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Ariel Lin’s ideal guy must have Guo Jing’s qualities

ariel lin

After being crowned Best Actress at last year’s Golden Bell Awards, Ariel Lin seems to have fallen into the “Golden Bell Curse”, since she has not acted in any drama for one entire year. She reveals that she really wants to be in a relationship: her ideal type should have traits like that of Guo Jing, and should be artistic as well.

Ariel has not acted for one whole year, and has instead turned to doing a musical. Because of the high difficulty movements that she has to execute in the musical, Ariel has been aching all over and lacking sleep. She professes, “Musicals really drain you of your energy, we spend the most time on discussing the script.”

She also reveals her ideal type: “He should be like Guo Jing in the drama, along with being a little mysterious and artistic as well!”

In regards to her future works, Ariel is hoping to start on a new drama by next February, and wishes to take on a challenging role: “(Acting the role) from her teens to her 40s. I hope every character I take on will allow the audience to identify with her; in this way will I be able to be fully absorbed in my role. As long as the character stands out and is memorable, then it’ll be OK.”

Being busy with her work, Ariel has had no time to go on a vacation, so she watches movies to de-stress instead. However Ariel is unable to watch scary movies, and laughingly says: “Once I watch a horror movie I’ll start to think too much, and I can’t vacation alone any more!”

Her wish for her 27th birthday is for the ending of the world as described in the movie <2012> not to come true.


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