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Ariel Lin and Siwon Donghae in Extravagant Challenge

Ariel Lin

After being absent in the idol drama industry for 2 years, Ariel Lin has accepted 2 new dramas this year. The first is ‘Extravagant Challenge’ (Skip Beat) which will resume filming after a one-year break. However, the original male lead Jerry Yan will be replaced by Korean group Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae, and the director will still be Niu Cheng Ze. The other drama that Ariel has accepted is the adapted version of Korean drama ‘Coffee Prince’. She will take on Yoon Eun-Hye’s role, and the male lead is still in discussion.

Last year, Jerry Yan, Ariel Lin were to team up with Director Niu to film idol drama ‘Extravagant Challenge’, and they went all the way to Japan to hold the press conference. Jerry even went to Japan for free to help promote. However, when they returned back to Taiwan, they were informed that the drama would not go ahead, and all their hard work was wasted. Later, there were rumours that the male lead was changed to Wu Zun, and this angered Jerry, and he quit the drama altogether.

Ariel Lin has not starred in an idol drama for quite some time, and fans even went to her management company to protest. Many fans wrote letters to her assistant, and they even directed angry comments at her manager on Ariel’s official website, complaining that their idol is an actress, not a singer. Recently, she is busy preparing for her second album, and also a travel photobook. At the earliest, she will begin filming ‘Extravagant Challenge’ in August. And as for the Taiwanese version of ‘Coffee Prince’, Ariel fell in love with the original Korean drama at the time, so she is definitely anticipating her own performance!

Source: China Times
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Genie Zhuo as Guy in Girl in Boys Dorm

Genie Zhou

In order to act as Miya, the main female character in "Girl In Boys' Dorm", Genie Chuo had to become a modern-day Mulan, cutting her hair short, wearing a suit and tie, appearing as a handsome guy, her fans could barely recognise her.

Genie Chuo, who has been in showbiz for 15 years, started out with short hair but she's kept her long hairstyle for many years, making her look more and more feminine. Having had her beautiful, long locks all this time, Genie really treasures her hair. Now, in the idol drama she will become a modern-day Mulan, she has to cut her hair short, wear a suit and appear as a handsome young man.

Director Deng An Ning was originally planning to personally come and act as the hair stylist but then thought of the cheerful Chao Zi Ciang and asked him to guest-star as the stylist instead, cutting off all of Genie's beautiful hair. During the filming process, there were many amusing scenes of them arguing over how short Genie's hair should be. Although in the end, a custom-made short hair wig was made for her, as soon as Genie put it on and thought about how her beautiful long hair was just gone, she immediately went into the mind frame of not having long hair anymore. Chao Zi Ciang's acting also naturally brought out the emotions of a girl (Genie) wanting to protect her long locks and not being able to bare getting it cut.

Genie, who has always had a very sweet, pretty image, says that having this rare opportunity to look handsome, in order to portray the character of Miya well, Genie expressed that the custom-made short hair wig is a new experience and further allows her to get into the mind frame of her character.

Source: Epoch Times
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

Jay Chou Album The Era breaks record

Jay Chou The Era

Jay Chou's new album was released across Asia today, and Hong Kong sales have already surpassed 70,000 copies, smashing his previous album sales record. In the MV for his second title track 'The Era', Jay turns into a handsome vampire and it also features a special custom-made piano that cost $620,000rmb, again smashing his personal record for the most amount of money spent on an MV. And for his third title track 'Raining All Night', Jay continues to travel through time, and transforms into a traditional Chinese man, playing er hu. The most special thing about this MV is that it actually led to a very happy event. During filming, one of the male actors suddenly proposed to his girlfriend, who was also one of the female actors, making her very surprised but happy. And this whole process was also recorded.

Sales for Jay's new album have already surpassed 70,000 copies, breaking the record for his previous album 'November's Chopin'. And to achieve the visual effects, the album comes in a 3D metal box, evidently displaying the amount of money spent.

Source: 022net
Translated by: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Darren star in Jay Chou MV It Rains All Night

Jay CHou

Jay Chou directed and starred in the MV for his new song "It Rains All Night", but he's only playing the role of the story teller. He's given the male lead role to Darren from The Drifters, to star in a love story in this life and the past life. However, he didn't let his buddy taste the "sweetness", the intimate scene with the female lead was completed by using angles.

In Jay Chou's new song, from the lyrics, the melody to the scenes in the MV, he goes from the present to the 20s and 30s, he went from playing the cello to playing the erhu wearing a gown. The big crew went to 100 year old Taipei Guest House to get shots. His singing went from R&B to the singing found in Beijing Opera; he subtly joins together the love from the past to the present.

In the MV Darren sees his beloved female lead marry someone else, and he couldn't stop crying. It was his first time filming a crying scene, he cried very miserably. He couldn't stop crying even after Jay Chou shouted "cut". Jay Chou said: "He really knows how to act, a man crying for love, it really moves me!" Jay Chou's singing and signing session for his album "The Era" will be in Gaoxiong, Taichung on the 22nd, and on the 23rd he'll be at Shimen in Taipei.

Source: China Times
Translated by: http://www.jaychoustudio.com

Vic Zhou in film Love You Ten Thousand Years

Vic Chou

A deep emotional prince in front of the camera, Zai Zai Vic Zhou becomes an otaku when he reaches home. Fans rarely see this side of him but the film "Love You Ten Thousand Years" will scoop out Zai Zai's decadent and sloppy appearance, to give a surprise to fans.

Due to scheduling issues this year, Zai Zai narrowly missed being in the movies "Black & White" and "Killer Ouyang Penzai." This makes the soon-to-be released August movie "Love You Ten Thousand Years" being paid particular attention. This local Taiwan romance comedy film directed by Japanese director Toyo Kitamura, will let Zaizai do a turnaround, challenging the role of a decadent rock band lead singer, and he even has to use his own unique singing style to belt out the song "Love You Ten Thousand Years" which has previously been sung by Wynners, Five Tigers, Wu Bai and Li Yi Chun!

Prior to shooting the movie, director Toyo Kitamura had a headache thinking of how to change Zai Zai from his handsome appearance to a decadent band member. Then unexpectedly, he saw Zai Zai with disheveled hair and unshaven face walking towards him, and Toyo Kitumura happily shouted out "That's the look!" Manager Zhi Xiang Li was alarmed and worried that fans cannot accept this Zaizai who do not care about his appearance. But Zaizai just said, be calm,"They are only seeing my original (real-life) self."

Toyo Kitamura used his 13 years observation of Taiwan's cultural phenomenon and filmed it into a funny plot. Zai Zai will sing as he plays the guitar and even have to dance while wearing a "vulgar (coarse) looking" suit. Film producer Peggy Chiao could not help but praise him, that he has the form to be "Tony Leung's successor ".

The official website of "Love You Ten Thousand Years" is opening in these two days, and will specially introduce the lead actress Kato Yoo Ji. She is the Shiseido spokesperson in Japan, and in the film she will have an interesting exchange of blows with Zaizai on views about love.

Show Luo concert in Taipei Arena with Sammi Cheng

Show Luo Sammi Cheng

With a 3D video as prologue, amidst the anticipation of everyone, in an explosion, Show Lo appears on stage, standing still for 30 seconds, enjoying the screams of tens of thousands of fan.

This being his second ticketed concert at the Taipei Arena, "Dance King's" confidence and momentum was on full blast. The comedian who had octopus poured all over his head is now a page of his career in the past.

After 3 consecutive concerts in Hong Kong, Show Lo's "Wu Fa Wu Tian" Tour kicked off the first night of the 3 concerts in Two days in Taipei. With an additional $5 million expense, giving everyone in the audience a $30 value polarized 3-D glasses. He opened the concert with a string of dance songs, setting the tone with "dance," complicated and powerful dance moves, fulfilling the message on the flowers from good friend Jay Chou, "Let All of Asian Know, Dance King is Here."

Show Lo has a background in hosting after all, interacting with a fan girl, making her feel like he was doing this for her. And during the talking, he would add in jokes and gags, humor to the end. Because Golden Melody nominees had just been announced, he was afraid that his fans would misunderstand so hurried to clarify that his album was only released at the beginning of this year, so they didn't apply this year, not that he didn't get nominated, "You, who have come to watch my concert today, you're all my my Golden Melody Awards."

The dance king invited Sammi Cheng as guest, who will be holding a concert on July 3rd. In the afternoon, she went to the Taipei Arena straight from the airport. The two, though unfamiliar, sang "Mei Fe Se Wu," and had the whole venue completely pumped. Sammi said, "We're not quite familiar with each other, so I came to make a friend." Show then followed with a big hug that could pull them closer. This afternoon, and tonight's concerts will have pop queens Elva Hsiao and Amei Chang as guest.

Pop queens who didn't make it were present in Show's imitations. He imitated Amei's "Huo," Elva's "Shan Shan Re Ren Ai" and also gave Jolin's ribbon dance from "Wu Niang" a whirl. Jolin sent a floral bouquet on on the card she jokingly wrote, "Please respect the ribbon, treat her well." Show also played the drums, the piano, and violin. In just one concert, Show Lo embodied the ambition of positioning as a king of pop.

Mike He kiss Charlene Choi in Calling For Love

Mike He Charlene Choi

During filming of CTS drama ‘Calling For Love’, female lead Charlene Choi (Ah Sa)’s married status had not yet been exposed but she had many kiss scenes in the drama with male lead Mike He. Ah Sa admitted that Mike’s kissing skills successfully electrified her, and she revealed that she “very quickly entered into the world of love.”

‘Calling For Love’ will broadcast this Sunday but it seems that Ah Sa wants to avoid the media. She used work as an excuse, and was unwilling to come to Taiwan to promote her new drama, leaving producer Angie Chai to hold the fort. Ah Sa’s character in the drama is very innocent, therefore she does not have many passionate scenes. Her dress style is also very conservative; if she isn’t wearing her taxi uniform, then her clothes will be buttoned very high. At the time, she did not have many requests, the only one being having her own personal make-up artist, and she was not opposed to filming intimate scenes.

Ah Sa previously had a kiss scene with Andy Lau in ‘All About Love’ that lasted over 10 seconds. She expressed that that kiss was the most unforgettable for her. However, when she arrived in Taiwan to collaborate with Mike, she felt that he had the ‘most charm’. She admitted that she was electrified by him during filming: “His eyes are too mesmerising, at first I was too scared to look him in the eye, I was very nervous.”

At the time, Mike did not know that the girl he was kissing was in fact already married. And she also marks the first married female that he’s collaborated with. Mike revealed that previously, they went to sing KTV together, and everyone purposely wanted to pick Ronald Cheng’s songs to sing. However, they were stopped by Ah Sa, who was strongly opposed to the idea.

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Blue Lan and Ethan Ruan in UMA movie

Sonia Sui Tang

Blue Lan Zheng Long will be going to Cannes in the evening of 14th May to promote Wang Xiao Di’s movie: ‘UMA’ 《酷馬》after Ethan Ruan. Before his departure, TTV, Sanlih’s ‘Tou Xin Da Sheng PS Nan’ filming crew specially prepared a swimming trunk as gift, he must travel to the French Riviera for once, Sonia Sui smiling said that practically all the girls there are ‘in midair’ (bare), worried that Blue Lan will have ‘anaemia’ when he comes back.

‘PS Male’ Blue Lan will leave for Cannes for publicity of movies, ‘Tou’ drama actors and actress Sonia Sui, Xia Jing Ting and Chen Wei Ming specially prepared sunglasses, sunscreen and swimming trunk to send him off, Sonia Sui proposed to Blue: ‘When going to Cannes, you certainly have to go to French Riviera, so we are giving you the ‘three treasures of Cannes’ , but be careful, do not get ‘anaemia’ when you come back!’ Blue Lan took the swimming trunk to scrutinize for a while cannot help but laughingly said: ‘This is high shorts, and now should be very hard to get it. I think we anticipate in seeing Tang Tang or Bai Bai wear!’

In the past, Sonia Sui and family members visited the French Riviera together, she revealed that before departure, her father would help everyone to buy sunglasses, later then she knew her father’s intention. Sonia Sui said: ‘There are many girls there ‘high up in the air’ [bare], we wear normally, but look like alien.’ While sharing her experience, she jokingly said: ‘I am more concerned for Blue Lan whether he will come back with ‘anaemia.’’

Blue Lan take over Vic Zhou in Ruffian Hero

Blue Lan

Blue Lan Zheng Long and Zai Zai Vic Zhou's names are often connected because of Da S, recently it was rumoured that Blue Lan will take over Zai Zai in acting the movie version of 'Ruffian Hero', Blue Lan denied the rumours yesterday, he said: 'This is the thinking of netizens, there is really no such thing.'

Director Cai Yue Xun has announced that the movie version of 'Ruffian Hero' will start shooting, besides Mark Zhao You Ting as the male lead, another candidate to succeed Zai Zai will be announced at the Cannes Film Festival, and because Blue Lan will also attend the Cannes Film Festival in the mid of May, conjures speculation from people outside the showbiz.

Blue Lan yesterday said that he is going to Cannes, mainly for Wang Xiao Di's new film, 'and his frame of mind in participating is to view and emulate other's work , to promote film culture, and he is pressed for time, after 3 days will return to Taiwan.' He denies that he will meet Cai Yue Xun.

Yesterday, he had a catwalk show with Cai Shu Zhen for the first time, a cell phone was placed on the chest of Cai Shu Zhen, Blue Lan need to take the cell phone from her chest, Blue Lan said in embarrassment: 'I do not know where to look?' Cai Shu Zhen was rumoured to be an item with the nominee for Best Supporting Actor of the Golden Horse award, Huang Jian Wei, Cai Shu Zhen admitted that, 'admire him, and in a matured friend relationship with each other.'

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A Fistful of Stances actress Natalie Tong ready to get married

Natalie Tong

Natalie Tong
had many sad scenes in "A Fistful of Stances." Her acting received good response and she said happily: "When I'm out on the streets, many people called me 'Ah Aun' (her name in the series). I usually play sassy girls, didn't know viewers like tragic characters as well. It gave me a new direction in acting." Officially stepped in the showbiz in 2000 with "Youth@Y2k," this year it's her 10th year working on-screen. She said: "From being a model in the beginning to now filming dramas, it's quite a big change. Every step to where I'm now is memorable. I got to know many things and many new friends." She tried hosting and acting, now mainly acting, she's satisfied with her current stage: "I'm quite satisfied with my career, been in the showbiz for 10 years, I'm still spirited even today!"

Natalie has a youth appearance and it's okay to say she's in her early 20s, but in fact she's reaching a new age era [Natalie is 29 this year], however she isn't afraid: "Age is just a number, it's more important to keep your mood and emotions youthful. I think girls are better with an older age, they know how to understand and take care of others, that's attractive!" Although she filmed many TV series, but her romance rumors are more concerned by others, and that kind of frustrated her: "When you have rumors, they won't look at your work, of course won't be happy! But can't do a thing, I can only keep my private life in low-profile, won't announce anything when I start to date again." It's rumored earlier that she's going out with Wong Ka Lok, she laughed and said :"No need to ask, of course it's fake!" Currently single, she said at this stage she only wants to date with work: "Now I gained more opposite sex friends, but I'm concentrating in work, can't see who's around me. (Anyone pursuing you?) I would say no, want to take a break. Too many rumors in the past, don't come again!"

Although she decided not to announce her relationship in the future, but she said she would announce her marriage, and didn't rule out lightning marriage: "If I'm at the stage of marriage, then I would announce it. I'm the type of person who do things based on emotions, I would do things if I want to, maybe even lightning marriage!" Her relationship with Amigo Chui became past tense, asked is she willing to develop another relationship with a showbiz star, she expressed: "Actually it's hard to avoid, if you like someone, then you are. Most importantly, he has to be patient and maturer than I'm, can take care of me."

"AFOS" costar Kevin Cheng expressed: "Natalie has a big improvement in acting this year. Her character in 'AFOS' suits her, she did a good job. (Look upon her?) Of course I hope she will win 'Most Improved Female Artiste,' it's an encouragement to win an award."

Good friend Angela Tong said: "Natalie is well-behaved and very hardworking. Either I'm working with her or watching her perform, I feel she improved a lot. She's true to you in private life, her personality is like a little girl!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Jessica Hsuan as a villain in Sisters of Pearl

Jessica Hsuan

The entertaining value of a television series is usually attributed to the villain’s role. In recent years, TVB created several memorable villainess roles, such as Tavia Yeung Yi’s character in Beyond the Realm of Conscience "宮心計" and Michelle Yim Mai Shuet in Moonlight Resonance "溏心風暴之家好月圓".

Replacing Suspects in Love’s "搜下留情" time slot will be Sisters of Pearl "掌上明珠" For the first time in her 17-year acting career, Jessica Hsuan will be portraying a villainess. Sisters of Pearl also feature Bowie Lam, Kiki Sheung Tin Gnor, Michael Tao Dai Yu, Chan Mei Si, and Joyce Tang Lai Ming. Set in the 1960s, the story revolves around the three Chu sisters (played by Kiki, Jessica, and Mei Si) and their family pearl business. Due to the frequent bickering among the sisters over the family fortune, there will be many scenes with the female characters plotting against each other.

No Righteous Character in Sisters of Pearl

Jessica’s character will bear evil and greedy intentions, as she schemes to take over complete control of the Chu family’s pearl business. Jessica will have many scenes opposite Bowie and Michael as well.

Perhaps the most extreme villain will be Bowie, who will play Kiki’s husband. Initially, Bowie was loyal to the Chu family. However, after his father’s death due to unjust circumstances, his personality took a drastic turn and he became a sly schemer. Bowie manipulated Kiki and Jessica’s relationship, causing their sisterly ties to turn sour. He also became involved with Joyce Tang.

Michael Tao will play the Chu sisters’ cousin. His character appears to be cheerful, but he plots with outsiders to usurp the Chu family’s pearl business. Perhaps there is no righteous character in Sisters of Pearl.

A crew member on the set of Sisters of Pearl revealed that Jessica and Kiki did not get along during filming. They had sudden outbursts and disappeared during filming, making the Producer fearful of Kiki and Jessica. Allegedly, Jessica possessed diva habits and requested to nap for twenty minutes on the set [in between filming breaks]. This resulted in the other cast members waiting for her.

Allegedly, when the filming location for one of the outdoor scenes was changed last minute, Kiki was enraged and yelled at other people. Jessica and Kiki maintained their distance from each other outside of their shared scenes.

Source: Sohu.com
Credits: JayneStars

Aarif Lee as Best Newcomer for Bruce Lee Film

Aarif Lee

Single-handedly promoted up the ladder of movie stardom by Leon Lai, Aarif Lee's singing and acting talents appear endless. After being awarded "Best Newcomer", his popularity has shot up and was recently picked to star as the martial arts great, Bruce Lee.

After joining Leon's Amusic, newbie singer Aarif has been the recipient of Leon's support in expanding in both the music and film industries. Leon got Aarif a role alongside "Double J" Janice Vidal and Janice Man for his debut in the new movie "Frozen" (not yet in theatres), and then Aarif received Hong Kong Film Awards' "Best Newcomer" Award for the movie "Echoes of the Rainbow". Now, he is signed up to act as young Bruce Lee in the movie "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story".

Lee Zhun Fai notes that Aarif is eerily similar to Bruce

2010 is martial arts celebrity Bruce Lee's 70th death anniversary, and Oriental Daily has received news that producer Manfred Wong will be producing "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", and the movie will center around the young Bruce Lee's life before he became famous. According to reports, Manfred already had his eyes on Aarif when he was preparing for "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", and when he saw Aarif at an "Echoes of the Rainbow" poster promotion, he noticed that he had an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Lee, based on his hair and smile, and then deemed him the best candidate for the role.

Through Manfred's preparations, Aarif, accompanied by his manager Joe Chan, was able to meet with Bruce Lee's younger brother Lee Zhun Fai. Zhun Fai was amazed by the resemblance between Aarif and Bruce, and as a result Aarif was cast as Bruce. Another rumoured participant in the movie is Tony Leung, who will act in the movie as Aarif's good friend.

Manfred's hands full with preparations

Oriental Daily asked for confirmation of the imminent filming of "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" from Manfred, who admitted the fact. "A couple years ago, a film company in Beijing had already undertaken the process of preparation. However, due to the organization and applications for approval, at this point in time I can't discuss anymore." Will the male lead be Aarif? He said, "He is one of the candidates, I did have contact with Aarif's manager Joe, but nothing has been confirmed, I really can't say anymore." Aarif's reps responded by confirming of contact with Manfred, but they couldn't reveal any details.

Source: on.cc
Translation: casablanca-- @ AsianFanatics

Louis Cheung and his song in a mini concert

Louis Cheung

It is Mother's Day this Sunday, Louis Cheung expressed that he has to work on that day, but will meet up with his family for dinner and to celebrate. He reveals that his son James Cheung is already 3 years ago, which is the most playful stage. He smiled: "Sometimes at home when he sees me on TV, he'll complain to the television screen that I'm ignoring him. Fortunately I'm still young because taking care of him for a few days is even harder than pulling an all nighter working."

Louis will be releasing a new music album in July and will also hold a mini concert. He said that he has intentions on getting his son to be his guest, to duet with him on stage. Louis said: "He has a mini guitar. He often sings and plays the guitar and loves to dance. However, everytime when I think of taking him on stage, I would think about the negative stuff, such as James messing up my music or shout that he wants to leave in the middle of the performance." He also expressed that he plans to release a children's album next year.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Eric Suen not marry Macy Chan for Sex

Macy Chan
Eric Suen

Macy Chan appeared in the first episode of "Sister Of Pearl" the other night. Eric Suen said he would watch it in the internet again. He praised his girl friend, saying that althgough she still has room for improvement, she acts quite well. Eric revealed that since their relationship has been exposed, a few Taiwan fans were so upset that they were in tears. Fortunately, they have accepted the fact and now wish them all the best. Eric stressed that he won't want to rush into getting married for sex. However, he has been thinking of a romantic way to propose to Macy. He said "I thought of a romantic way for my proposal, but other people think otherwise. Luckily, my girl friend doesn't mind I am not a romantic type."

Source: MingPao
Translated by: R.E.D @ AsianEU

Deric Wan Zhao Lun dating back with Sonjia Kwok

Deric Wan

The other day, Deric Wan expressed the unforgettable "cuteness" or "her". It was said that he's referring to ex-lover Sonjia Kwok. Both Sonjia and Deric expressed that the they are troubled by the reports, but have different responses and didn't match up. Sonjia said that within a year there are 1 or 2 phone calls between them, while Deric said they do not keep in touch, implying that "someone' is lying.

Sonjia and Deric collaborated in 2002 in TVB series "The Legend of Love" and started the "pineapple bun love". Unfortunately it ended in 2 years. In one report, it said that Deric often calls her, while another report said that he recently came back to Hong Kong and brought a Mercedes Benz.

"She" is the deceased actress Pan Xingyi

Currently in Mainland shooting for an advertisement, Deric accepted the long distance call from reporters. He admitted that he purchased two Mercedes Benz in Hong Kong to encourage himself, while the other is a gift to his Hong Kong girlfriend Winnie. Regarding to the getting back with Sonjia reports, he denied: "I haven't kept in touch with her in the last few years. (Sonjia said that you always call her?) Someone is lying. (Are you two still friends?) We can be friends, but I really haven't kept in touch with her. (Your blog entry started this rumor?) I was definitely not talking about her, I'm talking about Pan Xingyi (Mainland actress), she got into an accident and passed away. She is an artist that my management company released. I was just thinking about her and felt emotional, but someone tried to twist the story. Lately after the Qinghai Earthquake, there are already many victims that don't have anything to eat, and now someone is over here doing making up nonsense. Tell that person to stop causing trouble, or else they'll go to Hell."

Worried others would misunderstand

However, Sonjia Kwok who is preparing to head back to TVB city to shoot "Seven Days Love Isolation" accepted an interview and was very frustrated: "I never said that he 'always called me'. That is ridiculous! The stuff he wrote on his blog is from a long time ago, it's Fans who told me about it. I was worried that others would misunderstand too, I called Deric and he told me that he's not talking about me. So OK, actually we broke up and we're still friends, but we haven't met up or anything. Probably in a year, there will be 1 or 2 phone calls."

When Sonjia got back to TVB city, she was surrounded by reporters trying to interview her, she continued to respond: "He never said that he wanted to pursue me. I also never thought about getting back together with him. He has a girlfriend, but I do wish him happiness."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Gillian Chung purchases HK$27 million flat at Wan Chai

Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung really knows what to do, even when buying properties she buys from her boss Albert Yeung's EEG estates. Yesterday, Ah Gil appeared in the Wan Chai luxurious flat to sign the contract to purchase a 1700 square feet ocean view unit. It was said that Ah Gil had a discount given by her boss Albert, the final price was over HK$27 million. In other words, even if Ah Gil does a 3% down payment, she still has to come up with HK$800,000. Just a year since her comeback and she's already promoted to a homeowner, Ah Gil should change her name to "Wealthy Lady".

On the day Ah Gil went to sign the housing contract, she attracted a large group of reporters to interview her. She did not mind announcing that she's buying a new property. Asked if she got it for HK$27 million? Ah Gil said: "I don't know how much the price is, not very good with numbers. I just know that I have to fork out a huge sum of money for the down payment, but EEG gave me a 10% discount and my boss gave me an additional 2% employee's discount." Asked how many properties is she currently holding? She did not respond directly, she only revealed that besides properties, she also purchased a 2,000 square feet storage space.

It was rumored that within the last year of her comeback, Ah Gil had already earned HK$10 million, Ah Gil said: "How much is 10 million? I'm buying this unit for my mother and I still have to slowly pay it off. I hope I'll find enough clothing sponsors." She's taking advantage of mother's day to give this new property to her mom. Looks like she's investing a lot this mother's day.

Manager Mani Fok exposed that Joey Yung also brought a unit and is on the same building as Ah Gil's unit. Joey's unit is right above Ah Gil's. Ah Gil smiled: "It's more convenient for us to chat!" As to the rumors that her Twins partner Charlene Choi is not willing to renew her contract with EEG, Ah Gil said: "I don't know. Our contract is the same, not expired yet. If we renew our contract in the future, we have to decide ourselves. No matter what, we are friends."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Linda Chung wins 1.5 award for song ming zheng an dou

Linda Chung

Although Linda Chung's contract with her record company Star Entertainment has ended, last night she still won a 1.5 award depending on her new song "明爭暗鬥" and duet with Stephanie Cheng "愛得起" at the JSG Selections Round 1. She frankly said that she never thought that she'll get this award because she doesn't have confidence for her singles. TVB is currently still discussing contract renewal plans with Star Entertainment, there should be a decision very soon.

Asked if her contract renewal is not confirmed, is it because of the recent executive changes in Start Entertainment that affected the decision? Linda said: "Up to TVB to decide. I don't know now, I'll be happy if the contract renewed and I can still continue to release albums. To maintain popularity, I hope to continue with my music career." Have she asked Raymond Lam about her contract issues? Linda said that she didn't and feels that contract issues are confidential, should not talk about it with anyone.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU
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