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Chinese website publishes fake news on Teo's death

nicholas teo

A WEBSITE has falsely reported that Malaysian-born singer Nicholas Teo is dead, according to Sin Chew Daily.

The report, posted by a netizen on a Chinese website, said that the Taiwan-based singer had died of complications following a liver transplant. It appeared on the website while Teo was hospitalised in China for liver infection recently.

He was discharged from hospital on Monday after being given a clean bill of health.

Asia One

Cyndi Wang opposes the sweetheart image kissing

cyndi wang

Cyndi Wang and Rainie Yang have been fighting over the throne for the queen of sweethearts, Cyndi after leaving from her original company, had been silent for the the last 2 years, only returning to the idol circuit now. Starring in Momo Love, this Sunday it will confront GTV drama "Hi My sweetheart", making every effort to change her luck, on one side she is passionately kissing Jiro Wang and on the other she is being passionately kissed by Calvin Chen. In the drama there is kissing non- stop, taking drastic measures hoping to combat TV ratings.

Confronting an old enemy calls for drastic action

Yesterday Cyndi and Calvin were in Su-Ao seaside shooting the kiss scene, but as there were a lot of of people watching they felt embarrassed. With lips on top of each other, the guy unconsciously rushing it, the girl also feeling embarrassed, when Calvin started to tilt his head down, Cyndi would burst out laughing making the scene fill with laughter.

Cyndi after leaving her old management company went silent for 2 years, this year she opened her own company becoming her own boss. Taking on the drama "Momo Love" with the pairing of Jiro and Calvin it was going to be her 1st project for her comeback, but the ratings for the last two weeks weren't going as expected. This Sunday it will compete with Rainie Yang's "Hi My Sweetheart", both of them in the recent years have been fighting to succeed the throne to be the queen of sweethearts. Cyndi once again comes face to face with her old enemy, the drama crew had no choice but to take drastic action, first having her kiss Jiro again and again, and now even Calvin doesn't escape.

Changing in the same room, Jiro denies not getting along with Wu Chun

Fahrenheit recently held concerts and at the same time the rumor had burst out that Wu Chun was flying solo and as a result this was said to of made Jiro angry at Wu Chun. Yesterday Jiro explained " Backstage of the concert, Wu Chun and I shared the same resting room, we would get changed and chat at the same time feeling very high, how is it even possible that am angry?" Calvin jumped out to resolve the situation, showing the SMS that was written in English with encouraging words that the 4 members of Fahrenheit sent to each other.

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Zhou Xun's birthday fireworks resulted in a fire accident

zhou xun

Following her Best Actress win at the18th Chinese Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival, Chinese actress Zhou Xun held her 35th birthday party the next day. At about 11.30pm, a few of the actress's bodyguards exited from the side door and lighted up more than 10 fireworks.

Due to the strong winds in the area, the grass and trees near the riverside caught fire from the sparks ignited from the fireworks. Together with the blowing wind, the fire started to spread and grow bigger. Zhou's bodyguards tried to extinguish the fire with a foam extinguisher but failed.

About 10 minutes later, a fire engine and two police cars arrived at the fire scene. A few firefighters present used the high-pressure water hoses and successfully extinguished the fire and the policemen kept onlookers at bay.

During the entire 30-minute fiasco, it was reported that nobody came out of Zhou's villa to explain things to the policemen.

Yahoo! News

Wu Chun has no plans to leave Fahrenheit to go solo


Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit recently threw a party to commemorate wrapping up their successful concert tour. One of the group member, Wu Chun's family members had reportedly flew to Taiwan to attend two of his concerts. Once rumoured to be his offspring, the singer's niece and nephew were also present at the party.

The 30-year-old jokinged, "You can draw some blood for DNA tests and see if they are my [children]!"

Known as 'Uncle Chun' to his niece and nephew, Wu Chun chuckled as he shared, "[They asked me] 'Uncle Chun, is the second concert same as the first? Why do we have to watch two concerts?'"

With the same face shape and sharp noses, Wu Chun's seven-year-old niece looks like an exact replicate of the star and the pair is said to share a close relationship with each other. The Brunei-born singer-actor revealed that he insisted on helping his niece wear a Fahrenheit commemorative cap to support him in the concert

Wu Chun also refuted rumours on the allegations surrounding his plans to fly solo from the group, and shared that he will not be releasing any single albums. He said that he will focus on filming movies for the next two to three years and will be more than willing to take part in idol drama series.

Despite running a successful gym business in Brunei, Wu Chun divulged that he has no plans to return to his hometown. "Initially when I first entered the industry, I did not set aside a timeframe or aim for it. As time passes by, there are more emotions and feelings."

Yahoo! News

Louis Koo supports Wayne Lai for TV King

louis koo

Ray Lui, Jamie Chik, Gallen Lo and Anita Yuen have all returned to TVB series, Louis expressed that although he has no contact with TVB, but in the last half year TVB have approached him with scripts, but he has no time to do series. Asked what type of series that would attract him? Louis said: "I like science fiction themes and I do hope to participate in writing the script. I have worked with Sean Lau before, but in the next two years I am very busy and won't have time for series."

Louis supports "Chai Gau" Wayne Lai for TV King: "I collaborated with him in a movie before, he is a good actor. TV Queen he doesn't have anyone who he supports. I haven't watched "Beyond", seeing a group of girls fighting and competing, I feel frightened. Just missing one episode I will not know what happened, so just won't watch it."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Cecilia Cheung pregnant with twins?

cecilia cheung

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung should get younger brother and sister to play with Lucas. Earlier it was rumored that Cecilia was pregnant with twins and is currently at home resting. Nic had never confirmed that his wife was pregnant or not. Yesterday Nic was asked if Cecilia was really pregnant with twins? He reluctantly admitted that his wife's health has "changed" recently.

Yesterday Nic was asked to confirm the news of Cecilia's pregnancy? Does she have twins? Nic said with a smile: "Honestly speaking, Cecilia's health have changed. (Does she have twins?) We haven't done the check up yet, haven't seen the doctor yet, so I cannot say so yet. Because her health had just changed, so we haven't seen the doctor yet. When it's time to admit, I will announce the good news to everyone."

Asked if he's excited to become a father by his comment that his wife's health has changed? He frankly said that he has always liked to be a father. His father Patrick Tse has 8 brothers and sisters, and currently he only has Lucas temporarily. Nic smiled and said that Cecilia wanted to have 5 children, he feels that having 3 is enough. He's afraid that he won't be able to take care of 5 kids.

"1st Brother" of EEG Nic attended event and expressed that he currently has a two year contract with EEG and there are no discussions for renewal yet. Asked when he renews his contract, will he request for even more freedom? He expressed that he has enough freedom now.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Nick Cheung popularity in "The Beast Stalker" lands in Hawaii

nick cheung

Depending on the film "The Beast Stalker" Nick Cheung won the Best Actor award, earlier he was invited to attend the Hawaii International Film Festival . Although the local fans there are not familiar with Nick Cheung, but they know that he has two films in which is participates in the nominations with including "The Beast Stalker" and "Red River". Many of the local audience there saw his two films and admire his acting, after watching Nick in the two films, they requested to take pictures with him. Nick felt honored to get such good feedback on his role in "The Beast Stalker", he hopes that the original cast members could be able to collaborate in and set fresh new sparks again.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Raymond Wong for "Safety First"

raymond wong

Raymond Wong had filmed many TVB series recently other than filming several movies. At 9pm night, Raymond and newbie Angel Chiang were filming "Safety First" in Tong Lo Wan. The scene mentioned about Angel cried aloud with Raymond's accompany. At the same time, her angry mood had risen. Raymond did not know how to settle it.

Before filming, they will hold some emotions for filming the scene. Both of them discussed the scripts. When it was time to film, Angel Chiang said two sentences and immediately a few eye drops flowed on her cheek. Raymond Wong also filming seriously. After finished filming the scene, they discussed the scripts again. Raymond said it very fluently.

Credits: jse @ AsianFanatics

Joey Yung, Leo Ku and Gillian Chung performed in Las Vegas

joey yung

Joey Yung, Leo Ku and Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) were performing in Las Vegas the other night, Bosco wong and Linda Chung were there too. Tickets were sold out. Joey was happy to celebrate her 10 year anniversary in the entertainment industry with the audience. Joey revealed that she took singing lesson in Los Angeles 10 years ago. Ah Gill was wearing an attractive deep V, very sexy indeed. She smiled "This top is a very special because it is made of human hair." This is Leo's first show since joining EEC, he wanted to earn money as well as having a leisure time. After the show, they wanted to do a bit of sight seeing. They were there only for 4 days. They said the most difficult time of this trip was getting over the jet jag.

Source: On.cc
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Kary Ng won't reject breast augmentation ads

kary ng

Yesterday Kary Ng was in Tsuen Wan shopping center for an autograph session, attracting 200 Fans to come support her. As Theresa was also at Tseun Wan for a promotion activities, the two are opponents. Kary said that she has not contacted Theresa lately and that their appearance at Tseun Wan around the same time is all a coincidence. She is not worried that she'll get compared with the amount of Fans she has with Theresa, just if there are Fans supporting her, that is enough.

Kary's new EP (KEEP BREATHING) has been selling quite well. She said that there are more opportunities for her to appear in public events. Yesterday she wasn't dressed too sexily because she had to interact with fans and cannot be too sexy. Kary's new image is fresh enough, she smiled and said that she felt that the album cover looks like a slimming ad. If there are opportunities for her to shoot breast augmentation slimming ads she will not reject them. Her principle is to not get any surgery, hoping her body figure line can be prettier and that her chest could be a little bigger then she is satisfied. Her contract with Gold Label is still under discussion, she said she has not had a chance to meet with Paco Wong yet because they are both very busy.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai to film "Rosy Business" sequel

sheren tang

Following the hugh success of "Rosy Business", Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang are working on the sequel by most of the original cast called "Women's fierce and ambitious" (tentative name). The series will start filming next March. the background of the series will be the same era as "Rosy Business". Wayne and Sheren were at the TVB city filming promotion trailer for the new series. Wayne was wearing the costume looked like Chai Gau.

Sheren revealed that Kiki Sheung, Ron Ng and Suki Tsui will not be in the new series, instead, Fala Chan and Raymond Wong will be joining them. Reporter asked if there is love between them in the storyline this time. Wayne said there will be, but he doesn't know the outcome yet. Sheren said the success of "Rosy Business" was due to lack of actual love involvement between them. She said "In fact, love without even a kiss is the highest level." Wayne agreed
with her, they share the same sentiment, they will leave the viewers to have their own imaginations.

Talking about this years nomination for the TV best actress award, that Charmaone Sheh and Tavia Yeung are very strong candidate. Sheren immediately said "There are more, what about Teresa Mo in "Off Pedder"? Don't take her for granted!." This year's award ceremony is in December, but people are already speculating who would be the award winner. Sheren has been the hot favorite, but recently, Tavia and Charmaine seem to join in the race. Sheren doesn't think much about the two, on the contrary, she considers Teresa as the front runner for the race. She also praised Teresa as a very good actress.

Source: Wenweipo/Mingpao(image)
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Aaron Kwok takes a day off on his 44th birthday

aaron kwok

Aaron Kwok will be 44 tomorrow, and he has a day off from the producer. He had made it clear earlier that he will not be celebrating his birthday with rumored girlfriend Lynn. In fact, Aaron already knew Lynn is not in Hong Kong.

Aaron was wearing a suit yesterday when he attended "Longines" new shop opening ceremony. Aaron is the spokesperson for Longines and he was there to celebrate their 120th anniversary. Aaron also wore the watch Retrograde worth 80,000 HKD given to him as a gift from the company. He revealed that he is interested to collect all limited brand watches, and the watch he is wearing has only got 120 in the world. Aaron told reporter he hasn't planned how to celebrate his birthday yet.

Aaron disclosed that he was invited as special guest in a tennis activity. He was than supposed to fly to Thailand to work on a new film "The detective" directed by Oxide Pang. However, the director knew it's his birthday, he gave him a day off work. Aaron said "If the lyric of "The Storm Warriors II" is ready, I will come back first to do the recording. It may record till the early hours, than we can have dinner with my colleagues." Reporter asked if he would celebrate his birthday with Lynn? Aaron said "No, I hear she is not in hong Kong. (You know where she is?) I only found out from the newspaper. (It's Mango Wong's birthday next month. Are you going to celebrate her birthday with her?) I have no comment."

Source: Wenweipo

Ella Koon has lost her voice

ella koon

Ella Koon attended the promotion press conference for Windows 7 the other day. She also demonstrated the various functions of the computer. Reporter asked whether she had asked her boyfriend for help when she has problem with the computer? Ella replied that she didn't want to talk about her boyfriend.

Ella revealed that she has lost her voice recently and she is worried about her health. She said "The doctor said I need to rest my voice for at least 3 moths. If I continue to sing too much, it would damage my vocal cord. Nowadays, apart from singing, I hardly talk." Ella went on to say she has never worried about her health before and now she has to rearranged her workload. She may have to decline some of the invitations. This is because she doesn't want to push herself too much. Ella disclosed that she likes to talk, but now she has to be quiet." Ella added "I don't talk to people I don't know very well on the phone, instead I use the text."

Source: MingPao

Stephy Tang doesn't learn declares to enter Hollywood

stephy tang

After Stephy Tang had her incident "typo story" (mistakes in her book), she gets severely criticized once again for her poor English. There are Netizens who said earlier when Stephy and Justin Lo accepted an interview in English at a television station, her responses were not so good. Yesterday Stephy plans to came up with more excuses.

Recently there are Netizens on Facebook critizing Stephy's poor English at an interview in English that she attended earlier, saying that her responses were "grammatically incorrect and level is bad" Yesterday Stephy explained: "The interview is not that recent, I'm not unhappy because it's a generous criticism." She explained that the interview was "too sudden", couldn't handle too well. Also English is not her mother (1st) language, but she will try her best to improve for the future.

At yesterday's event, Stephy suddenly declares: "My goal is to enter Hollywood!" Good friend Kary Ng who was right next to her could not help but laugh at her comment, she told Stephy: "Wah! I really admire you!" Stephy expessed that it's a goal, English is an international language.

------- Stephy's language mistakes...

In 2007, Stephy had a blog in English and at that time she was criticized by Erica Yuen that her English was bad. At the time, Stephy insisted that theres no homework to turn in for Blogs, so a few mistakes is normal.

July 2009, Stephy launched her romance novel <陪著我走>, in more than 30 pages of the book, there were already nearly a hundred typos. Stephy then defended herself saying that she's new to Mandarin pinyin, leading her to choose the wrong words. She also depended too much on the spell check. However, Stephy did apologize for the mistakes and launched a new corrected version.

[The Sun] Earlier a clip of Stephy and Justin's English interview from the film festival was uploaded on Youtube. There was someone who asked her about her special outfit, Stephy stuttered in her response: "I am very thanks them!"

Netizens criticized her saying that her English skills are even worst than an elementary student, Justin giggled a bit! King of Tutor Richard Eng said: "There are 3 mistakes besides grammatical errors, 'very thanks' is just the direct translation from Cantonese, it is Hong Kong English! I suggest the phrase be re-worded to: 'I thank them very much!'"

Source: Mingpao, The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Steven Ma likes to eat leeks

steven ma

Steven Ma was in the studio recording "Starry Kitchen" yesterday. He revealed that he likes cooking in the kitchen when he is free, and he has done some research in cooking with Chinese medicine as ingredients. He is planning to write a book about it and intends to make a request to the company for him to host a cookery programme.

Steven smiled and said when he told master Chow that he likes to eat leek, Master Chow said he is a smart guy. Leek is also called "yang from grass" and it is good for the kidneys. Master Chow teased Steven that he is "up" everyday in front of the reporter. Steven was embarrassed. The reporter asked if he had cooked that for his girl friend, Steven said he had cooked for many people such as Fala Chen, Tavis Yeung and Linda Chung, who all have tasted his cooking. Fala even praised his cooking skill, and she wants to move to live nearer to him.

Steven disclosed that he doesn't particularly want to look for a wife who is a good cook. He would rather her helping out with washing the dishes after dinner. He said "I know a lot of my female friends who don't know how to cook. When they said my food was delicious, I was so proud."

Source: Wenweipo
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Sonjia Kwok risk of getting car falling on her at autoshop

sonija kwok

Yesterday Sonija Kwok, Kent Cheng, Kate Tsui and Raymond Wong attended a blessing ceremony for their new series. Sonjia said that although in the series she plays a mechanic girl, but in reality she does not know anything about fixing cars. She expressed: "There was one scene where I was in the autoshop and had to roll out from underneath the car that I was fixing, the crew helped me lift the car up a little, but it didn't look safe. I was so scared the car may fall on me!" Sonjia then expressed that she had collaborated with Kent in , at the time she played his wife, but this time she plays his god-daughter!

Kate expressed that in the series she's a female police officer and a martial arts instructor. There was one scene where she and Raymond had to fight each other and actually got injured a few times. In the series, she will be developing a triangle love relationship with Sonjia and Raymond.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Moses Chan doing nose bleed scene several times in Central

moses chan

Moses Chan has been busy shooting for TVB new series , last night the cast were in the SOHO district in Central filming. At the scene, it was seen that Moses who was sitting in the car after getting attacked by someone, he looked injured. In order to get the nose bleed effect, a worker stuck some red liquid up Moses nose. When it was officially time to film, Moses was unable to push out the 'pretend blood' from his nose at the right time, he would often start bleeding before the cameras rolled, sometimes the bleeding did not flow smoothly out. As a result, Moses had to do the scene many times, almost using all of the red liquid before the Director said it was okay.

Then, Moses changed into a suit and arrived at Happy Valley with Maggie Siu to shoot an arguing scene. The two were filming in front of a restaurant, while Maggie asked Moses: "What are you doing?", Moses did not look directly at her and seems to be looking elsewhere.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Myolie Wu as JSG guest host; her dressing shocked Chilam

myolie wu

Myolie Wu was the guest host for Jade Solid Gold (JSG) today. Her see through1 dressed shocked Chilam Cheung.

Myolie Wu jokingly said that she did check out herself in front of the mirror at home to see whether it was too transparent or not. However, because there weren't much lights at home like in the studio, she did not know her dress was so transparent/see through.

There were rumors that she "self-recommended"1 herself to film a movie with rumor boyfriend Bosco Wong. However, Myolie clarified this by saying that all her jobs were/are being arranged by the company. It is impossible to "self-recommend".

Source: Ming Pao Daily
Translated by: Stephy Wephy @ AsianFanatics

Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009

Kelly Chen gets tips from Kay Tse on her baby caring experiences

kelly chen

Yesterday Kelly Chen attended a press conference, she expressed that every time she sees Hacken Lee or Kay Tse, she would ask them on baby caring tips. Usually she would sing to her son, but its just random singing and her son wouldn't laugh, so instead she tried doing silly faces. Kelly also expressed that Kay shared her experiences on taking care of babies. Kay felt that the most difficult part is carrying the baby, carried so much that their hand bone would get a bump because both arms would get really painful and still need to continue to carry. It really is a challenge on how long you can last, she said: "My son is already heavier than a bag of rice, about 15 pounds now. Getting chubby fast and is getting a double chin."

Hins Cheung and Eric Suen were suppose to duet (義不容情), but because Eric still has not fully recovered from surgery, so he did not attend the press conference. Speaking of Eric and Macy Chan rumors, Hins said that Eric cannot take too much stress now and said: "Taking a girl home is very normal, it doesn't mean anything. He took me home one before too, so at that time I thought it was something."

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Ella Koon to duet English song with Japanese rapper NYCCA "DARE TO BE"

ella koon

Ella Koon who has recently been rising in popularity attended a promotion at the Metro radio station to promote her new English song "Dare to Be" which features Chinese-Japanese blood rapper NYCCA (日華). The DJ gave her a "Ella Koon" language card. Crowned as the Goddess, Ella will be performing her song in English, she said: "It's not because I've been popularity lately, the song was already written and completed a long while ago."

Also, NYCCA will be holding a press conference in Tokyo for "Dare to Be" and Ella will be attending. She said: "This is the first time I'm going to Japan for a promotion, it's a rare opportunity. (Do you have confidence to develop in the Japanese market?) See how my company arranges it."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Suki Tsui takes wedding pictures, increase in cup size & appears to be pregnant

suki tsui

Suki Chui was rumored to be getting married because she carried a child, next month she will be marrying her boyfriend Kenny Wong (Wong Ho). It was said that on the 3rd of this month she held a wedding banquet inviting close friends and family.

Suki and Kenny took wedding pictures yesterday and it was seen that Suki's stomach was getting bigger, revealing that she's pregnant, she also increased her cup size. She would sit down to take a rest from time to time, but she still does not admit she is pregnant.

Suki tried on 4 wedding dresses, while Kenny attentively took care of his soon to be wife going in and out. Suki exposed that when he was watching her change into the wedding dress, he would get a flowerly mouth (flirty), she said: "He praised that I am really pretty and that besides being happy that he found something tasty to eat, he also is happy to have found a good wife." When the couple were requested to play mouth to mouth games, Suki went and gave Kenny a peck on the cheeks, making the groom embarrassed.

Suki seems to be a little tired, she said: "At this time, I'm usually napping." Asked if theres a change in her sizes? She said: "It is just the angle of the pictures you guys take." She frankly said that getting ready for her wedding feels like a long break.

As for her selection of wedding dresses seems to all completely cover her stomach, she denied that she needed changes made on the chest and waist areas of her dress, but she did expressed that she is not pregnant. After marriage, she will bring her 3 cats to live with her and also expressed that she may be living with her in-laws.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Gillian Chung to do her 5th comeback work, back into the Film Industry

gillian chung

Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi finally "got back together" as TWINS appeared on stage together secretly and surprised attacked Joey Yung at her concert. This attracted screams from the crowd in shock. Turns out that Ah Gil is not temporarily not working on something related to Twins, but on a new film produced by Chapman To. She will soon be the female lead for the new film, heading for a strong future battle back into the Film Industry.

Been on hiatus for a year, Gillian finally came out of the shadows successfully. March of this year she officially announced her comeback and earlier she asked Master of Musicals Phoebe Chan to mentor her on acting, and was offered a role in a musical. Quite satisfying. Yesterday she again accepted to participate in Chapman To's produced film "Former" (前度) as the female lead, which will start shooting in December. This will be her 5th comeback work, in order for Ah Gil to do her best, she had meetings with Chapman to discuss about the best candidates for the male lead, she also contributed her opinions.

This time for Ah Gil's comeback, EEG has invested a 7 figure sum for its production and also invited Chapman to create a customized role for her. According to sources, the candidates for the male lead will include Ken Hung and William Chan.

The other night Chapman was promoting for the new film, he personally confirmed that they have already made the final decision to have Ah Gil in this film. He said: "Ah Gil is the female lead, the male lead has not been decided yet. The story talks about Ah Gil as a former girlfriend, and the love story with her ex-boyfriend. (Does the story resemble her love life in reality?) I don't know about that! This movie is Ah Gil's comeback in the film industry, she is very nervous about it, always calling me to discuss about it. I hope for the best as far as the story goes and the candidates for male lead. She is becoming well prepared for this and this makes me feel emotional."

TWINS makes a comeback on stage

The film has not finish pre-production yet, but the other night Ah Gil went to enjoy big sister Joey Yung's 10th anniversary concert. Besides sending flowers to big sister to congratulate her with good sister Ah Sa, at the end of the concert, during the Encore, TWINS surprise attacked Joey on stage, running up for a tight embrace. Joey was shocked on the spot and shouted that she's very emotional to see Twins, so the trio quickly embraced. Joey also told Fans below the stage: "Everyone must support Ah Gil, okay?" Audience saw that Twins finally made a comeback on stage, the crowd screamed and heavy applause was heard.

Also, at the end of the concert during the Encore, Joey was singing and dancing and got really high that she didn't notice that her belt bucket got loose. When she noticed, she yelled out "Aiya" then said: "So bad lah! How come no one is looking at me and it's recording too!" One audience member shouted back: "Let it go again!" Joey then whined back: "I don't know when it came apart, unless I sing the song all over again, no way."

Ah Gil's schedule (quite packed):

- Earlier she did a musical and an advertisement
- Soon she will be shooting another advertisement for a French watch brand.
- A show in the United States and Mainland.
- Next year, she's going to appear in a Taiwanese Idol Drama and make a comeback into the film industry.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Leo Ku received a 7 figure sum as the spokesperson for "Cup noodle"

leo ku

Leo Ku received a 7 figure sum for being the spokesperson from Nissen Hop flavor cup noodle in Hong Kong and Japanese hot star Takuya Kimura is the spokesperson for Japan. Leo was doing the commercial under the hot weather and he almost fainted. He had to keep eating ice-cream to cool down.

Leo was filming on the roof top in Central Pier with 40 other artists. It was 30 degree and everybody was sweating. Leo, in particular sweats a lot, he kept wiping off the sweats, and he nearly got sun stroke. Leo expressed "I have to eat ice-cream continuously to cool myself down." Leo was filming for 12 hours that day, he had consumed 10 cup noodles but he never complained. He reckoned as long as the result of the commercial was good, he didn't mind that. Leo also sang his new song in the commercial.

Source: Wenweipo
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Timmy Hung feels Fala Chen's bra scene is not a big deal

timmy hung

Timmy Hung and Andy Hui were at the Tsing Yi Sports Ground yesterday and played on behalf of the Dawn Star soccer team. Timmy's performance was courageous and during the fight for the ball with the other team, he fell down. Timmy's partner Andy Hui said that he's not fit enough.

Towards him falling down during the game, Timmy did not give up: "Kicking ball is like that, I don't mind. Most important is happiness! Andy and I are pretty compatible. (Andy said that he's not fit enough!) Maybe he's implying that I'm not fit enough. Actually I already played a game before this, the opponents were in the army. I think I had enough exercise for today. (How do you feel about the Fala revealing bra scene in 'The Stew of Life' becoming a hot topic?) Actually many people saw it! I feel that it's really nothing, it's not like she was in a lace bra and it wasn't anything like porn. She also did not reveal anything really, how come bikinis are acceptable then? Hong Kong is quite conservative, whatever angle we use to look at this, it is all our personal issue. I'm saying we are not trying to win the ratings and made Fala reveal anything."

Andy expressed: "I need to lose some weight, it's not for our 4 good brothers (Edmond Leung, William So, Hins Cheung) concert, its me personally who thinks I'm not fit enough. But for our concert, we still have not decided on several things, for the title I hope there is some uniqueness, could be called the Oldies Team!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Elanne Kong is saving up to buy a townhouse for her family

elanne kong

Elanne Kwong, Square, Hotcha, Chita Yu, Tat Dik and Pervy Fan attended "SUBARU Palm Challenge 2009" at the Olympia City yesterday. This challenge aims to test the patience of the contestants who have to place their hand on the designated palm area on the car. The last person who is still standing and holding on the car wins the challenge. The winner will than go to Singapore for the final challenge. The overall winner will win a car worth over $200,000 HKD.

HotCha had thought about entering the competition, they told the reporter " We really wanted to test out patience, but you can't go to the toilet for 6 hours. It would be difficult as we need to go to the toilet quite often being a female. We also worried about getting cramps." None of the HotCha girls has got their driving license yet, but they all hope to own a car.

Elanne expressed that she is planning to save money to buy a property and a car. She hopes to accomplish this next year. She reckoned it will cost her 6-7 million HKD to buy a three bedroom village townhouse so that her family can live comfortably. ( Living in towntown, are you not worried the paparazzi might stalk you?) She replied "I have already asked my mom to buy a tumble dryer so that I don't have my under wear hanging outside for drying." Elanne disclosed that she had received a car number plate "LING 930" as her birthday present from a fan. The number symbolizes her birthday. Elanne said "I hope to buy a care and put on my own number plate. I am very poor in direction sense, I don't know my left or right. My mom suggested I hire a chauffeur." Elanne went on to say she likes her car in pink color and her chauffer also wears a pink suit. She added "My chauffer colleague told me he won't do it even for 100,000 HKD a month"

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Edison Chen secretly enters Hollywood

edison chen

Edison Chen has always expressed his interest in developing in Hollywood. Yesterday, an english website posted up news regarding Chinese-American director Bertha Pan's new film 'Almost Perfect'. Edison's name was included amongst the cast list! According to the report, the film is a low-budget romantic comedy, and the female lead will be Kelly Hu, who previously starred in 'The Scorpian King' and 'X-Men 2'. Director Pan expressed his great interest in working with the female lead. Ivan Shaw & Roger Rees are also included amongst the cast list.

Source: TOM
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Myolie Wu Places Work As Top Priority

myolie wu

Myolie Wu attended Macau's 60th National Day Celebration event, and she appeared together with rumored boyfriend, Bosco Wong. She expressed that this was the company's arrangement. When the news on their break-up was being brought up, Myolie expressed that both of them had never admitted publicly of their dating relationship, and asked the reporter not to ask any more questions regarding the rumors. Now, she's busy with promoting her new album. Later on, she will be heading for Japan to film a new drama, and as for now, her work is of the top priority.

Bosco Wong Denied Breaking Up With Myolie Wu [Source: oncc]

Bosco Wong was alleged to have broken up with Myolie Wu, and hooked up with Toby Leung instead. When he attended the event, he was evasive of questions relating to relationships. He emphasized that he never talked about being in a relationship, so there was no break-up to talk about. He expressed that he's good friends with both Myolie Wu and Toby Leung. When asked whom is a closer friend to him, he said that the feeling of friendship cannot be compared.

Bosco Wong Denied That He Failed To Woo Toby [Source: Apple Action News]

There was a rumor that Bosco Wong once wooed after Toby Leung, but because he failed, thus he returned to coax Myolie Wu back.

Today, Bosco attended the National Day Celebration show in Macau, and said in exasperation, "It's old news. Back then, when I was filming a drama with Toby, we already had rumors. Now, the rumors are starting again. I'm good friends with both ladies."

Myolie Wu, who's present at the event as well, carried the same tone as she expressed that she's good friends with Bosco Wong. She hoped that the media and outsiders can stop spreading her rumors with Bosco.

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Ang Lee Looks Forward to Tony Leung's Yip Man

tony leung

Ang Lee's 'Taking Woodstock' screened in Hong Kong for the first time the day before yesterday. Attendees at the premiere included Tony Leung, who had earlier broken his left arm practicing Wing Chun while preparing to film Wong Kar Wai's 'The Grand Master'. As for his thoughts on the disappointing box office results for his film, Ang Lee says he doesn't have an answer for it and doesn't find it necessary to look for one either. Instead, he greatly praised Tony as an actor and looks forward to his portrayal of Yip Man.

Ang Lee's 'Taking Woodstock' screened the night before yesterday at The Grand Cinema. Karena Lam, Jacqueline Chong, Chrissie Chow and Chin Ka Lok attended the screening. As well, Tony Leung, who had collaborated with Ang Lee in 'Lust, Caution' also came to the screening. When Ang Lee saw Tony, he immediately approached him and gave him a hug. The two conversed with each other quite animately. Were they talking about plans for another collaboration? Tony laughs saying he doesn't know the chances of working with him in the future, as Ang Lee has been concentrating on Western (Hollywood) films. Tony admits that he came to the screening to support Ang Lee. He says: "I met Ang Lee back during the Cannes Festival. The movie played at there, but I had other committments that day so I couldn't attend. Tonight will hopefully make up for it."

Proud of New Film, Not Worrying About the Box Office Results

As for failing to achieve ideal ratings at the box office? Tony says: "It's hard to say. For me, making a movie is all about enjoying the process. The most important thing is being happy and excited about the movie itself. The box office results and the audiences' reception is hard to predict. If it does well at the box office and the audience enjoys it, then that's really a bonus." Ang Lee says he doesn't feel the need to inquire as to why the movie failed at the box office. He says that: "I personally think the film is very good and I'm proud of this film. I don't know if it lack the spark to captivate the audience. I hope my next movie will be better."

How about Tony acting in 'The Grand Master'? Ang Lee says Tony has the ability to play any role because he's the best actor out there. He believes Tony's Yip Man will be different from Donnie Yen's version. He says: "I'm looking forward to it, especially because Wong Kar Wai is directing the movie and Yuen Woo Ping is in charge of the martial arts choreography."

As for Tony who broke his left arm while preparing to film 'The Grand Master', he says that his injury has almost completely healed. What about the reports that Zhang Ziyi will be playing the role of his wife? Tony says he doesn't know as he hasn't received any news on that front. Is she suitable for the role of Yip Man's wife? Tony says: "It's not really about whether she's suitable or not. Different people in the role will produce different results."

No Plans in the Works to Collaborate with Zhang Ziyi Again

Ang Lee attended a lecture yesterday at a university campus. He was very humourous with his talk and earned a huge round of applause from the students. Later backstage he accepted an interview and revealed that the audiences' reaction at the first screening was quite good, better than in the States. Will he collaborate again with Zhang Ziyi? He says that right now there are no plans, but the two often keep in touch. When asked whether Ang Lee is aware of Zhang Ziyi's current relationship status and of whether or not her relationship with her boyfriend has changed? Ang Lee says that he has never asked her about her relationship. He laughs saying that every time his sees her out in public she is dressed very elegantly and has become quite sophisticated. It's very different than what he remembered when they met for the first time.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ AsianFanatics

Leila’s basketball skill is not as good as her junior’s

leila tong

Leila Tong, who has a great interest in singing all along, sang a duet with Bonald Leung recently. In order to perform in the best shape, Leila, using the ‘trainer’ identity, brought Bonald to the gym to train. However, she then realised that her exercising cells are not as strong as Bonald’s, making her really embarrassed.

In these two years, Leila has been training in the gym secretly. Apart from making her body shape even better, she also hopes that this can help to train her lungs in order to venture into the music industry in the future. Having released an album of her own, Leila recently sang a love duet with Bonald Leung. She even revealed that there were lots of funny things going on when she was recording with Bonald. She said,”I treat him as my younger brother, thus it’s really funny that we have to sing a love duet and I can’t hold my laughter every time. When we sing the next time, I won’t dare to look at him in the eyes, just in case it becomes funny and that won’t be good!”

Feeling inferior due to bad skills

Leila feels that Bonald is shy and weak, thus she used her status as a senior to bring this little brother to work in the gym. However, when they were playing the basketball machine, Leila realised that her junior’s exercise cells were better than hers, making her really embarrased. Leila said, “When we were doing warm ups and working on the machines, I was still teaching him very well. However, when it comes to the basketball machine, the difference can be seen and his stamina is much better than me. I really feel very inferior! But it’s okay, guys and girls are different so I won’t blame myself.”

Seeing how depressed his senior looked, Bonald immediately sweettalked her, making her smile again, “You are still more capable, I still have lots of things to learn from you.”

Source: on.cc
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