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Nancy Wu and Vincent Wong earned money in Christmas Event

Nancy Wu Vincent Wong

Nancy Wu and Vincent Wong are rising in popularity after Gun Metal Grey. The day before, they attended a Christmas event as a couple team, earning money together! At the even, Nancy was dressed as a Dancing Queen and did gorgeous social dancing with Vincent. One dance starts the love. Also, the two played Speed Dating games with the guests. Then they played a game where they had to use their foreheads to hold onto a heart shaped ball, looks like Vincent was not afraid his girlfriend Yoyo Chen would get jealous. Vincent and Nancy were so compatible they looked like a real couple! The two also directed the single men and women, Nancy said: "First meeting, girls should put away the 'HK girl' image, don't have to rush, have to show off the gentle side in a girl."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung in film Yang Women Generals

Nicholas Tse Yang Women Generals

The married couple Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse coincidentally both fell off the horse during shooting and were injured together. Cecilia was shooting a new film Yang Women Generals in Mongolia, and encountered an accident while shooting a heroic rescue of a child scene. She fell off her horse injuring her arms, legs, knees, shoulders, neck and tail bone. Turns out that before Cecilia's injury, her husband Nic also had the same experience while shooting for EEG film Shaolin 2010 last year.

Last year, the over hundred million invested film Shaolin 2010 started shooting in Hengdian. Nic and Ghost Feet 7 played by Hung Yan Yan were shooting Shaolin Temple scenes. Had always been sensitive to horses, Nic insisted on doing the scene himself risking of an asthma crisis. After completing the scene, he had to do part where he gets off the horse, the horses suddenly started kicking madly and kicked Nic's left knee. Nic instantly cried in pain, frightening the film crew as the doctor on the set rushed to bandaged him up.

The couple really have fate with horses, no wonder Nic said: "old enemy will always be enemy, can't say anything!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Vincy Chan Compilation Album Vin's Selections

Vincy Chan Vins Selections

Vincy Chan will soon be releasing her compilation album Vin's Selections which will include 26 songs she recorded before and 3 new recorded songs. Vincy especially divided the songs into 4 different themes - Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spicy. And she tailored 6 different styles for the album covers, with both exaggerated and cutie looks.

As she changes her style several times, Vincy was shooting for a total of 12 hours, a strong health investment for her. She said: "To give everyone a surprise, even if it's difficult work, it's all worth it." To accommodate the Christmas holidays, her record company made a special 3D box packaging for her new album, every side will have one of Vincy's 6 different covers looking just like a Christmas gift, hoping fans can have an enjoyable Christmas

Vin's Selection is Scheduled to release on December 23, 2010.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU


Andy Lau Leon Lai

In the past, the two big Pop Kings Andy Lau and Leon Lai would fight bitterly 'You Die, I Live' in the music scene. At the RTHK awards presentation held in HK Coliseum, Leon fans threw glow sticks at Andy when he was on stage. However, the night before, Andy held his concert in HK Coliseum and invited Leon to sing Star together. There were no 'boos' heard in the venue at all, jsut applause and whistles shook the whole HK Coliseum. The two did their embrace of the century on stage as well. When Andy sang the last line "Please remember me in your heart", Leon deeply answered: "I will", leading to the highest point of the concert.

The first 20 shows "ANDY LAU UNFORGETTABLE CONCERT 2010" kicked off the night before at HK Coliseum. Andy appeared in his classic styles over the 30 years he's been in the industry, among them were Lau Kin Ming from Infernal Affairs, Wah Dee from A Moment of Romance and there were also many other gentlemen appearances. Then he performed the Tic Tac dance that he's best at. Andy also played with fire, fireworks and lasers to accompany his dances. Throughout the entire night, Andy did not do any safety precautions, looks like audience were very frightened for him. Within HK Coliseum, there was an approximately 40 feet tall Andy Lau figure on the side of the stage.

Feeling very high, Andy had a full house at his concert. When he allowed fans to hug and shake his hand, fans entered the crazy mood screaming and shouting loudly, even Andy really had put in a lot of effort to make his speech, Andy laughed: "I just wanted to thank you all for letting me go through a 30 year Fairytale. It's that hard, I can't even speak? Audience were very obedient and controlled their emotions, then quiet down.

Andy continued: "But, afterall fairytale is just a fairytale, if one day I changed to a family man, you all will still love me like this? If one day you encounter me on the streets, hope you'll give me an excited embrace. However, if you happen to take photos of something that shouldn't be taken, please don't pull it online. Like if I'm eating fish balls, having a feast with two big thighs, etc!" Followed by his speech, Andy performed Mama I Love You with Deanie Ip, who he always viewed as a mother. Then Andy suddenly turned emotional, letting out a man's tear.

After Andy performed Star with his guest Leon Lai, he expressed he's very happy to see fans welcoming Leon. Appearing nervous, Leon laughed: "Hello everyone. Sometimes I know how to speak, sometimes I don't really know how to. First off, I am very happy that Andy invited me this evening to share his joy with me. Below the stage, I relied on headphones to listen, and this is luck that I normally don't enounter. The experience this time is very heartwarming, I am happy." Then Leon performed Forget Emotions for Andy fans to enjoy.

During the encore, Andy was dressed in a fresh yellow coloured suit with shades to do an MJ dance. Soon after, he revealed his 6 pack, giving a fest to fans' eyes. To end, Andy appeared in pajamas, and said: "I'm taking my 30 year most precious time and handing it over to you. Youthfulness, who accompanied you to grow? Senior, who help you teach your sons and daughters? I become old, you try leaving me, I take your life!"

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok on holiday during Winter Solistice

Frankie Lam Kenik Kwok

Winter Solistice and Christmas is near, Kenix Kwok and her husband Frankie Lam lately have been troubled with rumors, but did not affect their relationship. Last night, the couple went out dining with their daughter, celebrating the holidays early. The family of 3 sat in a 7-seater van and had their driver take them to the Fook Lam Moon restaurant for dinner. During the time, 24/7 father Frankie carried their daughter, while Kenix carried an orange coloured brand name handbag. Asked the Kenix in a great mood if they are celebrating the Winter Solistice? She answered kindly: "Yes!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Selena Li and Steven Ma in Thunder of Forbidden City

Selena Li

Steven Ma and Selena Li were in Kowloon City shooting outdoor scenes for TVB new series Thunder of Forbidden City. In the series, the two have quite a bit of love scenes. As the series has already started shooting for over a month, Steven frankly said that he has to fight and speak his lines at the same time, so it has been difficult, he said: "This time for this series, filming has been difficult. Tomorrow on Winter Solstice, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, I have to work in the studio, no choice! Sacrifice the little me, let other colleagues make some money. I hope married people can spend the holidays with family, this year's holidays I'll take it, next year I won't

Steven was asked if he'll be getting married year? He said: "I don't know! This year there's me here to handle it all! (Getting married next year?) Not yet! Leave it to fate!" He frankly said that he can work through any holiday, but Lunar New Year he must get a break because there is special atmosphere for the Lunar New Year.

Praises Kenneth Ma a good guy

As for Selena Li, she expressed for Christmas she doesn't have anything scheduled and if she has an opportunity she will go to a party. She said: "To me, Christmas is very important to me, it has the most love. (Have you found your lover then?) There is a pursuer, but not official yet. Within the upcoming year, we will keep it stable first." Asked if she hopes to 'fish a tortoise'? Selena said: "Of course I hope to find someone that is stabled financially! Women who already have children, chances of making money is reduced, but I will not choose a partner based on money. Dating someone who is too rich, first it is too troubling and second we both have different values. Tried before, got to know before, just doesn't match!" When speaking of her co-star Kenneth Ma have always been said to be a good guy, asked if she would consider him? She laughed: "We won't! I hope to find someone outside of the industry, I must say Kenneth is a good guy, but not good for me."

Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Ariel Lin new film Lovesick

Ariel Lin Film Lovesick

Good news for Ariel Lin's fans. 700 days since her last acting project, Ariel returns with a new film 'Lovesick', which began filming earlier this week. However, the Golden Bell Queen says she is very nervous and worried that her acting skills have turned rusty. Thus, on the first day of filming, she took a deep breath and hugged her mother and brother before leaving the house, to give herself some moral support. Ariel also expressed firmly that she does not believe in the Golden Bell curse.

The day before yesterday, Ariel took a break from filming and attended a Japanese tourism function, as one of the ambassadors. She revealed that her favourite rose is pink; and not red, because she feels that red is too strong and forceful. She also revealed her idea of romantic love; and that she hopes her other half will appear 'around the corner'.

Barbies hsu in film My Kingdom or Da Wu Sheng

Barbie Hsu My Kingdom

Newlywed actress Barbie Hsu has chosen her acting job over honeymoon and joined the set of the action film "My Kingdom" ("Da Wu Sheng") in Shanghai, Web site 163.com reports.

Hsu registered to marry wealthy restaurateur Wang Xiaofei on November 16 in Beijing, surprising celebrity gossip watchers as she only met Wang two months earlier.

In "My Kingdom", Hsu joins Wu Chun ("14 Blades") and Han Geng for a 1920s tale of two brothers' quest for fame, love and revenge.

The film will be the screen debut for pop star Han Geng, the former backbone of the boy band Super Junior.

Musician-turned-filmmaker Gao Xiaosong is directing the film, with kung-fu veteran Sammo Hung choreographing the action scenes.

The story was penned by Zou Jingzhi, who also did Zhang Yimou's "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" ("Qian Li Zou Dan Ji").

Hollywood veteran Andre Morgan, who is producing the film, told "The Hollywood Reporter" that the project had come together after four years of preparation.

"We are excited to finally bring this very fresh story to Chinese audiences," Morgan was quoted as saying.

The film is slated for release in the summer of 2011.

Lin Chi Ling the highest paid model in Taiwan

Lin Chi Ling Model

It has been a busy year for Taiwan's top model Lin Chi-ling as she pockets more than TWD$1 billion in earnings.

Ranking Taiwanese models according to their annual incomes, the country's top model Lin Chi-ling dominated the chart for the seventh time in a row. Her income for the year was estimated to be more than TWD$1.6 billion (approximately S$7 million).

Coming in second and third were Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai respectively. In fourth position was Patina Lin, followed by Tiffany Hsu in fifth.

Lin Chi-ling reportedly generated more than $1 billion from her endorsements of 12 different products, which cost more than $10 million each. On top of that, the model received a paycheck of more than $10 million for the production of Japanese drama series Moon Lovers. After the addition of income from appearing at events in the later half of the year, her win on the chart was expected.

On the other hand, Sonia Sui, who shot to fame with Taiwanese drama series P.S. Man, was reported to be earning an average amount of $150,000 per episode for the drama The Fierce Wife, which she is currently filming. She also received a $7 million paycheck for the movie Make Up. Additionally, Sonia generated $20 million from endorsements and other activities.

Coming in third, Bianca Bai, co-star of Sonia Sui in P.S. Man, also took on a movie role in Kingfisher, which paid her $4 million. She also earned an additional $15 million from endorsements and other activities.

Aaron Yan kiss Serena Fang in drama Gloomy Salad Days

Aaron Yan and Serena Fang

What does it take for one to prepare for a bed scene? For Aaron Yan, all it took was five simple steps.

In his recent drama Gloomy Salad Days, the story described Aaron and co-star Serena Fang falling in love with each other during their past lives.

On the day of the shoot, the singer-actor dived straight to the set of the drama after completing overseas commitments and filmed his first bed scene for the drama. While it might have looked like an easy scene, Aaron was actually stressed out.

"I didn't know where to put my hands, or how much body contact we should have," said the idol.

The director Zero Chou however told Aaron to "give himself to Serena Fang".

Aaron undertook the scenes responsibly and even came up with five steps of preparation, namely "brushing teeth, putting on perfume, doing push-ups, wearing swimming trunks and taking in a bit of alcohol".

Apart from brushing his teeth for at least 10 minutes in order to retain the freshness of his breath, he even sprayed on perfume, which was said to excite female hormones. The actor demanded Serena to grade him and his co-star gave him "face", by replying "not bad" shyly.

As the singer-actor also wanted to look great on television, he did a couple of push-ups before the actual filming.

He explained, "I wasn't sure which part of my body was going to be revealed, so I trained up my back and arm muscles."

Furthermore, Aaron wanted to wear only underwear for the scene, but added an extra pair of swimming trunks after the production crew warned him about accidentally exposing more than he should.

Lastly, to relax his nerves, Aaron drank some alcohol before the shoot, only to fall asleep while the director was adjusting the camera. She shook him for a period of time before he woke up.

"I wanted to just take away my nervousness initially, but I guess I ended up being too relaxed," said Aaron in embarrassment.

Aaron's courage boosted after this experience, claiming that he would "take more clothes off the next time".

Cheryl Yang endorse bra, renew her contract with Mode Marie Lingerie

Cheryl Yang Bra

Actress Cheryl Yang recently renewed her contract as spokesperson for lingerie brand, Mode Marie, earning a reported annual sum of TWD$5 million (approximately S$210,000).

The company, Mode Marie, claimed that ever since Cheryl took on the spokesperson's role for the Greater China region in 2008, lingerie the actress wore were sold out as soon as they hit the market.

On the set of the recent commercial shoot for the lingerie brand's newest line of bras, Cheryl exuded sexiness. In an attempt to break away from her usual image, the actress specially spent five days on the shoot. It took one day just to settle on her hairstyle for the shoot.

After the shoot, Cheryl quickly returned to her usual hair colour as she was still currently filming the drama, Zhong Wu Yen. The actress had no qualms about sacrificing her hair, quipping, "I really like having straight hair. I especially treasure this chance where I get to lengthen my hair."

Apart from Cheryl, other Taiwanese female celebrities who are spokespersons for lingerie brands include Joe Chen, Tammy Chen and Sonia Sui. However, none of them are as experienced as the actress. In a span of three years, she had shot about 10 lingerie commercials.

Cheryl's professionalism could be a reason for her being in high demand. She would personally model the lingerie no matter how cold the weather was. She also did not demand for crew to clear the set prior to the shoot. She expressed, "I did everything in lingerie commercials. It's a breakthrough."

Tony Sun is dating with Angel Han Yu now

Tony Sun and Angel Han

It's difficult to maintain a relationship, especially if you're a mama's boy.

The Taiwanese media recently received news from a source, saying that singer-actor Tony Sun is currently dating co-star Han Yu. The source claimed that Han Yu was seen entering Tony's apartment numerous times. Last week, Han Yu was caught entering Tony's house four times by the media. She was then picked up by her assistant the morning after.

Tony and Han Yu reportedly met during the filming of the drama, Parent's Love. However at that time, Han Yu was rumoured to be dating co-star Liu Zhihan.

In September this year, Han Yu posted a photo of her and Tony on her Facebook, saying "Luckily Leilei (name of her character in Parent's Love) and Jianwen (name of Tony's character) aren't too familiar with each other."

A few days ago, the actress hinted the possibility of her being in a relationship by writing, "My heart started to beat again. This is a setup to the beginning of something wonderful." on her Facebook.

Tony was the leader of now-defunct boy band 5566. After he shot to stardom, he dated fellow singer Ding Xiaoqin. The couple later broke up because of objection from Tony's mother. After Tony became an actor, he dated co-star Chou Youting. The pair was said to have broken up in March this year.

Since his mother's disapproval was the reason behind his breakup with Ding Xiaoqin, his girlfriend of six years, Tony took the initiative to inform his mother about his new relationship this time.

F4 reunion on CCTV New Year's Eve in Shenzhen

F4 reunion

After The Little Tiger's reunion on CCTV's annual Spring Festival Celebration program for their twentieth year, there were rumors and speculation that perhaps F4 would also reunite on the show for their tenth anniversary. While that plan to bring together Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Van Ness Wu, and Ken Chu didn't fall into place, CCTV gave it one more shot by mailing out formal invitations in hopes that the four would attend the New Year's Eve celebration in Shenzhen on the 21st this year. Alas, Vic thought that the New Year's Eve celebration would actually, you know, be on New Year's Eve (the 31st), and so he had already made vacation plans for the 21st.

Unlike in Taiwan, Mainland's CCTV holds their New Year's Eve party earlier. On the night of the 20th, they hold the red carpet event, a press conference, and the dress rehearsal. Then on the 21st, they officially film the show. Had the reunion of F4 been successful, they would have been Taiwan's sole representatives.

The "mother of F4", Angie Chai, has deemed it "Mission Impossible" to bring the four together due to their different management companies. And since Vic will be doing promotions in Tokyo for "Black and White" near the Spring Festival date next year, chances are slim that the four will be able to reunite for the occasion. However, it can't be completely written off yet. Perhaps Hunan TV, who has offered to provide them with planes for transfers for Hunan TV's Spring Festival show, will be able to finally bring them back together again. Even Jerry's manager has stated that the four have a consensus on reuniting, but it will all depend on their schedules.

In the meantime, we can look forward to other big names coming to the CCTV New Year's Eve party, such as the Four Heavenly Kings consisting of Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, and Aaron Kwok.

Source: Appledaily
Written by: Zahra @ CpopAccess.com

Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Felix Wong did not attent TVB Anniversary Award

Felix Wong

TVB Anniversary Awards will be held tomorrow night (Sunday) at TVB City, the nominees are out in force. However, after TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey was neglected earlier and made male lead Felix Wong angered, Felix and female lead Jessica Hsuan won't be attending tomorrow night. This proves the suppose "Don't value the awards" comment.

In fact, after Felix's 'fire breathing', TVB quickly tried to fix it by sending him to the Top 5 for TV King and added him to the awards ceremony guests list, but Felix still does not feel respected and decided not to attend the ceremony. Yesterday only his assistant responded: "Felix probably won't be going! (Is Felix in HK?) He's in HK! (Guest for award ceremony?) TVB has this arrangement, but at the time Felix did not confirm if he was going or not!"

Producer (Tong Kei Ming) also expressed his unhappiness: "They're playing it all, just ending the voting on November 28th is already unfair! GMG will be airing the finale on December 10th, the artists are waiting for that day to let audience see their development and performance, it is the time to pull in votes, but now that the voting ended so early, I feel it it's unfair, just accompanying Prince to study. I know someone is suffering and I feel bad for nancy Wu, she's done very well!" But, yesterday Nancy clarified on Weibo that the unfairness to her is just private matters, not related to the awards.

Jessica Hsuan is currently working in Mainland, she responded yestrday: "TVB did invite me to attend, but because I have something to do, I won't be in HK and can't go. (The situation is getting better and better?) No fear, they must have their own reason, then will have to ask them."

That day Felix scold TVB for neglecting GMG, plus at the time TVB Anniversary Producer (Wai Sai Fai) added oil to the fire, saying that if artists have problems then should directly call him and now this 'boycott action' Wai Sai Fai said: "This time another group is responsible for the awards ceremony, I cannot say anything about the awards ceremony. (Michael Miu and Felix Wong aren't attending the awards ceremony was caused by the TVB Anniversary incident?) It is best to clearly ask them how they are feeling. Whatever they are unhappy about, can come to talk the Artist Department, manager, producer. It was said that they were invited to the awards ceremony as guests." TVB Anniversary Awards producer (Ling Suet Ngoh) responded yesterday: "Artists Department has given me the final guests list yet. (Felix will be the guest at the ceremony?) Still discussing, we have not decided who will be presenting the awards."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Netizens support Evergreen Mak for winning Best Supporting Actor

Evergreen Mak

Yesterday's TVB Anniversary Awards caught the whole city's attention, Neitzens are on the internet commenting and discussing. Many fans supported 'Fei Fan Gor' Evergreen Mak (Mak Bao) for winning Best Supporting Actor: "Really feel that many people truly congratulated him." Neitzens also suggested that Mak Bao start a new film called Fei Fan Gor Unofficial Biography. There are also people are unsatisfied with the award presenter Dik Leung advising Mak Bao to not be arrogrant and felt that the other award presenter guests were trying to ruin the show, 'every word got into the bones'.

Source: The Sun
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Fala Chen won Best Supporting Actress in drama No Regrets

Fala Chen

Fala Chen depended on her deep acting for the role as Ching Ching in No Regrets and successfully beats the Top 5 opponents Kara Hui, Elena Kong, Susanna Kwan and Nancy Wu for "Best Supporting Actress" award. Fala received hugs from the group of male colleagues and blew a kiss to thank everyone. She said with a sob: "I know my role is not liked by everyone, I heard a lot of negative comments, I will accpet them all. I will continue to work hard."

Asked if she will go to her boyfriend (Sit Sai Hang)'s Neway Karoke to celebrate? She said: "Don't know, good suggestion. (How about buy diamond to award yourself?) Can buy it myself, can receive it as a gift, most important is being happy! (What did boyfriend give?) I don't know if he watched TV. (Time to get marry?) Today I am only talking about work and the award." But, online there are many Neitzens questioning her winning the award on discussion forums.

Best Supporting Actor Evergreen Mak also began to sob when he won the award for his role as Fei Fan Gor in No Regrets, he said in tears: "Thank you audience for giving me this good report card. With my other Most Popular Host award, I can finally let people see my report card. In the series, I'm always told to eat crap, but portraying this character, eating crap for 10 years is all worth it."

Raymond Wong double happiness

Raymond Wong successfully won Most Improved Actor award and immediately announced the good news that he'll soon become a father. It is considered double happiness for him: "Thank you my wife for bringing me a little new life soon. I have been in the industry for 13 years, this us my first award in 3.5 years in TVB. Have to thank my producers giving me the opportunites. Thank you Kent Cheng and my wife, helping me get through the tough times."

Most Improved Actress Natalie Tong had her award presented to her by Eric Tsang and Fung Sui Fan. Eric joked: "Why isn't Ah Bong (Amigo Chui) coming up to congratulate you?" Natalie brought tears in her acceptance speech, thanking her late mother: "I want to give this award to my mommy, in the past whatever I did was inconstant, but I wasn't for acting. I know you have always loved me, I don't know why I never told you I really lobe you in the last 20 something years. I hope you give me another opportunity to love you again." Natalie took her award with her to pay respects to her mom, very touching scene.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang is TVB TV king and queen

Wayne Lai Sheren Tang

TVB Anniversary Awards 2010 was held last night and presented 15 awards. No Regrets swept the 4 big role awards, the leading role and supporting role. The other popular series Can't Buy Me Love did not lose it all and got Best Series. TV King and Queen went to Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang respectatively as predicted by [Oriental Daily]. Charmaine Sheh won My Favourite TV Female Character and the popular Moses Chan just got the 'pork' award!

TV King Wayne Lai happily lifted up his award and said: "Thank you TVB for growing me for years. I thought after last year's acceptance speech, I won't have another opportunity to say it again. Lau Sing is a role I really like, I will remember for life!"

TV Queen Sheren Tang had the whole studio cheering and applauding when she won, but the award presenter (Dik Lung) forgot to present the award to her. Sheren happily said: "Silent diligent work can be seen by people! Thank you God for giving me a crazy special characteristic, that allows me to be able to do well on my acting." Sheren did not forget to thank God: "Many people have no opportunity to stand on this stage, many people are silently working, pulling all nighters, it is difficult to film a TV series! Thank you God for giving me so many life experiences!" She then urged everyone to believe Lau Sing and Miss Nine's true love, watch the series and learn to cherish the people in life and world peace.

Charmaine Sheh wins Most Favourite Female Character

Later when Wayne and Sheren were interviewed backstage, the two happily expressed they won together creating history is extremely rare! As No Regrets lost the Best Series award, Wayne said: "The entire crew and cast, each one of us worked very hard, but willing to gamble willing to accept lost!" Asked if he signed a TVB contract? He said: "Not related, have to see the conditions, many factors!" Sheren expressed that this proves that the 'contract in exchange for awards' rumors does not confirm, both of them expressed that no one had approached them to talk about a contract.

Charmaine depended on Princess Chiu Yeung to win My Favourite Female Character Award, she maintained her smile on stage: "Very happy! This role is my favourite! And have to thank the group of behind-the-scenes." Asked if she was disappointed in losing the TV Queen award? She said: "I am a little disappointed, but won't be unhappy! Audience liking it is more important than winning awards. She expressed that she won't be celebrating because she has to take an early flight back to Mainland tomorrow.

Raymond Lam wrote back to thank Mona Fong

As My Favourite Male Character Award went to TVB's favourite Raymond Lam and also the TVB.com Popularity Award, asked if Mona Fong's 12 true message was in effect? Raymond said: "Then will have to count every word! (Win award again?) I'm very satisfied! Already surpass the expected!" He also expressed that he will give a written message back to Mona Fong on his Come 2 Me Concert DVD. Asked if he will write: 'No words can describe the gratefulness'? He said: "Something like that! (Afraid of more gossips?) There has always been a lot of noise." Popular Moses Chan only got Best Professional Performance Award, he smiled and said that he is not disappointed, he is a professional at comedy and making coffee, but on stage he said that "Best Actor Award is colder than water", Neitzens made noise feeling that the award was a 'pork award"! (TN: In HK, 'pork award' traditionally means that everyone gets a share of pork, hence pork award. Neitzens are saying that TVB gave Moses the award to make up for not getting any of the big awards.)

When Sandra Ng presented the Best Actor award, she stirred up the lively atmosphere and even before she looked at the results she announced that Wayne was the winner. She also said Felix Wong wanted to say "totally very best". As Felix was on the Top 5, but he insisted on a no show last night, clearly still have issues with TVB.

TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards 2010 Winners List (Source: TVB.com)

Best Actress: Sheren Tang
Best Actor: Wayne Lai

My Favourite Male Character: Raymond Lam
My Favourite Female Character: Charmaine Sheh

Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak
Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen

Most Improved Actor: Raymond Wong
Most Improved Actress: Natalie Tong

Best Series: Can't Buy Me Love
Best Variety Show: The Voice 2
Most Appreciated Variety Show: HK ARTchitecture
Best Program Host(s): Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee (Fun With Liza and Gods)

Best Professional Performance Award: Moses Chan
tvb.com Popularity Award: Raymond Lam
Lifetime Achievement Award: Louise Lee Sze Kei

Source: Oriental Daily (Images: The Sun, ckwok's weibo)
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Miss Hong Kong Skye Chan married with CHan Ho Yin

Skye Chan

Miss Hong Kong Skye Chan finally wed boyfriend of 8 years Chan Ho-Yin last night and they held their a 15-table wedding dinner in InterContinental HK Hotel.

Wearing sponsored jewelries that are 3 million HKD worth, Skye expressed she already cried 1 liter of tears today. She is very surprised and touched that her husband asked her idol Ekin Cheng, Joe Ma, and Jim Yan to say blessing words to her. "I can't believe my idol would congratulate me, too!," she said. She also expressed she will not use contraception after marriage and hopes to get pregnant soon.

The bride invited good sisters Samantha Ko, Janet Chow, Katy Kung, Sarah Song, and Nadia Lun to be her bridesmaids. Samantha was sexiest, exposing her 3-inch deep "career line." But Skye did not mind and she actually pick that dress for Samantha. The sexy Samantha even received the bride's bouquet Skye thrown. She said: "I do hope to get married. But I think the next person in our group to get married would be Janet!"

Source: UDN
Translation: Kay's Entertainment

Senin, 29 November 2010

Ethan Ruan kiss girlfriend Tiffany Hsu for one minute

Ethan Ruan Tiffany Hsu

After becoming the first Taiwanese actor in 11 years to clinch the coveted Best Leading Actor title at the 47th Golden Horse Awards, Ethan Ruan has every reason to be celebrating.

The 28-year-old actor had hit a few lows in his acting career. At his lowest point, he was unable to afford his electricity bills. With girlfriend Tiffany Hsu by his side through his ups and downs, Ethan found strength.

But when it came to the cameras, he was still shy about displaying his affection to Tiffany. At a post-awards party, Ethan coyly rejected kissing his girlfriend in front of the media.

It was only at 2am the same night that Ethan finally loosened up and gave Tiffany a one-minute-long kiss while his friends cheered him as they continued celebrations at Primo, a nightclub in Taipei.

Reporters also caught sight of Ethan being surrounded by hot babes and congratulated by friends, one of whom even lit a cigarette for him. Tiffany, being the understanding girlfriend, let him bask in the moment.

She had said earlier that if Ethan won, he could have whatever he wanted. To which he replied, "I have not really thought about it, but a holiday would be good!"

The couple had also expressed that they did not mind acting together in future.

Rainie Yang go to Brunei with Wu Chun

Rainie Yang

Did Rainie Yang tour Brunei with Fahrenheit's Wu Chun?

Apparently, the singer-actress flew straight to Brunei after she clinched the Golden Bell Best Actress award for her role in Hi My Sweetheart last month.

Rainie had met Wu Chun on the set of Sunshine Angel, a drama serial due to be released next year.

The singer was reportedly seen going in and out of Wu Chun's house in Brunei. Her tickets there were believed to be booked by Wu Chun's assistant and his cousin helped with hotel reservations.

Rainie's agent expressed that the 26-year-old was indeed on a holiday to Brunei. But it was with her mother and not Wu Chun as reported. The agent also said that it was impossible for the duo to meet as Wu Chun was on a promotional tour with his fellow Fahrenheit members in China for their latest album Super Hot then.

At an appearance for her Sony Music junior Huang Jing Lun's new book launch yesterday, Rainie took the opportunity to clarify that she and Show Luo were just friends and had never been in a relationship.

She and Show were previously rumoured to be dating for a brief four months after filming Hi My Sweetheart together.

My Queen Actress Cheryl Yang and Harry Chang marriage next year

Harry Chang Cheryl Yang

Within the entertainment industry there will be another red explosion again, reports from the media older sister younger brother relationship of “My Queen’s” Cheryl Yang and “Big Mouth’s” Harry Chang will happily blossom, the two in a deep relationship expects to spend the rest of their life together, the two’s parent’s have already agreed of their marriage, but Cheryl’s manager has denied of the two’s rumoured marriage.

Cheryl and Harry met due to filming “My Queen” last year when sparks lit, but the two have always claimed as “good friends” to others, however this month earlier there have been rumours of Harry and an ex were not clear, so Cheryl reluctantly broke up, not expecting within half a month gone by, there are rumours that the two have decided to engage.

From the reports, the public has given tips that Harry has proposed to Cheryl, the two lovers have seen each other’s parents, the male’s parents have had a good impression of Cheryl, so the two parents are encouraging the two to engage next year.

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

Jay Chou helped Edison Chen a new song I Can

Hong Kong star Edison Chen has finally returned to the Taiwan music industry after 3 years. Seed Records said today, Edison will be promoting a new album just in time before Christmas eve, good friend “President Chou” Jay Chou is helping him cut up a new song “I Can”.

Through the ups and downs, Edison’s new album “Confusion “will be a new start, through music to spread to the world that “I am Edison Chen, I am just an ordinary person, I like you also feel gloomy and have troubles.” After setbacks of being tested, Edison said “God used a cruel way to make me grow up, now I’m using my way to tell everyone my growth.”

Edison’s main new song “Mr Sandman (Mr Dreams)”; specially invited internationally renowned DJ “NASA”who produces mixed versions of electronic music, and also invited music pop queen Sammi Cheng to cross collaborate in a duet and to perform in the MV, which hopes to be released before the album first online as a single.

To tell his feelings through music to his fans, Edison personally wrote the all the lyrics, then through the help of rapper MC Hot Dog to completely finish the whole Chinese depiction.

In addition, Edison and Jay not only worked together on the movie “Initial D” but again Jay also wrote a new song “I Can Fly” for him.

Source: YAM
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

Singapore Singer JJ Lin got H1N1 Virus Flu

JJ Lin

JJ Lin is down with H1N1 flu.

The Singaporean singer-songwriter, who's currently based in Taiwan, was diagnosed with the flu virus yesterday after he was warded into Taipei Medical University Hospital with a high fever of 39.5 degree Celsius.

JJ had apparently worked overnight for his MV and had already shown signs of fatigue just the day before. He was also plagued with fever and flu since his flight back to Taiwan on Sunday after his concert tour in Nanjing, China.

After taking his blood sample, JJ was confirmed to have H1N1 flu. As the virus spreads rapidly, he is required to be in quarantine for the next five days.

As a result, the 29-year-old had to cancel his flight to Hefei, Anhui China, and the concerts lined up till Monday. The cancellations will cost him RMB1.5million ($300,000).

Selasa, 23 November 2010

Sonjia Kwok and Michael Miu in series Men and Women Chooses Residence

Sonjia Kwok and Michael Miu

Sonjia Kwok and Michael Miu are recently playing as a married couple in TVB new series Men and Women Chooses Residence. It's been two months since they started shooting and rumors started saying that Sonjia have been letting out the love for Michael. Outside of the series, the two are holding hands and dating, forcing Michael's wife Jamie Chik to always have to visit the set to check on them.

Michael sends out people to investigate

Michael and Sonjia were both shooting in different locations yesterday, Sonjia was shooting for a scene in the evening with Linda Chung in Mong Kok, while Michael went back to Tseung Kwan O TVB City to shoot in the studio. As for stirring up rumors again, Sonjia said with a sigh: "I am not responding, the news is so fake, I don't want to help promote their magazine story, I have no comment." Michael did not avoid to respond: "Gun Metal Grey's Team A needs to go out to investigate, find some forensic evidence too...haha! Just treat it as free promotion, just for laughs." Sonjia saw the response and instantly said: "Exactly, as long as everyone knows what's going on, I still have to marry!"

Used to seeing such 'storms' Michael was completely unaffected by the rumors. Yesterday he continued to have a heartwarming time with his wife Jamie, he said over the phone: "Jamie isn't mad, actually she's more worried about affecting Sonjia. We are married couple in the series, but at first my collaboration with Sonjia was very strange, she honestly told me that it is really pressuring to work with me because in the past she always had negative rumors with her male co-stars. So usually she would not dare to go near me. I told her not to worry, usually when we are working I always tell Jamie to comr join us for our meals, to make Sonjia feel more comfortable."

Jamie Chik helps out on the explanation

Besides Michael was his wife Jamie, she helped out and said over the phone: "I knew Sonjia for over 10 years. When she first entered the industry, she was a spokesperson for an eye glasses store, I felt that this girl was very gentle and speaks quietly. It's a pity that she's always getting negative news." Jamie then teased Michael in a 'dai sei' manner that he likes to hold people's hands. She joked: "He even holds the hair combing lady. When I'm shooting a series and I hold the leading actor's hand, should Michael be so pissed off like a jumping live shrimp?"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Joyce Cheng and boyfriend Mark Ryan will marry

Joyce Cheng and Mark Ryan

Joyce Cheng and her boyfriend Mark Ryan have been dating for 4 years. Mark has several different positions - a triathlon, a teacher, a designer and an artist. However, most recently Mark has been labeled as a playboy.

Mark came to HK several years ago as an English teacher, in the recent year he has become the Course Director of the Kids PhD Education Center, personally writing up his own curriculum for the young students. A career in teaching has helped Mark gain a deeper understanding of the teaching concepts HK parents have for their children. Because Mark knows Lei Dou Bar's boss, and he knows that Mark is a designer, so invited Mark to draw on the walls of the bar. Mark conveyed the HK education perspective that he knows in his drawings.

Yesterday Joyce Cheng accepted a radio interview and personally admitted that Mark Ryan is her boyfriend. She said: "Last month, I already announced it on a radio program." As for the rumors of her break up with Mark? Joyce shared her love story. Turns out that the two went to the same university, but did not know each other then. It was only until when the two went on an online dating site and saw each other's photo resembling a model that they found attractive, so the made arrangements to meet up. This year it is already their 4th year of dating. Joyce laughed and said the first time they had 'western food', Mark had a very good temper: "My mom called him 'Ah Jai'. If my mom wasn't listening and didn't watch what she was eating, once Mark says one word, she becomes very obedient and stops. I asked Mark before what he likes about me, he said that love can't be explained. We have consensus for marriage."

As for her boyfriend putting his fresco paintings on the walls in Lan Kwai Fong? She said: "I saw the news. (Did you give him advice?) I have absolutely zero talent in drawing." Asked if the two have the same interests? Joyce thought for a moment before answering: "I like him, he likes me!"

Also, recently Mark has been labeled as a playboy. Mark responded saying that he really doesn't understand why the public thinks he's a playboy: "I never done anything, is it because I appeared in Lan Kwai Fong? Fortunately I don't understand Chinese, or else it'll be hard to bear. (Joyce said you had marriage consensus with her?) We are still young, life is short, don't think too much, if you like it, then go for it. When dating someone, don't have to explain, I don't like to say too much because I don't want the public to be focusing on our relationship. Joyce and I will go do things we like and dream of doing"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Steven Ma and Fala Chen shooting series Thunder of the Forbidden Palace

Fala Chen Steven ma

Recently Steven Ma has been busy shooting for new series Thunder of the Forbidden Palace and was very happy to find out that his series with Fala Chen Links to Temptation is replacing Gun Metal Grey 9:30pm time slot. Steven said: "Although I'm covered with cuts and bruises from shooting Forbidden Palace, but when I heard my series is going to air soon, whatever pain I have I can survive!" Steven is also not worried about the broadcast time slot of the series because a good series will have audiences' support no matter what time it is.

In the series Links to Temptation, it is Fala's first female lead role, she said: "I love to partner up with my brother (Steven Ma), he has always loved me and can keep secrets. I would usually tell him my concerns and what's on my mind." Fala wishes her brother gets the TV King title this year: "It would be best if we could both win together for Ghost Writer!"

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Donnie Yen and Carina Lau in film All Well Ends Well

Carina Lau Donnie Yen

Carina Lau is recently busy shooting for Pegasus Motion Picture's All Well, Ends Well 2011. She expressed that for 20 hours she did not rest and implied that it is due to having to rush the scenes with Donnie Yen. Yesterday, Carina, Donnie, Louis Koo, Maggie Lee, Ciwi Lam, Irene Wong and producer Wong Bak Ming attended the movie's press conference. Cecilia Cheung did not attend because she was sick. Carina Lau said: "I was thinking for a long time last night, I can't be suffering like this. I can handle it, but I'm afraid the results won't turn out good. Not enough sleep, lack of oxygen, luckily the dialogue is very funny, so I can laugh."

Asked if it was because of Donnie's several movies scheduled that are overlapping that cause the rush? Carina said: "Should be, definitely rushing him, it's a busy period for him. I am actually not that busy." Donnie explained: "In fact, my schedule is not overlapped, it's just one movie after another. This year it's only 3 movies, not counting the one I'm starting tomorrow." After Carina heard this, she said: "Huh? Another one? Exactly like that. Really have to calculate the overtime money."

Seeing this, Donnie did some sweet talking: "Actually Carina Jeh is a very good actress, very playful, pretty and young. It's rare for her to accept filming movies." Carina replied: "Thank you for picking me!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Gillian Chung promote album Move On in Tuen Mun

Gillian Chung Move On

Yesterday Gillian Chung (Ah Gil) appeared in Tuen Mun to hold the autograph session for her new EP Move On... The event organiser arranged a built male model (Alex) to let Ah Gil draw on his arm. As the male model was so nervous his hand was shaking, Ah Gil grabbed on tightly to his hand and said: "You're really shaking!" Reporters teased Ah Gil saying that she has especially good fate with people named 'Alex' (referring to Alex Fong).

Ah Gil also reveals that her new EP is about her thoughts and that the public had always misunderstood her: "People say I was the number 1 black face goddess, but I'm not. When I am unhappy, I already tried my best to smile, but sometimes it's really hard pretend to be happy!"

Also, after the autograph session ended, Ah Gil got into a van to leave, but did not realize that good sister Ah Sa (Charlene Choi) was secretly hiding in the van. Ah Gil was so surprised that she immediately took a photo with Ah Sa and posted on eibo. Ah Sa left a message wishing her new album sells well.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Senin, 15 November 2010

Vic Chou no blessings no comments for his ex lover Barbie Hsu

Vic Chou

Looks like Barbie Hsu's ex lover, Vic Chou, is not giving her his blessings.

The former member of Taiwanese boyband F4 had refused to comment on Barbie's wedding when he was bombarded by the press at the Taiwan airport earlier this week.

Vic and Barbie had met on the set of Meteor Garden in 2001 and dated for over two years since July 2005.

When asked if he had any message or words of blessing for Barbie, the seemingly annoyed Vic merely said thank you and scurried off without addressing the press.

It was reported that Vic was filming his show Returning Home in the same building in Shanghai as Barbie, who was there to film her movie. But the two had not crossed paths despite the proximity.

Sources have confirmed that Barbie and Xiaofei's wedding will be held in Sanya, Hainan Island in China between March 27 and 29 next year, though their mothers and Barbie's assistant have yet to confirm the news.

Selina burned face was red, facial bandages removed

Selina Ren

TAIPEI: S.H.E's Selina Jen's facial bandages were removed on Saturday and the singer saw herself for the first time since a filming accident left her with severe burns on her body, said Jen's father on his micro-blog.

"Selina's burned face was a deep red. She joked that she looks like Guan Gong (a popular Chinese warrior deity who is always depicted with a red face)," he wrote.

Jen's father added that she even asked her fiance, Richard Chang, who idolised Guan Gong, to address her as 'Idol! Idol!'.

While Jen appeared to be in good spirits, her father said he could not help but get emotional when he saw her in this condition and ended up being consoled by her instead.

Jen suffered third-degree burns over up to 40 per cent of her body when explosives went off earlier than planned on the set of the Chinese television drama "I Have A Date With Spring" on October 22.

Since the accident, many of Jen's fans were concerned that she would be disfigured, but the 29-year-old pop star had maintained that she was not worried.

Taiwan media reported that she had told her S.H.E group mate Hebe Tien last week that she "once had beauty" and that "if there are scars in the future" she would treat them as "a mark in [her] life".

Jen's label HiM International Music had since demanded an explanation from Hunan Television, who invited Jen to participate in the ill-fated television project, but raised questions about the accuracy of the report they later received.

Hunan Television has promised to investigate the matter further.

- CNA/ha

Lin Chi Ling wears Keith Png dress at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes

Lin Chi Ling

As a 21st century woman, Lin Chi-ling is the epitome of sophistication. For her, elegance is an aura one emits from within.

Apart from looking good and keeping a positive attitude in life, she believes that education, surroundings, and the people one encounters in life "plays a part" in contributing to the overall wellbeing of a person.

"I think a girl who is compassionate, kind, willing to give, willing to share-who makes this world a better place -- is a girl full of elegance to me," she quipped.

Blessed with a set of good genes and a flawless mien, Chi-ling attended the official opening of the Longines boutique at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes yesterday afternoon. Clothed in a Keith Png dress, Chi-ling oozed both style and elegance effortlessly in the knee-high number with a ruffled-top and a drapery bottom.

A complete standout from her 1.74m lanky frame, she is a demure, soft-spoken woman who exudes an aura of innocence with her saccharine sweet child-like voice. One might even find it hard to believe that the Red Cliff actress is in her mid-thirties (she's turning 36 on Nov 29).

With her hair gracefully styled in a French chignon, the model turned actress was all smiles at the Longines press conferencen. Speaking in fluent English, she briefly mentioned her future career plans and revealed she is currently "preparing myself for upcoming movies".

A self-confessed contemporary art buff, the demure one put her art skills and knowledge to good use and personally designed a rocking horse for a Community Chest charity auction.

As she unveiled her art piece in the room filled with guests and members of the media, the Art History grad appeared a little embarrassed and apprehensive about her masterpiece. Though a little squeamish initially, Chi-ling regained composure when she started to elaborate on its design aesthetic.

Inspired by changing fashion trends, she explained her choice of decorating the rocking horse with a coat of leopard prints, likening it as the "hot" and "in" thing now.

"I wanted to infuse the prints in a more graceful manner."

And that's when the world of art and fashion collides.

"I'm into trends and what's going on and happening right now. Animal prints are hot and 'in' now. I was thinking maybe I can do something related back to fashion for this work. And I was inspired by a leopard, a symbol of a hardy warrior," she shared.

Jerry Yan and Rainie Yang for Fated To Love You Sequel

Jerry Yan

Nothing is confirmed but the management companies of both actors have been contacted by SETTV. “Fated to Love You” was a massive ratings success for the network back in 2008. They hope to recreate the same magic again with its sequel “醉後決定愛上你 (Drunken to Love You)” next year. As you might have heard already, SETTV has been in a slump (idol drama-wise) for most of this year ever since “Autumn’s Concerto” went off the air.

“Fated to Love You” director Chen Ming Zhang worked on many of the network’s biggest hits including “The Prince Who Turns into a Frog” and “My Lucky Star”. He moved on to direct more hit dramas for the mainland network HunanTV, but is now in hot water after the explosion accident on the set of his latest, “My Date with Spring”. Chen returned to Taiwan after the production team was disassembled. However, he has yet to answer any questions concerning the accident other than updating his blog. SETTV had wanted him to direct the sequel to "Fated" all along, but he originally turned it down due to scheduling conflicts. Now that “Spring” is on hold, he is rumored to be returning to SETTV to direct Drunken to Love You.

Many are awaiting Rainie Yang’s next drama after her big win at the Golden Bell last month. Her manager confirmed they have indeed received an offer but have yet to discuss any details. Jerry Yan’s manager said they are only in the early stages of contact. They haven't decided on whether they will accept the role.

Source: UDN
Written by: PA @ CpopAccess.com

They Kiss Again actor Joe Cheng is not a gay

Joe Cheng

During a recent broadcast from a television program, mixed-European model/actress Larisa/Rui Sha of Taiwanese idol drama "They Kiss Again" asked her former colleague Joe Cheng if he was gay. Also recently, when Joe attended a celebration for the online drama "That Love Comes" with fellow mainland Chinese co-star Li Fei Er and was asked a similar question, the Taiwanese actor was initially shocked and then flatly said while shrugging, "I'm not gay. Everyone knows that I like girls." Fei Er chimed in immediately and said, "Of all the actors I've collaborated with, Joe is the most masculine one."

On the television program, Larisa revealed her private matters and stated that while she admired previous acting colleague Joe during "TKA", she later thought that Joe was actually gay. According to the European model, Larisa commented about the the famous male star "in three words: tall, handsome, well-mannered," followed with "but the media describes him with one word." Netizens pointed out that Larisa has also acted alongside male celebrities Jiro Wang and Ming Dao, and that among them, she was highly suspicious of Joe having homosexual feelings with Taiwanese actor Mike He.

Joe had no other option but to respond that people clearly needed an opportunity to have a new scandal topic, but that he hoped that things don't go too far, stressed not to publish opinions that are harmful to others, and re-iterated that he himself "isn't gay". Yet Joe doesn't feel disappointed towards the entertainment business, and expressed that the people in his social network are charming. He also wants to attempt even more admiring challenges in the future, whether they be on of off the stage.

Online idol drama "That Love Comes" will broadcast six episodes, and it currently already enjoys thousands of views. To celebrate the occasion, male and female leads Joe and Fei Er happily dressed up as bride and groom, where the bride-dressed Fei Er heroically gushed out, "If we break a hundred million views, then I'll swim naked!"

Kamis, 04 November 2010

Vivian Chow pregnant from husband Joe Ngai Chun

Vivian Chow Pregnant

When Vivian Chow Wai Man and Joe Ngai Chun got married last year, they vowed that they were not interested in having children. However, Joe’s father, Ngai Hong wanted the couple to have children. As a result, Vivian and Joe may have changed their minds about becoming parents. Recent rumors claim that forty-three year-old Vivian may be three months pregnant!

Vivian was spotted with a minor belly bump and wearing flat shoes while attending church with Joe. On October 24th, the couple had dinner with their friends and may have announced Vivian’s pregnancy news. Vivian laughed throughout dinner and appeared to be highly excited.

Next year will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary since Vivian joined the entertainment circle. Due to her age and a possible high-risk pregnancy, Vivian turned down a guest-star opportunity at Chris Wong Hoi Kan ’s concert earlier.

Source: Tom.com

Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong filming The Truth

Kenneth Ma Natalie Tong

On October 27th, Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong filmed a scene at the riding stables for "The Truth".

Personal Note: At the fitting of "Thunder", Ma Ming said that Natalie plays his girlfriend in "The Truth", while she plays his wife in "Thunder". He said he's not used to this new relationship, as she is his sister. :)

Kelly Chen as Goddess of Mercy in The Monkey King

Kelly Chen The Monkey King

The cameras for Soi Cheang Pou Soi's new 3D movie "The Monkey King" have already started rolling last month in Beijing. It was announced in early October that Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok, Joe Chen, and Peter He were going to join Donnie Yen in the $400 million RMB production. Yesterday, Kelly Chen, Cecilia Cheung, and Gigi Leung were also announced to join.

Kelly Chen will be taking on the role of the Goddess of Mercy in "The Monkey King", and she has decided to donate her film salary to charity. Kelly will be donating her seven-figure film salary to "Kelly Chen Children Education Fund". She said, "When I found out that I was going to play the Goddess of Mercy, my first thought was the hope that I can be like the Goddess of Mercy and help people in need. Thus, I hope to donate all of the salary from this movie to help society's children in need".

Confirmed cast:

Donnie Yen as The Monkey King
Chow Yun Fat as The Jade Emperor
Aaron Kwok as The Bull Demon King
Cecilia Cheung as Nüwa
Kelly Chen as The Goddess of Mercy
Gigi Leung as Chang'e
Peter He as The God Erlang
Joe Chen as The Iron Fan Princess
Liu Ye as The Dragon King of the Eastern Sea
Eddie Cheung as Li Jing
Louis Fan as The Mighty Magic Spirit
Hai Yi Tian as Puti Zushi
Li Jing as The Green Monkey King
Monica Mok
Wang Yuen Yuen
Him Law
Calvin Cheng

Kay Tse first mandarin album Second Home

Kay Tse

Kay Tse arrived in Taiwan to promote for her first Mandarin album Second Home. The producer, Si Chuen Sing (a 'Sodagreen' band member) went to the promotion to support Kay. As this is Sing's first time as a producer, he was also very nervous. Sing exposes that one of Kay's new songs Goodbye written by (Ng Ching Fung) was recorded 170 times in hope to get the perfect Mandarin pronounciations. Sing expressed that he saw how hard working Kay was, she went online and looked up the correct Mandarin pronounciations for every single word in the lyrics and watched Sodagreen's performance at the Sea Music Festival.

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Felix Wong and Michael Miu in TVB series Gun Metal Grey

Felix Wong Michael Miu

TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey premiere last night. This is Felix Wong and Michael Miu's first collaboration after 25 years and is Felix's comeback series after several years of absense from TVB series. For these reasons, the series is naturally going to draw attention, the first episode was broadcasted last night receiving 30 points in ratings, approximately 1.91 million viewers.

Felix filming TVB series again is becasue he gets to collaborate with Michael again. Though he is not worried about the ratings, but yesterday after learning of the ratings, he immediately went on Weibo to spread the good news. Felix said: "My mullet performance, TV ratings allow me to put down the big rock, I feel even more excited than winning the lottery. He needs to prostate on the ground to thank everyone for the support."

Felix's acting was praised by viewers, however, a Neitzen felt that Felix's role as Stone Sek Tung Sing life experiences resemble the male lead from American series Life. The similarities lead to suspicions of plagiarism. In Gun Metal Grey, Stone Sir was charged unjustly and spent 15 years in prison. Then he had an opportunity to re-open the case with emerge of new evidence and won his freedom. After his release from prison, he returned to the police force and is determined to investigate who the real murderer for his case 15 years ago. The storyline is ver similar to the investigator from Life, the main lead Crews spent 12 years in prison for an unjust charge, but was eventually released, returned to the police force and catch up with the time he missed all those years. Stone Sir and Crews' roles are very similar. Neitzens pointed out that both Stone Sir and Crews' wife left with another man. Despite the plagiarism suspicions, there are also many Neitzens who greatly support Gun, they felt that it's only the theme that is similar, the most important is the story development and the case is different.

Also, stepping into the third week, the other anniversary series No Regrets received 33 points, peaking at 35 points for episode 11's broadcast last night.

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Faye Wong come back concert in Beijing

Faye Wong

Pop queen Faye Wong held her comeback concert in Beijing the night before. Faye had always been a trendy icon, whether it's the 'pineapple head' seen in old award ceremonies or the 'world's first heel' that appeared at her concert, she will forever be trendy! After giving birth to her youngest daughter (Lee Yin), she steps back on stage at her old home in Beijing for a concert. She had several different costumes including the deceptive swim cap looking white cap can really make people in the fashion industry swarm after it!

This time, Faye's concert revolves around the four seasons theme. For the winter part, she only wore a white cap, that looked like a swimming cap, and audience felt it was very glamorous! Her designer Titi Kwan wrote on Weibo afterwards: "It is a pair of 4 year old stockings, giving a unique side..." This makes people think that it belongs to Faye's 4 year old daughter Lee Yin, but when Titi accepted an interview, he denied: "Thinking too much! I bought it from Paris, it is the attire for ballerinas, not Lee Yin's! This time her style is what I wanted!"

That night, Faye did not speak too much she only said thank you 4 times, but on Weibo she full of thought. Not only did she thanked everyone's encouragement, she also wrote: "Tomorrow will be even better!" Meaning the performance will get better and better! Regarding her making the record of 'the least talk during a concert' in history, she said: "Our rundown goes all in one go, so I couldn't talk and there was not enough time set in between for me to say anything. But I can still bow!" Also, Faye's hanging up in the air part, her manager (Chan Ka Ying) already bought heavy insurance for the Faye who's afraid of heights. One male fan made a successful marriage proposal to his girlfriend while Faye was performing the song Only Hope For Long Lasting (但願人長久).

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Selina Ren suffering 3rd degree burns in drama "I Have a Date with Spring"

Selina Ren

A member of Taiwan's popular pop group S.H.E was flown back to Taiwan Sunday (8pm local time) after sustaining serious third degree burns in an accident while shooting a TV drama series "I Have A Date With Spring" in China on Friday.

Television images showed 28 year old, Selina Ren returning to Taipei late in the day on a chartered flight from Shanghai.

"I wish I could endure the suffering for her, even at the cost of my life," her father -- known to fans simply as Father Jen -- told reporters shortly after his daughter was rushed to the Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital outside Taipei.

"May heaven have mercy on her."

He said that his daughter was in stable condition but that it might take her months to recover, declining to provide details of her burns.

The pop star suffered third-degree burns over up to 40 percent of her body, the Taipei-based United Daily News said.

The singer-actress was under observation in an intensive care unit in Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai, after suffering severe burns to her hands, legs and back last Friday afternoon, reports said. Her face was unhurt, her company HIM records said.

Her condition is being monitored by doctors from Shanghai, Taiwan and health care company International SOS, reported United Daily News.

International SOS Taiwan general manager Keynes Chen told the newspaper that Jen suffered smoke inhalation, and that most of her burns were on her legs.

He said that in the early stages of her recovery, she should stay in Shanghai for the surgical removal of dead tissue from her skin, before her return to Taiwan.

The accident took place when explosives went off earlier than planned - {No problems were found during several tests of the explosives before the actual shooting.}, the report said, adding that thousands of fans had added their names to many fan based websites saying condenses and they would pray for her.

Sources: Channel News Asia; Straits Times; China Post

Mark Chao and Ivy Chen filmed Black & White in Kaohsiung

Mark Chao Ivy Chen

Almost 80% of the drama “Black & White” was filmed in Kaohsiung, which included the True Love Ferry Pier, Formosa Boulevard MRT Station, the Dream Mall and more. The drama’s magnificent filming also increased the local area’s tourism. Even the hotel room where Sonia Sui seduced “Wu Ying Xiong” (Mark Chao) in is being called the “Honey Trap Suite” by netizens, costing NT$40,000 per night to stay in.

The movie version, “Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault”, is returning to Kaohsiung again. Since the original south district police station has been taken down and the hamburger place was destroyed in an explosion scene in the drama, they will be constructing new ones for the movie. The local government is also providing funding for the movie to rebuild the south district police station film studio.

Director Cai Yue-Xun hopes that the new 6,000 pings (~216,000 sq. feet) film studio can be split into two sections: a theme park and a professional film studio, “The goal of the film studio is not only to increase tourist attraction, it is also to transform Kaohsiung to be the focal city for the filming industry.”

Director Cai and the cast of the "Black & White" movie held a press conference and the movie is scheduled to begin filming in November.

Source: Appledaily, Liberty Times
Posted by fufu @ CpopAccess.com

Vanness Wu and Lynn Xiong in drama Material Queen

Vanness Wu Material Queen

As reported previously, Van Ness Wu and Lynn Xiong were filming in Paris for their upcoming drama, “Material Queen”. Van Ness has been trying his best to avoid intimate scenes due to his Christianity, but he and Lynn had a bed scene in the drama. Fortunately, due to the cold weather in Paris, the bed scene was cancelled and changed to a kissing scene instead. Feeling relieved, Van Ness expressed, “Thank God!”

Van Ness broke up with his now ex-girlfriend Arissa just before he left Taiwan for Paris. He revealed to the media that he has already recovered from it, “Regardless of love relationships or work, God is the one giving me strength and power. Whether it’s good or bad, I have to face them all.” There were rumors that the couple broke up because Arissa had a new love interest and/or because of a dissatisfying sex life. Van Ness continued to thank God and did not disclose any further details of the break up to the media.

It’s Van Ness first time working with Lynn Xiong and he complimented her, saying that she’s very cute, “She’s completely different from her appearance. She’s like a kid, very easy to get along with.” Since Lynn is 179cm tall, whenever the two have to be filmed standing together, Lynn would take off her high heels right away. Van Ness laughed, “The director wanted me to stand on a box, but I refused.”

Golden Bell is airing on Friday, but Van Ness won’t be attending as he will be performing in Singapore. He didn’t forget to congratulate his good friend and director Chen Hui-Ling and Jian Man-Shu for their Best Director and Best Actress nominations for “Year of the Rain” respectively, “Hurry and go get your awards! You guys have to win!”

Source: UDN
Posted by fufu @ CpopAccess.com

Cyndi Wang and Mike He in drama Mei Le Jia You

Cyndi Wang Mei Le Jia You

Cyndi Wang and Mike He will be in a new GTV drama called "美樂加油" (roughly translates to Mei Le, go) – a love story with a bakery shop as its setting. For the drama, they specially invited the 2010 world champion pastry chef Hsu Yen-Wu as their consultant. Coincidently, SETTV also plans to film a bakery related drama next year, but GTV will get a head start in filming. The two leads got their character image styles settled just several days ago, and the drama is to start filming on the 16th.

In "美樂加油", Cyndi Wang will play a bakery shop owner, so she has been practicing some basic skills like kneading dough and baking toasts. Mike He will play a famous music producer who falls in love with Cyndi's toasts, which gives him inspirations for his work.

Although Mike's popularity has been declining, GTV emphasized, "(We're) very happy to have Mike He be in this drama, we especially asked the original novel author (單飛雪) to modify the script to fit his character."

Mike accepted the role half a month ago and immediately began to go on a diet. Other than swimming and working, he only eats vegetables for dinner. The 180cm actor dropped from 72Kg to 68Kg. He revealed that chose less aggressive sports to lose weight due to his previous spine injury (separation of the 5th and 6th vertebrae). He said, "The doctor recommended me to go through surgery because if it gets serious, it may cause Ankylosing spondylitis, but if do, I'll have to rest for eight months, so I don't want to go through surgery right away."

Mike was injured while playing basketball during the filming of "Seventh Grade" seven years ago.

Credit to fufu @ cpopaccess.com

Joe Chen in 3D film Havoc in Heaven

Joe Chen Havoc In Heaven

Joe Chen (Qiao En) established herself as one of the top idol drama actresses with hits like “Fated to Love You”. She will try to do the same in feature films by taking on the role of Princess Iron Fan in the 3D extravaganza “大鬧天宮 ('The Monkey King'/'Havoc in Heaven')”. The movie features A-list stars from Hong Kong including Chow Yun Fat as the Jade Emperor and Donnie Yen as the Monkey King. Aaron Kwok will play Joe Chen's husband, the Buffalo Demon King.

Unlike past images of his character, Aaron Kwok's Demon King promises to be easy on the eyes. In the new movie, he will sacrifice anything for his wife's return to heaven. He even collaborates with the Monkey King to wreak havoc in the process. In the end, the Jade Emperor leads his gods and goddesses in the battle against demons.

Joe Chen is excited to be working with the industry’s A-listers again after completing a John Woo-produced film earlier this year. The actress will rest for two weeks to ensure that she goes into filming under her best condition. At 46 kg, she is concerned that her face will look bigger than her on-screen husband Aaron Kwok, so she hopes to slim down to 43 kg for her role.

In the story, Joe Chen will be pregnant with the destructive Red Boy for 300 years. She laughed, “Carrying a baby for 300 years, (my character) probably doesn’t get bothered by pregnancy anymore.” She will work with Chow Yun Fat again in the their next movie “Breakup Experts”. Peter Ho also stars in "Havoc" as the character Erlang Shen. He is thrilled to be working with Chow Yun Fat and said the role was the best gift he got for his birthday last week.

Credit To PA@Cpopaccess
Source: Appledaily, Nownews, images from Filmko Ent, Darksiders

Jay Chou will sing The Green Hornet theme song

Jay Chou Green Hornet

The "Double J Relationship" is part of history now. Jay Chou is now busy with his career; yesterday he flew to Hollywood to participate in postproduction work for "The Green Hornet". According to reports he will be singing the theme song to the movie. He just held 8 nights in Hong Kong, he took time out to meet with his buddy Shawn Yue, the two both urged for a sequel to "Initial D". He smiled saying: "I hope we can film it the year after, lets film it before we get old."

Yesterday Jay Chou flew to America for work. According to reports since the beginning of the filming of "The Green Hornet", he has been fighting for the right to sing the theme song for the movie "The Green Hornet". He's planning to invite the director of "The Green Hornet" Michel Gondry to film the MV for the theme song he'll sing. At last it has been decided, to this Jay admitted: "I wanted to sing it from the start, it'll be best if it's the global version, but if it's the Asia version that's good too."

Yesterday a weekly magazine reported, after Jolin Tsai and a mixed male model Vivian started a "JV relationship", Jay has gotten depression. But according to the observations of his colleagues at the company, recently Jay has been full of work, they don't see anything wrong with his mental state. He was very high at the backstage of the concert, it was the birthday of a colleague, and he played and sang a Chinese and English version of Happy Birthday with a guitar. He also rearranged "Free Instructional Video" entertaining everyone.

This weekly magazine also stated, for his new show "Mr. J Channel", he originally planned to invite Jolin to be a guest for this season at the very end, but because of the exposure of her relationship with Jin Rong it has been cancelled. JVR are puzzled where this idea came from, because Jay once publicly said, "People who have been rumoured with me, I won't be inviting on, why blur the focus."

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by: http://www.jaychoustudio.com

Andy Lau in movie Detective Dee and The Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Andy Lau Detective Dee

The new movie “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” is already a huge hit in the mainland and Hong Kong. It is finally making its way to Taiwan starting with an all-star premiere on the 6th. Unfortunately its biggest star Andy Lau couldn’t attend so his fans will have to admire him on the big screen instead. His costars Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), Li Bing Bing (李冰冰), Deng Chao (鄧超), director Tsui Hark (徐克) and producer Chen Kuo Fu (陳國富) were present at the event. Things went along as usual before they were joined by a very special guest, the one and only “Detective Dee”!

This “Detective Dee” didn’t quite look the same as the one in the movie. It was actually played by comedian Kuo Tzu Chien (郭子乾) of “Big Party”. The stars watched on as he investigated a burnt corpse at the scene of the premiere. “Dee” examined and even taste-tested the victim to ensure its deadliness. He didn’t let a good opportunity go to waste; Kuo asked the director and producer to cast him in their next movie, to which they said yes…that is if they are to make a comedy.

Detective Dee” concluded his appearance with a rendition of the Andy Lau classic “忘情水 (Forget Love Portion)”. Much to everyone’s surprise, he was totally owned by Deng Chao. The mainland actor did a perfect Andy Lau impersonation when he was asked to sing the same song. We now know which show he should go on next time when he visits Taiwan– Entertainment 100%, in a head-to-head battle with its resident Andy Lau impersonator, Show Luo.

"Detective Dee" Makes A Surprise Appearance At His Own Movie Premiere
Credit to PA @ Cpopaccess

Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

China Diver Queen Guo Jing Jing Infrared Photos

Guo Jing Jing Infrared

Technology didn't just ease our everyday life, but also offer an opportunity to immoral people to fulfill their ugly wishes. Female stars always have to be aware of crazy fans and photographers, who may try to lay a hand on their skin unexpectedly or take photos of their private parts from various angle. But a camera/recorder with an infrared filter is the worst to encounter.

A 10-minute (full version 2 hours) clip of Olympic female divers who got snapped with an infrared filter camera is circulating on the internet. It's not a normal clip, but an immoral clip---divers' body and private parts are visible because of this special filter. Victims include well known Chinese diver Guo Jing Jing, her partner Wu Ming Xia, and other female divers from other countries (Russia, Mexico, Australia, etc.)

In fact, this clip was on the internet last year but was quickly removed by the Chinese government. It's unknown who put it up again this time.

Female stars all express their concerns and worries. Once photographed while changing clothes, Gillian Chung @ Twins pays her sympathy to the victims in the clip. "It's crazy. Hope those people will stop hurting people like that," the singer says.

Taiwanese star Rainie Yang and Hong Kong singer Elanne Kong point the incident is freaky. "I believe not only female stars are afraid of being photographed secretly like this, even guys would be afraid," Rainie says.

TVB actress Christine Ng and Sharon Chan believe it should be stopped. "Very angry! Females can't be violated like this!" They express it's not related to the level of sexiness someone dressed since your body is clearly visible under that type of filter no matter how many layers of clothes someone put on.

Expert detective Cheung Tat Wai expresses a decade ago there are already people viewing females' private parts using this technology. It only requires an infrared option from the camera/recorder and an infrared filter to be placed in front of the lens. "A simple procedure that requires no special technique," he says. He points out this technology is hard to go through clothes made with pure cotton, but can easily go through nylon and swimwear. "Infrared filter is dark-colored and sometimes it looks like a mirror. Ladies should be careful when they see someone holding up a camera/recorder with that type of filter on it," he adds.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Charlene Choi now is dating with William Chan

Charlene Choi and William Chan

Everyone is concern about Charlene Choi (Ah Sa)'s love life after she and ex-husband Ronald Cheng divorced. Now here is something new---she is currently dating colleague from her company, William Chan!!!

The couple's secret relationship is revealed by Apple Daily on the Sunday paper and later the day, the 27-year-old singer confirmed the news through her company EEG, admitting she and 24-year-old William have been dating 3 months. "We are dating, just that it hasn't been very long since we started. We were thinking to announce the relationship once it becomes stabled. There is no need to hide it," said the singer on a phone interview.

In fact, it's rumored the two actually sparked up last year while filming "Beauty on Duty" together (they play a couple in the film). Ah Sa was still Mrs. Cheng and William had model girlfriend Angelababy. After filming, they're still very close with each other and it's known Ah Sa even opened a new cellphone account just to contact with William easily.

Recently these months, the couple have been working together a lot from shooting MV to attending to various events together, and finally decided to start a romantic relationship. Both are Scorpio, their personality must matched.

After Ah Sa released her statement, many people have been congratulating her. On Weibo (Sina Microblog), her partner from Twins Gillian Chung expressed her blessing to them: "Congratulations SaSa & William heheeee....As your good sister, I'm very happy for you woohoo~ William you have to treat Ah Sa very well." Seeing all the blessings from friends and fans, Ah Sa and William thanked everyone on Weibo. "Already received many phone calls and blessings from friends and over here on Weibo. Thank you everyone...I'm really happy now...as for future...let fate arrange...," wrote the Ah Sa. William promised to treat Ah Sa well: "Thank you all for the blessing. I'll try hard to make her happy! ;)"

Source: Apple Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Steven Ma as Guan Gong in Back To The Three Kingdom

Steven Ma Back To The Three Kingdoms

Lately, I have no interest whatsover in TVB series because those few series aired have no dramatic flavor in them at all. Even that series “Can’t Buy Me Love” that is so overblown by everybody; to me, it is merely a farce, a resplendently packaged farce, that’s all. I choose to only watch the sitcom, Someday, because it has an outstanding pairing of Teresa Mo with Wayne Lai, along with Louise Lee, Crystal Tin and Aimee Chan, as well as other characters who all have much room to showcase their roles. Moreover, the content is on everyday living and real life related. This is my cup of tea!  

TVB anniversary is coming up soon, and the programs sector has come up with a huge collection of new series. Among them that caught my interest is “Back To The Three Kingdoms”《回到三國》. I have also seen Steven Ma’s makeover as Guan Gong. Ma Zai (Steven) seldom has this kind of looks in a series. He looks very handsome and great (play on his name Chun Wai (浚/俊偉)) and also very impressive looking. Don’t know if TVB will truly produce “Back To The Three Kingdoms” as a series or not. As to this annual sales presentation, TVB always comes up with fresh ideas to attract commercial sponsors. If “Back To The Three Kingdoms” is truly a story on The Three Kingdoms, then much effort must be put into a good script, and must also have a larger investment, and go to Mainland China for outdoor scenery. But I believe Hong Kong does not have this capability to film “The Three Kingdoms”; nevertheless, hope Ma Zai has the opportunity to perform this kind of roles.

Ma Zai is a very special kind of artist in TVB. He can perform in non-mainstream series, and moreover, can effectively grasp the core essence of his characters in the series. Like the character of Pu Song Ling, who is an unfamiliar character to us; that he could portray him so brilliantly shows his skill. He does not especially fight for the tv king title, but he should have this opportunity.

eta: Song Jie (爽姐) is a veteran reporter/columnist of Singpao.

Source: singpao.com2010/10/16
Credits: steven-ma.org
Translator: Tamaya @ AsianFanatics

Singer The Voice 2 Mag Lam in TVB Anniversary Lightning Ceremony

Mag Lam

After she won singing competition show "The Voice 2," Mag Lam (林欣彤)became popular rising star immediately. In next Monday's TVB Anniversary lightning ceremony, she will lead contestants from "The Voice 2" and sing classic TV series theme songs. The 20 year old just debuted to the industry for a short period and already has a chance to perform in a big show.

TVB's chairman Run Run Shaw is turning 103 next month, but he will still appear at the anniversary lightning ceremony. The organization plans to arrange nearly hundred of artistes to appear at the ceremony. Actors from anniversary series "No Regrets" and "Gun Metal Grey" will attend as well. Last year's TV King Wayne Lai will even sing theme song of "No Regrets," which seen as a way to welcome the premier of the new series airing right after the ceremony.

Source: The Sun, Mingpao
Translation: Kay's Entertainment
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