was angry with 4th Wife not agreeing to promote him to be the 3rd leader, the goal of that scene was a crushed disappointment, showing Chau Gau's personality. The episode from the other night (Episode 23) where 4th Wife was at the restaurant, she simply said one phrase 'are you leaving yet?' , 'I want to sit here a little longer!' - the performance showed a strong relationship, which is the results from the Director's three sides of feeling, it gives off a great sense of satisfaction." Does Wayne look forward to another great script for his next series? Wayne said: "I don't know if there will be such blessing for another great combination, is it necessary for sequel, I also do not dare to say or maybe this is the end of a most beautiful life written. (No more targets or goals?) Continue to earn a living lor!"

There are Netizens who highly praised Wayne, the more they watched the more handsome he was, Wayne laughed: "Yes! I'm actually quite handsome. Luckily when I filmed "Rosy Business" I was losing weight too, therefore I look slightly better on camera, I'm quite happy to have these results."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Laughing So (female lead) 'beauty contestants' revealed

michael tse

Michael Tse, Francis Ng and Anthony Wong's new film "Laughing Gor" will start shooting soon, but Laughing So (female lead) has not been decided yet. According to sources, TVB hopes to use one of their FaDans to be the female lead. Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung and Bernice Liu were all under consideration, the four of them auditioned to see how high their voices were. Model Chrissie Chow and MCI Christine Kuo also were added in the "race".

As for choosing Laughing So, the Director said that he's currently working on another film and has not had time to learn of the casting matters. "I saw the 10+ girls, but who will be Laughing So, we have not decided yet." TVB General Manager Stephan Chan attended an event and was asked if Kate Tsui and Chrissie Chow were included in the auditions for the role? Stephan said: "We seen them already but the chance is not high. We are hoping to use a new face, in the new few days, the decision should be made."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Jay Chou sneaks online while filming; takes notice of "I'm A Big Star" event for Yili

jay choujay chou
Unexpectedly, popular heavenly king Jay Chou is crazy about going online. No matter if it's in between filming or after work, he'll always go online for a "browse". It turns out that even though he's in Xingxia filming in the desert but Jay Chou is still doing multiple jobs, he hasn't forgotten about supporting companies. It's different from the entertainment events that just "use his name", being the spokesperson for the 2009 Yili Milk Beverage, Jay Chou has all along taken notice of the "I'm A Big Star" event for Yili.

Jay Chou concealed himself at the official website for the milk beverage, he's seen that recently there's been a upsurge in outstanding musical work from youngsters, he says he's enjoying it fully. Besides springing up from watching them, he even said, he'll have a lot of examples to borrow off for his Mvs.

Among them, one of the contestants was called "Challenge Jay Chou", it made a big impression on Jay Chou. As long as you want to show your true self, then make a move, if you register on the official Yili milk beverage website and upload a piece of music work, the winner of the competition on the website will have a chance to participate in the Yili milk beverage "I'm A Big Star" special show, the final winner will have a chance to face Jay Chou.

If you put in real effort you will get a response from Jay Chou, not only will be final winner be awarded the "star award", Jay Chou will also film the Yili milk beverage commercial with them next year. Also, Jay Chou himself has part of the duty of picking. After the "I'm A Big Star" airs in June and July, Jay Chou might be one of the judges.

Source: Ynet
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com

Super Girls Changsha region's top 30's photos released

super girl
From left to right: Yang Yang, He Yalei, Gu Wei, Zuo Xueqin, Yue Liang and Deng Xiaojia

On the night of the 24th, Super Girls Changsha Region's 50 to 30 competition was held. The top 50 competitors first performed as real singers. After much excitement, the top 30 were finally chosen. Today, the top 30's photos were revealed, showing the Super Girls' most realistic side.

Of the top 30, 20 will be amongst the 300 to compete in the national competition.

source: hunan tv

Chinese Paladin 3 Soundtrack and DVD Details Released

hu gehu ge

Along with some stunning stills, details about the series' OST and DVD were released this week. The soundtrack will feature besides Hu Ge, since this is produced by Gold Typhoon, many of their artists including: Ronald Cheng, Kary Ng, Zhang Yunjing, Blue Bird Flying Fish, and Go Go Club. Gold Typhoon promises this will be one of the best soundtracks of the year.

CP3 is taking it up a notch by including in their box set 12 DVD discs that contain extras and behind the scenes footage, and other goodies such as a fan signed poster, character cards, and poker cards featuring production stills. They will also have raffle tickets in which lucky people can win props from the production like costumes, or win the chance to meet Hu Ge, Yang Mi and Liu Shishi in a Chinese Paladin 3 Party held in Shanghai in mid-August. The cost will be around 200 yuan, or approximately 30 USD, with preordering available in June

Source: Sina
Translation: Cfensi

Summo sing praise of Andy’s handsome fighting

sammo hung

Tsui Hark’s Di Ren Jie is currently shooting in Hengdian. Andy Lau and Li Bingbing enjoyed fighting on their own without any body doubles.

With regards to media reports that Andy only shoot 6 days of non-fighting scenes, the film company clarified: “Andy is Di Ren Jie in the movie, he will be shooting for 2 months, he did all the difficult fighting scenes, for such an important role, how is it possible for shooting of 6 days, if possible, we would consider taking legal actions.” In addition, Andy’s management company also said: “The media must behave themselves, reports must be true, false news could only mislead the readers and damage the artiste’s image, Andy loved this movie a lot, he love the charismatic Di Ren Jie character, it would be one of his best film.”

When reporters approached art director Sumo Hung and asked him about Andy’s performance, he quipped: “Who don’t know how professional Andy is, he’s so experience after so many years of fighting in action films, he gave his best, he would not use body double when he could complete the stunt himself, his fighting is handsome enough.”

Credits: http://andylausounds.com

Juno Mak did not recommend Gillian Chung to be the leading lady

juno makgilian chung

Juno attended the premier of "Star Trek" at the Element the other night. He disclosed that he is very interested to go to Africa with friends working as voluntary workers. Unfortunately, he is always busy, therefore he still hasn't been able to go. He told reporters "I have a "Live show" concert in July. In October, I will be working on a new film by Wong Cheng-Foo. After that, the company wants me to be the spokesperson for fashion brand "Undercover". I have to get ready for the fashion show in Florence, Italy. I don't think I can go to Africa this year, maybe next year."

Speaking about the new film, Juno said they haven't chosen the female lead yet. Reporter asked if he would recommend his girlfriend Gillian for that role? Juno said "No, I didn't recommended her. I think different artist for that role will be more refreshing. (There is a rumor that mainland China has relaxed about Ah Gill working there, she is now free to work.) This is good news, I hope she does well for herself. I am a friend of hers, I am happy for her too. I didn't contact her though but will support her in my heart."

Source: Mingpao
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Roger Kwok confident about new series, not afraid of being compared

roger kwokroger kwokroger kwok

Roger Kwok attended a dragon boat race to promote his new TVB series (ID精英) "The Threshold of a Persona". After the activity he returned back to the crew to carry on filming. He stated that he already had dinner with his family earlier to celebrate the Dragon Boat festival. When discussing about his new series being aired after hit series "Rosy Business". He expressed that he was very confident about the series based on the Customs and Excise Department (CED). He is not worried that the series will be compared.

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

Moses Chan encourages the public to donate blood

moses chanmoses chan

Moses Chan and Kay Tse filmed a Red Cross promotional clip together. Moses was surrounded by a group of foreign maids. Before filming he did his homework and is well aware of the service facilities operated by the Red Cross. He said "I donate blood but not regularly." He encouraged the public to donate blood to those in need.

"We need to make it a habit, it can also enhance metabolism and benefit health."

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

Kate Tsui will learn from JJ Jia how to be seductive

kate tsuikate tsui

Kate Tsui wore a mini skirt and promoted her new movie "矮仔多情". In the movie she has tattoos and scars, giving off a gangster feel. The reporter asked her what role she would most like to play? She stated that there are many roles she would like to play, but if she was given a seductve role then she will learn from JJ Jia. She praised JJ Jia very charming.

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

Shirley Yeung is popular with the mosquitoes

shirley yeungshirley yeungshirley yeung

Shirley Yeung was busy shooting new TVB series "The Iron Horse Searches for the Bridge" recently but was very popular with the mosquitoes. In the series Yuen Chau will play her mother. Shirley posted pictures of them together on her blog. She said "Actually at first glance we do look quite similar." She also said she will often ride a bike in the series and is learning how to cycle while wearing a dress. She joked that her blood type was very popular amongst the "Ham Sup" (perverted) mosquitoes. They have left marks on both her legs

Source: The Sun
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

Wu Chun call me the Finance king


The new generation of idol superstar, Wu Chun has a very handsome appearance. He can sing and act and has been out for 3 yrs. Rapidly becoming famous in 3 countries including Japan and Korea. Fans only know that he's from Brunei, comes from a privileged family background and is in every sense of the term " the knight in shining armour". However, not known he is also at the same time a skilled and experienced business man

Not yet 30yrs old, Wu Chun in his home town in Brunei has opened 2 luxurious gyms, also takes on the responsibility of managing a worlds famous watch company, has 2 nutrient shops and also numerous gym equipments representative.

Although Wu Chun is very modest, indicating that his income compared to the Brunei Royal Family is simply a drop in a bucket, but he will not hesitate to speak about earning money. For him in terms of earning money seemingly is not difficult. As early on as 15 yrs old, he planned and held a Brunei worldwide national inter-school university basketball competition, earning his 1st income in his youth of 1000 Brunei dollar (BND) (U.S. dollar equivalent of about $700 )

Wu Chun said "To attract University groups to compete wasn't hard, I learnt the NBA 3 point game, gaining the highest scores, learning methods of the rebound king. Faxing, handing out leaflets to all the big schools, asking them to form a team of 5 to come register. Because I organised so that the game would be more fun than a normal competition, 30 groups came. Each group paid a registration fee of $80 BND, so the total came to $2400 ; The drinks at the venue and the trophy cup I had one by one searched for companies to sponsor us for free. Taking away the $50 fee for the referee, the rent of $500 and miscellaneous expenses, I made a clean profit of $1000".

Who said a 15yr old boy "with no hair on his upper lip, can't work fast" ? Wu Chun said maybe it was because he was very young, hot blooded and sincere so the company and the competing university students particularly trusted him. 2 Years after when he was 17 yrs old, he opened a fashionable pool (snooker) shop that was a sensation in Brunei. Thinking about the 1st time being a boss, Wu Chun very pleased of himself said “ I went to Australia to go to high school, not even reaching 3 months I wanted to run back home to Brunei. I went with friends to play pool to relieve the boredom, seeing how a pool shop with just a few pool tables could earn money, so I thought why don't I just open one".

Wu Chun said that for the 3months he was in Australia, he learnt every style and technique to blend alcohol and drinks. Thinking of Brunei's pool shops they didn't have a bar, " If I put in a nice bar stand and become the bartender myself, the cost of one cup only costs $1 BND, selling it at $5 BND, the profit return would be 80%!".

10 pool tables, interior decoration, 12 staff members salary and the addition of every months rent of 540 BND, Him and his friend together took out $15 000 BND to open the store. Never thought that once the store opened it would immediately become extremely busy, With every cup of his special blend of different styled beverage, within a few months he recuperated the revenue.

" A business earning money there will defiantly be people that will copy, close by like a swarm of wasps have opened a lot of pool shops". Wu Chun said taking advantage of the shop's popularity at it's highest, he persuaded his partner to let go of the shop, both earning $15 000 BND and also the shop's TV, stereo, pool tables etc..."the aftermath of war".

Wu Chun spoke frankly, his father is engaged with real estate business, the enterprise spreads across China, Singapore and Brunei. From his memory in his childhood home's garage, there were 2 branded cars worth $1 million. Since childhood he never had to worry about food and clothes. Every month he would get $150 BND pocket money to spend, during the new year the red pocket would hold a lucky amount of money, every year he would receive $1688 BND (meaning continue to be wealthy). His father would also take the whole family abroad for a big spending spree, everyone each year would get $30 000 NT to spend on famous brand clothes and accessories.

It is reasonable to say that Wu Chun can be at ease and be a "rich man's son", but he said, because he's always want to make money to buy a Subaru sports car that belongs to him, so from childhood the pocket money his parents gave him he wouldn't waste it. His father knew that him opening up a pool shop would never be able to earn the money to buy the car, so while he sent him off to Australia for University he bought him a car. Wu Chun said " I really do regret that I was so fascinated in modifying cars I almost wasted all my savings".

The today's Wu Chun doesn't like famous brands, doesn't play with modified cars, but determined to open up 10 multinational gym chain stores. Wu Chun deeply expressed that a lot of people see him release albums, act in films, do adverts, so busy running round in circles, only sleeping 5-6hrs in a day and when he has a few minutes to spare he will open up his computer and use email while overseas to manage the trivial matters of the 2 gyms in Brunei.

Will he be too fierce over earning money? "Actually I don't care about the money. Money can't buy you health, I knew this when I was 25yrs old when my mother passed away from pancreas cancer". He said, that year was his university graduation and he had planned to return to Brunei, his father suddenly wanted him to 1st fly to Singapore to meet with his mother, in high spirits he arrived at the hotel , however to see his mother's sallow face. Apparently his mum had hidden the fact for 7 yrs. The fact that the cancer relapse had already worsen had completely driven me crazy.

He said, choking back tears "I accompanied my mum running through Russia, America, China, Singapore, Seeing her receive chemotherapy, nutritional therapy, using up all of the possible treatments, but in the end the cancer continued to spread to the liver, lymph, the whole stomach becoming bloated. Even through the doctor used all his efforts to drain the ascites (fluid in the stomach) it would not drain completely..... My heart broke"

After his mother past away, Wu Chun decided he wanted to become for the rest of his life a child that would not let down his mother. He said" My father will one day get old, I want to become the "mountain" for the rest of my father's life!"

He emphasised towards in terms of comparing the opening up of a gym and pool shop it's only on a scale a few times bigger, the importance is that you need to save on all the unnecessary expenses. At the same time buying gym equipment, fitness nutritious foods. Other people directly order from overseas, he will go on the internet and will compare prices; he discovered if you become the representative of the company 1st he can half the expenses and he can sell the imported goods to other gyms again earning money from the access fee.

"For everything, you have to personally put in effort and do yourself, using all your strength. Like me applying to become Brunei's gym equipment company representative, I really did put in a lot of money because there's only one place within the government, running slowly and making long distance telephone calls to foreign countries to explain that even though Brunei's demand isn't that big, I will still defiantly use all my strength to develop it, so when the customer ordered one, I could only order one. The head office believed in me becoming their representative and that for the future there would be space to expand, so they also accepted".

Asking Wu Chun what kind of rich person does he want to be? he replied " When my mother was still here , she'd regularly took me to the nursing home and the children's home to donate money and other necessities. She adopted 2 poor children from Africa, After my work I also adopted 2 ; so after my mother passed away it had changed to 4. I want to have money, to have power to do more charity, and still be able to rely on my own efforts to take my father to travel the whole world, would it not be very happy?" He said he doesn't do risky investments, he doesn't waste money, as time goes by he will become the person in charge of a multinational fitness group.

Source Taiwan Readers Digest, China Yes magazine
Translated : Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Ethan Ruan fighting for love

ethan ruan

Be it a supporting actor who is defeated by his love rival in Taiwan drama Green Forest My Home, or the popular and successful lead actor in Fated to Love You and Queen of No Marriage, love never comes easy for Taiwanese pop idol Ethan Ruan in his reel life. In an exclusive interview with Xin.sg, Ruan reveals all. Caution. Spoilers ahead.

In My Queen, Ruan plays 25-year-old Lucas who falls in love with a 33-year-old female reporter who's already engaged. Being the rational man he is, Lucas can only withdraw from the love triangle.

"I think it is rare for someone to be as graceful and gentlemanly as Lucas or Song Yunhao (the fiancé, later knowing that his fiancée no longer loves him, sets her free). Most people tend to hang on to their love with all their might. It goes the same for me. If someone I love is standing right in front of me, I don't see any reason to withdraw."

Previously in Singapore as guest presenter for the Star Awards 2009 in April, Ruan revealed to us that the reporter Shan Wushuang (Cheryl Yang) and Lucas would soon be in an open relationship.

"Subsequently, the drama will focus on how Shan Wushuang faces up to her true feelings and the difficulties she faces in dating a younger man."

Portraying the agitation of the characters drained the energy of the two artistes. Followers of Ruan's previous dramas and movie would probably have observed that shouting is often his character's way of expressing angst and oppression.

Ruan said, "I hate to shout and I think shouting scenes are really tiring. There are definitely better ways of expressing emotions but such scenes in Queen of No Marriage and Fated to Love You were pre-planned. Basically I will not amend the script too much."

A Scorpio, 28-year-old Ruan claims to be less mysterious than his horoscope describes him to be. "I am a forthright person. People can tell that I'm unhappy just by looking at my face and usually I will voice my displeasure directly. I think that is the best way of getting over unhappiness.

"I think I am more reserved when it comes to relationship, so when I meet the girl I like, I will probably hide my feelings and take a few years to confess my love."

Queen of No Marriage is now broadcasting on E City, Channel 56 on Starhub Cable Vision, every Saturday.

Source : Yahoo News

Shu Qi jaded to sex and violence


At the Cannes Film Festival for the first time as part of a jury on the red carpet, Taiwanese actress Shu Qi thoroughly displayed her spellbinding appeal.

In an interview with the media after the award ceremony, Shu expressed that while she learnt a lot from the experience of being part of the festival jury, she has became jaded to sex and violence after watching the competing films.

As a judge, Shu had to watch films and discuss them with the rest of the panel. As a result, she had only managed to catch two hours of sleep over two days, and had to decline the invitation to the post festival celebration. Having been to too many events lately, Shu said her cheek muscles had cramps from smiling.

Being a Chinese among the Westerners, Shu had to depend on a translator to express her views about the films and facilitate discussion.

Of the competing films, Shu said she was initially disgusted and intimidated by some gory scenes, but later became jaded to the sex and violence after watching the artistic films that mainly portray such scenes.

Shu said though she managed to learn a lot on the job, it was too tiring and she will think twice about being on the jury again.

The 62nd Cannes Film Festival drew its curtains on Monday.

Source : Yahoo News

Rainie Yang films new movie in Thailand, connects hotel rooms in fear of ghosts

rainie yang

Rainie Yang will be filming "Child's Eye" in Thailand in June0. Previously, she would be accompanied by the makeup artist who would stay in the same hotel room as her. However, the production team has a specially arranged makeup artist this time round hence she will only be accompanied by her male manager. Rainie Yang never dared to sleep alone. The hotel she will be staying at does not have any connected rooms but specially renovated and built a door into the wall between two rooms due to her fear of ghosts. When Rainie Yang heard about that, she felt that it was unbelievable. Touched by the hotel's sincerity, she was lost for words. Rainie Yang turns 25 on 4th June and she will spend her birthday in Thailand. She said that some of her fans helped her celebrate it in advance. There was one who was about to wed but met with a traffic accident due to her fatigue. She was still in coma. Rainie Yang recorded a video to send her congratulations regarding the marriage and her encouragement for the fan's recovery. As such, her birthday party was a mix of happy and sad feelings.

Source : tom.com
translated by karened @ http://asianfanatics.net

Linda Chung's cute image referred as "Angelababy's Mommy"

linda cheung

Linda Chung and Wong He were at the costume fitting for TVB new series "Cross Boundary Exploration", she posed like her character ("Modern HK Girl") in the series as the "cute" girl. She laughed and said that she looked like Angelababy, Reporters teased her as "Angela's Mommy". Although Linda is busy filming series, but she will still buy tickets to rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam's concert.

Also, in the series Wong He will be having many scenes where he gets into car accidents, cars flying and cars falling off the cliff. He frankly said that earlier in Mainland he got into a real car accident and probably will have an affect on him. Since the accident, he has some slight lung injury and only recovered 70% so far.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Miriam Yeung exposes Nobody proposed to her

miriam yeung

Yesterday Miriam Yeung, models Amanda S. and Lisa S. attended the 5th Audi Driving Experience event. They played with many popular models of Audi sportscars like the R8. During the time when Miriam was playing with the R8 sportscar, she accidentally ran into the ice cream cones.

Mistaken for Eason Chan

Miriam laughed and said that she has intentions to buy a 4 door car to pick up and drop off her family members, but will that include rumored boyfriend Real Ding? Miriam said: "Yes! I don't let random people get into the car. (Not worried about Real?) I won't answer you. (Are you two getting married?) I have never said I wanted to get marry nor has anyone purposed to me." Miriam also exposes that once she thought an onlooker was Eason Chan. Reporters teased her and asked why if they dated before and would mistaken someone else for Eason? Miriam said: "Yeah? Impossible, don't ever mention again."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Suki Tsui refuses to kiss a smoker

suki tsuisuki tsuisuki tsuisuki tsui

Suki Tsui, Skye Chan, Sire Ma and Yoyo Chan attended "Quit Smoking-big winner 2009" press conference yesterday. Suki, whose zodiac sign is Virgo stressed that she is very particular about cleanliness. She despises people who smoke and so far hasn't dated a guy who smokes yet. However, she wouldn't accept a guy who smells of tobacco to kiss her even though it is only on screen. Suki has worked on her 6th TV dramas, but she hasn't had her first screen kiss yet. Yoyo Chan made a remark that it would be sweet if someone gives up smoking for her. However, she wouldn't mind going out with a smoker, but she would encourage him to quit smoking.

Source: Orientaldaily/Takungpao(image)
Translator: Hokkien128 @ http://www.asianvn.com

A very public display of affection from Nicholas Tse to Cecilia Chung

nicholas tse

A year ago, the infamous Edison Chen's photo scandal threatened to wreck their marriage.

Fast-forwarding a year later, it appears the incident only served to strengthen their marriage when Hong Kong actor-singer Nicholas Tse expressed his love for his wife Cecilia Chung at his Shanghai concert.

Midway through the concert, Tse suddenly stopped singing and announced to the audience: "It's a special day today because it's my wife's birthday."

He then made a call to Chung, and had his fans wish the 29-year-old actress a Happy Birthday.

The cheery atmosphere then took a turn when Tse confirmed he had thoughts about leaving the entertainment industry.

"If I stop releasing any more albums in the future, I would like to thank all the people who have been supporting me all these while," he said.

Nicholas' early retirement might still be some distance away, as the doting husband has promised he will look into Chung's request for a mansion and jewellery as her birthday presents.

Judging from her request, Tse could still be in the industry for a period of time. - CNA/fa

Source : Channel News Asia

A*mei plays envoy in India


Before Taiwanese singer A*mei visited India recently as a World Vision ambassador, there were rumours that she would not shake hands with the locals there because she was afraid of falling ill. Apparently, she had heard that some parts of the country had poor sanitation.

Of course the rumour proved false.

She did more than shake hands with the locals. She hugged and played with children, sang to them and gave them sweets and tidbits.

But she was careful with them, since she had been sick just before the trip.

'I don't want to put them at risk by passing my germs around, especially since HIV-infected people's immune systems are weak. I do not want to be the cause of further health complications for them,' she said.

A*mei, 36, also visited several self-help and women groups, a school, three villages and the slums to better understand the crippling conditions the poor face on a daily basis.

'Hopefully, I can put whatever influence I have to good use,' she said. 'I hope I can move people to act on these problems as best as they can.'

She was in New Delhi last week from Monday to Thursday as part of this year's 30 Hour Famine event organised by World Vision, a Christian relief and development organisation.

The annual event, held on June 5 and 6 this year, sees almost a million people around the world participate in a 30-hour fast to raise funds and increase awareness about global poverty and injustice happening among the poor.

A*mei was in a group of about 15 people, including members of the media and World Vision workers and volunteers. She travelled with her manager and an assistant, but carried her own bag throughout the trip.

This is her second time as an ambassador for World Vision. Her first involvement with the charity was in 2005, when she visited Sudan.

How were the two trips different?

'Every trip is a learning experience for me,' she said. 'We all know about India and how it is overpopulated and full of problems. I am very happy and privileged to be here, and I just want to find out what more can be done.'

Tearing up, she recounted her meeting with an HIV-infected boy who was no older than 10, adding that she was most affected by the plight of young children.

'Children suffer the most. They cannot control their lives and their future, yet they are the happiest to be around. Their innocence and optimistic outlook towards life is something we all can learn from.'

She loved being with the children so much that she even played cricket with some of them at the school she visited.

The kids cheered her on even though she missed the ball the first few times she swung her bat. But she succeeded in striking the ball eventually.

'Seeing them laugh along with me was a powerful reminder that there's a mixture of both happiness and sadness in these places we visit,' she said.

'I've learnt that life is precious and I really hope that we can bring all this research back to come up with solutions to improve their living conditions.

'Too often we talk extensively about what we can do. We must act upon our thoughts and realise these plans.'

by Rebekah Lin / Diva Asia

Joe Chen, Blue Lan undergoes "Love Research"; Two months of filming has made them good friends

blue lanblue lanblue lan

TTV and SETTV idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" held a "Easy Fortune Happy Life" love research press conference yesterday (May 27). The survey result showed that Blue Lan is actually more like the optimistic "Xie Fu An" than Joe Chen! Blue started exclaiming that "It's quite accurate". Joe also said that "In the drama, I'm the herb girl while he's the carnivore male. It's the opposite outside the drama though." Blue also praised her saying "Your acting is good. Your actual character is very different from the drama character."

Accepted "Love Research"

"Easy Fortune Happy Life" had a 20, 000 netizen love research in Taiwan and mainland. Yesterday, during the specially held press conference, they had Blue and Joe taking the survey too. For example, a question of "If you wake up to find yourself suddenly having 80 billion worth of property, what will you do?" had Joe Chen choosing "Will not tell anyone. Silently, secretly be a rich person." She laughed and said "The best would be to find a reason to withdraw from the entertainment industry and hide overseas to live." And for question "When you find that your partner is one who does things only for his personal gain, what will you do?" Blue chose "Feel that myself is extremely unlucky, let nature take its course but will have a love that cannot be broken." He said that "Because I've fallen in love already. Most importantly is that I'm being myself." Joe however chose "Immediately break up." which is the same as many mainland netizens. Howeven, Taiwan netizens had 50% choosing "Will try hard to help him, believe in him and let him start over again." Additionally for "What will you do for the sake of marrying into the rich?" Joe chose "Let fate take its course and not force things. The important thing is not in whether you're rich." She explained that "I can earn money by myself. I don't want to rely on others to live." Blue on the otherhand chose "Will use some techniques but will not change his own character." As to what techniques? Blue laughingly said "Let the other party have some surprises in her life. Giving her gifts every so often!"
The end result of this test showed that Blue is more similar to the character "Xie Fu An" then Joe. Blue told her that "Your acting is good. Your actual character is very different from the drama character."

Filming for two months has made them good friends

Filming has taken place for nearly two months already and the two of them are having "close interactions". Blue said that "Before filming, I will often silently think and move into the drama character. So when Joe arrives, I will try to move to a corner and not let my eyes catch hers because chatting will take up some time." Joe laughed that "I feel that there should be no stress when filming so when I arrive at the scene, I'll start searching for Blue to chat to him and make him laugh."

So "blissfulness" to them is what? Blue answered "Traveling probably. I want to go Tibet to daydream." Joe at the side started to criticise "You're often daydreaming here too! Why go Tibet?" Blue then seriously replied "Its different. The feeling is very different." Joe then cheekily concluded "I'll give you my blessing in being able to go Tibet to daydream soon!"

Source: Baidu
Translation by minivicki @ http://asianfanatics.net/

Alan Kuo once slept on the floor with Jay Chou

jay chou

He has excellent relations within the entertainment circle, Jay Chou once said he was a friend worth having. Talking about his 10 year friendship with Jay Chou, Alan Kuo said it started from music. "Before I started singing, I filmed TV series, I also danced with Leon Lai before, but I always thought that stuff wasn't what I wanted, until I met Jay Chou." Alan Kuo had just returned to Taiwan from abroad, he signed for Jacky Wu's company, "Jacky Wu took me to see Jay Chou. On that night we played basketball together, chatted and so we became best of friends.

"Me and Jay can be considered as friends who've been through thick and thin together, before he came out I was at his side, at that time it was very hard on him and he tried with all his might, he slept on the company floor, I accompanied him making music, when we get tired, we'd lie on the floor and sleep. I've never seen someone so into something." That's the confidence and hard work Jay Chou has towards music, it deeply influenced and touched Alan Kuo. "From when I was young I've never had any apprehensions but after my father left, Jay's influence on me has let me get here step by step."

Source: Lnd
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com

Edison Chen: Receiving death threat letters, if no fear than I'm lying to you

tracy ip

Although Edison Chen received repeated death threatening letters, but he still continues to fly everywhere. Yesterday morning he appeared in Hong Kong airport.

March 11, 2009 - i-Cable received a threatening letter towards Edison written in English. The letter threatened that no matter where Edison is, he will still be murdered. The threat also included a golden bullet, i-Cable called the police and passed the case on to the Police Department to take care of it. When his manager was informed of the incident, he alert Edison of the matter. On April 5th, Edison who was facing a bullet threat attended a film promotion in Singapore, he said at the press conference: "If I'm not afraid, then I'm lying to you!" At the promotion, there were more than 50 security individuals.

On April 14th, there was a report on Edison receiving another death threat letter. The folder included his promotional photos from his film "The Sniper" , there was also a lighter and a bottle of unknown powder. The Magazine company contacted police to follow up on the case.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Wayne Lai is given an important role in the new "Laughing Gor" movie

wayne laiwayne lai

Wayne Lai's role Chai Gao in TVB series "Rosy Business" has gained him a lot of popularity. He has since been given a important role in Michael Tse's new Laughing Gor movie "Laughing Gor 之變節". He said "I only received notification last week." Wayne stated that he has filmed a movie with Anthony Wong Chau Sang before. But it was 7 or 8 years ago. Pierre Ngo who plays the evil spoilt brat in "Rosy Business" also won a part in the movie.

Anthony Wong attended the "Laughing Gor" movie opening ceremony with heavy makeup around his eyes. Which was eye catching. He disclosed that he will be playing Michael Tse's Triad boss and will have 7 or 8 girlfriends. Tracy Ip who was also present will play a lawyer as well as one of his girlfriends. Anthony stated that he is the Triad version of "Wai Siu Bo" and praised Tracy being very obedient.

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

Eddie Peng responsible for his own dip in popularity

eddie peng

Contractual issues between Taiwanese pop idol Eddie Peng and his manager brought the duo to court. Despite being in court twice, they were unable to reach any consensus.

His manager said, "I will stop, at all costs, anyone who tries to ignore the rules and regulations of showbiz."

According to reports, Peng's contract was supposed to end only in July 2010 but he has not received any assignments for a long time. His manager had plans to extend Peng's contract, but the latter has been delaying his reply by saying that it is still a long way to end of the contract. The duo later found themselves amidst disagreements in terms of both assignments and income.

It was rumoured that Peng is disgruntled that the company has not been able to achieve the amount of income he has been promised, sparking off this court case.

The manager said, "He claimed to be a movie actor and declined to take on 'low-class' jobs. Can he blame me? Eddie, I've never done you wrong. You need to understand that you need luck to get famous."

The TV drama Wayward Kenting raised his popularity which was also fanned by rumours of his relationship with Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai.

source : Yahoo News

Mark Zhao for the 1st time offers his voice, His dad nitpicks at his pronunciations

mark zhao

"Ying Xiong" Mark Zhao, his 1st time shooting a drama [Black and White] suffers the full hardship. For the first time he provides his voice for the soundtrack of the drama again suffering the full torment. After recording for 7 days and 7 nights he successfully completed it, almost turning the hero into a coward. He only dares give himself 60 points " I feel I can sing a lot better, being a singer really isn't easy".

[Black and White] director Cai Yue Xun has Mark Zhao famous with one push, allowing him also to develop his excellent singing. To take on the main theme song " 無賴正義", is the song writer Ian Chen's brother music group Color, which was specifically tailored for him. To break away from the drama's righteous image, Mark changes his clothes to leather pants and black boots, changing him to a rocker, more Man with sex appeal!

Before recording, Mark especially invited his dad Zhao Shu Hai to help him correct his pronunciations, and the previous 2 weeks he refrained from eating spicy and fried foods. Originally he likes to go to KTV to sing and revealed, normally he likes to sing Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom songs.

Mark Zhao both acts and sings, is the treasure on Cai Yue Xun hands. On the contrary having brought out his own album "Zai Zai" Vic Zhou is “absent” from the soundtrack. The production team expressed that they gave all the songs to Zai Zai to listen, asking him to pick a song he wanted to sing, but in the end he wished to put all his concentration into his acting in the drama, so he did not participate in the soundtrack.

Cai Yue Xun personally took on the responsibility of becoming the soundtracks director, so busy he did not sleep for 3 days. He even found the movie "Secrets" (Starring Jay Chou) Thailand's gold award winner composer TJ to intervene, hoping that the soundtrack can bring to the drama the same high quality.

source : Liberty Times
translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Ziyi Gives Lowdown on Her Landmark Role

zhang zi yi

Zhang Ziyi's fans can go online and get the gossip on her first comedy, Sophie's Revenge (Feichang Wanmei).

Arguably China's most famous actress, Zhang shares her behind-the-scenes stories on the movie's English site.

Costing 7.3 million US dollars and co-produced by Zhang herself, the film is a romantic comedy revolving around comic book artist Sophie's fight to win her ex-boyfriend back from a movie star.

The movie is her first comedy, and also her first attempt at producing and a departure from her previous roles.

The film, a Chinese-South Korean co-production, will hit big screens in China this summer.

By Ning Yan / CRI online

Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Raymond Lam working out, Toby Leung volunteers to join him

raymond lam

Next month Raymond Lam will be holding his first solo concert, but he is currently in Mainland rushing to wrap up filming of his new series, therefore has not had time to rehearse. The only thing he could do is make use of the "materials" he has, as he was seen in the Hotel's fitness room working out. But his performance seems to be in a rush, Raymond was not entirely focused and had to use a towel to wrap around his neck. Fortunately his colleague Toby Leung volunteered to jog with him, making Ah Fung smile again.

It only has been a short period of time since Raymond fired into the Music Industry, he has already gain favor from his record company EEG. But, Raymond is currently in Shenzhen filming for new series "Adventure of Reaching Star" and has no time to go back to Hong Kong to rehearse, so he is only able to use the extra time in between filming to do his preparations.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Nick Cheung gets shoo-ed out of the VIP room by Hairstylist

nick cheung

Yesterday Nick Cheung, his wife Esther Kwan and Chilam Cheung were guests for "Club Sparkle". Just became Film King, Nick reveals that he already been neglected before becoming "red": "A while ago, I went to get a haircut, originally I was suppose to be in the VIP room, but then there was an artist who I was familiar with was there too, not long after the Hairstylist came and said that they were trying out a new style on that Artist and didn't want to be exposed, implying that I should leave. The hairstylist wasn't necessarily looking down on me, but I felt really weird."

Chilam Cheung back with TVB, doesn't want Charmaine Sheh

Chilam Cheung said that since he entered the entertainment circle, his career has been going smoothly, there's not many sad stories. He revealed that at the end of this year, he'll be returning to TVB to film a new series. Asked if he would collaborate with Charmaine Sheh again? He smiled and said that we should not always remain in that stage. Actually, he hopes to collaborate with Patrick Tang and Selena Li.

[Mingpao] Esther Kwan: Men Has the greatest Responsibility

During the interview, Esther Kwan described men as having the greatest responsibility: "When going out to play, will need to know that you must leave in a proper fashion, a man cannot have connections with two women. Married men should know what their status is, should be honest and true to their wife." Asked if there's a third person that needs to be responsible? She said: "Responsibility is the largest part of every marriage. Three people will need to be responsible, there are many reasons in between that outsiders may not know." Josephine Koo expressed that there was one third person who told her younger sister Emily Koo Lai Wah to go die, Esther said: "I cannot comment on this, the two sisters still have a relationship."

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

"Male Artist Calling Prostitute Incident" Kevin Cheng: It's Pointless News

kevin cheng

Yesterday at the blessing ceremony for their new series "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge", Tavia Yeung and Kevin Cheng were very playful and pretended to fight against each other. Towards the recent report of "Male Artist Calling a Prostitute", Kevin said: "The magazine already asked if it was me, actually I really can't do anything, things just have to be like that. Earlier there was "Salty Pig Hand" and other negative incidents happening, the news all said I was a suspect and caused a huge scene. In the article, it said that the male artist lived in the HK Island district and has a driver, that is definitely not me. Honestly, this is really pointless, don't need to cause such a huge chaos in the entertainment circle, I hope that these news could stop." Does he feel the news affected him? "No, it's just another headline for me." Have you heard of the incident? "If I know I won't say it out, but usually I really don't know. The most pity is that I never even been to that place, if I went before and the news wrote about me, then there's still some worth in writing it."

Speaking of he and his rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh having a meal together and even have intentions of moving to North Point for the convenience of picking up his girlfriend, Kevin denied, he said: "Currently I don't have time to go look at houses, when I see one I like, then I'll worry about it. Also, this is all written by the Magazines. It is not what the Magazines said that is the truth."
[Oriental Daily] Kevin Cheng and Tavia Yeung were at the blessing ceremony of TVB new series "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge". Tavia revealed that in the new series she would have many scenes with children, she frankly said that she's really afraid of kids crying, but after she became an aunt, she brought out her motherly love - learning how to be more patient when dealing with kids.

Recently there were news that said a male artist by the surname of "Cheng" called a prostitute, Kevin said: "I already said it's not me and they still put my picture on the report. I really can't do anything, they said that the person has a driver picking him up, that is definitely not me. (Did you call a prostitute?) No! How can people say that about me, it's so unfair!"

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Kelly Chan brings her own lunch and heater while doing commercial

kelly chan

Kelly Chan has been bringing her own lunch and a heater everyday while she was working on a commercial for DHC (Beauty and health skin care product). She said this is because she wants to make sure she is in good health for the baby.

For this commercial, Chung-Man Hai, top art and fashion designer picked Kelly's clothes for her. Kelly had over 20 pictures taken wearing different outfits. They all showed Kelly's graceful and sophisticated appearance. It didn't show that she is 5 months pregnant at all. Kelly prepared her own healthy lunch everyday as well as treating the Shanghai and Japanese crews with egg tarts and pineapple buns. She wanted them to try some of Hong Kong's special local treat.

Source: MingPao
Translator: Hokkien128 @ http://www.asianvn.com

Niki Chow finds a sponsorship to sponsor tuition fees for her kids in the future

niki chow

Niki Chow attended the "Beacon Education Centre 20th Anniversary". Although she is not married and yet to have kids, she still went ahead to find an education sponsorship to sponsor her kids in the future. Christine Ng's brother promised to sponsor all the tuition fees for her children in the future. Anita Yuen and Chilam Cheung who were also present. Not only diid they not have to pay for their son's tuition fees, their son was also given free lunch boxes and awarded a scholarship.

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ mediachamber.net

Bernice Liu supports her idol, no fear of the swine flu

bernice liu

Bernice Liu went to Central to watch Kelly Clarkson's mini concert. She stated that she is a fan, since watching the show American Idol she started to admire her singing talent. Although the scene was crowded, Bernice didn't wear a surgical mask to prevent getting the swine flu. She said "I am not worried, as long as you take care of your personal hygiene daily there shouldn't be any problem."

Source: On,cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ mediachamber.net

Niki Chow cooks on Beautiful Cooking II, Lollipop member Liljay is fond of her

niki chow

Niki Chow went on the show "Beautiful Cooking II". Taiwan boyband Lollipop were the judges. Lollipop Member Prince appeared as her helper assistant. But the judges teased them by saying he looked like he was helping his mom. Liljay immediately vomited Niki's dish after having a taste, but would still choose her as his girlfriend. As for Fabien, he jumped away and pretended to vomit after having a bite. The reporter asked Niki if Liljay liked her a lot? Niki said "He even said he would invite me to watch a show. I feel that we have too much of an age gap. I have previously cooked 4 dishes and soup. But the reason I appeared on the show was to support my sister Kathy. I would normally just eat rather than cook."

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ mediachamber.net
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